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06-29-2018, 12:45 PM
Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

Rock on! Rock on!

Drive me crazier

No Serenade, no fire brigade, just Pyromania!!

and Insanity

Come inside now, I implore.

Do you think you can restore

The crucial pieces missing from my brain?

What seems to be the matter dear?

Why do you cry and shake with fear?

I've only had the best dub me insane.

Please let me out
Please let me out
Please let me…

LPW SuperCycle
LIVE from the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon!

“Top of The World” by Van Halen plays as Reece Raymond energetically emerges into view out of the He makes his way down the ramp, hyping up the fans and slapping hands. His opponents in this triple threat match – Matthew Kazama and Bane Uzzah – are already in the ring, jawing at one another.

Phoenix: WELCOME EVERYONE, to the LPW SuperCycle show! We come to you LIVE from the University of Oregon, just one more stop left on the road to Altered Reality!!! I’m Blazing Phoenix and I’m joined by Robert Lillehammer, and it looks like we’re getting started early with a triple threat match featuring a resurgent Reece Raymond, the always tough Bane Uzzah and Matthew Kazama!

Lillehammer: Should be an interesting match, but I’m waiting for tonight’s powder keg of a main event, as the LPW World Tag Team Champions The Professionals face our “CURRENT” main event of Altered Reality, International Heavyweight Champion Al and World Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana!

Phoenix: What do you mean current? You know something we don’t? Surely this can’t be about Chris Austin’s fallacious claims to the main event…

Lillehammer: FIRST OF ALL, his claim is as legit as it gets. Until otherwise proven, I have faith that an American can main event LPW’s most important special event!

Phoenix: I find it misguided but we’ll focus on what should be a nice showcase of our young lions here.

Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match set for ONE FALL. Introducing now, from Cleveland, Ohio. 199 and one-eighth pounds … REEEEEEEECE RAYMOND!! Already in the ring, weighing 238 pounds, BAAAAAAAANE UZZAH!!! And from New Orleans, Louisiana. 220 and three-fourths pounds … MATTHEW “SILLLLLLLVER” KAZAMA!!

Phoenix: Bane and Kazama clearly have some natural animosity. They haven’t stopped talking trash since they showed up here in the squared circle. Meanwhile, Reece Raymond made a triumphant return from injury, taking down the dominating David Gideon Smith in a show-stealer of a clash that many called an upset.

Lillehammer: Kid got lucky. But a win is a win, and that was a big one.


Phoenix: And we’re off, Reece ready to go but Bane and Kazama are very much in each other’s face. I’m not sure if they even know the bell rang.

Bane and Silver shove one another before meeting foreheads, hostility growing between them. Reece notices the heated exchange, shrugs, and charges the duo.


Lillehammer: REF! BANE WASN’T READY!!!

Phoenix: Bane gets to a knee but Reece hooks it! HALF-NELSON SUPLEX FOLDS UP UZZAH LIKE AN ACCORDION!! Bane is on dream street, and Raymond measures him!

Uzzah gets to a knee, and Reece advances.


Lillehammer: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?

Phoenix: THAT’S LIGHTS OUT! Raymond with his Shining Wizard! COVER!!!



“Top of The World” by Van Halen hits to a stunned pop as Reece rolls out of the ring, and delivering a jumping fist pump in celebration. Kazama looks on, shocked before he smirks and mouths to himself, “Well then … good on you, kid.” Uzzah comes to, flabbergasted at the proceedings.

Phoenix: The youngster’s building a lot of momentum, and there’s not a better time than now to do it!

Lillehammer: He caught both men off guard but quite frankly … they should have paid attention to what was happening. Instead, they’ve gotten embarrassed by a kid just two matches back from a serious neck injury. It was smart of him not to work by the hour.

Phoenix: If Reece Raymond was the only one of the three to come in with his head in the game, more power to him!

As Reece makes it to the top of the ramp he looks up in time to see a blur coming his way. Before he can get his hands up, he is blasted by a charging Bobino right between the eyes with a steel chair.

Phoenix: NO! DAMN IT!

Lillehammer: And just like Reece’s opponents, Reece should never let his guard down.

Phoenix: Bobino stomping on the helpless man. HERE COMES OZZY!

Ozzy bolt onto stage taking down bob with a Thesz press. Quickly behind him is Ceaser Osiris who is quick to grab him by the arms.



Lillehammer: And as quick as he came, Osiris is gone! Ozzy never knew what hit him!

With his steel chair in his hands, Bobino playfully threatens to hit Reece again as refs get in the way. Bob points the chair at Reece.

Phoenix: Bobino making his intentions known.

Lillehammer: I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say Bobino marked his opponent for Altered Reality with a large red dot on that kid’s forehead.

With a proud evil smirk Bobino heads to leave as officials chastise him. With blood dripping from his forehead, Reece rolls to his side, watching his now Altered Reality opponent walk out.

A dressed to compete Chris Austin leans against a wall right outside of the door leading to the offices of LPW CEO Mikhail “The Kid” Nabakov. His left arm -- completed with taped fist -- folded across his chest, Austin’s right fist -- also taped -- rests under his chin, eyes downcast in thought. The Contract Killer sighs as he studies his cuticles, eying them as Rose Florecer comes into view. Austin’s neck cranes his head toward her, and he rolls his eyes before straightening his posture.

Rose: Chris, a few minutes of your time?

Austin: Proceed.

Rose: Initially, just wanted a quick word as to what may be going through your mind as you prepare for your face-to-face confrontation with The Kid, per his request.

Austin: Been there, done that. Nothing’s changed. As expected.

Rose: In that case … with it seeming that your guarantee of main-eventing Altered Reality in great peril, if not dashed, what’s next?

Austin sighs heavily.

Austin: Word to the wise, Rose. When you truly violate someone, you don’t get to decide how they respond to that. All you can do is accept the ensuing fallout, even if said fallout is a retaliation so severe ... that vengeance need not be feared. Joe Citizen is in great peril. Mourn Despana is in great peril. My guarantee? It’s alive and well.

Rose: But ...

Austin: People underestimate how much resolve choices like the one I made in Phoenix actually requires. Weirdly enough, you’d think he would be smart enough to understand that by handing over a title that I sacrificed myself and others for over the course of two years … alas, I knew he wouldn’t. I have a really bad habit of hoping for the best when I know all that awaits is the worst.

Rose eyes Austin, who seems to be showing a hint of remorse for his actions at All Stars.

Rose: Are you … are you saying you’re sor-

Austin: You and I both know that I couldn’t care less about who I pissed off in doing what I did. Much to my chagrin, I’ve been forced to a point of acceptance, Rose. See, I accept that the clueless maggot in there would rather hold on to my ‘disrespect’ of the LPW United States Heavyweight Wrestling Championship -- and LPW, by proxy -- instead of, I don’t know … reinstating the thing to wash said ‘disrespect’ away.

I accept that while I have regained my torch, Mourn must atone for knocking me out as that cannot go unpunished. I accept that there is no place for me in Altered Reality’s CURRENTLY scheduled main event.

Austin tweaks his neck to stretch it, an audible “crack” sneaking into the air as Austin smirks, satisfied.

Austin: So it behooves Joe Citizen to accept that when I put these hands to him, I will render his entire situation FUBAR. It behooves Mourn Despana to accept that when I hunt him down and put these hands to him, he will return to consciousness with a newfound apprehension toward the path that I’m on. And it behooves Mikhail Nabakov to accept that I reserve the right to correct his vision as I see fit… even at the expense of his champions’ well-beings, as you well know.

Rose shudders just so at Austin’s ominously confident stream of foreshadowing and his off-handed reference to his actions toward Al last show. Austin places his hood over his head, adding to his already cold, intimidating visage.

Austin: But first … I obliterate Joe Citizen with quick and extreme prejudice. After all, Mourn and Kassie are due shortly for their visit to the principal’s office. Wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Austin leaves as Rose looks on, concerned.

06-29-2018, 12:48 PM
Johnathan Crotchman stands in front of a green screened newsroom. His “TV” smile welcomes the viewers as an “Events Center” logo is shown.

Crotchman: I welcome you to the Events Center for our Altered Reality report. We are but a short time away from the biggest event on the wrestling calendar. Over the years we have had events with tag matches and hardcore insanity. This year aims to break some traditions. Massive matches ahead.

A video split into two has Al hitting his Hit Stick is next to Mourn Despana hitting a Rolling Elbow.

Crotchman: Including your main event as World Heavyweight Champion The Desperado Mourn Despana will face off with International Champion and defending Martinez Cup holder Al. These two have had a long road to this point. A match that should be a classic.

A four way graphic shows Bobino hitting an opponent with a steel chair to the face, Reece pinning David Gideon Smith from 27.3, Ceasar Osiris hitting a “Hail Caesar” on Golden and Ozzy Crerar catching Bane Uzzah with a with his “OUCH”

Crotchman: Also, the vacant Western States Heritage Championship will be claimed. Our match-ups have been finalized in the most brutal of ways as Bobino chose Reece Reymond as his first round opponent. On the other side, we will see Caesar Osiris versus Ozzy Crerar. All men fighting for their a moment that could help define their career. The winners will face to figure out who will walk out as Western States Heritage Champion.

Video is shown of the different interactions between the Tag team champions “the Professionals” Bronx & Thornridge and the team of Steve Storme and Sixx King. It starts with the assault from behind after the Professionals won the titles, to the staredown between them and a defensive Bronx from 27.3.

Crotchman: The Tag team championships will also be on the line as the challengers Sixx King and Steve Storme will face Champions “The Professionals” of Bronx and Steven Thornridge. Sixx and Storme have made it known that they are up for the challenge. Thornridge and Bronx have dealt with heartache and injuries. This match has a chance to steal the show.

Next is the image of the Hardcore title being handed to Joe Citizen after DGS was unable to appear for his defence against him followed by 27.1 when DGS won the title back while Citizen was stuck in Barbed Wire Ropes

Crotchman:And a new match-up being added to the card as Hardcore Champion David Gideon Smith will look to prove his run as Hardcore Champion is worthy as he will go one on one against former champion Joe Citizen. Citizen and others claim that DGS shouldn’t have been given a chance to get his championship back. This match will help with solidifying, or refuting that claim. From what I have been told, the stipulation will be added later, but The Kid has assured that the winner will have earned it.

These matches, along with what I can assume more to be announced later, will help make Altered Reality the event of the year. You can go to LPW.com and get a free trial of the LPW Experience. This show has been fast and furious. I for one cannot wait to make it to AT&T Park in San Francisco. Altered Reality. The Land of the Giants. Phoenix, Lillehammer, back to you!

Lillehammer: I really hope that tagline isn’t real...

“Shut Up And Explode” by the Boom Boom Satellites hits to a relatively warm reception as Joe Citizen storms through the crowd on his way to the ring. An intense dispositon about him, Citizen continues toward ringside as fans reach out with encouraging slaps and pats on his broad shoulders.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, making his way through the crowd. He weighed in this evening at 260 and one-quarter pounds -- this is JOOOOOOOOOE CITIZENNNNNNNN!!!

Phoenix: We have an interesting tilt that should be pretty physical on our hands as the intense Joe Citizen will try his hand at taking down Chris Austin and build momentum heading toward Altered Reality.

Lillehammer: I very much doubt that. Word around backstage is that he’s mentally checking out. Even if he was all the way focused … it’s Chris Austin we’re talking about here.

