View Full Version : Transformers Franchise

06-05-2018, 11:57 AM
I just watched the trailer for Bumblebee, and it looks interesting. Cena looks to be playing the main antagonist of the military.

But the movie brings up some questions. Based on the original transformers movie the government knew about transformers since Archibald Witwicky “discovered” them in 1895. Will the govenment be actively looking for Bumblebee? Will they know about Transformers? Why doesn’t Bee call to Optimus in 1987 (when this movie is set) To come to Earth then? Why does he wait another 20 years?

Then even more questions that this movie will have to answer. We all know that Bumblebee will get away at the end, but why does the govenment stop looking for him? Why in the original movie do they not know about him? Optimus and the others, sure, they just came to Earth, but Bee has been around Earth since at least 1987; and based on the trailer there is a battle with another jet transformer, I hope it’s Starscream. So when Bee shows back up with Optimus and Sector 7 is not surprised to see them, why don’t they recognize Bee? Why, when Bee sacrifices himself to sector 7 do they not already know him?

This movie has to be more like Rogue One in answering some questions that Star Wars left unanswered. It has to make references to the original.