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Macho Mourn
05-13-2018, 12:53 AM
The sun beats down on the white stone streets. Bane Uzzah appears outside the arena, holding on to the LPW microphone and smugly smiling at the camera. There are many mexican fans crowding around the man, cheering excitedly as the camera rolls live.

Bane: Look at the excitement outside the arena right now!

The camera pans across the entrance walkway towards the arena, lined with fans chanting “LPW!”

Bane: LPW, thanks for the opportunity for me to make amends with the Mexicans fans in Tijuana after my regrettable remarks at San Juan, Puerto Rico last month. As you can see, the atmosphere is electric. The show is about to start REALLY soon but the outside is still teeming with fans. It’s so hot and stuffy here I can smell burrito breaths.

Bane walks over to a visibly enthusiastic and eager fan wearing a undersized Golden T-shirt.

Bane: Hola! Look who we have here, a Golden boy!

The fans around him start to chant, “Golden! Golden!” The fan looks ready to answer questions.

Bane: You speak English? Good, good, now that the Olympics is going on in Rio, let me ask you some questions about the Mexico Sports team!

The crowd chants “MEXICO, MEXICO!”

Bane: First question. Easy one here. What is Mexico’s best sport in the olympics?

Golden Fan: I know this one, Boxing! Or maybe diving.

Bane: WRONG. Mexico’s best sport is…. Cross-country!

The crowd laughs a little, while the fan looks perplexed.

Bane: Juan, second question. Why is the Mexican Basketball Team doing so well this year?

Golden fan: They are? I guess, training and perseverance, I don’t really follow Basketball…

Bane: WRONG again! Like the great citizens of Tijuana, the players are experts at shooting and stealing.

The crowd laughs again but the chants are slowly turning to boos for Bane, while the fan looks really uneasy to be there, and ready to walk off.

Bane: Juan, don’t go off yet, last question. If you get it right, I’ll give you a dollar. It’s big money here. Now, why is Mexico always losing to the Americans in the Swimming and Running events?

The fan casually shrugs his shoulders, refusing to play Bane’s game.

Bane: No, you don’t want the dollar? Fine.

Bane turns to the crowd and shouts.

Bane: ...Because everyone who can run, jump, and swim has already crossed the border!

The crowd boos at Bane as he walks down towards another section of the arena entrance. He walks towards a female fan wearing a Mourn T-shirt.

Bane: Hola! A Mourn fan! Guess you will be mourning tonight after I am done with him. You look all pumped for the event. Why are you still out here cheering when the show is starting in 5 minutes?

Mourn Fan: Estoy tan emociona…..

Bane pulls the microphone away and grins, as the woman looks a bit stunted by the interruption.

Bane: Ah! I got it! You didn’t have money to pay for the tickets! I bet that t-shirt is worth a night’s salary at the whorehouse.

The woman shouts angrily as Bane continues to walk towards the arena.

Bane: Pity the poor city of Tijuana. Look at this shithole. Some of these wrestling fans didn’t even have enough to pay for a last row ticket, even if they pool their inheritance together.
The crowd starts to boo.

Bane:A brief rundown, Tijuana has been known for drinking too much, partying too late, and embracing hedonistic strangers. But like an aging wild child, it wants to be known for more.
Tijuana is trying to change its image. If the city pulls it off, it will be its biggest reinvention since a Tijuana nightclub dancer named Margarita Cansino morphed into sultry Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth. But fucking miracles don’t happen too often. No wonder Mourn never acknowledge his Hispanic roots. I would be shameful too, if I were him. Fucking Tijuana, of all places…

Bane passes the microphone to the camera man and steps through the VIP entrance, disappearing into the alley towards the locker room...

LPW Presents...

Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

Rock on! Rock on!

Drive me crazier

No Serenade, no fire brigade, just pYromania!!

LPW pYromania

The set comes to life, with pyrotechnics of orange, red, and golden sparks jettison throughout the LPW Pain-o-Tron and set. The crowd comes to life with a raucous applause as pYromania: At All Costs begins.

https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/32381117_10160287024805263_7477466143108628480_n.p ng?_nc_cat=0&_nc_eui2=AeFxOCwPSLIOCTexulkZdcE12uDIh_68hDFBwfM95 wJGE6m_2RqIfONY4UncEMW7h-YPAQk_PbDKsNWRtw_QxxSFVT2azirptpgmQ35790IYKQ&oh=4e05da00dd93c33a9d667bec449d8426&oe=5B83FF0E


Lillehammer: HOLA AMIGOS!

The camera pans around the area to packed audience in the summer sun.

Chaos Tonight, people… is all about vengeance.

Lillehammer: Exactly. Drew Michaels gets to finally put away the curmudgeon D. Hammond Samuels.

Chaos: That’s not all, we have three title matches with the debut of the hard hitting DEEPNET division.

Lillehammer: That and we finally get a Western States Heritage Champion we deserve when Bane Uzzah puts away Mourn Despana, can’t wait.

Chaos: And in the main event, a match that everyone’s been waiting for. A Friendship in the Grave as Golden challenges his former tag partner Sixx for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship.

Lillehammer: Don’t bet against Sixx. Many have tried, but he finds a way to hold a death grip on that title.

Chaos: : That’s right. We’re looking stacked, from top to bottom, but we’re going to start things off with the return of a hardcore icon, Trey Spruance.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to At All Costs. Your opening contest is scheduled for one fall!

“Wolf Moon” by Type O Negative starts to play as Ryland makes his way down the long aisle. Fans reach out their hands to connect with him, but Ryland shrugs them away.

Announcer Introducing first, from The Hidden Woods, weighing in at 175 lbs. He is a member of the Cabal, Ryyyylaaaaand!

Chaos: : No shortage of tenacity from Ryland tonight. Ryland, of course formerly known as The Lone Wolf, Udy. He’s changed his look, and it seems to have drastically affected his personality.

Lillehammer: You have to think that somewhere, the rest of the Cabal is watching this, and smiling.

Chaos: Right you are. A win over the returning Trey Spruance could be a massive feather in the cap for The Cabal. That said, a win over rejuvenated and motivated Trey Spruance will be no easy feat!

Lillehammer: Really Manny? We are talking about the same Trey, right?

Chaos: If I’ve learned anything from his near decade in the company… it’s that there is only one Trey Spruance.

Announcer: And his opponent, from London, England… this is Trey… SPRUANCE!

“Suicide Note Pt. 2” by Pantera starts to play across the speakers. Out from behind the curtain comes Trey Spruance, to a chorus of cheers. Trey Raises his hands, high above his head, as he saunters to the ring.

Chaos: Listen to this ovation! Here is the returning Trey. He’s been off for the better part of six months after a brutal match against Sixx.

Lillehammer: He does seem more focused. Most likely from some black market drug he got here.

Chaos: : Trey is something of a veteran in this company. The benefit to that is the experience edge, over the rookie, Ryland. The downside of course is, that your body becomes a roadmap of injuries. Trey is no stranger to injuries either.

As Trey enters the ring, Ryland attacks.

Chaos: : The ref rings the bell, and this one is underway. Ryland strikes quick with a forearm shot to the face. Trey responds with a punch.

Lillehammer: That’s a close fist! If he’s not careful, Trey’s going to get disqualified in his first match back!

Chaos: : The referee is admonishing him.

Trey muscles Ryland to the ropes where Ryland turns the momentum at the last second leaving Trey the one with the back against them. .

Lillehammer: Udy…pardon me…Ryland, strikes back quick, with a boot to the gut! Spruance grabs his stomach; he might have a broken rib!

Chaos: Ryland attacking at Trey, who ducks between the ropes. Ref in to break-

Trey reaches over the ref and uses two fingers to poke Ryland in the eyes.

Chaos: Ref asking Trey if he did it.

Trey: Sorry!

Trey holds his hands up. The crowd giggles.

Lillehammer: Nothing funny with a poke in the eye.

Chaos: Ref giving a warning. Ryland blindly swings, blocked, kick by Trey. Ryland swings wide, missed.

Lillehammer: Ryland almost stumbled through the ropes.


Trey’s body goes sailing out of the ring, with a thud. He reaches over to the ring apron, trying to pull himself up.

Chaos: Ryland with a head of steam and nails Trey with a beautiful baseball slide dropkick!

Lillehammer: Trey connects face first into the guard rail! That’ll sober him.

Chaos: Ryland is on the outside now, he reaches over for Trey, but Trey pulls HIM in, face first into the guard rail!

Lillehammer: That’s not fair.

Chaos:: Tit for tat really. Both men are down on the outside, and the referee has started to count!

Ref: 1... 2... 3... 4...

Chaos: : Trey is on his feet, he’s able to get back into the ring. Ryland is in right after him. Trey hits the ropes, as Ryland makes his way to his feet…TREY WITH A SPEAR! The Dude is back in full force!

The fans start to cheer, as Trey motions for The Dude’s DDT.

Lillehammer: The drunk? Don’t tell me!

Chaos: Ryland starting to rise. Trey, DUDE’S DD--- RYLAND SWEEPS THE LEG AND HITS AN STO! COVER 1! 2! 3, NO! TREY KICKED OUT!

Lillehammer: First off, how did Ryaland get that counter done. Second, how did trey kick out?

Chaos: : Smooth escape by Ryland, who has really shown so much improvement since debuting in LPW. If he can capitalize on this, it could give him his first real win in LPW.

Lillehammer: Ryland goes up to the top rope!

Chaos: If Ryland hits this, it is most definitely over. RYLAND-

Ryland looks to go for a swanton bomb, realizes Trey’s moving and rolls through.

Chaos:Trey rolls away! Ryland roll his feet though! Ryland with the jumping kick! Trey ducks under! Ryland goes for a low kick, but Trey jumps up and over, and TREY CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Lillehammer: Trey must be on an off cycle. He’s way too sober,

Chaos: : Ryland is down, and now Trey is back to his feet! He shakes the ropes, and the fans go wild, to kick of Sacrament!

Lillehammer: That junkie, Trey is going for the top rope now. Didn’t he see how things turned out for Ryland!?

Chaos: : You’ve got to think that Trey’s got that experience edge. Trey is up, but look! So is Ryland! TREY JUMPS CLEAN OVER RYLAND WHO TURNS AND CHARGES! Trey with a kick, DUDE’S DDT!

Lillehammer: No… way…


1! 2! 3!!! SPRUANCE!

Announcer: The winner of the match, Treeeey Spruuuuance!

Trey Spruance: 3.5 APS + 1.5 Votes = 5.0 Total
“The Lone Wolf” Udy: 3.4 APS + .3 Votes = 3.7 Total

“Suicide Note Pt. 2” by Pantera brings a surprised Trey to his feet. He looks at the ref confused as his hand is raised.

Lillehammer: Someone call Bernie Sanders. Ask him if hell froze over.

Chaos: I think Trey gained a little from that match with Sixx. He was more focus-

Lillehammer: Or lucky. Ryland was fine until he tried to fly.

Chaos: Trey has returned and now he has started a winning streak of one-

Trey’s music cuts off and changes to "Friend Like Me" by Wayne Bergeron. On the ramp walks both Smitten and DJC. Trey walks up the ramp.

Smitten: What a match! Wow! And only a small sampling of the kind of stuff you can see right here on pYromania!

DJC: It was aight. More Blueprint than Illmatic if you talkin’ classics, B.

Smitten: DESEAN. *ahem* Talent like Trey Spruance? Wow. Invaluable.

Spruance, walking by the two, glances over with an inquisitive eye.

Smitten: A wily, crafty veteran who can show these Young Lions like Ryland the ways.

DJC: Show him the way of the pipe, maybe. This dude a junkie, Boss. You know tha-

Smitten: DESEAN! *ahem* Speaking of Young Lions, Ryland! Proof that LPW possess’ the best in young, exuberant and energetic talent. How do you put a pricetag on that? Amazing.

DJC: The dude that was repackaged only a couple matches into his career? I ‘uno ‘bout calling that amazi’



Smitten: ...desean… not...