Phoenix: Yes, who gives up the height, size and strength advantage to Joe. Not to mention, it’s my understanding he has been itching for this match for some time.

Lillehammer: Phoenix, understand this. There are only a handful of things certain in life: Death, Taxes, Fake News and so on. Chris Austin, ever since he stepped foot into LPW, has been an absolute certainty. And after what he just said to Rose in the back … who is ANYONE to doubt him?

By this time, Citizen has reached the ring and is pacing like a caged animal, repeatedly saying, “Bring it on, Austin. COME ON.” At this point, echoey breaths float through the PA as the arena blacks out. At the :14-second mark, a violin sounds up, and announces itself intermittently during the opening of “Requiem for a Dream (Remix)” by DJ Yankee during which blue lights pulse in rhythm, showing Chris Austin seated Indian-Style. 41 seconds in, the song picks up, as Austin rises to his feet. The strings build to urgency as Austin straightens his posture and slowly raises his head, timing it just right at the 55-second mark, where the beat drops and his piercing blue eyes peer just from beneath the brim of his hoodie.

Announcer: His opponent comes to us from San Jose, California. He weighed in this evening at 226 and one-half pounds … the self-professed Contract Killer …. CHRISSSSSSSSS AUSSSSSSSTIN!!

Lillehammer: That man is the epitome of a Machine.

Phoenix: There’s no telling what may be on his mind now, as it sounds like he is officially out of the running for the Altered Reality main event. Though it’s a slot he had no legitimate claim to, it cannot be denied that his viciousness and physicality has been beyond the pale since Nabakov’s decision to strip away the title shot.

Lillehammer: He says his mission is still ongoing. I believe him. Meanwhile, that damn Citizen is showing Austin NO respect with his trash talk. And Austin is firing right back!

Austin slowly walks down, pointing the torch at Citizen as he rolls into the ring. Both men advance toward each other, but the match official stands between both men, ordering them to stand down until the fight starts. Citizen rolls his eyes and turns away to proceed to his corner.

Phoenix: Oh these two clearly don’t like each other-HEY WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!

As soon as Citizen turns his back, Austin rushes toward him and delivers a rough clubbing blow to the back of the head, sending Citizen stumbling to a knee into the corner. Austin stomps away at Citizen and ultimately kicks him out of the ring.


Phoenix: That low down son of a bitch has sucker punched Joe Citizen and now they’re coming toward us!

As Citizen staggers around the ring toward the broadcast area and tries to get his bearings, Austin suddenly slides out on the opposite end of the squared circle and in a scary show of quickness, dashes around the bend to meet -- well, ambush -- Citizen with an explosive flying forearm smash that flattens the larger man.

Austin is quickly to his feet, taking Joe up as well. Austin tries to ram Citizen face first into the steel steps, but Citizen recovers enough to stop that and elbow Austin in the gut. Citizen then bulrushes Austin into the fan barrier and starts fighting back with rights and lefts, but Austin sneaks an eye poke in to halt the Working Class Hero’s momentum.

Lillehammer: This is breaking down into a brawl and this match hasn’t even started!!

Phoenix: Austin shakes off that flurry and has the compromised Citizen now, and he goes for an irish whip to the steps-NO! Short-arm Enziguri wallops Citizen, sending him sprawling about our table! Get some order here ref!

Lillehammer: And NOW Austin’s coming out of his entrance attire, taking care to place his torch in the corner where he can keep an eye on it. Austin’s stalking Citizen, who’s coming to and getting to his feet. He turns, AUSTIN!




Citizen lies among the wreckage, eyes slammed shut in discomfort as Austin looks around the Matthew Knight Arena, a small yet noticeable part of its inhabitants cheering Austin’s actions just now. Austin slithers into the ring and sits Indian-Style, facing Citizen. The match official goes to check on Joe, who has now rolled to his stomach.

Austin: You wanted this noise.

Lillehammer: Absolute Machine! So much for that size and strength advantage!

Phoenix: Citizen barely got out of the blocks and Austin has admittedly asserted himself, albeit nefariously early tonight!

Lillehammer: The culpability for what Austin has done to people since that idiotic decision falls at Nabakov’s feet, and I love it!

Citizen is slow to get up -- for obvious reasons -- as a couple other officials have since barrelled down to ringside to check on him. Austin, growing impatient, rolls out of the ring and rushes to the timekeeper’s booth where he demands the microphone from Mike Announcer.


Lillehammer: Perhaps Austin wanted this match much more than he let on! Citizen is in DIRE straits here!


Austin tries to strongarm his way to Citizen, who has since gotten to all fours. The officials aren’t having it, but Austin is not proving easy to reason with at the moment. Austin ultimately forces his way to Citizen, and grabs him by the head, trying to pull him to his feet. Citizen comes alive to lift Austin up and throw him away in a would-be flapjack, but the Contract Killer manages to land on his feet. In a rage-induced burst, Citizen quickly follows with a body block that sends an unsuspecting Austin flying into the fan barrier.

Lillehammer: HE WASN’T READY!

Phoenix: Turnabout is fair play, and look at the blue-collar bruiser go! He’s trying to stomp a hole into Austin here! He’s got him to his feet, lifts and drops him chest first across the top of the barricade!

Lillehammer: That damn Nazi needs to get control of his show pronto!

Phoenix: Citizen dazes Austin with a headbutt, and whips Austin into the steps! And now he’s got Austin in the ring!

The crowd has reached a fever pitch as Citizen lets out a primal yell before his adrenaline wears off momentarily, at which point Citizen grabs the back of his neck as well as his torso, both of them obviously smarting a good bit after Austin’s initial barrage. Citizen looks at the referee assigned to the match and grabs him by his shirt. Meanwhile, stagehands have arrived, a new announce table in tow for Phoenix and Lillehammer.


Phoenix: What heart by Joe, he still wants to fight, and right now, I cannot wait to see what he does to that heartless Austin!

Lillehammer: He’ll rue that decision, I promise you!

Citizen rolls into the ring and gingerly gets to his feet as Austin has since pulled himself up on the corner. The ref signals for the bell and the match is officially underway!


Phoenix: And Citizen flies in with a running shoulder thrust to the cornered Austin! Fireman’s Carry now, into a big running Death Valley Driver! Citizen covers, but Austin is out just after two!

Lillehammer: The resiliency of the man is far too understated. But if Citizen is able to employ his physical advantage much longer …

Phoenix: Citizen’s trying to do just that here, as he’s setting Austin up for a Pumphandle! Joe lifts, he has him on his shoulders… Austin wriggles free! He has him around the waist, but Citizen elbows free! Citizen tries to follow with a kick but Austin catches it and throws the foot down-MUAY THAI CLINCH!

In the blink of an eye, Austin fires a series of strikes. He buries a left knee to Citizen’s unguarded torso and follows with a compact right forearm to the ear of Citizen that appears to catch flush. Austin then drops Citizen to a knee with a shoot kick to the side of the leg and SPIKES him with a Flowing Snap DDT, drawing an ‘oooh’ from the crowd.

Lillehammer: SO QUICK! Did you see that flurry right there?!

Phoenix: I did yes, and that is, apparently, the ‘Alameda Rush.’ If it’s as effective as it is fast, Citizen’s in a bad way! COVER! 1! 2! CITIZEN GETS THE SHOULDER UP! But Austin grabs that arm and swings himself into a cross armbreaker! Citizen trying to keep his hands locked to avoid his arm getting hyperextended …

Lillehammer: LOOK, Austin’s parting the grip with sheer strength! Citizen’s got a good 30-35 pounds on him, mostly muscle! That shouldn’t happen!

Phoenix: But Citizen is also on his back-HE’S FLATTENED IT OUT, and CITIZEN IS FLAILING FOR THE ROPES!

Lillehammer: But he’s making no progress whatsoever!

Phoenix: Citizen fights to a seated position, trying to get to his feet … AUSTIN SHIFTS and now he’s got a Triangle Choke that brings Joe back down to his knees! Austin firing 12-6 elbows now to get Citizen even more weakened!

Lillehammer: A smooth, timely transition! Citizen is going to have to find a way to escape Austin if he wants to survive. Austin’s long limbs and his technical knowledge … it’s almost like wrestling a python in there!

After a brief scare where Citizen appears to fade, he manages to find his footing. As his face continues to redden, He lifts Austin up and drops him in a powerbomb-type slam, causing a momentary respite. Citizen remains on all fours as he takes deep breaths, but the second of hesitance is enough for Austin to re-apply the Triangle Choke.

Lillehammer: He is obsessed with submitting Joe Citizen here! You can’t give him a moment’s opening.

Phoenix: Citizen is in trouble here, and he’s clearly feeling the effects! He regains his footing, lifts for another powerbomb but Austin counters by backflipping off Citizen’s shoulders and scrambling between his legs!

Lillehammer: He picked the ankle on the way through, tripping Citizen!

Phoenix: Austin spins his hips and takes the back of the Citizen … CROSSFACE but Joe has his free hand in front of his face, smart move!

Lillehammer: But he still hasn’t escaped Austin’s grasp!

Phoenix: Citizen is keeping Austin from interlocking the hands around the face for the full torque of the hold … AUSTIN GRABS THE ARM INSTEAD, TUCKS IT UNDER HIS SHOULDER! SCISSORED ARMBAR! CITIZEN IS TRAPPED!

A wide-eyed, focused Austin begins to pull and wrench as Citizen groans in agony before ultimately getting a foot on the rope. Austin rolls away and gets into a crouched position as Citizen, now holding his shoulder, gets to his feet. Austin inches closer to Citizen like a predator, as Citizen keeps distance between the two.

Lillehammer: Austin can smell the blood in the water here.

Phoenix: Citizen may be on the defensive, but he’s not going to quit. Austin scoots over and picks the leg, but Citizen stuns him with a right hand. Austin tries to press forward with a takedown, but Citizen halts that with a club to the back!

Lillehammer: Look! He hurt himself! He can’t follow up!

As soon as both men get to their feet, Austin seizes the arm, wrenches it, and delivers an overhead kick to it, bringing Citizen to his knees. Austin pops to his feet, flashes off the ropes and manages to slide under a clothesline from the rising Citizen. On the rebound, however, Citizen manages to flatten Austin with a powerslam! However, Citizen is slow to capitalize, recoiling from the attack into a heap away from Austin.

Phoenix: Citizen has a chance here, but he cannot put enough together to slow down Austin for more than a second or two! Citizen’s arms have to be killing him!

Lillehammer: It’s a matter of time! Unless Citizen hits something big, it’s a matter of time, and quite frankly I don’t think his body has the capability to cooperate anymore!

Phoenix: Austin’s back to his feet, and Citizen’s measuring! Joe fires a high kick! Austin drops to a knee! LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT!



Lillehammer: And back to a submission! Austin’s pounces on the head and neck, he’s trying to get the arm over his head!

Phoenix: Citizen is on dream street, but he’s trying to fight it off! RABBIT PUNCH BY AUSTIN! HE FISH HOOKS THE FACE! REF!

Lillehammer: There’s the opening he needed!

Austin quickly snakes on a Chickenwing Over The Shoulder Crossface. Austin clasps together his hands to apply pressure and bridges back deeply while Citizen tries to free himself.


