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Prime Time
01-07-2020, 11:33 AM
Dark Order - or Dork Order as I often see them called - has been one of the most criticised elements of the AEW show that I've seen in the last couple of months. Any chance of turning that around, or is this doomed to fail?

01-07-2020, 11:35 AM
Rumor has it that AEW is bringing someone in to be the "True Leader" of the Dark order. The guy (or girl) who has been running things from behind the scenes, akin to Vince back in the Higher Power angle. Matt hardy has been rumored, as well as others....

But other than that, I understand their point, but it just does nothing for me.

02-27-2020, 10:56 AM
Did anyone else catch the obvious reference to Matt hardy in the Dark Order's promo last night?

Evil Uno said that the Dark Order will prove that Chris Daniels will be Obsolete.

02-27-2020, 12:55 PM
They've also made some references to Lance Archer's catchphrase recently too, I think.

02-27-2020, 01:02 PM
I wouldn't know that one, but I believe that the commentators mentioned Lance Archer by name during the broadcast, so it would not make good kayfabe sense to say his name and then reveal him to be the Exalted One.

02-27-2020, 06:22 PM
If they did mention Archer I think it's a red herring. The Matt Hardy thing might be too but they definitely are teasing it. I'm open to the idea, could see it going well or flopping.