DJC: Now I done taken a lot on this last year, dog.

Smitten: now… not now…

DJC: But I ain’t gon’ let you come out here spewing this ol’ bullsh-

DJC’s microphone is cut off. He slaps the top. "Friend Like Me" by Wayne Bergeron plays. The camera fades to black as DJC and Smitten scream at each other through the curtain.

Lillehammer: That intransigent little…

Chaos: Smitten deserved it! He’s creating a hostile work environment.

Lillehammer: And what was all that talk about price tags and value and-

Chaos: Let’s end this conversation before we both find ourselves in trouble. We’ll be back, folks.

Macho Mourn
05-13-2018, 12:59 AM
Jepsen Cook: Welcome. I am Jepsen Cook, journalist and radio personality. I will be your guide as we pull back the curtain just a bit, and allow you to get to know our LPW superstars a bit more on the new show, “Down for the Count”.

Late week, every week, we will see Superstars in a way never regularly seen:

J. Cook: Let's move on to something maybe a little more personal for your 4th question. As much as you hang out with Bronx and Mourn Despana, you honestly come across as someone of a loner. Some would say your comedic attitude hides something dark from your life. How was your childhood?

Steven Thornridge: I think that would be a fair assessment. Apart from...

J. Cook: Now. Before we say goodbye, the floor is yours. You can say whatever you want to the fans or even an opponent. We won’t edit you. All we ask is that you keep it somewhat brief. The floor is yours.

Ozzy Crerar: Look, guys, this was never personal. And maybe I wish it was...

With future guests lined up from pYromania and Insanity, you never know who will walk into my studio. Join me as the athletes and personalities of LPW let their guard down and even share a laugh with us when they go:

with Jepsen Cook

Chaos: Ladies and Gentleman… this next contest is not for the faint of heart. We say that often, of course, in the land of hyperbole and salesmanship. But I must remind you, for legal reasons, that you are currently watching the LPW Network which is, in its very nature, unrated. The DEEPNET Division, Direct Entertainment Enacting Progress with a Network Exclusive Title. What kind of progress? We are not sure of.

Lillehammer: Progressing towards Obsidian breaking some skulls.

In the background the announcer can be heard going over the rules in Spanish for the crowd.

Chaos: Perhaps. I must explain some ground rules. The concept is fairly simple. The DEEPNET Division is a division for fighters. It’s not traditional. It’s not even hardcore. It’s for the brutal brawlers who like nothing more than inflicting pain on his or her opponent.

1. The match cannot end via pinfall.
2. The match may only end via knockout or submission.
3. Disqualification may occur if a competitor uses a foreign object.
4. Disqualification may occur if there is outside interference.
5. Falls count anywhere.

And I think the four men here, the first four to foray into this dark division, are the perfect men for the division’s inaugural journey.

Lillehammer: Alright, alright, alright. Let’s see a slobberknocker!


Announcer: The following contest is an elimination match for the inaugural DEEPNET championship!

Devin Townsend Project’s "Ziltoid Goes Home" brings Miller Allan out. From the stageless entrance. The long walk giving him a chance to slap hands with the crowd.

Announcer: First. From Bellingham, WA. Weighing in at 217 lbs. MILLER ALLLLEN!

Chaos: The least accomplished of the competitors tonight, Miller Allen has the world stacked against him here.

Lillehammer: Great. Another goody two shoes Washingtonian. These left coast people and their prissy wine and hippies. He’s gonna be shown what a real man is tonight..

Chaos: I hardly think region defines if a man is a man or not.

The music shift to "Far Enough" by Ra. The crowd cheers for LPW newcomer Leon Caprise.

Announcer: Next. From Perth, Western Australia. weighing in 145 lbs. Leon CAAAAPRIIIISE!

Chaos: Leon Caprice is one of two undefeated men in this match. His quick rise to contention is almost unheard of.

Lillehammer: Another man from Perth. Yay. Does this one bartend?

Chaos: The crowd seems to be taking to the 26 year old contender. He’s the wildcard in this match-up.

Some cheers, but mainly boos welcome Obsidian out as Soilwork’s instramental version of "Stabbing The Drama" leads the man out. He stops in the long aisleway to roar into the sky. In his hand is the Staff of Serpentus. He slowly moves the stick around in a ritualistic manner. As he enters the ring, he leans the Staff against a ringpost. The ref goes to move it, but Obsidian screams in his face to leave it be. So the ref does.

Announcer: From Parts, Unknown… THIS… IS... OBSIIIIDIAAAAN!

Chaos: I am honestly surprised by the small amount of cheers from the crowd.

Lillehammer: Being an expert on lucha wrestling-

Chaos: A… what?

Lillehammer: He’s painted and had a dark persona. A lot of Lucha fans love the villains that look like him.

Chaos: Lillehammer doing his research. Show how important this match is to pYro.

Lillehammer: It is either that, or root for Bronx.

Universal cheers welcome fan favorite Bronx into the arena. "Party Up" by DMX(Bronx Remix) booms in the speakers as a determined Bronx slaps hands of the crowd.

Announcer; And finally. From Bronx, New York. Weighing in at 212 lbs, BROOOOONX!

Lillehammer: This crowd is so confused. HE’S NOT MEXICAN!

Chaos: I’d like to apologize for my esteemed colleague's remarks. Bronx is a former tag champ. He’s the last Young Lions Cup champ. He’s experienced and primed to become the inaugural-

As Caprice and Miller watch Bronx make his way to the ring, Obsidian attacks them both from behind with a double clothesline.

Lillehammer: My man Obsidian starting before the bell rings.

Chaos: Ref rings the bell. As the rules, nothing says it is illegal to attack before the bell. Obsidian stomping on the neck of Allen.

Lillehammer: He’s not paying attention to Leon!

Chaos: Leon jumps up on the back of Obsidian! He’s got a sleeper loc-

While the sleeper is applied, Bronx springboards into the ring.


Lillehammer: I think Leon was just crushed.

Chaos: Miller Allen from behind Bronx…

Allen puts Brons into a small package.

Lillehammer: Dang it Allen...

Chaos: Pinfalls do not count.

Lillehammer: Allen looks confused.

Chaos: Bronx now on him with right hands. Allen swings, Bronx catches the arm, Elbow to the arm!

Lillehammer: Allen may be injured.

Chaos: Obsidian climbing,,, Bronx with a running knee that send Obsidian back off the apron. Allen from behind, Bronx with the go behind, TIGER SUPLEX!.

Lillehammer: Leon in the ring.

Chaos: Caprice runs at Bronx, ducked, HE HIT ALLEN INSTEAD!

Lillehammer: Caprice wasting no time with the mount on Allen!


Lillehammer: Why would he save-


Lillehammer: Allen’s not tapping.

Chaos: I don’t see him moving. HE’S OUT COLD!.


Announcer: Miller Allen has been eliminated.

Bronx lets go of the submission and Allen falls into a heap. Trainers come in to remove him from the ring.

Chaos: That was sickening. But, those are the rules of this division. Allen was totally out of his element.

Lillehammer: He better hope he doesn’t need to go to the hospital here. He may end up with Lyme Disease or something.

Chaos: Bronx now on the attack with Leon Caprice. Peppering in some jabs to the jaw. Caprice now returning fire.

Lillehammer: It has become a hockey fight! Look at them go!

Chaos: Obsidian just slid into the ring. Double noggin knocker by Obsidian ends the braw!.

Lillehammer: Yeah, that’ll stop anyone.

Chaos: Alternating stomps on his opponent. Leon the first to back away and gain his footing.

Lillehammer: Obsidian with a hold of Leon now, Leon trying his best to fight back, OBSIDIAN HUCKS LEON OUT OF THE RING!

Chaos: Obsidian now out after him. One of the many rules of this division. They are trading shots outside the ring in front of us!.

Lillehammer: INCOMING!

Mics go fuzzy as Obsidian sends Leon over the table to the barricade behind the announce table. Obsidian, satisfied he’s gotten rid of Leon for now starts to walk towards the steps to climb into the ring.

Chaos: Sorry about that. Leon just knocked out seats over but I’ll continue to call the action. WAIT!

As Obsidian steps up the steel, Bronx dives over the corner turnbuckle.


Chaos: He sent Obsidian crashing onto the unforgiving mat again! Bronx yelling to the crowd.

Lillehammer: Unreal, Obsidian’s starting to stand.

Chaos: Bronx now peppering in right crosses. He’s mixing it up with some uppercuts now.

Lillehammer: Hey, we can now sit. Leon’s moving.

Chaos: What’s he planning?

Leon: Bronx!

Leon motions like a suplex over his head. Bronx catching on, nods to him.

Chaos: Both men now placing shots to Obsidian’s head. Wait!

Lillehammer: They’re going for a double suplex? That’ll never-


Lillehammer: Both men are assaulting the man. They are trying to take out the larger man!

Chaos: Obsidian trying to stand. Leon hitting from behind, Bronx from in front. No wrestling holds here. They are just swinging haymakers into him. A ref in a normal match would DQ them here.

Lillehammer: Obsidian to his feet!

Obsidian takes a shot to the jaw from Bronx, and a shot to the kidneys from Leon. When he gets swung at by Bronx, he drops out of the way.


Obsidian uses the missque to slip around the ring.

Chaos: Leon up quick and slides into the ring. Bronx shrugs and slides in after him. Leon off the ropes, SPINNING HEEL KICK BY BRONX!

Lillehammer: I think he just rearranged Caprice’s jaw.

Chaos: Bronx For a mount, Caprice rolls him off. Caprice, misses alariat, Bronx jumps over the top rope.

Lillehammer: Bronx spri-


The grab causes the normally graceful bronx to tumble over the top rope and land awkwardly on his leg.

Lillehammer: Bronx may have hyperextended his knee!

Leon looking at Obsidian as he climbs through the ropes.

Chaos: Leon has Obsidian Trapped in Time! He’s striking Obsidian with knees to the midsection. Now alternating kicks.

Lillehammer: The diminutive man is assaulting a man trapped in the ropes!


Lillehammer: Eh, Sixx does better superkicks.

Chaos: Bronx up! Leon turns into a Belly to belly from Bronx!

Lillehammer: Leon fights free.

Chaos: Bronx slow to his feet. Bronx, dropkick!

Lillehammer: He hurt his leg again!

Chaos: Ref is over to check on Bronx. He may be-

Lillehammer: Leon’s barging in!

Chaos: He’s stomping hard on Bronx’s leg!

With every stomp. Bronx grunts loudly in pain.

Lillehammer: Bronx is trying to get to his feet.Leon has a firm hold of Bronx’s leg…


Lillehammer: HE USED THE OTHER LEG!!!

Chaos: Bronx trying to stand. But the he can’t support any weight on that damaged limb. The look in Bronx’s eyes is one of an animal who knows he’s without hope! Wide and wild.

Bronx checks quickly on Obsidian who has begun to stand.

Lillehammer: I don’t know what he think it’s going to do, but Bronx is slapping the leg to get blood flow to it.

Chaos: He’s gonna go for another dive! The Young Lion Winner bounces off the ropes… TOPE SUI-OH NO! A Chop Block to the side by Leon. BRUTAL.

Lillehammer: Goodness! When a man in football hits a front chop block, it could end his career. As valiant as Bronx is-


Lillehammer: I don’t see Bronx giving-

As Bronx tries to find a way to counter, the crowd groans as Obsidian is seen climbing to the top rope and dive towards Bronx.

Lillehammer: Leon still has the Kneebar on! And Obsidian is going to...


Lillehammer: And that’s a lot of weight!

Obsidian stands over the his opponents. His body rises and falls with each baited breath as he watched Bronx’s agony. Leon looks square into the eyes of Obsidian, knowing that after Bronx quits the Beast Obsidian will jump him.

Chaos: Bronx is barely moving. Tap, Bronx. God Damnit tap out!

With a final scream of agony, frustration, and resignation, Bronx taps.


As the bell rings, a scowling Obsidian immediately kicks Leon in the back of the head.

Announcer: Bronx has been eliminated!