Phoenix: Austin has Citizen here with a move I have yet to see in LPW; a Chickenwing over-the-shoulder Crossface! Citizen clawing at Austin’s hands, nothing doing … HE TAPS OUT! IT’S OVER!


Lillehammer: Beautiful. Master class in torture!

Announcer: Here is your winner as a result of a submission … CHRIS AUSTIN!!

Chris Austin (4.41 APS + 1.0 vote = 5.41 total)
Joe Citizen: 2.73 APS + 0.1 vote = 2.83 total)

“Requiem for a Dream (Remix)” by DJ Yankee kicks up at the :41-second mark as Austin releases the hold and goes to retrieve his hoodie and torch. He then rolls out of the ring and strides with purpose back up the ramp, not even bothering to have his hand raised. The ref shrugs and checks on Citizen.

Phoenix: Austin has picked up another victory, this one via a submission that wasn’t 1888.

Lillehammer: Citizen had his moments but as soon as Austin changed his plan of attack from violence to submission … he was on Joe like white on rice. The man wasn’t allowed to breathe and basically spent the majority of the match trying to find a way out of a hold, only to get caught in another. I call that a dissection.

06-29-2018, 12:50 PM
Mourn Despana sighs as his wife Kassandra opens the door to The Kid’s office. After politely nodding to her, he passes the entry. Mikhail Nabakov motions the couple over. They take their seats without complaint.

Kid: Gabriel.

Mourn: Gorbachev.

One of the Kid’s eyes twitch. A playful ringtone fills the room. Mourn sighs and pulls out his phone.

Mourn: Kassandra, take care of this?

Kid: Listen, this Austin situation-

The camera follows The Dark Maiden as her sultry voice softens up

Kassandra: Yo. Gabriel’s in a meeting. Pretty petty. Fucking owner’s still fucking shit up. Really? So, the bitch isn’t stationary? And the Mei Im woman? Hmm...

Behind Kassandra, the camera picks up an ominous figure studying her. The hairs on her neck stand up and she pirouettes to look towards Chris Austin. He smirks her way and gives her a “playful” wave.

Kassandra: Ugh.. Fucking hell… No! Not you. Yes yes, do it. He’ll check it post show… thanks. Yes, continue. Inform us of what you find. Safe travels.

She smirks as she hangs up. She turns her back to Austin as she heads inside.

Kassandra: Congrats on the match Chris.

As she enters Mourn’s getting more and more annoyed every second the Kid speaks.

Kid: You’re extra paranoid. I get it. I really do. If I was in your situation-

Mourn: If you can. never deal with the cops. They complicate things. You would trust the American Judicial System?

Kassandra leans in and whispers something in his ear as she sits. He shakes his head.

Mourn: As it is… As it should be… Chris... Austin...

Kid: Maybe he wants to handle his business like a professional.

Mourn: Really? How valuable am I to LPW? As a whole? Just curious… Kid.

Kid: Watch your tone. You’re our world Heavyweight Champion and wrestling at the main event of Altered Reality.

Mourn: So... why have I been the afterthought then?

Kid: What-

Mourn: That dog and pony show when I faced Thornridge. I get that Austin was not invited, but Al? Commentating MY match? Criticizing me on camera? The man did a hatchet job on me for no good reason. Just because I represent the type of wrestler you refuse to see dreams in. You have had the audacity-

Kid: Okay, I’m ready for one of your cockamamie-

Mourn: Stop. I am done with you trying to quiet me. God forbid that I raise valid points in the face of tyranny. *Clears throat* You have the AUDACITY of treating me like a child! ME? You, like every other jackass in this place, have constantly disrespected me from day one! *Groans.* You used my best friend as my opponent to disarm my anger and it blew up in your face. So I would not make it to your precious Al. You will deny this, and that is fine. You have your priorities. YET… I have been an afterthought to Al/Austin STARTING with my first title defense. Then you put them in the main event the next show to stick it to me. Probably hoped Thorny would miss AR. Take my money, pay him. Allow Bronx to find a replacement partner. You get a legend to come in for one of your “dream matches.”

Kid: This is ridiculous-

Mourn: Meanwhile Mourn Despana gets shoved aside. Since that plan is failing, you have allowed this FUCKING notion that I am not worthy of this spot to fester. Me... *he rubs his temples* You know who slammed my head in a steel door? Chris Austin. THAT Chris Austin… And I still believe he deserves the chance to main event Altered Reality… Make the match. Or else

Kid: *He smirks* Or what?.What could you possibly do?

Mourn: You truly are blind… His accomplishments were at the whim of a 16 year old pimple popper with tickets to see Golden beat Mourn. That was a jury of his peers? The same type who go to their twitter machines and... You know who was the most Googled person from LPW in the last year? MY WIFE! My innocent, caring, devoted wife...

Kassandra’s steel demeanor immediately shatters as her face turns pale and she looks down shamefully. The Kid shifts uncomfortably in his chair.

Kid: Listen, I-

Mourn: *He slams his fist on the desk* YOUR COMPANY ALLOWED HER NUDE BODY TO MAKE AIR! Your first night as owner… And this is how you treat us? I should sue the piss out of this place. If anything, I should lawyer up and get out of my contract. I have a few valid reasons to get my release granted. Yeah...

Mourn stands. The Kid stays stone faced, soaking in the vitriol.

I should walk out on this scumbag company. I know my value as THE World Champion! I am the hungriest man in the business! I am in the prime of my career! In the free agent market I would be worth my weight in gold. I am sure another federation would gladly treat me with the GODDAMNED respect a man of my talent deserves... You know what? Fuck you! Fuck your production company! Fuck the Professionals…

He turns towards the door.


Mourn directs Kassandra to stand.

As it is, you have a lot to atone for you feckless, balless, commie. Do right by one person and make the match... As. It. Should. Be.

Kassandra obediently follows Mourn out the door, The Ronin brings up his guard in anticipation of an assault while his wife scopes the area. No Chris Austin.

"We Die Young" by Alice In Chains begins to play as the crowd begins to cheer. Trey Spruance comes out to the stage, walking down to the ring with a scraggly look to him.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from London, United Kingdom, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is TREY SPRRUUUUAAANNNNNCE!

Phoenix: Trey coming out with a purpose tonight, ready to face newcomer Jonnie Dobber tonight.

Lillehammer: It's time that the druggie tries add to the win column, finally.

Phoenix: You're not one for mincing words, are you?

Trey hops into the ring, looking out to the crowd as the Ring Announcer fumbles with his cue cards. "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War begins to play as the crowd briefly cheers, and out comes Jonnie Dobber who is seemingly pushed onto the stage with a cooler bag in hand. Nervously he waves to the crowd as he walks towards the ring.

Announcer: And uh, his opponent. From... somewhere? Ahem... JONNIE DOBBEEEERRRR!

Phoenix: Not really much is known about this newcomer...

Lillehammer: That's obvious. The announcer didn't know much either. Just a scrawny looking kid. The sooner this match is ended the better.

Phoenix: This is LPW, anything can happen here. We could be looking at a future world champion!

Lillehammer: A future well endeavoured participant more like it...

Dobber looked up at the announcer in the ring, placing his cooler back beside the announcer's desk before he entered the ring. The announcer showed the wrestler his cue cards, Dobber patting him on the shoulder as he seemed to absolve him of blame as the announcer hopped out of the ring. Trey can't help but smile at this as the referee called for the bell.


Phoenix: Dobber, Spruance, here we go! Dobber coming to the middle of the ring to offer his hand?

Lillehammer: This isn't ballet, you want to offer a druggie a handshake?

Dobber stood in the middle of the ring, hand extended towards Trey of which he takes up.

Phoenix: Classy move by both competitors, Dobber wanting to make a good first impression here... wait a minute?

Dobber began to flex up, tightening his grip around Trey's hand in a test of strength. Trey stood there, unfazed and seeming to tighten his grip around Dobber's hand a little to send Dobber into fits of pain, falling to his knees as he ripped the handshake away.

Phoenix: Oh my... so much for making a first impression... he's tried to get the upper hand but it's backfired...

Lillehammer: This is dumb! He's crawled over to the corner. It was just a handshake! Get yourself together.

Trey looked around to the crowd, shrugging his shoulders as the referee told Dobber to get back into the middle of the ring. The crowd laughing a little as Dobber stood up and pointed to the crowd.

Dobber: BEER!

Trey looked away for a moment before Dobber jumped onto Trey's back, locking in a weak looking sleeper hold.

Phoenix: Dobber trying to get the upper hand again, it seems like he doesn't have this locked in properly though.

Lillehammer: This is so dumb! Trey, tap out already so we can get to the good stuff!

Phoenix: Well it seems obvious that he doesn't have it locked in properly. Trey's stood up straight and Dobber has slid off onto the mat. Trey doesn't seem amused.

Lillehammer: Ugh my head, this hurts to wat...


Dobber's eyes widen comically as Trey hit him with a forearm chop to the chest, Dobber screaming in agony as Trey's handprint quickly welled up on Dobber's chest.

Phoenix: A vicious open hand chop across the newcomer's chest. Dobber looks like he's been shot out of a cannon.

Lillehammer: Yes! YES! AGAIN!

Dobber ran to the corner, rubbing over his chest as Trey hits another slap to the chest. And another, drawing pained groans from the crowd as the referee steps in between them. Dobber falling to the ground in a fetal position.

Phoenix: The referee is checking in on Jonnie Dobber now. It seems this lad was ill equiped to be in a wrestling ring today.

Lillehammer: This man is chewing up precious airtime! Pin him Spruance!

The referee asks if Dobber wants to continue of which Dobber insisted on doing so. Trey starts to get impatient, walking over to Dobber of which Dobber grabs Trey's tights and drops his jaw hard across the second turnbuckle.

Phoenix: He was playing possum! Smart move by Dobber as he runs over to Trey, Stinger Splash to the back of Spruance!

The crowd cheers as Dobber is left in the ring while Trey walks around the ringside area, trying to shake the cobwebs a little. Dobber began to pose to the crowd, drawing laughs as he flexed with his welted up chest on show.

Lillehammer: Nope. I'm not doing this. You wanted to solo broadcast for once, here's your chance.

Lillehammer threw his headset off in disgust as he shook his head.

Phoenix: Well, we know his feelings about the match as it seems Dobber is gaining confidence. Trey rolling back into the ring, Dobber hits him with a stiff punch to the chest.

Dobber pauses for a moment after the punch, his bottom lip quivering as he held his wrist. Lillehammer is seen in the background throwing a fit as Trey stood there, shaking his head.

Phoenix: Well it seems that Dobber just broke his hand with that punch. Whoa! Superkick from Trey to Dobber! Referee counts! One... Two... Near fall by Trey! Dobber rolling out ringside... what are you doing Lillehammer?

Dobber looks up to the ring as he held his jaw and his wrist, Trey becoming impatient as he hopped out of the ring. The referee beginning to tire of this as he began to count the two out. Trey circled the ring, walking after Dobber as he pleaded a little bit for some respite.

Referee: 4!

Meanwhile, Lillehammer threw his clipboard into the crowd in anger before seeing the cooler bag, opening it up.

Referee: 6!

Phoenix: Trey is following Dobber around the ring here. Uh oh... Dobber just tripped himself up on the ring steps. Spruance has him now!

Referee: 8!

Lillehammer pulled out a bottle of beer from the cooler bag, catching Trey's eyesight, stunning him a little. Dobber quickly got up to his feet as he slid back into the ring.

