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06-20-2018, 02:25 PM
First four names announced for this year's BOLA, and I'm feeling pretty hyped about it. Three of the four are totally fresh faces for PWG so that's very cool. Announced so far:

1. Sensation of Joey Janel's Spring Break 2, PCO
2. SoCal talent on the rise, Brody King
3. UK 00s indy legend, Jody Fleisch
4. wXw Champion, Ilja Dragunov

I'm most hyped about Dragunov and PCO, who have a lot of stock with me after some awesome performances this year and have never done PWG before. Especially glad Ilja is breaking into the US, as he deserves a lot of attention. Brody King is a name I've dug a lot since discovering him late last year, very talented big guy who could have a really high ceiling. Fleisch has technically work PWG before, in 2006, but he still feels fresh and I know some people are really hyped about the comeback he's made in the past couple years.

Excited to see the rest of the field, I wasn't sure I was gonna watch this year to be honest but they might have just got my buy back.

06-21-2018, 11:48 AM
Robbie Eagles
Joey Janela
Puma King

Been added to BOLA. Only really know of Janela.

PWG knew they had to have different guys get shine with so many going to WWE and seems they are doing the thing.

06-21-2018, 12:02 PM
Eagles is an Australian guy I've heard of a few times but yeah, not too much knowledge of him.

Janela of course has big buzz right now.

Puma is a CMLL guy who has been making more trips to the US. He's not my favorite luchador going right now but he's growing on me and I dig his hustle in getting bookings like this! He'll be something different for sure, could be a lot of fun.

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06-21-2018, 01:20 PM
Puma is a potential superstar. He's got a great pedigree (his father is CMLL legend Felino and his uncles are Heavy Metal and Negro Casas), top notch fundamentals, can fly, can work on the mat, can base, highly charismatic and is one hell of a tag/trios wrestler with his brother Tiger (who's in many ways just as good). Unfortunately CMLL has never given him a push outside of the midcard, save for when he took Rey Cometa's mask in 2012. That's why he's been taking more US bookings and this should be his breakout. He's an awesome worker.

Ditto for Robbie Eagles too. I haven't seen as much of him as I have Puma but I did see a match he had with Will Ospreay some time ago and he was sensational. I believe he's already worked a few PWG shows as well and has looked great. Throwing him, Puma and Janela into this tourney, along with the first four names announced, has me really excited for this, especially since you know the Pentagon's, Fenix' and so on will be added.