Chaos: My goodness. Bronx fought as long as he could. But once Obsidian came down on his chest, he didn’t have the breath left to do anything and had to tap out to that kneebar.

Lillehammer: Keep your analysis to a hush! It’s time to watch Obsidian go to work.

Indeed, in the ring, Obsidian is laying a series of kicks to the defenseless Leon Caprice. Leon puts his arms up to block, but The Leader of the Cabal’s force powers right through the defenses. Leon sits on his bottom, and leans from side to side trying to avoid the shots.

Chaos: Obsidian grabs both of Leon’s arm, up to defend himself, and hooks them. With one display of power he lifts the seated Leon into a brutal Full Nelson Bomb. Obsidian goes for the pin?

Lillehammer: LOOK AT THAT! Proving you can pin your opponent. That’s not about thinking the match is over… the pin was a show of supremacy.

Chaos: Do you think that that’s something Obsidian is truly concerned about?

Lillehammer: Even the Lion plays with it’s prey before the kill.

Chaos: Can’t argue with that. Leon is getting to his feet. Obsidian stalks him, looking a lot like the Lion my partner here just compared him to. Leon is up, he steadies himself against the rope. Turns! Obsidian charges! Leon drops down, pulls the top rope down and Obsidian flies over!

Lillehammer: A wily move, I must admit!

Chaos: Obsidian straddles the top rope. His legs stretch down to the canvas mat. Leon is back up, rocking the balancing Obsidian with closed-fist shots to the head and body. Leon backs up, gives himself space and OH!!! JUMPING ENZIGURI USING THE SECOND ROPE! Obsidian is out of it!

Lillehammer: But he’s still standing! With the aid of the ropes, of course.

Chaos: And Leon, of course, is back to work. It’s going to take every move he has to put away this unstoppable force. Caprice runs up the turnbuckle behind his opponent. The crowd understands what he’s going for. Everyone stands at once! Leon on the top rope! He lowers his kneepad… JUMPS! DRIVING HOME TO THE BACK OF OBSIDIAN’S HEAD!”

Lillehammer: And Leon crashes to the outside! Obsidian does too! The thud to the head was sickening!

Chaos: We may need medical attention for Obs… er… maybe Le--- both men. The ref is checking them. He’s… Obsidian is… yes. A wide gash has opened on the back of Obsidian’s head. I believe this is the first real sign of weakness we’ve seen from this man.

Lillehammer: Not even in his clash with Despana did he sustain this much damage.

Chaos: Leon is pulling his kneepads back up. He took a brunt force fall to the outside. He’s back on Obsidian. A lot of time had passed, of course, but my God. Obsidian just doesn’t stop. And Leon is absolutely despondent. He mounts Obsidian, who has rolled over onto his stomach. That long gash is exposed and exposing blood quickly. Leon sees the wound and NO! OH! OH! Send hammer blows down onto the back of Obsidians head.

Lillehammer: The people in the front row are getting sprayed!

Chaos: Indeed, even the ref has some crimson splatter on his cheek. But there’s nothing he can do! This is EXACTLY what the DEEPNET is about. Finding that opening and tearing it wide open. Whether it be a plan of attack or a gash on the back of your opponent's head.

Lillehammer: Come on, Obsidian!

Chaos: The man is… no way he can do this. He’s trying to shimmy his way from under Leon. Caprice is having a hard time containing the man’s massive frame. Obsidian is able to get a base under him. Leon still stretches his legs around the top of Obs’ back. The Beast gets a base under him. He’s trying to stand while Leon is still on him! No way!


Chaos: Obsidian up to his hands and knees. He gets a foot up. Leon is around Obsidians neck, dangling from this powerhouses shoulders. Obsidian!!! LIFTS! HE’S TO HIS FEET!

Lillehammer: An audible gasp spreads across the arena. What’s he gonna do!

Chaos: I have a feeling we’ll be finding out very no… no… MOVE BACK PEOPLE!

In one clean move, Obsidian leans forward and Leon, waving his arms in an attempt to stall momentum, or maybe take off in flight to escape, loses a battle with gravity and falls forward.




Lillehammer: I’m more concerned about his face being rearranged. My God. The referee hops over the barricade. Fans push back and a few responsible ones hold back the more eager fans.

Chaos: Obsidian stands above Leon. Pin him, damnit! Looks like he’s going to, mercifull-no! He mounts Caprice! Elbow to that damaged face. Another! Another! Blood begins to sprout from the nose of Caprice. Somebody do something, damnit!

Lillehammer: It’s the damn DEEPNET Division! This is it!

Chaos: Obsidian lifts a bloody and battered Leon, who stands wobbly with his eyes nearly swollen closed already. Obsidian flips his limp body over the barricade. The ref is demanding Obsidian get the match back in the ring, although that’s not within the rules. More so out of human decency and concern for Caprice’s well being.

Lillehammer: Caprice, somehow, is able to get some room away from Obsidian and rolls into the ring. He pulls himself up by the ropes.

Chaos: Obsidian stalks slowly. The crowd is almost.. Cheering his brutality.

Lillehammer: We are in Tijuana, Manny! These people know and appreciate brutality.

Chaos: The referee is checking Leon. Obsidian rolls in the ring. Caprice throws the ref out of the way! He catches Obsidian on a knee still getting into the ring with a boot to the face. Obsidian sways. Leon continues, dripping blood, he grabs Obsidians head… SNAP DDT!

Lillehammer: Someone check Caprice for something in his system!

Chaos: Leon’s not stopping. He goes between the second and third rope, standing on the outside mat! He measures… Springboard Senton! Lands flush onto Obsidian! The crowd is coming alive for Leon!

Lillehammer: Every chance he has… Leon knows he has to try to catch Obsidian off guard.

Chaos: Not a bad strategy. Obsidian is already getting to his feet. Leon stalks him. The much smaller Caprice charges! ST-NO! Obsidian ducks. Leon turns. Obsidian swings wildly, clearly frustrated. Leon ducks under! The two twirls around! Leon gets control! SWINGING NECKBREAKER ON OBSIDIAN!

Lillehammer: And there’s not a sitting mexican citizen in the house! The crowd is going NUTS! Obsidian’s still getting up!

Chaos: Leon is going mad in the ring! He doesn’t know what he has to do. His finishing moves aren’t possible on an opponent the size of Obsidian! He’s nearly done all he can do. He’s going back to the top rope! We might be seeing Driving Home once again. Leon is only halfway up the turnbuckle. He sees that Staff of Serpentus still leaning against the ringpost he climbs down…

Lillehammer: Don’t do it, Leon. NOT SMART!


Chaos: Obsidian is getting to his feet. He turns… Leon and him catch eyes and…

Lillehammer: I CAN’T SEE!

Chaos: LIGHTS OUT IN THE ARENA! MUSIC BLASTING! WHO’S THEME IS THIS? Flashbulbs and moonlight light the ring… I can’t see Leon on top of the rope anymore…

Lillehammer: There’s a figure! Two shadows in the ring! We can’t… I can’t.. Make out… who is that!?

Chaos: Damnit! No! Don’t ruin this match! It’s obviously Holt and Ryland! If Obsidian is DQ’d, we have no Champion! I can see that… The ref is down!? Yes he is!


Everyone freezes

Lillehammer: Forget them… at the top of the ramp… it’s… Oh my God… Manny, I think I know who it is… It’s…

Standing atop the ramp, with the Staff that bears his name in it, is [b]Serpentus himself. Obsidian stands in the ring, holding his wounded skull. Leon lies next to him… bloodied and battered and bruised.

Chaos: It’s Serpentus! It’s really him! And he’s holding the Staff!

Lillehammer: Oh… my…. Reagan…

Chaos: Obsidian is sitting in the ring, his legs outstretched. Leon is laid out on the outside of the ring. His face bloody. A massive red blotch forming on his forehead. The referee crawls over.. We still don’t know how he was knocked down.

The Official checks on Leon. He raises his arm… it falls limp. He does it again, same results. The air in the Bullring by the Sea stands still. The Ref grabs the arm once more. It falls crashes to the outside floor.

Announcer: The winner of this match… AND THE FIRST DEEPNET CHAMPION!!! OBBBBBBSDIAN!!!!!!!

Obsidian: 4.1 APS + 1.2 Votes = 5.3 Total
Leon Caprice: 4.0 APS + .5 Votes = 4.5
Bronx: 3.7 APS + .1 Votes 3.8 Total
Miller Allen: 0 APS + 0 Votes = 0 Total

Chaos: I cannot believe what we just saw. An incredible, brutal, inspiring match ruined by the New DEEPNET Champion.

Lillehammer: Ruined?! Are you crazy? It’s Serpentus! All Hail!

Chaos: Look at Obsidian! He’s absolutely… obedient. He’s sitting in the ring… blood still spilling from his head… and he’s breathing heavily as he watches his master walk down to the ring. With the Staff in his hand… Serpentus gets in the ring, aided by Ryland and Holt. Obsidian stares at him. The Ref attempts to hand the DEEPNET Title to Obsidian, who ignores his prize. Serpentus’ eyes move to the Title. HE grabs it! He didn’t earn that!

Lillehammer: Everything Obsidian is is because of the Cabal. Of course he earned it!

Chaos: Wait… what is the ref looking at?

There’s blood on the Staff! That’s where Caprice’s head wound came from! HE CHEATED!

The ref grabs the Staff. Within half a second, Serpentus has twisted the Staff around and clocked the Official on the side of the head. He drops with a thud.


Lillehammer: He just did!

Obsidian stands. Serpentus places his hand on the back of his proteges skull. The blood cakes and mats. With a palm full of blood, Serpentus wipes the crimson liquid onto the chest of the battered Obsidian. The three men turn and exit the ring. Obsidian follows. We fade to black as they make their way up the ramp. Serpentus with the Staff and DEEPNET Title in hand.

The scene opens in a dimly light office during a late-night in Miami, Florida as a mysterious woman is working at her desk. She is wearing a black miniskirt with a tight white blouse that is covered by a black suit jacket. The woman is finishing up her work and turns her focus to the camera.

“My name is Caitlin Bennett and I’m the Chief Operations Officer for the Watson Global organization. But that is not why I’m speaking to you tonight because this is a different matter.” Caitlin says with a firm tone to her voice.

Caitlin stands up and walks to the front of her desk before sitting on the edge of it. The camera gets a better angle before Caitlin continues to speak to the fans.

“As the advocate for Jeff Watson, my job is to ensure that my client is treated fairly and is successful by anyway possible. Many of the LPW talent believed that Jeff died after being hit by the car at Altered Reality, but rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated. Now the resurrection of Jeff’s LPW career can begin and Jeff will be seeking revenge not only against the locker room, but the fans who have turned against him.”

Caitlin firmly states before taking a brief moment to compose herself down. Caitlin sits down behind the desk and finishes up her work before delivering a final statement.

“The resurrection will take place at the next show and the entirety of LPW is on the revenge list of my client, Jeff Watson.” Caitlin says with a chilling tone to her voice.

We fade out with Caitlin turning off the lights before leaving the office for the evening. The message has been sent, but now what will be the response in the future.

Macho Mourn
05-13-2018, 01:02 AM
The shot opens on a set of two gnarled hands trying and failing to do the fine work of lacing up a pair of wrestling boots. Each loophole is a struggle that these tremulous hands do not seem equal to. The fine motor movements seem almost Sisyphean in their challenge. As the camera backs up it shows the face of D. Hammond Samuels on the bench in the venue locker room, his features looking pallid, his face a papery mask drained to a sickly grey. As the frustration of his task mounts his muscles tense, and he mutters inaudible and most likely unspeakable curses under his breath. Finally in frustration, he slams his fist into the locker door next to him. It leaves a dent in the door but the fist doesn’t fare much better, a gash appears across the palm. Chortling to himself at his ridiculousness, which devolves into a cough, not a sickly cough, but a dry muscular hack. He collapses backward onto the bench, staring at the gash in his hand. In the background he hears the door open, and the sound of foot steps towards him, without looking up he responds, as if he could tell from the sound of the gait who this was.