Referee: 10! RING THE BELL!


Announcer: The winner of this match by way of count-out, JONNIE DOBBER!

Dobber: 3.51 + 0.7 = 4.21
Trey: 3.37 + 0.5 = 3.87

Lillehammer looked over at Trey, looking at the beer, before looking at Trey again. Phoenix is laughing his head off as "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War begins to play as Dobber's hand is raised by the referee.

Phoenix: It seems like you've helped our rookie friend here to his first win partner!

Lillehammer looks shocked at his unknowing assist as Trey walked over, snatching the beer and the cooler bag from Lillehammer before walking up the ramp, Dobber realising his victory as he got onto the second rope, celebrating his well earned victory.

Phoenix: Well, in unlikely circumstances! Jonnie Dobber has won his debut match here thanks to Lillehammer! We'll be right back!

Lillehammer: No no no! Restart it! Pl-

Announcer: Your winner by Countout, JONNIE DOBBEERRR!

The crowd cheers a little at the ill-prepared newcomer as his hand is raised once more, Lillehammer's head in his hands as he realized what he had just done.

06-29-2018, 12:52 PM
The scene opens up backstage where a rather familiar looking lectern has been set up in front of a covered white sheet and after a few minutes Chris Paradise walks into frame with Enyo looming right behind him, Chris is sporting a crisp suit as well as a vicious shiner thanks to the assault by Bobino. Chris smiles warmly and taps the mic checking left and right before beginning to speak.

Chris: Hello everyone my name is Chris Paradise and I am your Crippled Crusader, however I’m here to talk about something that’s bothering me as of late: The lack of safety in this company.

Chris presses a button on the lectern and a series of pre-recorded cheers and other crowd noise echoes throughout backstage as Chris nods with determination.

Chris: Now since I’ve arrived I’ve always championed the idea of proper competition but lately this company has fought me at every turn, even to the point where I was jumped by Bobino before my match at this show! Seriously is this the company that you want to cheer for and support? A company that advocates violence to the point where they allow their employees to get jumped by jealous brutes all because they weren’t featured on the card?

Chris gingerly touches the bruise on his face while “the crowd” boos and hisses, Chris milks this synthetic sympathy for a few more minutes before continuing on.

Chris: While I was recovering however something amazing happened, I started getting letters from concerned parents and fans about the violence that calls LPW home. Letters expressing concern that LPW is turning wrestling into nothing more than trash TV and dragging the good name of wrestling in the mud. Upon receiving these letters I felt my blood boil and I decided that I’m going to do something about it!

Chris motions to Enyo who whips off the white sheet to reveal a new logo once again mocking the presidential seal that reads “Proper Competition Coalition: Tone Down The Violence and Break Your Silence.

Chris: From this point on I’m going to clean up LPW! That means no more violence! No more blood! No more risque content! Just the return of classic old school wrestling! But I can’t do it alone and that’s where you come in shiftless layabouts of the LPW Universe. Together only we can bring proper competition back to this desolate wasteland and to do that i’ll need your cheers and your chants but most of all....

Chris reaches under the lectern and pulls out a sign scrawled in black marker pointing to the message that lays on it.

Chris: I need you to Tone Down The Violence and Break Your Silence!


Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.

The crowd cheers as "A Dangerous Man" by Foxy Shazam kicks into gear and Sean Jensen makes his way onto the stage. He notices a sign held up by a female fan and winks her direction. The song changes as the contrast of “The New Shit” by Marilyn Manson brings a surprising contrast to Jensen’s cheers as Bobino makes his way out to a blanketing of boos in result to his actions earlier in the show. Bobino and Jensen look to each other. Jensen pats him on the shoulder and leads the way, slapping fan’s hands. Bobino makes sure to stay in the middle of the ramp, staying away from touch.

Announcer: First. At a total combined weight of 492 lbs. SEAAN JEEENSEEN and BOOOBINO, JEEENSIIIINOOOO!

Phoenix: They’ve been partners before, and it looks like Bobino wanted to sure up that loss from the last show. And by his actions tonight, he seems prepared for a statement.

Lillehammer: Well, yeah, he’s embarrassed and headed to a chance at the WSHC. I doubt he even cares about this match.

Phoenix: Or that match… Jensen seems prepared. I know Storme, like always, has been chomping at the bit for this contest.

Lillehammer: This crowd better give our future Western States Heritage Champion some applause. Listen to them, ingrates.

Announcer: And THEIR opponents.

“Last Caress” by The Misfits turns the crowd to jeers as Sixx King and Steve Storme make their way through the entryway fog. They bump fists and walk business like towards the ring. Once at ringside, Sixx looks up at the other team and has to hold back laughter.

Lillehammer: Look at it this way, Sixx knows he can beat Bob, and Jensen isn’t on his level.

Phoenix: You’re really okay with a man looking at his opponents and laughing? This better be trash talk. If it is a measure of what he thinks about his opponents, Bobino and Jensen are an experienced tag team.


Phoemix It will be Storme and Jensen to start, because, of course it is.

Jensen and Storme tie up, but Storme is quick to rake the eyes instead of engaging in grappling. As the crowd responds, Storme looks to them, giving Jensen the ability to get to the ropes to rub his eyes.

Phoenix: Headbutt by Storme. Keeps ahold of Jensen’s hair, and another. Now and elbow to the neck of Jensen.

Lillehammer: Hey, he’s hard headed. I can appreciate he’s found a way to make use of it.

Phoenix: Jensen firing back with kicks to the thigh Now forearms to the face, off the ropes, Kitchen Sink by Storme flips Jensen to the mat. Storme, knee drop to Jensen’s face. Lazy cover, and Jensen out before a count. Jensen making his way to his feet, European uppercut, and another by the Prodigal Sun. Three!

Lillehammer: Storme knows this delinquent too well.

Phoenix: Storme sends Jensen for the ride. Strome charg- JENSEN EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! Jensen points to Bob, SENTON BY JENSEN!

Lillehammer: Not as good as Bob’s. Lacking “oomph”…

Phoenix: Jensen brings Storme to his corner, tag! Bobino in, both men, double scoop slam. Bob scoops up Jensen, and SLAMS Jensen on top of Storme! Bobino into a cover 1- and Storme out quickly.

Lillehammer: Insane to think about it, but Bobino and Jensen look strong to start.

Phoenix: Bobino with right hands to Storme, off the ropes- STORME NAILS BOB WITH A LEAPING LARIAT! Storme pulls up Bob by the belt, over to his corner, Tag! And here come in Sixx!

Once the players swap, Sixx starts kicking Bob in the midsection as Storme holds him up. Once alone in the ring, Sixx responds to the domineering position with a disrespectful pie face before reeling in The Master of Darwinism for a snap suplex.

Lillehammer: Looking good Storme got Bob isolated, and Sixx is keeping the pressure.

Phoenix: Pushes Bob back to the corner. Another tag! Bob lifted by both men, DOUBLE GUT BUSTER!

Lillehammer: Targeting the largest target!


Lillehammer: He had to, Bob’s overmatched. These two are picking body parts at will.

Phoenix: The challengers for the tag team championship are in control of one of the members of the AR Western States Heritage Championship Tournament.

Storme tags in Sixx who smirks as he enters He measures, and nails Bob with a right hand. Jensen starts using the steel steps as a drum to get the crowd involved. Even though the crowd isn’t n board early, Jensen keeps it up. Sixx looks over at Jensen and shakes his head. Sixx measures again, and this time kicks Bob in the gut.

Phoenix: Sixx’s in control, but he’s pulled back on the gas here. Sixx brings Bob to his feet, SLEEPER BY SIX- RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP BY BOBINO!

Lillehammer: What is this crowd doing? They’re chanting for… Bobino?

Phoenix: They hate most people in this match. But they like Jensen and he seems to really want in. So, osmosis.

Lillehammer: Osmosis? They are clapping while they sleep?

Phoenix: Bobino not able to follow up. Sixx with a front headlock on Bob. Storme asking for the tag. Bob countering with some right hands to the gut-

Lillehammer: Sixx with some clubbing blows on the back of Bob. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Phoenix: There’s enjoying yourself, but he really should tag the fresher man. SIxx with the go behind, taking his sweet time, SIXX, GERMAN- BOB LANDED ON HIS FEET?

Lillehammer: HOW?!?


Lillehammer: Storme is extremely apoplectic.

\Phoenix: Bob slowly getting there to Jensen- TAG!

Lillehammer: IN HE COMES!

Phoenix: Running knee lift to Sixx! Jensen off the ropes, Sixx misses with the closeline, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! 1!- Storme in for the save!

Lillehammer: Bob in!

Phoenix: Both members of Jensino with punches to Storme. They send Storme off the ropes-

Lillehammer: Storme grabs the ropes!

Phoenix: Stops his momentum. Jensen charges, BACK BODY DROP TO- Jensen lands on the apron! Bob charges- SPINNING SPINEBUSTER TO BOB BY STORME!

Lillehammer: Storme’s on fire!

Phoenix: Jensen to the top rope! CROSSBODY!

Lillehammer: Storme Isn't legal!


Lillehammer: That could have ended it!

Phoenix: This action is fast and furious. Storme has ahold of Bob Full Nelson- DRAGON SUPLEX BY STORME!

Lillehammer: Bob’s out of the ring. Storme, off the ropes-

As Storme heads to his a Tope Suicida, Bob, groggy and all, positions himself to for a desperate counter.


Phoenix: My goodness! Sixx caught that out of the corner of his eye. Sixx reaching for Jensen quickly, Jensen with the go behind, GERMAN SUPLEX! Sixx stumbling to his feet, JENSEN, GRAPE JUICE SPECIAL!! MICHINOKU DRIVER! 1! 2! 3?!?!

Lillehammer: No… way…

Announcer: Winner of this match Bobino and Sean Jensen, JEEEN-SIIIIIIINOOOOOO!

Jensen/Bobino: 3.78 + 3.73 + 0.9 = 8.41
Storme/Sixx: 4.29 + 2.7 + 0.3 = 7.29

Storme desperately dives through the ropes as the three comes down. As "A Dangerous Man" by Foxy Shazam fills the air along with the cheers of a stunned crowd, Jensen is quick through the ropes to join Bob who has already made it to the ramp. The ref is quick to join them to raise their arms in victory. This sets Storme off as he motions them to fight.

Phoenix: Storme’s not finished with this match yet Bob and Jensen seem quite pleased with the result.

Lillehammer: Storme was the best he’s looked in a while, and…

Phoenix: And what? Yes, Sixx and Storme have a date with the tag champs at Altered Reality.

Lillehammer: This is but a small hiccup.

Phoenix: But take nothing away from the surprising victory by Bobino and Jensen. Bob with much needed momentum heading to AR, And Jensen showing that he’s in form for the extravaganza. We’ll be right back.

06-29-2018, 12:54 PM
Sean Jensen is seen standing backstage drinking a bottle of water when LPW Correspondent Jonathan Crotchman come up to for a backstage interview

Crotchman: It's your boy, The Crotch and I am standing here backstage with Sean Jensen who had one heck of a match tonight. I see Bob and you have gone separate ways... the fans want to know what is next for Jensen?

Jensen: Well you know Crotch, tonight was a hell of a battle. For the longest time people were starting to lose faith in me. But right now I am in the best shape of my career and I want only one thing and that's LPW Gold...