Hammond: Janine, why are you here?

As she enters view, the woman that he had not seen for months now, the only person in his life he had ever cared for he can’t or won’t sit up to look at her this state. The woman, still dressed impeccably, even as she is visibly very much with child.

Janine: Did you think one argument, one slap across my face would keep me from every seeing you again?

She pulls a stool up toward him and sits with surprising grave considering her condition and begins to lace his boots up.

Janine: I’ll admit I was very angry when you blew up at me, the night I told you about our baby as angry as any reasonable human would be. I doubted if I ever wanted to see you again, because even if you were just pushing me away that is a lot to ask to forgive.

Hammond: Janine… I…

Janine: Don’t choke on those words because you feel it is expected, don’t insult me like that again. I figured out pretty quickly what had happened to you. It doesn’t justify what you did, but then again my actions aren’t any more forgivable. You have it don’t you? The Apocrita Necropathy? The thing that is driving the LPW wrestlers like Ash and Drew and the lot mad?

Hammond: The disease that made my father murder my mother. Yes.

She gets up from the stool and crawls onto him, straddling him to look him the in eye for the first time, her pregnant belly resting on his chest.

Janine: I cannot apologize to you enough for my part in that, and for a while I thought I deserved to be alone because of what I did, giving you those drugs. Then I talked to my cousin, I talked to John and found out what you did, what you plan to do. You need to make them pay that badly, that you would leave your child without a father.

Hammond: No, I’d leave another innocent without having to live in the monstrous shadow of their parent.

She reaches into the duffel she carried with her into the room, and pulls out a familiar Mask, a plague doctor, and places it over his face. It falls to the floor as she lets go.

Janine: Is that why you created this monster? Is why you and Al became Sans Culottes? To provoke a reaction from them? You knew what would happen if they were pushed this far! You know how bad your condition is, you know what would happen…

Hammond: Yes, I know how bad it is. I know what is going to happen.

For the first time, the woman’s mask of ice melts, and tears flood her face.

Janine: Why!? Why are you going to leave me alone, with a child, with our child? Is revenge that important to you! I thought that maybe if you had a reason to live, we could…

She can’t finish and collapses into open sobs on his chest. He puts his non-injured hand on her head and strokes her hair lightly.

Hammond: It wouldn’t matter. Either I lose myself to the degeneration and became an even worse monster than my old man, or I decay into decrepitude and wither before they even know my name.

She is angry now and pounds at his chest, her voice shattered with grief and rage.

Janine: You’re a coward. You think that abandoning those who care for you and depend on you makes you noble because of some vainglorious cause?

Hammond: Yes. I am a coward. But you’re wrong, it’s not revenge. It is redemption. I brought this poison into this company, I am complicit. If I can leave this world and expose and bring to justice what they have done then my life is spent well. Then I won’t leave as a monster, and this child has a chance to be free the burden of being born under the same curse I was. It’s not noble, it’s not righteous. It’s all I have. It’s the only thing I can give my daughter. It’s a chance.

She stares him in the eyes, and gives him a long look and speaks through sobs.

Janine: I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to go. I need you. Please. I love you. Please don’t do this, just get up and leave with me, we will fly away and none of them, none of their bullshit will ever touch us again. We can be anyone, do anything and be if not happy, free! Free from these nightmares. I can find a treatment for you, if my condition can be reversed, so can yours. Please. Stay.

He looks her long in the eyes, tears welling up in the carved granite of his visage for the first time in who knows how many years.

Hammond: That’s the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me. It’s more than I deserve. Thank you.

They kiss, a teary, sad and joyous kiss that last a moment too long and not nearly long enough. He still has the strength left to lift her up off him. He stands up, and helps her to her feet as well.

Hammond: There’s no time left for me. I just hope what happens to me will give Drew the absolution he needs. I suppose Doc gave you all the material from my medical file.

She just nods.

Hammond: You know what to do with that when the time comes.

She can’t even muster a nod to this.

Hammond: (Almost to himself.) I may not die a hero… But I am not the monster anymore, I hope. Hope is a nice name, isn’t it?

He opens the door and walks out, leaving not even a shadow.

Announcer: The following contest it a Last Man Standing Match scheduled for one fall!

“Potter’s Field” by Anthrax causes a mixed response from the crowd as recent retiree Drew Michaels marches through the stadium to the ring.

Announcer: Introducing the participants. First. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Weighing in at 235 lbs. DREEW MICHAAEELS!

Chaos: Here comes Drew Michaels. This crowd seems to have no idea how react here. Both men have done some unfavorable things and both men are here to end a war that has persisted for a long long time.

Lillehammer: How could anyone root for Ham? He’s a murderer and scoundrel. He should be locked up. Drew’s here to make sure he gets to end him.

Chaos: No frills from Drew tonight..

Drew steps in the ring and completely ignores the crowd.

Announcer: And his opponent.

Heavy boos reign down as D. Hammond Samuels hobbles out of the entryway. He smirks at the response while "Hail Mary" by Tupac tugs at him to continue his journey to the ring.

Lillehammer: See? The crowd hates this man. As they should. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Take it from a man who has every redeeming quality known to man.

Chaos: Be that as it may, Ham isn’t the same man who faced Drew over ten years ago. He isn’t the same man who came back two years ago. But what he is, is a man. And a man who fights. I may not like the bastard, but he’s tough as leather and will probably take pleasure handing out some of his pain to Drew tonight.

Lillehammer: Probably?

Chaos: Okay, you got me there.

Chaos: I’m going to say it --- there is no reason Hammond should be allowed to compete in an LPW ring. Or any ring! The man is near crippled.

Drew smirks and looks towards both sides of the crowd. He puts up and hand…. Then the other… asking for a test of strength. Hammond, hunched over, begins to reciprocate.

Lillehammer: He’s a grown man, Manny! If he’s going to get in between those ropes he has to deal with the consequences.

Chaos: There is something to be said for a company putting ethics over sales. Hammond reaches up and meets Drew at the top… albeit hesitant. Drew still with that devilish smirk on his face. Hammond’s hands are near shaking as Drew uses only an ounce of his potential power. And there it is!

Hammond lets out a might yelp/

Chaos: Drew turns on the power and twists the arms, wrists, and fingers of Hammond… who falls to the mat on one knee and clutches at his right hand. Drew stands over him, domination coursing through his veins, feeling powerful over his mortal enemy and… Penalty Kick right across the dome of Ham.

Lillehammer: Manny, I’ve been honored to watch a majority of this feud, the greatest in LPWs history, and I’m honored again to be watching the end here.

Chaos: As am I, but a bit concerned that it’s ending on such… uneven terms. Drew lifts Hammond up by the hair. Hammond looks into the eyes of his enemy with a piercing glare. Hammond laughs and.. OH! Slaps Samuels across the face.

Lillehammer: Like a lion toying with his food!

Chaos: An apropos comparison, partner. Hopefully it ends soon.

Lillehammer: Hammond hasn’t even been hit with an offensive maneuver yet!

Chaos: And yet he can hardly stand!

Lillehammer: You can never trust that knave. He could be playing poss-

Chaos: BLACKOUT DRIVER!!!! Classic Ham! Drew’s skull bounces off the canvas! And the referee starts the count!




Chaos: Wait… Hammond is lifting Drew up!

Lillehammer: What is he on? Helping Drew up!? That was his best bet to… I don’t know… even stand a chance!

Chaos: I don’t think this about the match for Hammond. This is about something… much bigger.

Lillehammer: Like what? Killing another baby!?

Chaos: Hammond has done some vile things in his past… I think here, though.. I think he’s trying to prove an honorable point.

Lillehammer: That he deserves to be punished for what he’s done???

Chaos: Something like that. In the ring, Drew is coming back to. Hammond is saying something to him…. We can’t quite hear it. What I would do to know what he’s say-OH! Right hand to the face! Ham stumbles back! Drew is irate! A left hand! Ham stumbles. A right! A left! Drew grabs Ham and… Headbutt! Hammond falls and Drew instantly mounts! Another headbutt! Another! Another! Hammond’s forehead explodes with blood! Another! The blood spreads to Drew’s face! Drew rises and wipes the blood from his face!


Chaos: A glimpse into perhaps what Hammond had said.

Lillehammer: And more than a glimpse into what the absurdity he spewed cost him. Pain. Blood.

Chaos: And Drew Michaels is absolutely irate! He lifts a limp Hammond and suplex him back down to the mat! Drew doesn’t let go, rolls both of them back up and pushes Hammond into the corner turnbuckle!

Lillehammer: Here it comes!


The referee immediately begins to count. 1! 2! 3! 4! Ham begins to stir, getting to a knee while the crimson mask continues to grow.

Lillehammer: I can’t believe that Hammond is even moving after that.

Chaos: I can’t either, and yet… I’m not surprised. Drew, however, is seething with anger.


Chaos: Michaels gets back down to business, lifting Ham to his feet and driving an elbow into the face of Ham, another, another! And he… oh no…. Oh no… He hooks the arm!

Lillehammer: YES YES!


The crown of Hammond’s head is driven into the canvas. His neck reverts into his shoulders a turtle reverting into it’s shell. For a moment, he’s suspended like a lawn dart planted into the canvas and time stands still before his constricted body falls to the canvas. Once there, he convulses violently.

Lillehammer: Manny… I-

Chaos: Just… Take off you-

We can hear both men take their headsets off. Manny dives under the rope and into the ring. Drew confronts Manny, who screams something back. Michaels then screams at the ref…



Tentatively… the ref begins his count.




At four the medics hit the ring. The immediately join Chaos at Hammond side.





The medics scatter at the threat of a heavily panting and rabid Michaels.



Chaos: You’ve turned into him, Drew! You’re a fucking monster!


The medics immediately go back to Hammond, and begin straightening his neck and loading him onto a spinal board.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen… the winner of this match… Dre-

The camera cuts to the announcer where Lillehammer has grabbed his microphone and turned it off. He shakes his head at Drew.

The camera cuts back to the ring where Michael's paces back and forth. We cut to black as Hammond is lifted and lead out of the ring.

Macho Mourn
05-13-2018, 01:08 AM
The camera pans up from a piece of paper on a wooden table to a stoic, stoney-faced Golden sitting behind it. As his face comes into view cheers can be heard from inside the arena. Scribbled on the paper, the question, "Is this how you imaged the friendship between you and Sixx ending?"

"No", says Golden. "And if any of you did, you're lying." letting a deflating air out as he finishes.

"It's not that we would never have came to blows in the ring. Hell, our long game was that we would face off at Altered Reality. That SKG would take over and be the undisputed top dogs in professional wrestling...but things changed."

Golden stands up from his seat and the camera pans back, showing bandages around abdominal of the Irishman.

"And here we are. As I stand here in front of you, not only do I fight claims that I tried to take my own life, I fight my friend, my brother and my inner demons all at once. And I do it for gold. For the right to be called the World Heavyweight Champion. For greatness. For legacy. For SKG."

As the fans in attendance erupt into cheers and applause the screen fades to black.


Announcer: The following contest, scheduled for the best two out of three falls, is for the Western States Heritage Championship!

The crowd hums with excitement until the haunting intro to “Sapari” by Orphaned Land turns them into a rabid frenzy. Bane Uzzah, with an angry smirk, negotiates his way through the violent crowd with PERCs keeping people from getting a firm hold onto him.

Chaos: This crowd tonight has been pretty emotional and this match-up looks to be another that will test their passion.

Lillehammer: Bane here isn’t here simply to win the Western States Heritage Championship. He’s here to injure, humiliate and eventually end Mourn’s career.

Chaos: Indeed. That is a mindset that could ultimately work against him. He has ridiculed, back stabbed and threatened Mourn.

Lillehammer: He’s the future. Mourn’s the current. Not hard to understand why Bane is desperate to make an impression. Even if I think he’s overstepped with his rhetoric.

Bane walks up the steps and looks out at the crowded arena, taunting them with his arms out wide and nose in the air. As he steps through the ropes, a few pieces of trash hit the ring.

Lillehammer: Look at these uneducated fools.

Chaos: To be honest, If this man was in America I’d expect it to be worse.

Announcer: Currently in the ring is the challenger. From Jerusalem, Israel. Weighing in at 235 lbs. BANE UUUUUUZAAAAH!

As Bane cups his ear, cups are continuously thrown at the ring.

Lillehammer: Bane may need to be airlifted out of here should he win. No way this crowd would allow him to walk up the aisle.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor causes the crowd to erupt.

Chaos: Listen to this ovation!

Lillehammer: Great Oden’s Raven!

Mourn Despana enters the arena to a hero’s welcome. He pauses briefly,nods in acknowledgement to the crowd, then marches towards the ring.

Chaos: Mourn Despana is here to fight for his championship and his pride. The audience completely behind him.

Lillehammer: When a man disrespects those of latin persuasion, they don’t forget it. But I didn’t think it would be this heavy.

Chaos: Spot on. In Puerto Rico, Bane said Mourn was ashamed of being part Mexican. Bane assaulted Justus just out of sight during a tag match. Something Mourn wouldn’t approve of.

Lillehammer: Allegedly!

Chaos: He attacked Mourn from behind with a steel chair. He made it personal to get into Mourn’s head.

Lillehammer: To send a message. Mourn’s not going to keep his composure. He never does. Look at him. He’s been staring down the man from up the aisleway.

Mourn’s eyes stay focused on Bane as he raises the title high to the delight of the fans.

Lillehammer: He’s taunting Bane.

Chaos: Taunting? No.

Lillehammer: Then what do you call that?

Chaos: It isn’t about taunting. He’s showing the crowd that he’s proud to be a champion. The man’s found himself. He’s confident.

Lillehammer: Psh. Now he’s full of himself. Great…

Announcer: And his opponent. From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 245 lbs. The Western States Heritage Champion. MOURN DESPAAAANAAAA!

As the audience responds, Mourn stays transfixed on Bane. He steps up onto the apron and hands the ref the strap. Bane has his arms out wide, baiting The Ronin towards him.

Lillehammer: The ref is going to have his hands full tonight.

Chaos: Mourn has the weight and strength advantage. Bane, the reach and speed.

Mourn slowly approaches Bane, their eyes daring the other to flinch.


Bane and Mourn slowly look towards the ref.

Ref: This is two out of three falls. Between falls, you will have one minute to rest or until you are on your feet and coherent. Whichever is first. This will be a fair match-up. GOT IT?

Both Bane and Mourn nod. The ref backs up as both men go eye to eye.


Chaos: Both men spring into action with strong shots back and forth. Mourn’s punches getting the better hand of the exchange! Bane with a knee to Mourn slowing his advance. Right hands from Bane!

The crowd boos in response as Mourn is floored after the third.

Lillehammer: This crowd will learn to respect their future champ.

Chaos: Mourn checking his jaw. Bane pulls him up and a chop by Bane across Mourn’s chest. Bane with another. Mourn returns fire with one of his own that backs Uzzah to the ropes!

Lillehammer: Bane’s trying to out gun him.

Chaos: That didn’t look like a good plan. Mourn measuring, another loud knife edged chop. Bane clutching his chest.

Lillehammer: The mutt is adding some mustard to those.

Chaos: Mourn with an Irish whip, reversed by Bane-

As Mourn is propelled towards the ropes, Bane follows him.


Lillehammer: Look at him, slapping the outside mat in frustration. He tapped out!

Chaos: Stop Bobby. Mourn landed back first on the outside.

Lillehammer: Mourn’s had some recent spine issues.

Chaos: Sound strategy from the challenger. Bane steps through the ropes. He’s being told to keep it inside. Bane with a clubbing blow to Despana’s neck. And another for good measure. Bane has Mourn by the wrist, Whips him into the barricade! Mourn clutches his back. Bane waiting-

Lillehammer: Charges-

Chaos: Mourn ducks and a back body drop sends Bane over the barricade into the first row!

Lillehammer: Pay a thousand bucks for front row seats and get your very own Jewish Superstar to take home absolutely free!

Mourn tries to rub out some of the pain. He then reaches over the rail.

Chaos: Bane pulls Mourn’s head right down over that barrier. The champ’s holding his throat! Bane over the barrier and into a mount! Bane’s on Mourn with a series of right hands to the skull. Bane pulling Mourn up, Hoists him-

Lillehammer: Ref’s started the count.

Chaos: He’s looking to run Mourn into the po- Mourn wiggles free, he rams Bane chest first into the unforgiving steel. Mourn with ahold of Bane and rolls him into the ring.

Lillehammer: Looks like some of those shots did a number on the champ.

Mourn bends over and catches his breath, before climbing up on the apron.

Chaos:Mourn now slowly ascending the turnbuckle. Haven’t seen this much from him lately.

As Mourn reaches the top, Bane springs to action.


Lillehammer: Woo!

Chaos: Bane’s gathering himself. That post did a real number on his body. He’s now climbing back up. Bane looking for a superplex.

Lillehammer: Bane drops down?

Chaos: He spins around, ISRAELIS EDGE!

Lillehammer: ACE CRUSHER!

As Mourn lands with a thud, Bane stands with a devious smirk. The boos rain down as he watches Mourn feebly paw at the mat.

Chaos: Bane giving it to the crowd. Bane has Mourn by the head. He’s just raining down elbows. He’s up to at least a half dozen.

Lillehammer: He said he’d punish him.

Bane starts yelling in Hebrew at his dazed opponent. Once suffice with the lambation, he pulls Mourn up to a bent over position.

Chaos: Bane has Mourn up, POWERBOMB! .Bane with the cover! 1… 2… 3!

Announcer: Winner of the first fall, Bane Uzzah.

Lillehammer: WOW! He said he’d punish Mourn and he did so by dropping him on his spine!

The crowd‘s stunned as Bane makes it to his feet. He stomps Mourn for good measure before walking to the opposite corner. Once he reaches the other side of the ring, he climbs too the second rope soaking in the atmosphere.

Chaos: He’s stunned Mourn with that quick fall! Mourn’s writhing in pain!

Lillehammer: He’s milking it. He could stand back up right now.

Chaos: That’s not true Lillehammer. He took a headbutt that could knock a lesser man out. Then an elevated, as you called it, Ace Crusher. With that powerbomb, he could be in deep trouble. As far as we know, this match could be through right here.

Lillehammer: One could only hope.

Mourn scoots back, jerks himself to an upright position, and slaps his own face a few times to clear his head. He brings his hands up into a weak guard and nods to the ref with a sneer.

Ref: He’s ready, ring the bell!


Chaos: Bane charges across the ring and NAILS Mourn with a running knee lift! He’s now peppering Mourn with right hands. Mourn fires back with a hard knife edged chop that stops Bane.

Lillehammer: Not for long as he’s now ramming more knees into Mourn’s abdomen.

Chaos: Now back elbows with pinpoint precision by the challenger. Mourn collapses in a heap.

Lillehammer: He’s picking the man apart. I almost feel sorry for Mourn. Almost.

Chaos: Bane with toe to Mourn’s throat. Ref to four and Bane lets up. Handful of hair by Bane. Snapnare by Bane. A kick to the spine!

Lillehammer: Mourn doesn’t seem too pleased.

Chaos: Bane pulling up Mourn again by the hair. Ref admonishing him and he lets go at the count of-

With Bane slightly distracted by the ref, Mourn slaps Bane’s arm to break free.


Lillehammer: Bane’s clutching his chest.

Chaos: Mourn with a body blow. Mourn winding up. Bounces off the ropes, BANE-


Chaos: My goodness! BANE INTO A COVER! 1.. Mourn emphatically kicks out at one! The Desperado showing some bravado kicking out as soon as he could!

Lillehammer: Bane. Don’t get frustrated.. He needs to stay on him. Go for broke.

Chaos: Bane with a kick to the ribs. Another shot. Mourn’s shaking his head. Straight right hand by Bane-

Lillehammer: Yes! More of that!

Chaos: SLAP BY BANE! ANOTHER! Bane off the ropes, Mourn ducks a lariat, Bane, ducks one from Mourn, Both men running… RUNNING DROPKICK BY MOURN! 245 LBS CRASHING INTO BANE!

Lillehammer: I think everything Mourn’s thrown has hit home hard so far. Bane, even on that elbow, doesn’t seem to have the mustard Mourn does.

As both men rise, they lock eyes. Mourn slightly smirks which brings a hint of anger to Bane’s face.

Chaos: Astute observation. Right hand by Bane, Knife-edged chop by Mourn! Bane is once again clutching his chest. Another punch by Bane, another chop in return and another chop!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s gaining momentum!

Chaos: Bane with a wild swing, duck by Mourn, elbow smash to Bane’s reddened chest. Mourn now repeating the shots, ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO BANE’S CHEST! Mourn bounces off the ropes, Lari- blocked by Bane, poke to the eye! REF!

Lillehammer: The resilience!

Chaos: Bane, European Uppercut stuns Mourn. Another by Bane. Irish whip by Bane sends Mourn to the near corner. Bane charging in… RAMS HEAD RIGHT INTO THE CHEST OF THE CHAMP! Mourn in a heap again!

Boos hit the ring as Bane starts marking off distance between him and Mourn.


Lillehammer: Uzzah’s gonna kick his head off! I love it!

Chaos: Bane charges! MISSED, SCHOOL BOY! 1.. 2… NO! MOURN ALMOST-

Lillehammer: Bane up quick!

Chaos: Mourn, SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!! INTO A COVER! 1.. 2… Kickout by Bane.

Mourn takes a deep breath while he stumbles away from Bane.

Chaos: Mourn fighting to his feet. Bane standing, Both men charge! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down!

Lillehammer: Why is the moron working on the Bane’s torso? Doesn’t he focus on the head?

Chaos: Bane’s been striking today. When you attack the chest, his range of motion decreases. It makes his throws and strikes less effective.

Lillehammer: That… that’s actually pretty sound.

Both men start shaking cobwebs while the ref counts them down.

Chaos: Ref to five and Bane’s slowly to his feet. Mourn’s rolled onto his stomach and using the ropes to hoist himself up.

Lillehammer: Bane’s stalking him.

Chaos: Bane with a spinning backfist! Mourn down to one knee. Top down elbow, blocked, Mourn with ANOTHER chop! Bane backs up. Mourn, jab to the face, and another.

Lillehammer: Bane’s covering up.

Chaos: Mourn now with repeated knife-edged chops to the chest. Bane fires back with one of his own, Mourn rocks him with another kick to the sternum. Bane to his knees!

Lillehammer: Bane’s fighting back up!

Chaos: Bane ducks an elbow smash, A MASSIVE CHOP TO MOURN’S-

Lillehammer: Mourn didn’t move!

Chaos: Bane with another!

Mourn smacks his own chest, bating Bane to hit him again.

Chaos: Bane with an elbow smash. Mourn swings-


Lillehammer: WHOA!

Chaos: Bane just got tattooed with an open hand chop! AND ANOTHER! Pain etched on Bane’s face! Mourn with a go behind. Saito Su-

Lillehammer: Blocked!

Chaos: Mourn tries again, Bane blocks again! Bane spins behind, BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX! 1! 2! NO! Mourn out just in the nick of time!

Bane pounds the mat with a fist.

Chaos: Bane’s couldn’t hold him down He’s slow to reach a vertical base. The wounds of this battle all over his raw chest.

Lillehammer: But he’s still close to winning! Mourn hasn’t even gotten a fall yet!

Chaos: Bane pulling the champ up. MOURN WITH ANOTHER OPEN HAND CHOP!

Lillehammer: Bane screamed out in pain on that one!

Chaos: Mourn off the ropes, Bane ducks--- LEAPING DDT BY MOURN!

Lillehammer: Bane needs to shake out the cobwebs.

Chaos: The Desperado pulling himself up. Bane’s having all sorts of problems. Mourn, SAITO SUPLEX!