Suddenly the camera falls to the ground and Jonathan Crotchman is heard screaming. The cameraman stumbles to get back up and get the shot in focus. As he does we see a man in a black hoodie attacking Sean Jensen. He whips him into a production table and quickly pounces on him with right hands.


LPW officials come running in but the hooded man shoves them off one by one and punches a couple of LPW Referees. The momentary break in the attack on him allows Jensen to get back up and he leaps at the hooded man and starts firing right hands on him.

Phoenix: Sean Jensen is fighting back and now he has the upper hand and he grabs this mystery man and he sends him flying over a production table. LPW officials are trying to restrain Jensen, but he shoves them away. He wants to know who the hell attacked him...

Jensen grabs the table and shoves it away and as he goes to grab the mystery man suddenly a bright flash of light is thrown at Jensen's face


A quick replay is shown that shows the fireball being thrown right into Sean Jensen's face. The shot comes back live and we see the hooded man unzipping his jacket and he throws it to the ground and it's none other than LPW Hall of Famer Phantom Lord


Phantom shoves away LPW officials who are trying to tend to Jensen who is screaming in pain. Phantom picks him up and he whips him right into a steel door. Phantom grabs Jensen by the arm and starts dragging him across the floor as LPW officials plead with him to stop. Phantom brings Jensen back up to his feet and he throws him on top of a road case for production equipment. Phantom hops on top with him and he stands Jensen back up to his feet and he quickly scoops him up...


Phantom gives a thumbs down motion before he sits out and connects with the move. LPW officials quickly tend to Jensen as Phantom jumps down off the case. He spots Jonathan Crotchman and tells him to come over. Crotch cautiously walks up to him with microphone in hand

Phantom: Hey Crotch, it's been a while.

Crotchman: Phantom...why are you here? What was the meaning of all this?

Phantom: Why am I here? Well I'm glad you're not beating around the bush Crotch because I'm not here for small talk. That's for damn sure. You see, I left this company a couple of years ago because I thought I had left it in good hands. I sacrificed my body, my blood and my soul to make this company what it is today and I thought it was in a good place and I could finally enjoy the peace I deserved. But since I made such a huge investment into this company, as with anything I invest in I like to keep tabs on how they are doing. And I've been watching LPW for a while now just observing from a distance and I don't like what I see. What I see is a company full of entitled little children who are more concerned about having that big youtube moment or seeing what they could do to make the trends list that day on twitter. I have seen the future with these people and it is not good. I'll be damned if the company I built onto my back falls by the wayside. So what just happened here...let's call that a reboot. Starting tonight the LPW is being rebooted by yours truly. With all good reboots, you have to weed out those that don't make the cut and Sean Jensen was just the first name on a long list of people who won't be making that cut.

The camera pans over and we see paramedics putting a neck brace onto Sean Jensen as they get ready to load him onto a stretcher

Phantom: You see that over there was nothing personal. It was all business. I'm here to save this business and everyone better watch out. If I don't like what I see...well, i'm sure the local hospital will have plenty of beds ready.

Phantom shoves Crotch as he walks away. The camera turns back to Jensen as we see the medics getting ready to wheel him out to a waiting ambulance

Phoenix: I surely hope Jensen is okay.

Lillehammer: Rub some dirt on in Jensen.

Phoenix: …and our next match can only make things more interesting.

Announcer: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, from Devon, England, Weighing in at 270 pounds, THE. David. MAVERICK!

“No Control” by David Bowie starts to play, David Maverick makes his way down the ramp confidently, and rolls into the ring. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans as he passes by. He climbs into the ring, and raises his hands, ready for action. He turns his attention, ready for DGS.

Announcer: And his opponent, From Omaha, Nebraska weighing in at at 242 pounds, The Blackstar, David. Gideon. SMITH!

“6.24” by Danger starts to play across the speakers as David Gideon Smith walks confidently down the ramp, and into the ring. We see that DGS has his arm heavily wrapped, from the assault from Reece Raymond. With his good hand, he holds up the LPW Hardcore title above his head, and climbs into the ring, showing it off to the crowd, before handing it to the referee. Smith never takes his eyes away from Maverick. The referee signals to ring the bell, and the match begins. [/b]

Phoenix: Right out of the gate, DGS is on the hunt. Strong strikes and chops to the neck and chest from DGS, who is looking to end this one as quickly as he can.

Lillehammer: I think it’s mighty interesting that this so called “Hardcore” champion isn’t putting his belt on the line tonight. A competitor the calibre of THE David Maverick doesn’t come around all too often.

Phoenix: Not to take anything away from Maverick, but I don’t think it’s up to DGS to decide when his belt is defended. Besides, he’s defending at Altered Reality. You WOULD have to imagine that a win against the champion here tonight would go a long way to earning Maverick his shot at the belt though.

Lillehammer: No argument here, but I think DGS is showing us exactly why he’s the champ tonight. DGS is relentless, one of the strongest strikers that LPW has to offer.

Smith begins to chop away at Mavericks chest in the corner. The referee tries to get him away, but DGS strikes hard with a knee to the gut. The referee has DGS make the break, and as Maverick comes out of the corner, Smith grapples him into the ropes, and slams him into the mat.

Phoenix: DGS one of the best technical wrestlers in the game today, if his strikes don’t take you out, his submissions will make you tap.

Lillehammer: He’s incredibly versatile as an athlete. This is a man with a playbook full of different ways to win a match, and he’s become very adept at evolving his strategy on the fly.

Phoenix: DGS drops a knee over the neck of Maverick, and he continues his relentless assault, kicking Maverick anywhere he can. Maverick backs up, ready to charge, but Maverick pops back up to his feet, and connects with a clothesline!

Lillehammer: From out of nowhere, Maverick is back in the match! DGS now, smartly rolls himself out of the ring.

Phoenix: DGS is clutching his arm, maybe it’s hurting more than he’s let on. We can see that it’s heavily taped, you’ve gotta wonder if maybe DGS just made it a target.

Maverick sees DGS clutching his arm, on the ground, and rolls out of the ring to continue his assault. Maverick slams his opponents head against the canvas, as DGS struggles to get away. Maverick grabs him by the neck and rolls him back into the ring. As he gets into the ring, DGS gets to his feet, and strikes Maverick with a stiff forearm shot as he follows him, knocking Maverick down to the floor. DGS shakes his arm again, and hits the ropes before diving through them on the other side with a suicide dive.

Lillehammer: Great Reagans ghost! Both men are down! What a collision!

Phoenix: It looks like it’s DGS who is back on his feet first, it looks like it’s taking a lot of willpower, but slowly DGS is able to get himself back into the ring! Yes! He’s inside. Maverick is crawling, slowly on his way back in. As Maverick gets to his feet, he stumbles, but manages to grab the ropes.

Lillehammer: Maverick is back on the apron now, but DGS is ready to strike. He rushes at him, and tries for an elbow, but Maverick blocks it.

With the attack blocked, Maverick is able to use the ropes to strike with a kick to the bandaged arm of DGS. DGS goes down hard, and Maverick springs onto the ropes, and dives down onto DGS with a moonsault. Maverick makes his way to one knee, and we can see a sick smile across his face, as he starts to get to his feet. Maverick hits the ropes, and connects with a seated dropkick to the arm. DGS writhes in pain. He manages to get to a knee, but Maverick is all over him with a kick to the chest. DGS holds strong, and we can see him shake with rage.

Lillehammer: Maverick strikes out with a clubbing blow, but immediately feels the effects of it, and Maverick is able to capitalize with a DDT!

Phoenix: Maverick looking so confident. Look at that sick smile on his face.

Maverick tries to show off, rolling to a knee, with his arms spread as he rises. As soon as he turns his head, DGS reaches from behind, and rolls him up.

Phoenix: What the!?


Phoenix: That could have been it!

Lillehammer: I have my suspicions that the weakened arm of DGS played a part in him being unable to hold Maverick down.

Phoenix: I’m inclined to agree with you.

Lillehammer: Maverick’s biggest weakness is also his greatest tool, the man believes he is the best in any situation, and he’s not open to any other ideas. He can get too cocky sometimes, and it can hold him back, but it also drives him to be the best version of himself.

Phoenix: The problem is, David Gideon Smith doesn’t care how good you THINK you are. He’s already back on his feet, and DGS is on the hunt!

DGS stares maliciously at the collapsed body of THE David Maverick. Maverick struggles to get to his feet, but DGS comes up behind him, and locks in the FADING LIGHT!

Lillehammer: Fading Light! He’s got him in that rear naked choke! Maverick is flailing, but he’s still in the match! Maverick reaches out, and connects almost instantly with the rope. DGS kicks his hand away from it, and uses the rope to push himself back further though!

Phoenix: The referee shouldn’t allow this!

The referee is immediately on DGS, telling him to break the hold. Before the count of five, DGS releases the choke. DGS stands up, as Maverick kicks his feet, trying to get feeling back into his body. Maverick continues his assault, as if the referee isn’t there, digging his knee into Mavericks back.

Phoenix: Maverick may have bit off more than he can chew here.

Lillehammer: You said it. Injury or not, DGS is in complete control.

DGS rises again, and as hard as he can, simply kicks Maverick in the head.

Phoenix: Jesus! There’s no need for that! That could be a concussion!

Lillehammer: The referee is asking Maverick if he wants to continue. He’s forced DGS back into the corner, but it looks like Maverick is waving the referee away. He won’t give up!

As Maverick rises to his feet, DGS charges at him, and connects with THE LAST WORD. Maverick lands in a heap in the centre of the ring, while DGS collapses to his knees, breathing heavily. He’s clearly in great pain, and looks at Maverick with disdain.

Phoenix: GOOD LORD what a Lariat! Smith is going for the pin, and I think this one is over!


Announcer: The winner of the match, The Blackstar, David. Gideon. SMITH!

David Gideon Smith: 3.92 + 1.0 = 4.92
The David Maverick: 3.18 + 0.2 = 3.28

“6.24” by Danger kicks up as David rises from the fallen Maverick’s form and stares straight ahead. He then leaves the ring without much fanfare, retrieving the Hardcore Championship and making himself scarce from the scene. Maverick just begins to stir as DGS fades from sight.

Phoenix: Maverick fought valiantly, but in the end DGS continues his reign of brutality. It looks like no injury can slow him down.

Lillehammer: The Last Word is an absolute dominator of a hit, is what it is. If it catches flush… I don’t know who could withstand it.

Our view changes backstage as a three-way split screen is shown. On the left, International Heavyweight Champion Al emerges from his locker room, championship on shoulder. He turns and proceeds down the corridor. In the middle, LPW World (Heavyweight) Tag Team Champions The Professionals purposefully stride through the backstage area, discussing strategy. On the right LPW World Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana storms to Gorilla Position, with Kassandra close behind, World Heavyweight Championship in her clutches -- concealed in a velvet cloth bag -- and a knowing, plotting smirk on her face.

Phoenix: And there you see it, the four combustible elements to our main event, which is up next!

Lillehammer: I cannot wait for this … WAIT! LOOK! BEHIND MOURN!

As Mourn and Kassandra pass through and out of sight … a hooded Chris Austin emerges from the shadows of the area the couple passed by. Austin, torch resting on his shoulders, glares evilly toward the direction of the duo, but before he can start toward them …

???: Chris …

He turns … his posture tenses.