Mourn motions to the corner which brings a loud cheer from the audience.

Chaos: Mourn climbing up from the inside.

Lillehammer: Back to the high rent district!

Chaos: Mourn, MOONSAULT! 1! 2! 3? NO!

Lilleahmmer: WOO!

Chaos: Mourn’s in disbelief!

Mourn’s eyes plead with the ref who responds emphatically that it is a two count.

Chaos: Mourn’s creating space. He’s been worked over this whole match.

Lillehammer: He’s making a mistake.

Lillehammer: Bane’s fighting to his feet.

Chaos: Mourn charges, Bane. knee lift...

Mourn collapses to the ground writhing in pain.


Lillehammer: Maybe it was an accident. Ref was out of position. I need to see a replay.

Chaos: COME ON! IT’S OBVIOUS! Bane’s denying that he did, and the ref is buying it!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s faking. That was clearly in the lower abdomen. We have only the best refs.

Bane disregards the ref and powers Mourn to his feet.


Lillehammer: Bane’s got the win in his sights!

Chaos: Mourn’s trying to stand. Bane’s waiting for that headbutt again. Waiting.... Charges, ROLLING ELBOW BY MOURN!

As Mourn connects, a stream of blood flies from the forehead of Bane splattering the mat.

Chaos: Mourn beat Bane to the punch with a perfect shot sending Bane to all fours.

Lillehammer: Bane’s busted open!

The Desperado notices Uzzah in his weakened state and springs towards him.

Chaos: Mourn, OKLAHOMA ROLL! 1… 2… 3!

Announcer: Winner of the second fall, Mourn Despana.

The crowd erupts as Mourn falls away from Bane.

Chaos: Uzzah went for that charging headbutt and brought his head right into Mourn’s strike zone! Mourn then used one of the most basic, yet effective, pinning combinations to get that elusive first fall! Bane’s quickly standing. He’s a mess!

Lillehammer: That cut’s huge! He’s split clear across his brow!

Chaos: He has a minute to gain his composure.

The ref comes over with a concerned look on his face. Bane, as he leans over the top rope, starts cursing in Hebrew while blood drips down on the apron below.

Ref: Bane? You okay to go?

In a fit of anger, the challenger spins around flinging the red fluid onto the ref’s shirt.

Bane: What!

Bane wipes some of the blood out of his ferocious eyes.

Ref: Are you okay?

Bane: Of Course!

Ref: Okay… He’s ready. Ring the bell!


Bane: WAIT!

With a primal scream, Mourn charges.

Chaos: RUNNING ELBOW SMASH! Bane just bounced off the ropes!!

Lillehammer: He wasn’t ready!

Chaos: Mourn with rapid roundhouse rights to the jaw! Return fire by Bane sends Mourn backwards! NOW BOTH MEN TRADING PUNCHES! THIS IS MADNESS!

Lillehammer: Bane! Don’t-.


Lillehammer: This isn’t fair!

Chaos: Mourn with shots to the floating ribs, Bane desperately shoves him away! Despana, NORTHWEST LARIAT! FLOORS BANE!

Mourn roars while winding his arm as Bane madingley searches for the ropes to aid his balance.

Lillehammer: Someone stop him!

Chaos: Bane’s stumbling. Mourn, off the ropes, ANOTHER NORTHWEST LARIATOOOO! BANE JUST FLIPPED INSIDE OUT!

Lillehammer: NO NO NO NO!

Mourn looks around at the frenzied crowd and pounds his chest with a fist. As they start to stand, he nods and reaches down at the muddled Bane.

Chaos: Bane doesn’t know where he is! Mourn has him by the neck! Scoops, NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! BANE JUST GOT SPIKED! HOOKS BOTH LEGS! 1! 2! 3!


Announcer: Winner of this match and STILL LPW Western States Heritage Champion, MOOOOURN DESPAAAAANAAAA!

Mourn: 4.3 APS + 1.7 Votes = 6 Total
Bane: 4.05 APS + .1 = 4.15 Total

”Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor brings the audience to adulation as Mourn, and his bruised face, sit in the corner. Bane on the other hand, feebly rolls out of the ring to an awaiting official who covers his head with a towel. The ref hands Mourn the title. The Desperado pulls himself up and raises the championship strap into the sky to the delight of the crowd. Mourn shows concern on his face while watching Bane get ushered away.

Chaos: Mourn survived a hard hitting battle!

Lillehammer: The ref! He ruined this match!

Chaos: He did nothing of the sort. Bane was aware. He simply forgot the pre-match instructions. Earlier in the match, Bane attacked Mourn right after the bell. Mourn returned the favor and, unlike Bane, closed the deal!

Lillehammer: But he was hurt!

Chaos: Both men were hurt. Bane didn’t get his hands up in time.

Lillehammer: Because blood was-

Chaos: By a Rolling Elbow from Despana. He wore down his aggressive opponent and out gunned him late. Mourn is a striker and Bane tested him. He sent a message that Uzzah could hear loud and clear.

Mourn’s face lights up with a simple smile. He takes his time to bow to the crowd, thanking them for their support.

Lillehammer: Bane. How could you let me down?

Chaos: An intense yet scintillating title defense for the Western States Heritage Champion Mourn Despana!

Lillehammer: I guess… I don’t maybe… maybe Mourn is the real de-

Chaos: I have to interrupt you there, Robert. I understand we have something occurring backstage…

A camera cuts in, running down a hallway. Rose Florcer’s ponytail bounces as she runs in front of the camera. Out of a room come Damion Kross, Smitten, and DJC.

Rose: Mr. Kross. Do you wish to speak about the meeting you just concluded?

Kross: The contents of this meeting will be public knowledge soon enough.

Rose: Sir, do you have an update on the health of D. Hammond Samuels?

Kross let’s out a sigh.

Kross: Hammond’s contract stipulated he refuse LPW Medical Attention.

Rose: Stipulated?

Kross: By not disclosing an injury and competing, Hammond has nullified his contract. He’s been terminated.

Rose: The man could die!

Kross: That would be quite tragic.

Rose: You monst-

Kross: I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE, however, that LPW will be running a SUPERCYCLE for it’s 26th cycle. Insanity and pYromania will be joining forces to show the best of what LPW has to offer in this time of… impasse.

Rose: Mr. Kross, is there any truth to the rumor that this meeting was in regards to Public Enemy Multimedia selling Lords of Pain Wrestling?

Kross: I don’t respond to rumors, Ms… Florecer.

Rose: With your International Heavyweight Champion in jail, an LPW Hall of Famer sustaining a life-threatening injury in the ring, and years of the PERCs ravishing the locker room… do you think now is the best time for PEM to sell LPW?

Kross: Listen. If[i/] a sale does go through, PEM will do all it can to leave LPW in the best hands. Furthermore, we will ensure that the transition is easy for all involved.

DJC: And sometimes you gotta jump off the boat before the whole thang sink.

[i]Kross and Smitten snap their necks DeSean’s way. They eye him. He smiles and winks at Rose. The other two storm off. DJC looks to Rose and whispers into the microphone.

DJC: Snakes in the grass, bruh. Snakes in the grass.

He walks off and Rose nods to the camera as we fade to black.

Macho Mourn
05-13-2018, 01:14 AM
Chaos: One more match left for the evening. The reason we are all here. A Friendship in the Grave.

Lillehammer: One more nail to be hammered into the coffin that will be Golden’s resting place.

Announcer: And now is time for your main event.

”Wolves of Winter” by Biffy Clyro plays to a joyous ovation as Golden starts his journey down the long aisle. With his eyes focus, and his mood slightly unhinged, he ignores the crowd's reaching out to get a touch of the man.

Lillehammer: Some nice guy he is. These poor people didn’t use their milk money to see our show just to not have one of their… favorites… not react.

Chaos: Golden’s been here before. He failed against Al. The difference here is, this one is personal. More so than any contest here tonight. It isn’t about race, it isn’t about the past. It is about two brothers, men who grew into this business together, that are about to do battle for the biggest prize. The World Heavyweight Championship. This is a mountain that few climb, and Golden gets a second chance to reach the peak.

The audience responds to Golden climbing through the ropes by chanting, “GOLDEN! GOLDEN!” He responds to this by ever so slightly breaking his demeanor and pumping his fist to the crowd. This new demeanor evaporates from him as “Motherfucker of the Year" by Mötley Crüe send the crowd into furious anger.

Chaos: Listen to this!

Lillehammer: I feel as if this crowd held back earlier. I can barely hear myself!

Out walks a confidant Sixx. His swagger at an all time high as PERC guards keep fans from getting a firm hold of him. When they get close to getting one, his smug smile goes wider.

Chaos: Sixx has a reason to fight. He loves that title and nothing else. He’s ruined a friendship over it. He was once a tag champ with Golden. They’d attack enemies together when they were in singles feuds. They were inseparable. Then Sixx weasels his way to Insanity, wind the title and once they get back together, he finds Golden his next threat.

Lillehammer: To stay at the top, you’ll need to do whatever it takes. Sixx is the master of that. He’s gotten into the head of Golden. He’s entered the match with an advantage. He’s done whatever he can to ensure Golden won’t be thinking straight to start.

Sixx enters the ring, but refuses to make eye contact with Golden, instead pointing to his title around his waist while looking out at the audience.


Announcer This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship! Now introducing the participants. First, the challenger. From Galway. Ireland. Weighing in at 214 lbs. GOOOOLDEN!

Golden looks briefly out, serious and stern. At seeing their cheers and support, he forces out one of his trademark smiles before looking back towards the non-engaging champion.

Announcer: And his opponent. From The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. Weighing in at 242 lbs. The reigning and defending LPW World Heavyweight Champion… SIIIIX KIIIIING!

Chaos: Robert I have to say, this is something I never expected to see and yet… it feels like the only logical arch to these two’s careers here in LPW. They came in together. They raced neck and neck up the ladder. Sixx was able to edge ahead just enough and yet... Golden was always right there nipping at his heels. And here they are.

Lillehammer: Sixx has what Golden wants. It’s that simple. Throw everything else out.

Chaos: And yet… Golden seems… hesitant. Sixx asks for a lock up, Golden stands shoulders straight out, still eyeing his ex-Brother. Sixx keeps in attack position, ready for a test of strength… Golden…. Fails to reciprocate.

Golden: What are we doing here, Wayne?

Sixx: We’re fighting, Oscar.

Now stop being a fucking pussy and FIGHT ME!

Chaos: Sixx ties up Golden! I have to apologize for the language, folks! The two are locked in a test of strength and Golden looks to be winnin-- and he lets go. Oscar looks dejected. He turns his back to Sixx, paces around. Turns.

Lilehammer: Just Superkick his head off, Champ!

Chaos: Sixx has certainly had the chance. Golden steadies himself, his fingers wiggling to keep the blood pumping. They lock up. Sixx cinches to go under. He’s behind Golden now… he lifts, Golden is able to ground himself, breaks Sixx’s clutch, reverses! Golden behind Sixx and he… pushes the Champ away.

Lillehammer: COME ON, MAN!

Chaos: Golden… simply… doesn’t want to fight. And I have to question where his heart here. We know Oscar has been going through struggles as of late but… this is without a doubt the biggest match of his life.

Lillehammer: Without a shadow of a doubt, it is. This match is a crossroad in his career. He wins he goes the route of milk and honey… he loses… he’s going to wish he met death at the end of that fall.

Chaos: Sixx is screaming at Golden now, not egging him on but showing actual frustration. Sixx wants competition, something his reign hasn’t had much of for better or worse. He knows a victory over Golden would go a long way towards his legacy.

Lillehammer: Nobody wants to fight a depressed person, Manny.

Chaos: Golden turns. The two lock up. Sixx with an armdrag sending Golden into the corner! Golden jumps up. Sixx quickly crosses the ring with purpose and OHHHHHH!


Chaos: Golden has a red handprint on his left cheek, a scowl on his face, and what looks like a rising heart rate. He looks at Sixx.


Chaos: Golden attacks! He takes down Sixx with a Thesz Press and drops the hammerblows of lefts and rights to a laughing Sixx King. The ref is trying to get Golden off, screaming at him about his closed fists. Golden stands and lifts Sixx, immediately throwing him into the corner turnbuckle. Golden runs after him and hits him with a European Uppercut. Sixx paces forward off balance and Golden grabs his wrist, throwing him into the opposite turnbuckle. The Challenger measures and runs again, another European Uppercut! Sixx drops to a seated position and Golden commences to stomp a hole in the chest of his former tag team partner.

Lillehammer: Yes, perfect. Perfect from the Champ!

Chaos: What do you mean! He’s getting it handed to him!

Lillehammer: He baited that emotional trainwreck perfectly! Let Golden tire himself out and then attack when the gettin’ is good!

Chaos: That’s if his teeth aren’t kicked in first! Golden stops the kicks and turns wildly! Flailing his arms like a madman! The crowd goes crazy at his rush of emotion. Sixx steadies himself on the ropes, leaning against them heavily to get himself up. Golden turns and rushes! Clothesline! Sixx crashes to the outside!

Lillehammer: Any minute now the Champ is going to turn it on and get this fight started in earnest.

Chaos: But Golden doesn’t give him a moment's rest! He jumps to the outside and grabs a hand full of Sixx’s hair! The Champion staggers to his feet and OH! Is thrown into the barricade, his body rotating and coming to a crashing heap on the back of his neck! The crowd is LOVING this!

Lillehammer: Annnny minute now!

Chaos: I will say, however, you have a point, Partner. If Sixx can outlast this onslaught, Golden will be gassed. But there are few better athletes in this company than him. And here he is again, with a camera cord in his hand and he’s… no… I don’t think we’ve seen this side of Golden. He’s wrapping the camera cord around his former partner's neck and pulling tight. The ref is counting…




And Golden breaks. But the second the count stops Golden tightens it again!





And Golden breaks the choke again!

Lillehammer: He’s cheating! Dirty rotten cheater!

Chaos: Golden grabs a fist full of Sixx’s hair and lifts him… lifting his body rolling the Champion into the ring. Sixx coughs and chokes and spits up saliva. He’s on his knees as Golden enters the ring. Sixx is pleading. Golden is having none of it.


Chaos: Golden sends a deliberate right hand to the forehead of Sixx.


Chaos: And a left hand!

Lillehammer: I feel like Golden is about to Fredo Kiss the Champ.


Chaos: EYERAKE! Sixx with an eyerake to Golden!

Lillehammer: Too much talky, not enough punchy.

Chaos: And Golden is blinded! He stumbles around the ring bent over, rubbing that eye. Golden turns towards Sixx and Belly to Belly Suplex! Golden flies overhead and bounces off the canvas. Sixx pops up, Golden stumbles to his feet. Golden throws a wild punch, emotions still running high! Sixx ducks under, wraps his arms around and German Suplex! Golden’s lands on the back of his neck. He struggles to get to his feet, Sixx stalks him!

Lillehammer: Take notes, young ones. This is how you use your opponent's momentum against him!

Chaos: Golden is up! He charges! Sixx evades! Golden off the ropes! SLEEPERHOLD! Golden flails his arms but to no avail! Sixx has it locked.

Lillehammer: And now all of that energy, all of that excitement, all of those wasted heartbeats comes back to beat the Man with the Midas touch in his gold-plated ass.

Chaos: Sixx trying to… and he does! He takes Golden down to a knee. Then two. Golden trying to stay in a somewhat vertical base. Sixx wrenches the neck. Golden pumping his fist to keep the blood moving and the crowd behind him. Sixx wrenches again. Again. And…

Lillehammer: There it is!

Chaos: Sixx takes Golden down to the mat and lays his body weight on the back of that neck.

Lillehammer: And look, when a guy leans and puts his bodyweight on your head like that… it’s not the hold that puts you out. It’s the lack of oxygen.

Chaos: And Golden needs oxygen right now, with how heavy he’s breathing AND LOOK AT SIXX! He’s smiling!

Lillehammer: Like I said! All part of the plan!

Chaos: Sixx really torquing it now.

Lillehammer: Trying to wear the challenger down. Really leaning against the neck.

Chaos: And listen to this crowd comes alive!

*Gold-en* *Gold-en* *Gold-en*

Ref: Golden, do you submit?

Golden: NOOO!

Chaos: And The former SKG man grabs a handful of Sixx’s hair. Sixx screams and thrusts his neck away. Golden is left with a handful of hair. Sixx puts his entire weight atop Golden’s head, hovering over him on a low knee. This gives Golden enough room to move his body over. Sixx with an outstretched leg on one knee. Golden on both but still slouched with his head in that vice. He’s fading and trying to take action before the lights go out!

Lillehammer: Sixx ended the legendary reign of Morpheus. He didn’t do that without knowing how to gameplay. And so far he’s pitched a perfect game.

Chaos: Golden to both knees now. Sixx standing hunched over. Golden pushes Sixx into the ropes. Sixx flies off, breaking the hold! Sixx runs back towards Golden, but Golden drops! Sixx jumps over. Golden up… Sixx coming towards him! SHOULDER BLOCK! Golden drops! But he pops back up! Sixx with an insane right hand! And Another! Sixx bounces off the ropes! Goes for a lariat! Golden ducks under! The two bounce off the ropes again, RUNNING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT BY GOLDEN!!!!!

Lillehammer: OH… MY… REAGAN!

Chaos: Both men down after delivering some of the stiffest shots I’ve ever seen! Their heads almost popped off!

Lillehammer: SKG truly was almost dead.

Chaos: As if this match hasn’t been rough enough so far, now they are throwing each other at one another. Both men hunched over as they raise. Both hit each other simultaneously with right hands. And again they meet the other man’s skull with a fist. Golden swings, Sixx ducks, LOW BLOW BY SIXX! Right in front of the ref!


The ref angrily chastises Sixx.

Lillehammer: Yes, DQ HIM REF!

Chaos: The ref using his discretion here. He’s going to allow Golden a chance to win and The Champ is taking full advantage of this. Sixx punts Golden in the ribs devoiding Golden’s lungs of air. And another kick. Golden trying to reach his feet, and Sixx now holding Goldens head in a headlock repeatedly ramming right hands into his former tag partner’s skull.

Lillehammer: Sixx digging his knuckle into the eye socket!

Chaos: Ref to four and Sixx lets up, now digging into his temple. Golden hunching over from the pain, Sixx stomps on Golden’s hand. Sixx pulls Golden up, Manhattan Drop! Golden writhing in pain on the ground! Sixx measuring, Golden out of the way of a knee drop. Sixx up quick, and another swift kick to the midsection of Golden.

Sixx stalks Golden from behind.

Chaos: Sixx with a dragon, REVERSE VERTICAL SUPLEX! Pulling him back up, falling inverted DDT! Sixx pulling him back up! Knee to the back of Golden’s head! Another! Three, four! He finally drops him to the mat! Cover!

1… 2…

Chaos: Golden emphatically kicks out!

Lillehammer: Sixx smirking. As if the kick-out gives him a licence to keep attacking!

Chaos: Sixx bringing his former friend to his feet. Irish, GOLDEN WITH A SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE! Both men down again. Golden though seems to be the worst off.

Lillehammer: Have you seen what SIxx has done to him over the last few minutes? He’s been dropping him on his groin and head. He’s trying to slow down and incapacitate Golden.

Chaos: Meanwhile, Golden showing some amazing resolve. He’s a step slower than usual right now and it all started when Sixx blatantly broke the rules and nailed Golden below the belt. Sixx to his feet first. Sixx trying to sneak behind again, grabs Golden by the waist. GERMAN--- Golden wrapping a leg around Sixx’s. Another try, GOLDEN GOES UP! LANDS ON HIS FEET AFTER A BACKFLIP! AMAZING ATHLETICIS- OHHH!

Lillehammer: LARIAT!


Lillehammer: Dear Mary! HE LANDED ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK!

Chaos: Sixx pulling the face first Golden to the middle of the ring, STF! SIXX HAS AN STF LOCKED IN!

Lillehammer: In the middle! HE’S GOT HIM!

Chaos: Golden trying to find a way to counter…

Lillehammer: It’s all over but the crying into your Guinness!

Chaos: ...now trying to drag Sixx towards the ropes.

Lillehammer: He’s a long way away.

Chaos: The capacity crowd trying to urge Golden on. Golden a couple--- SIXX WRENCHING BACK!

Lillehammer: Golden should tap! Nothing shameful by a tap to the champ. All of that work Sixx has put in on the neck of Golden has to mean that this is utter agony.

Chaos: Golden fighting the grip of Sixx, momentary slip of the hands, AND GOLDEN LEAPS TO THE ROPES FOR THE BREAK! He got Sixx worried about the hands, and made him forget to keep the grapevine on the leg!

Lillehammer: Sixx is bemused by this. I’m sure he’s going to find it easy to put Golden away from this point.

Chaos: Sixx has Golden by the leg, dragging him back--- Golden hopping on one leg, ENZIGURI BY GOLDEN! Sixx stumbling to the ropes, RUNNING BOOT TO THE HEAD OF GOLDEN!

Lillehammer: Sixx keeps stifling the advances of Golden!

Chaos: Sixx pulling up Golden, slap to the face of Golden! Another! He’s paint brushing him! Another--- Golden ducks, double leg takedown, JACKKNIFE COVER!

1… 2…

Chaos: Sixx bridges out! Both men to a stand. Golden frees an arm, spins Sixx! European Uppercut by Golden! Golden SMALL PACKAGE!

1… 2…

Lillehammer: Sixx just out the back door!

Chaos: Golden off the ropes, Leaps over for a sunset flip!

1… 2… thr-

Chaos: NO!

Lillehammer: That was-

Chaos: Golden and Sixx up, Golden spins behind, SCHOOL BOY, Sixx rolls through, LOW SUPERKICK TO GOLDENS JAW!

Lillehammer: HE NAILED HIM!

Chaos: That was the shot he was looking for! Golden was in a bad spot and used his last bit of energy to try to get the win. Sixx was ready to get out!

Lillehammer: He may have knocked that unruly Irishman into a drunken stupor!

Chaos: Sixx giving it to the ringside fans. He’s walking to a corner and waiting for Golden to stand!


Sixx grabs Golden by the hair. Stares into his face, deep into the eyes, the soul of his former partner.

Sixx: I MADE you, bitch. Now…


Chaos: Sixx pulling no punches physically or verbally. He pulls Golden up and… oh no. He’s calling for it…

Lillehammer: After working and working and working on the neck. Here’s the payoff.

Chaos: Sixx hooks the Golden’s left arm behind the man’s own back, holding a firm grip on his near lifeless body. Oscar’s head is placed under the right armpit of Sixx. The Champion taking his time… relishing the opportunity… He hooks Golden leg and… SIXX… FEET… UNDER!

Lillehammer: I hear the tears of Ireland already! Sixx with the cover…

One… two… thre-


Lillehammer: IMPOSSIBLE!

Chaos: He just did! And Sixx is stunned!

Sixx slaps the back of Golden’s head. Infuriated. He grabs a fist full of Golden’s hair and lifts him up. Golden stands, his eyelids half closed. His fists up but hardly clenched tight.

Chaos: Sixx is going for another one! Another Sixx Feet Under! He hooks the arm, rotates Golden, hooks the leg and NO! Golden clenches! Sixx re-settles…. Tries again… nothing!

Golden spins out, both men detach from being intertwined. Golden throws a haymaker that connects.

Chaos: Strong right to the jaw of Sixx! The Champ stumbles. Golden reels back for another and THE CHAMP STEPS BACK LIKE HE’S SONNY LISTON! Golden’s fist catches nothing but air! Sixx spin kick! Golden drops to a knee. Sixx steps back and OHHH! ANOTHER kick the mush of Golden!

Lillehammer: And NOW it’s over!

ONE!..... TWO!..... TH-


Lillehammer: Sixx is going to find out!