Austin: We have nothing to discuss, Mik-

The Kid: We do, actually.

The Kid’s eyebrows raise. Austin studies him and flips his hood back. The Kid turns toward the camera and motions for it to leave.

Lillehammer: What’s that about?

Phoenix: No clue, but our main event is NEXT!

06-29-2018, 12:55 PM

Announcer: The following contest is a tag team contest scheduled for ONE FALL!

The lights flick out as the haunting intro to Ozzy Osbourne's “Mr Crowley” plays.

Phoenix: This is your main event of the evening. A tag team contest that I for one am very interested in seeing how this plays out. All for men are champions and this is their final tune up before Altered Reality.

Lillehammer: Silence, your World Champion’s here!

Mr. Crowley, what went wrong in your head?

The light suddenly come up and the crowd drowns out the song as a cacophony of boos welcome LPW World Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana. Kassandra offers a calming touch to his shoulder while he replies to the rabid crowd with a chastising stare before making his was towards the ring.

Phoenix: Mourn Despana returns to the ring tonight. Across the ring from him will be the men he turned his back on. He’s about to receive his just desert.

Lillehammer: I remember back when Mourn debuted. He showed so much promise. The pageantry. The poise. The beautiful insane terrorist at his side.

Phoenix: I apologize-

Lillehammer: I’m so happy he upgraded. This one seems to act like an American wife should.

As Kassandra makes her way onto the apron, Mourn takes a moment to look out at the crowd again to soak of their “adulation.” Kassandra sits on the second rope for him, allowing the Champion to enter the ring on que.

Announcer: First! Accompanied by his bride Kassandra. From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 254 lbs. He is the LPW World Heavyweight Champion, THE DESPERADO! MOURN DESSSSPAAAANAAAA!

Phoenix: That woman… I may not like how she handles things, but she’s almost acting like a slave to him…

Lillehammer: This is a common thing. It’s called devotion to your spouse. The Japanese learned alot from the south. Probably from WWII.

Phoenix: Nope, not touching that.

Lillehammer: If you tried, you’d have to get through Mourn first…

Phoenix: God forbid I ever meet you in international waters… She’s from California.

Lillehammer: Eh, No one’s perfect.

As Mourn hands his championship to the ref, the music changes-

bunches and bunches…
punches is thrown until ya’ frontless

With Run The Jewels’ "Blockbuster Night Part 1" playing out from the back emerges The LPW International Heavyweight Champion Al, billows of clear white smoke lingering around his black slacked legs. The crowd roars as he raises his white towel to the sky.

...proved that we was fucking brutal
I’m talkin’ crazy, half past the clock is cuckoo


Phoenix: Glad to see Al out here tonight after the state he was left in at our last show. In Alaska Al and Austin’s match never started and Al’s hubris got the better of him. Tonight, by the looks of things, he’s back to wrestling. And with that, the best wrestler in the world is at home.

Lillehammer: You’re gonna force me defend Mourn, aren’t you?

Phoenix: About what?

As Al goes to steps up onto the apron, Mourn motions Kassandra his way. She nods, walks over and sits on the second rope for Al. Al nods her direction, and ignores her help by sliding under the bottom rope, directly underneath her. Mourn doesn’t seem too pleased by the action.

Lillehammer: Wow Al… Well, first off-

Announcer: And his tag team partner. From San Francisco, California. Weighing in at 230 lbs. He is the LPW International Heavyweight Champion. AAAAAALLL!

Lillehammer: Last time Mourn was in a match with Al, Mourn was getting the better of him before interruption. The time before Mourn got the better of him, before interruption; and the time before Al stayed away… you get the pattern? The one time Al beat Mourn straight up, Mourn dominated the match and made a rookie mistake. I was there… You call Al the greatest. It’s probably Austin, but definitely NOT Al.

Phoenix: Robert, Al is the longest reigning champ of any kind in the history of this company. In this match, based on that, no one’s better. He’s held his International Heavyweight Championship Title since 2014. Almost 4 years. That, right there, is greatness.

Mourn and Al exchange contentious glares as “Guerrilla Radio” by RATM welcomes the LPW World Tag Team Champions (of the World) Bronx and Steven Thornridge out onto stage. Bronx goes about his normal slapping hands to the fans as he makes his way down the ramp. All smiles but eye aimed towards the task ahead. Thornridge on the other hand, hasn’t had his eyes leave the ring where Mourn stands watching them approach.

Announcer: And their opponents. At a total combined weight of 438 lbs. They are the LPW World Tag Team Champions of the World, the team of Bronx and Steven Thornridge: THE PROFESSIONAAAALS!

Phoenix: Fan favorites and on the path to Altered Reality, the Professionals have a score to settle. Unfortunately for them, Mourn has Al as a tag partner.

Lillehammer: Thornridge can’t be 100%. But, if he’s close to it, they will have a severe advantage as LPW Tag Team Champions. And their opponents can’t get along.

Phoenix: While The Professional’s tag team opponents for AR may have had a hiccup earlier in the night, I have no doubts that this match is a needed tune up for them. This is the tag team champions’ first match together since they won the titles.

Lillehammer: Thorny isn’t acting like himself. This situation has already gotten to him and the match hasn’t even started yet. Bronx has his hands full if he’s gonna reel in his tag partner.

Phoenix: Indeed.

Mourn stands down, which allows Bronx to get Thorny to temper his anger. Once all four competitors are in the ring, the ref tries to give instructions. Mourn ignores him and goes about his pre-match prayer with his wife.

Phoenix: Ref doing the right…

Lillehammer: He’s explaining to four champions the rules of the match. Our wrestlers may be dumb, but they’re not “boxer” dumb.

Phoenix: Yes, and that snake right there isn’t even giving it a thought.

Lillehammer: Come on, he’s taking a knee in prayer. Is there something wrong with prayer in your book?

Phoenix: He could have waited.

Lillehammer Only if you’re some sort of heathen. When you need to pray, you pray. I don’t blame him, he’s in a match where everyone’s out to get him. MOURN! CHANNEL YOUR INNER LEBRON!

Al smirks towards Lillehammer while Kassie stays motionless sands her free arm extending and flipping off the announcer.

Lillehammer: Not my fault Mourn’s Sonics don’t exist…

Al looks across the ring towards Thornridge and nods. He quietly steps through the ropes and out to the floor. Bronx gets the drift and dips out to his corner’s apron.


Without regard for the ritual standing in front of him, Thornridge rushes across the ring towards Mourn. Kassandra is barely through the ropes in time of Thorny smashing Mourn’s head into the second turnbuckle with his body weight. As TAC hammer fists the back of The Ronin’s head, Kassandra starts screaming at the ref over the infractions. The crowd erupts in chants of “THORNRIDGE!”


Lillehammer:This ref needs to step in! Mourn’s reaching to tag, but Al’s not there!

Phoenix: Ref trying to get in but Thorny’s not listening.

Lillehammer: Mourn doing a good job defending himself, but he’s trapped! Where’s the count?

Phoenix: Ref counting now, and Thorny backs up.

Al smirks to Kassandra before he steps onto the apron and extends his hand. A confused Mourn is finally able to tag out to boos from the crowd.

Phoenix: That’s how you handle someone like Mourn. You punch the bully in the mouth.

Lillehammer: You need an anatomy lesson. He hit Mourn maybe a few times from behind. Mourn’s mouth wasn’t damaged.

Phoenix: Al motioning to Bronx. Thorny smiles, Tag! Bronx into the ring.

Lillehammer: Of course, Thornridge gets out of the ring when someone’s looking right at him.

Phoenix: This match will now officially get under away. Both men tie up, Al with the go behind.

Bronx is quick to spin Al around into a drop toe hold. After a smirk Al’s way, Bronx is quick off the ropes.

Phoenix: Al stays down, LEAPFROG over Bronx, Hiptoss by Al! Al showing a little of his old school prowess. Al in with a standing armbar.

Lillehammer: Bronx getting a little to busy with his feet there. Excited to be in the ring with The International Heavyweight Champion.

Phoenix: Oh, I’m sure. Bronx, fighting quickly to his feet. Al transitions it to an arm ringer. Bronx, rolls through, nips up to a stand, Bronx kicks the arm away. Al swings wildly, Bronx with a cartwheel, DROPKICK BY BRONX!

Lillehammer: I’ll give credit, a great bit of work there by Bronx. But his gloating to the plebians isn’t going to win the match. Rolls Al to a standing position...

Bronx grabs ahold of Al and sends him for a quick Irish Whip. The Troublemaker leapfrogs Al and immediately criss-crosses to where Thorridge blindly tags in. Al swings for another closeline, again missing. Al spins towards Bronx who nails him with a leaping shoulder block that sends Al flailing backwards to the ropes.

Phoenix: Shoulder Block doesn’t knock Al down… Reverse Hangman by Thornridge!

Lillehammer: Snapped Al against that top rope.

Phoenix: Bronx, HURRICANRANA! Thorny in! Lock hands, DOUBLE CLOSELINE.

Bronx and Thornridge look to each other and count to three together.

Phoenix: Double punches to Mourn knocking him down! Thorny directing traffic, looking out at Mourn! Bronx, off the ropes, SUICIDE PLANCHA TAKES OUT THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Lillehammer: This house has exploded!

Phoenix: Bronx back up on the apron, tag! Bronx to the top, Thorny lifts, vertical suplex-CROSSBODY! 1! 2! Al out the back door! That cross body aided vertical suplex was money. Bronx helping Thorny pick up Al-

Lillehammer: Ref getting in the way of Thornridge. About time he restores order.

Phoenix: Thorny arguing. MOURN, FLYING ELBOW SMASH TO THE BACK OF BRONX’S HEAD! Bronx rolling weakly out of the ring!

Lillehammer: GOAL! And there is where the Professionals made their critical mistake. Mourn Despana with the touchdown to get them back in the game,

Phoenix: Agreed. What is going to happen next? We’ll be back!

06-29-2018, 01:02 PM
Phoenix: Weíre back and during the break Thornridge got a shot in on the World Champion!

Replay shows Mourn rolling Bronx back into the ring only to be met with a running closeline by Thornridge.

Phoenix: Al has a chinlock applied. Bronx starting to fight! Al pulls him up. Nails the Professional with a reverse DDT. Al looking aroundÖ tag! Mournís back in.

Mourn smirks Thornyís direction. Mournís eyes turn towards Bronx with a particularly sick gleam in his eyes. He catches Bronx with a Sliding D as the Professional sits up.

Lillehammer: That elbow hit home. Heís really good at those.

Phoenix: Bronx rising up, HARD knife edged chop by Mourn send him to the turnbuckleÖ Shoot kick right to the chest! Heís in there choking Bronx now!


Mourn angrily backs up.


Lillehammer: The half breed does have a point...

Phoenix: Mourn pulls Bronx by the arm. Mourn toe kicks him in the face! Mourn has him by the throatÖ CHOKE STO! Come on ref!

Ref: 1-2-3-4-

Phoenix: This ref is not playing. And itís pissing Mourn off.

Lillehammer: This ref has more fight in him than BronxÖ probably a decree from up top.

Mourn reaches out to Al who reluctantly tags in. Al to politely take Bronx from his grasp and snap nare him to the ground. Mourn and Al share a contentious stare before Al wraps Bronx into a rear chinlock, again grounding the athletic tag champion.