Chaos: Indeed he’s already back to work, frothing at the mouth while he lifts the deadweight body of his former partner. Sixx drags the zombie-walking Golden to the turnbuckle. He lifts Golden up to the top rope in a seated position. Sixx steps up, grabs the face of his partner.


Chaos: Sixx puts Golden in position…

Lillehammer: Night Night, Golden!

Chaos: It just might be lights out as Sixx lights Golden up and… HIT THE LIGHTS! TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER TO THOSE AILING NECK OF OSCAR!

It’s over, folks. And this crowd is absolutely deflated. Sixx rolls over, exhausted from how much offense he’s put in. He hooks the leg, rolling atop Golden on his back. Sixx counts along with the ref…

One…. Two… Three-OH MY GOD

Lillehammer: What… is… happening!???


Lillehammer: Of course he is! He’s a stupid human! A stupid, soon to be brain dead human!

Chaos: Sixx is pulling his damn hair out!


Chaos: Oscar. Sixx pleading with his friend, using his real name.


Sixx grabs the legs of Golden, the limp noodle legs of a man holding on to consciousness by a thread.


Chaos: We’ve seen this submission from Sixx. I don’t think Golden has it in him to tap.

Lillehammer: I think he has it in him to pass the hell out.

Chaos: Sixx hooks the legs… looks down at his partner and…


The crowd reacts with an audible “OOHHHH” at the proverbial low blow.



Lillehammer: Where is this energy come from!?

Chaos: The depths a man dive to when you bring his family into the situation is scary. Sixx rolls back up quickly as Golden slowly rises. Sixx measures and ON WITH THE NO! Golden ducks under! The two turn and GOLD RUSH! GOLD RUSH! GOLD RUSH!

Lillehammer: No! NO! NOOOO!

Chaos: With preposterous impact! But Golden can’t take advantage! He lies on the canvas huffing and puffing. Slowly, he begins to make his way over for the pin.

Lillehammer: But it’s too late! Way too much time has passed.

Chaos: Worth a try! Golden drapes a listless arm across the chest of Sixx and

One! TWO! TH-NO! Indeed, too much time HAD passed. Golden is frustrated, but nearly too tired to truly be frustrated.

Golden and Sixx both lie on their backs, looking at the lights. The crowd stand in unison and applaud their outrageous effort. The referee begins his ten count.




Chaos: I don’t think there’s a single person who would be surprised if these two don’t answer the ten count.



Chaos: But I do think we would all be disappointed if they didn’t.


Chaos: Finally, they both start stirring. Sixx using the ropes to balance him. Golden, shaky legs under him…


Chaos: Both on a knee.


Chaos: Both men look at each other, seeing the other in a similar exhausted position.


Chaos: GOLDEN IS UP FIRST! He charges, Sixx lowers the rope he leans on and ducks! Golden flies over! Lands feet first on the ring apron. Sixx sends a show but Golden ducks. Sixx’s punches sluggish from exhaustion. Golden grabs Sixx’s head. Going for a suplex in the ring to the outside! This would be devastating!

Lillehammer: COME ON, SIXX!

Chaos: Golden lifts! Sixx clenches! Golden lifts! SIXX GOES OVER!

Lillehammer: NO! NO!

Chaos: But Sixx readjusts in mid-air! He lands on the side mat too! Both men in precarious position on the hardest part of the ring. Sixx throws a left hand, Golden ducks and grapples! OH!

Lillehammer: OH NO!



Chaos: And Golden drops to the outside. Sixx tries to roll to the outside mat but Golden stops him! The Challenger rolls the Champion in the ring. He slides in! THE PIN!


Lilllehammer: Oh thank God.

Chaos: Say what you want about Sixx… but he’s not giving up his title without a fight.

Lillehammer: This was evolved beyond a fight. This is a war of attrition. A battle to the bitter end.

Chaos: Reluctantly… the ref must begin his count again as both men lay on their back staring at the rafters.






Chaos: Both begin stirring.



Chaos: Sixx uses the corner turnbuckle as a ladder of sorts to pull himself to his aching feet.

Lillehammer: And Golden, stupidly, doesn’t!


Chaos: Indeed, Golden brings himself up using the power within himself. He has a wide vertical base, hunched over with his palms to the mat in some kind of “downward dog” yoga position.


Chaos: BOTH MEN UP! Golden looks to Sixx, who leans with his back against the turnbuckle.

Lillehammer: God, look at the Champ. Exhausted, but still fighting for the glory of being the top champion in this federation.

Chaos: I think Al would dispute that.

Lillehammer: And that felon would be wrong!

Chaos: Golden slowly walks over to Sixx.

Golden: You can’t put me down, Wayne. I will… not… st-

Chaos: ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

Lillehammer: HALLELUJAH!

Chaos: And Sixx’s drained body drops flat on top of Golden! It’s a pin! Although I think Sixx is passed out!



The crowd reaches it’s peak, as the entire outside arena jumps and jumbles and screams in a dozen different language blending to one swirl of exuberance and excitement. The Officials hand reaches it’s highest point and begins to arch down when…


Lillehammer: DAMNIT! DAMNIT, NO!

Chaos: In the middle of the ring! Sixx is left without a hope! He screams in agony, the ropes a million miles away!


Chaos: It might be a good time to escort any children out of the room. We have no way of censoring Sixx’s LIVE reactions.

Referee: Do you give up?


Golden wrenches harder at the mention of his Mother. Sixx’s neck and back bends at a painful torque.


Again, Golden wrenches back even further. A look of shock comes over Sixx’s face.


Chaos: Sixx is fading! All of that yelling! All this fighting! But he’s not tapping!

Lillehammer: And he won’t tap! He absolutely will NOT tap out to this cretin.

Chaos: You might just be right, too! Sixx’s eyes are folding over. His face has turned from a beat red to a light purple and growing deeper and deeper. And Golden is, without mercy, relentlessly holding and torquing and enacting tremendous torture on his former Brother.

Lillehammer: Listen to this crowd! They’re ravenous! Brutes!

Chaos: The ref is asking Sixx if he quits! Sixx doesn’t respond!

Golden’s eyes are clenched with intensity. Sixx’s normally pale skin is a cocktail or beat red and dark purple. His eyelids flutter. Spittle spills from his lips.

Ref: Sixx! Sixx!? DO. YOU. QUIT?

With no response from the Champion, whose eyes officially close entirely, his head drooping and nearly lifeless, only propped up by the torque of Golden. The Official stands and… he calls for the bell.



Golden: 4.3 APS + 1.4 Votes = 5.7 Total
Sixx King: 4.0 APS + .4 Votes = 4.4 Total

As the bell rings, the crowd screams with jubilation. The thousands in attendance jump and scream and dance in excitement. It is utter joy. Everyone celebrates. Everyone… except Golden. Who immediately checks on his former partner.

Chaos: Ladies and Gentleman… You want to know what differentiates a Champion from someone who simply holds and Championship belt. This is it. Golden, at the top of that mountain, decides to check on the one man who was holding his ankle to make sure he wouldn’t get there.

Sixx King rolls over onto his back, the color returning to his face. The Ref tries to hand Golden the belt. Sixx gets to a knee. Golden ignores the Official who holds the WHC and tries to hand it to him. Sixx opens his eyes. "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" by Band of Skulls plays. The Former WHC looks at the title and snatches it away. The cheers turn to boos.

Lillehammer: He was truly a great Champ. And I don’t blame him for not wanting to relinquish that beautiful belt to this goody-two-shoes.

Chaos: I don’t think that’s what’s happening, Partner.

Sixx takes one last look at the Championship. He rises to his feet. The referee pleads with Sixx to hand to over. Golden holds his back, in obvious pain and ready to take more punishment from his unruly former partner. Sixx stares and stares at the title, also holding the back of his neck with the other hand as pain runs courses through his every inch.

Chaos: Do the right thing, Wayne. Do the right thing.

Sixx brings the title close to his body. He looks up at Golden. He kisses the championship… And finally… he hands over the World Heavyweight Championship to his former partner and raises his hand.

Sixx: You deserve it. Congratulations.

With that, Sixx hugs his stunned former partner and leaves the ring.

Chaos: Golden is staring at the World Heavyweight Championship. I do believe he’s still in shock. He brings the title closer to him and…

Golden lets out a mighty scream. He gesticulates and pumps his fists, title in hand. He jumps onto the second rope as pyro blasts throughout the arena. Explosions in the sky paint red and blue and golden. The crowd celebrates alongside him.

Chaos: He has done it. Golden has found himself at the top of LPW. The top of pYromania. The dream has come true. And to be quite honest - it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. My name is Mass Chaos, with me as always is Robert Lillehammer, signing off from Tijuana, Mexico. This has been At All Costs! Thank you for being with us!

The final shot is of Golden. On both knees in the ring. The Championship belt laid out in front of him. He gives the audience a small applause as they heap mountains of praise onto his tired and aching body, mind and soul. We fade to black.

Chaos: Golden is staring at the World Heavyweight Championship. I do believe he’s still in shock. He brings the title closer to him and…

Golden lets out a mighty scream. He gesticulates and pumps his fists, title in hand. He jumps onto the second rope as pyro blasts throughout the arena. Explosions in the sky paint red and blue and golden. The crowd celebrates alongside him.

Chaos: He has done it. Golden has found himself at the top of LPW. The top of pYromania. The dream has come true. And to be quite honest - it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. My name is Mass Chaos, with me as always is Robert Lillehammer, signing off from Tijuana, Mexico. This has been At All Costs! Thank you for being with us!

The final shot is of Golden. On both knees in the ring. The Championship belt laid out in front of him. He gives the audience a small applause as they heap mountains of praise onto his tired and aching body, mind and soul. We fade to bla-.

[center]If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot ya …[/color]

The beat suddenly drops for “I Ain’t Bullshittin’ (instrumental)” by Slaughterhouse as Sixx, who has been watching Golden’s celebration from the top of the match, grimaces in confusion. Golden, not recognizing the music either, stops as a delayed roar of shock coasts through the crowd when LPW United States Champion and Mount Vesuvius Torch holder Chris Austin slowly saunters into view.

Chaos: What is Chris Austin doing here??? He should be in Michigan preparing for LPW Sacrament!

Lillehammer: You don’t think …

Austin, who is dressed for a street fight, stops beside Sixx, who stares intently. Austin lets out a smirk before speaking.

Austin: You got lucky, champ…

With Sixx looking on, Austin’s demeanor then melts into business as turns his attention to the ring and proceeds down. Sixx is clearly seen mouthing “…fuck” as Golden and the prior match’s official are starting to put the pieces together. Ever the fearless combatant, the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion stands his ground, but a hint of nervousness swaths over his exhausted form.


Chaos: OH COME ON! Austin isn’t gonna do it like THIS, is he? He has more honor than that, more respect for the craft! He can’t –

Lillehammer: Remember how he beat Golden at Homecoming?

Austin stops midway and reaches behind his head, revealing the Mount Vesuvius Torch. Austin turns to the side and mimics a pump-action motion before he points it at Golden like a sawed-off shotgun, just as he did at Sixx earlier. Austin grins devilishly, winking at Oscar before his arm bends upward in a recoil. The Contract Killer then walks away, seemingly having made his point.

Chaos: Oscar may have seen his professional pinnacle flash before his eyes…

Lillehammer: A mind game by the Student of the Game. He’s making Golden think about it, and it honestly behooves Al to take note of this as well, Chris Austin is lurking and he is to be taken deathly serious with that torch in tow!!

Chaos: Perhaps, but the big story here is that Golden is the new World Heavyweight Champion, but the journey has only just begun for the young man!

Lillehammer: HA! HOGWASH! If that was any indication, his reign may already be on borrowed time!

Chaos: For my colleague Robert Lillehammer, I’m Mass Chaos, and buenas noches from Tijuana!!

The lasting image we see is Austin looking back to Golden, whose jaw clenches in determination. Golden animatedly points at his prize, motioning for Austin to bring it. Austin merely taps his wrist and winks at Oscar, from whom the scene fades.

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