Phoenix: Thornridge with some words of encouragement to Bronx. Bronx fighting back to his feet, Elbow to the midsection of Al. And another. Al, scoop, slam! Off the ropes, Jumping Elbow Drop, Up, off the ropes, another! Annnnnd, a third! Into a cover! 1! 2! Quick kick out at two. Al quickly to his feet. Hoists Bronx up, Full NelsonÖ SLAM! Into another cover, 1! 2! AND THORNRIDGE BREAKS IT UP!

Lillehammer: Thornridge once out of his corner, and that ref did nothing.

Phoenix: The International Heavyweight Champion on a roll. Al, Irish Whip towards Mournís corner. Al charges, misses with the Stinger Splash!

Lillehammer: Bronx stumbling across the ring. MOURN TAGS IN!

Phoenix: Mourn from behind, SAITO- Bronx squirms out! Lunges- Mourn has his ankle!

Mourn uses his strength to yank him away from him corner. Mourn then charges towards Thornridge and nails him with a Running Elbow Smash that sends him harshly to the mat below. As the crowd boos, Mourn turns to regard Bronx.

Phoenix: Mourn turns aroun- Bronx - TORNADO DDT BY BRONX! Bronx to the outside, waiting for The Desperado to stand.

Lillehammer: Spiked him!

Phoenix: Bronx, SLINGSHOT CROSS BODY! 1! 2! NO! A near fall! Bronx up, off the ropes, closeline rocks the world champ! Still standing! Off the ropes, second!

Lillehammer: Mourn stumbling back to the ropes!


Lillehammer: Bronx is caught in his grasp!

Phoenix: Mourn rolls him to his feet, Double underhook by Mourn. KNEE LIFTS UNDER THE CHIN! Mourn clasps his hands, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Right into the Butterfly Lock!

Lillehammer: Bronx is fighting, but thatís 254 lbs pressing on the back of his exposed neck. This isnít a weardown hold. This is in deep. Bronx needs the ropes or itís all over.

Phoenix: This crowd cheering on The Troublemaker. Bronx pulling with his legs.

Lillehammer: Heís a little bit away annnnd-

Mourn motions with his head, and Kassandra springs to action. She kicks off her heels and leaps up onto the apron, right in the refís view. The ref is quick to threaten disqualification. The ref then sees the real issue; an irate Thornridge about to dive from the floor and into the ring. The ref disregards Kassandra and gets into the path of Thornridge. This sets the Aussie off. All the while, as Bronxís foot lies over the bottom rope. The submission still locked in.


Lillehammer: By Reagan, Mourn has a brain. Normally Mournís the hot head, but I think Thornridge is the one losing that battle..

Phoenix: Al into the ring? SLAPS MOURN!

Al: Youíre better than that Gabriel.

Lillehammer: This is going to get good.


When Mourn ignores him, cranking down harder, Al repeats it, this time not holding back. Mourn rises quick and responds with a palm strike that flattens Al.

Lillehammer OH! ALíS DOWN!

Mourn toe kicks Al, who quickly rolls up after the shot. Both men lock forehead to forehead. Eye to eye. From outside. Kassandra starts pounding the mat. When Mourn breaks the staredown she stats frantically pointing across the ring.

Phoenix: BRONX- TAG!

Lillehammer: OH BOY!

Phoenix: DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO BOTH CHAMPS! Running forearm to Mourn. Thornridge with the go behind. German- Mourn switches behind Thornridge switches again, he shoves Mourn into Al! Thorny, LEAPING NECKBREAKER TO MOURN! Mourn fighting back up, RIGHT HANDS BY THORNY! HEíS UNLOADING TO THE CHIN OF THE WORLD CHAMP!

Lillehammer: Where did this man come from?

A stunned Mourn starts searching for the ropes to keep himself up. When Mourn starts to catch up with his defense, Thorny sneaks a shot a little below the belt. This causes Mourn t screech in pain.

Lillehammer: THAT WAS LOW! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! This ref should be fired!

Phoenix: Thorny, sends Mourn off, BAAAACK BODY DROP!

Lillehammer: Al tagged in-

Phoenix: AL,, SAMOAN DROP! Turning this back around, REAR NAKED CHOKE BY AL! Heís got it in, but Thornyís fighting it.

Lillehammer: Alís trying to wraps his legs around Thorny, but I donít think itís working.

Phoenix: No, Thorny back standing, Thorny, BACK Su- Al flips out! Thorny closes distance, Hangman on the top rope! INTO A COVER! 1! 2! - BRONX SAVES THE MATCH! And what a save it was!

Lillehammer: Seriously, when does the ref stop the interference?

Phoenix: Al slowly standing. Mourn asking for the tag! Al tags him in. Looking for a double suplex. Thorny up - Bronx pulls him free! Right hands by the tag champs! Backing Mourn and Al to opposite corners. Thorny runs, CLOTHESLINES AL Bronx, CLOTHESLINES MOURN. THORNY CLOTHESLINES MOURN! BRONX GETS AL!

Lillehammer: They have to keep on them!

Phoenix: Bronx tags in!

Lillehammer: Al standing.

Phoenix: Bronx scaling to the top rope, MISSILE DROPKICK TO AL! Al sent to the apron with that. THORNRIDGE, BASEBALL SLIDE TO AL THAT SENDS HIM TO THE FLOOR!

Lillehammer: This isnít happening, is it?

Phoenix: Thorny has Mourn from behind, lifts, Back Suplex - BRONX CATCHES MOURN WITH A NECKBREAKER ON THE WAY DOWN! COVER BY BRONX! 1! 2! Mourn out at two! Theyíre one move away! LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!

As Bronx fires up the crowd, he notices Thorny rummaging around ringside. Soon the result of his journey is exposed as he raises a cricket bat wearing a nice barbed wire sequence,

Phoenix: WHOA!

Lillehammer: WHOA REF!

Phoenix: This is going too far. That ref warning him. Thornridge into the ring.

Kassandra: NO!

As Kassandra goes to jump up to the apron, Thorny starts to swing her direction. Bronx steps in the way, grabbing his arm.

Lillehammer: The Professionals are gonna go at it!

Bronx: Okay, THATíS too far. Weíre better than this Thorny. We donít need this.

Thornridgeís eyes widen. He shoves Bronx out of the way of an incoming Al.


Lillehammer: Al just took them both out!

Phoenix: Bronx turning around to find Mourn. The Ronin using the corner to stand. Bronx charges, HIPTOSS INTO THE CORNER BY MOURN!

Lillehammer: Folded him like an accordian!

Phoenix: Mourn has him by the legs. Havenít see this in a while, Wheelbarrow Su- BRONX WITH THE BULLDOG! Bronx frantically heading outside. Slowly climbing! Get up there Bronx! He has a Shooting Star Legdrop in his arsenal. If he hits- Mournís up! RUNNING DROPKICK BY MOURN! Bronxís head was exposed while climbing and that cost him dearly!

Lillehammer: Bronx is lucky to be on the apron. Heck, heís lucky to have a head.

Phoenix: Mourn rolling out to meet him. Mourn with a hard palm strike that drops Bronx to a knee! Knee lift by Mourn! Mourn setting up for a powerbomb!

Lillehammer: On the apron or off of it? Eitherís good.

Phoenix: Mourn... blocked! Bronx, body blow, now with right hands to the Roninís face! Mourn, DIGS HIS HAND IN BRONXíS EYES... SHOVES BRONX BACKWARDS INTO THE STEEL POST! THE BACK OF HIS HEAD CRACKED FLUSH AGAINST THE METAL!

Lillehammer: HE DUNKED HIM!

Bronx collapses onto the apron. While rolling back inside the ring, Mourn shakes the cobwebs and surveys the situation. After contemplating something he heads to a slowly rising Bronx.

Phoenix: Mourn reaches over the top rope? What is he... Going for that Lifting Flatliner! Mourn - LEAPS TO THE SECOND RO- AHHH!

As Mourn deadlifts Bronx from the apron, springs into second rope to raise Bronx high into the air and deposits him with a Middle Rope Lifted Flatliner as the crowd gasps.

Lillehammer: SWEET MARTHA!


Lillehammer: 254 lbs. of spiteful marksmanship right to the neck of that Aussie!

Phoenix: This is academicÖ MOURNíS GOT HIM IN THE COBRA CLUTCH! Mourn... AME-NO-OHABARI! That ripcord elbow hit flush! Despana into a cover! 1! 2! 3!

Announcer: Winner of this match, the team of AAAAL and MOURN DESSSPAAANAAA!

Mourn Despana & Al: 4.37 + 4.24 + 0.7 = 9.31
Steven Thornridge & Bronx: 3.89 + 3.66 + 0.4 = 7.95

With Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne plays, Mourn is handed his World Heavyweight Championship, He looks out of the ring at Thornridge who is reaching for his his cricket bat. Al steps in front and says something to Thorny that causes the Aussie to stand down.

Phoenix: Tensions run high as Mourn Despana has pinned Bronx.

Lillehammer: It seems Thornridge canít get it out of his head. The man won, deal with it.

Phoenix: This is hardly about that, Mourn had to take shortcuts to weaken his opponents. But, it seems like Al has calmed things for now.

Lillehammer: Can we agree that this ref was the problem.

Phoenix: No.

After Bronx rolls out of the ring Thornridge helps him to the back. All the while, Mourn watches them go barely holding back a smirk. Al sees this and steps up onto the apron. Mourn steps forward just as Al steps through the ropes. Both men stand brow to brow one more time. This time, Kassandra has her hand on Mournís chest silently asking him to stand down.

Phoenix: These two have a date at Altered Reality. This tension is palpable.

Lillehammer: If I didnít know any better, I would call Al an idiot. Heís stepping to a man who almost maimed his friend as if heís nothing.


Mourn and Alís heads whip to the direction where the voice came, and we see LPW CEO Mikhail Nabakov emerge at the top of the ramp, a warm smile.

The Kid: First of all, what a main event, am I right?? How about a round of applause for what weíve just seen!

Mourn eyes Nabakov derisively as Al stands stoic.

The Kid: Easy, easy. We donít want this to become more volatile than it already is. After all Ö In that ring, right now Ö are two men that will write a new chapter in the history of LPW. However Ö

It may be time to add a twist.

The crowd cheers as Mourn and Alís interest perks up.

The Kid: So after I had Ďcivilizedí discussions with you two, I asked myself what would be best for LPW. For the vision I have Ö for what the fans deserve. And yes, the fans deserve the best possible match. The fans deserve to see a showcase of the best we have to offer. BUT Ö

The fans do not deserve a Champion who places his fellow man in danger beyond acceptable measures. The fans do not deserve a Champion who WILLFULLY trespasses and goes against direct edicts from their boss. The fans do not deserve a Champion like Ö well, like YOU, Mourn Despana.

Mournís eyes widen as he grows increasingly beside himself while Kassandra studies Nabakov. Al can barely hide a smirk.

The Kid: No, no. The Altered Reality main event deserves better. The fans deserve better. The Championship you hold and have earned, deserves better. It deserves better than someone who takes liberties with their fellow man, refuses to follow the rules and disrespects their boss Ö someone who tarnishes the name of LPW.

So how about it, Eugene?! Perhaps itís time for another survey??

Phoenix: You donít think Ö

Lillehammer: On the eve of Altered Reality? Surely not...

The Kid stretches out the microphone as the crowd goes ape. Mourn bellows out, ďDONíT YOU FUCKING DARE!Ē

The Kid: Donít I dare what? Those who donít learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This wouldnít be the first time a dominating champion was stripped of his championship only to see it awarded to someone undeserving. Remember Altered Reality 3? Pyro-gate? Jaro?

And it just so happens that we have someone I deem undeserving that would benefit. Letís just call him what he is. Chris Austin is an egotistical, disrespectful, conniving individual who has had his hand in some of the darkest days in LPW history and has seemingly been protected by the old administration. Regardless of his Mount Vesuvius victory Ö he does not warrant the right to main event Altered Reality. That said, the man is admittedly unblemished in singles competition and despite my stance, you keep fighting for him to be included.

So how bad do you want that? In the Ďspirit of competitioní Ö ask yourself how badly you want that?

Mourn steps out to the apron and jumps down, yelling obscenities. Kassandra tries to calm him.

The Kid: So how about it, ladies and gentlemen? Should I Ö strip Mourn Despana of the World Heavyweight Championship and award it to Chris Austin? A Chris Austin versus Al Martinez Cup match? For all the marbles? A definitive, undisputed champion??

The crowd cheers wildly as Mourn -- about ready to burst with rage -- is frozen in his tracks by The Kidís suggestion. Al shrugs and says Ďon with it.í

The Kid: Oh Al Ö like I said, those who donít learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And as much as I respect you, and as much as I want to do right by you for all your years of service as you near your final bow Ö unfortunately it isnít best for the fans to do that. Itís not best for you. We saw what happened the last few times you and Austin crossed paths. I personally donít want our final visage to be you face down, unconscious again. Speaking selfishly, I couldnít bear to see a man I idolized be reduced to batting practice again.

You deserve better than that. You deserve a fair chance to prove that you are truly, the Greatest LPW has ever seen. We all do. And well Ö Mourn deserves better, too.

And well Ö I hate to say it, but maybe Chris Austin deserves better, too. SO Ö with that said, the Main Event of Altered Reality is now a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR NOT ONLY THE MARTINEZ CUP, BUT FOR BOTH THE WORLD AND INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS!

The crowd blows the roof off the joint as Mourn rolls into the ring, pacing. He nods in approval. Alís easy confident smirk melts away.

The Kid: Al versus Mourn Despana Ö versus Chris Austin. Winner take all. One Champion. Settle it like men. And with that, I bid you all a good night. What happens from here on Ö itís on you. No security will intervene. You crazy mofos can kill each other for all I care. Either way Ö at Altered Reality Ö the fans will get the best!!

The Kid leaves.

Phoenix: My God Ö an UNPRECEDENTED announcement for our flagship pay-per-viewÖ a triple threat match for all the marbles! I Öcannot believe-

Lillehammer: FINALLY HE SHOWS COMMON SENSE! JUSTICE PREVAILS!!! Just imagine the weight off Austinís shoulders now...

Phoenix: But Al and Mourn arenít backing down Ö we might get Altered Reality a little early here!

Al smirks at Mourn. The confidence from the IHC causes Mourn to pause for a second. He looks to Kassandra and motions her to head out of the ring. As she heads to the ropes, Mourn returns the smirk to Al before he backs down to help lower the ropes for his wife. The crowd almost revolts with boos.

Phoenix: Youíve gotta be kidding me. Mournís now backed down from Al, twice.

Lillehammer: I wouldnít call him the smartest person around, but he has the main event of Altered Reality to worry about. Giving Al a fight where he could weaken Mou-

As soon as Kassandra is through the ropes, Al stands down and looks to the booing crowd with a disappointing shrug. This turn of the head is enough for Mourn to strike. Mourn charges and nails Al in the side of the head with the World Heavyweight Championship. Once he knocks Al flat to the mat, Mourn starts toe kicking Al in the side of the head, as if heís trying to embarrass the man.

Phoenix: THAT DESPICABLE Ö and look at that conniving minx, smiling as he does it!

Lillehammer: You know Ö I could grow to tolerate that Mourn Despana one day. Brilliant salvo to gain the upper hand going into Altered Reality!

Phoenix: For a man who claims to be about whatís right Ö this feels wrong. Heís kicking The International Heavyweight Champion out of the ring!

Once Al rolls over to near the apron, Mourn grabs ahold of the top rope and pushes Al out of the ring with his feet, upon which Kassandra surveys the downed International Heavyweight Champion. Mourn eyes the freshly dispatched Al, staring devilishly while slowly raising his World Heavyweight Championship in the air. As the boos grow louder, they suddenly start to blur with some gasps and a smattering of ďcheers.Ē


Coming through the crowd behind the action and hopping over the announce table, the hoodie-shrouded Austin, Mount Vesuvius Torch in hand, slides into the ring and rushes up behind the unsuspecting Mourn, dropping the torch on his way to the World Heavyweight Champion. Austin then grabs Mourn by the waist, and before the Desperado can react -- or his wife can turn to see -- Austin lifts Mourn into a back suplex and flips him backward, quickly turning around to grab Mournís head and drive it into the mat with a nasty-looking DDT. Kassandra turns just in time to see the topsy-turvy champion being taken headfirst into the mat.


Austin pops to his feet, stomping around the crumpled Mourn as Kassandra starts studying to see if Mournís okay. Her concern grows when she notices Mournís lights are on, but no oneís home.


Lillehammer: Take a good look at him, Phoenix! That man right there is the PROHIBITIVE favorite now! He said this would happen! He said he would get in the match! Now look at him! After this Ö you have to wonder if Mourn and Al truly understood what they were asking for!

Phoenix: This Triple Threat affair will be one for the ages, but at this point Ö it may just be a matter of timeÖ

Lillehammer: I donít know if Austinís done here yet.

Austin crouches down to get a closer look at Mourn. Kassandra studies Austin, her hand sneaking to the middle rope as if sheís preparing to pull herself into the ring. Austinís glance snaps toward her, freezing her momentarily. He then eyes the torch -- which lies beside Mourn now -- and goes back to her. He rises to his feet and uses his foot to sweep the torch away from him and Mourn, holding his hands up as he does so. Kassandra is largely unconvinced by the gesture, and their eyes remain locked on one another.

Lillehammer: This is a powder kegÖ hold on Ö one, what is Chris waiting on? Two, how in the hell did he get the damn torch back? Last we saw Ö Mourn had taken it!

Phoenix: I Ö well damn, thatís a good question.

The crowd settles down as Austin and Kassandra continue to look at each other.

Kassandra: Stop this shit. Itís done.

Austin says nothing. He then smirks, but that quickly churns into a malicious baring of the teeth, drawing widened eyes from Kassandra. Austin advances on Mourn, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him to his knees, at which point Austin positions himself behind Despana and goes to wrap his arm around his throat, a precursor to 1888.

Lillehammer: Mournís not going to make it to Altered Reality at this rate!

Without regard to the womanís business suit she has on, Kassandra slides under the bottom rope and grabs the Mount Vesuvius Torch. She rises and steps towards the men, looking for an opening to swing, but is stopped in her tracks as Austin drops Mourn and looks toward Kassandra, incredulous.

Phoenix: You donít think he would Ö

Lillehammer: I mean Ö

Phoenix: ROBERT!

Lillehammer: Iím not saying Iíd condone it! But as admirable as this is for her to try and defend her man, thereís such a thing as a womanís place. If she continues to step out of it as she has now Ö well, whatever Austin does -- especially when it comes to that torch -- is on her.


Kassandra: *meekly* I didnít return this for you to try and kill himÖ

Lillehammer: So thatís how he got it back Ö

Austin advances toward KassandraÖ

Austin: My problem is with Mourn, not you. Itís in your best interest to keep it that way. You got that?

Kassandra looks off to the side towards the ground. She straightens up her posture but doesnít respond, nor look at his face. Austin then snatches the torch out of her hand and points at her menacingly with it. Austin quickly turns away from Kassie, simultaneously loading up the torch to swing at Mournís head. As he comes down, Kassie dives in the line of fire.

Phoenix: NO!

The crowd lets out a collective groan of relief as Austin BARELY manages to stop his downward trajectory before he strikes Kassie, who then rises to her feet, her eyes not leaving the torch.

Lillehammer: My God. That was almost disastrous.

Austin: Ö What the fuck is wrong with you, huh? I get youíre built different from the rest of these skanks out here, but your man stole from me. Your man put me down. Your man now stands in front of my goddamn right, and now you Ö you try to keep me from collecting whatís mine?!

You have one chance. Either you move, or you take the bullet meant for him. Choice is yours. Either way, I bash a Jimenezís brains in. MAKE A CHOICE.

Kassandra stays still, sans repositioning her stance as if preparing for the blow to strike. Arms stay at the side as if welcoming the swing. Austin looks on, obviously not expecting her to stand her ground.

Phoenix: Chris, donít you do this, god damn youÖ

Lillehammer: This Ö viewer discretion is heavily advised. Austin Ö think about this ...

Austin: Suit yourself then, bitch.

Austin loads up and exhales roughly, eyes narrowing. He draws back and Ö

Austin: In case you havenít learned by now, EVERYTHING I set out to do ... gets done.

Austin then shoves her out of his way, and goes to drop the hammer on Mourn. Kassandra goes into action, grabbing the torch before Austin can bring it down. He twists around to face her, but out of the corner of their eyes Ö they see Al charging towards Austin. Austin turns to try and counter the impact, but with Kassandra keeping a hold the torch, Al is able to get a clean shot Ö on both. The impact tosses Austin to the mat, while Kassandraís launched violently through the ropes.


Austin rolls out of the ring and onto all fours, holding his midsection and trying to catch his breath. Al is out after him as Austin crawls to the barricade and pulls himself up. Al grabs Austin and biel throws him into the barricade nearest the time keeper and backs up, Austin in his sights.

Lillehammer: That no-good, rotten scoundrel! Should have deported him years ago!

Phoenix: Al has Austin dead to rights, Austinís had the wind knocked out of him Ö LOOK OUT!

Al charges Austin as the latter gets to his feet, and the timekeeper and ring announcer high-tail it as Al CRUSHES Austin with another Hit-Stick this one sending both men THROUGH the barricade and into the front row as the crowd collectively loses its mind! Al, a tad dazed but running on adrenaline, stumbles to his feet as Austin lies motionless among the wreckage. Al rubs his head and neck, eying Austin while backing away.



Al is handed his championship by an afraid ref. Al nods politely to him and raises it high to the sky. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Mourn slowly rising. Al looks to the camera, smiles widely, and slides into the ring.


Lillehammer: MOURNíS OUT OF IT! DONíT DO-


Lillehammer: Iím going to hate Facebook tonightÖ

Al grabs the the International Heavyweight Championship and begins to raise it again before he stops. He looks around devilishly and reaches for the World Heavyweight Championship laying on the mat. As he raises both titles to the sky, Run The Jewelsí "Blockbuster Night Part 1"brings the audience to cheers of ďAL! AL! AL!Ē

Phoenix: The main event is set! We are gonna have a three way match and I for one see as Al having the full advantage heading in! I am Blazing Phoenix, this is Robert-

Lillehammer: THIS IS BULLS-


06-29-2018, 04:48 PM
OOC: Despite all the forum going down and a struggle to get the character sheets back in order, I'm glad this is finally up so we can make a move towards the big show. Props to everyone who contributed, this was a hell of an enjoyable read front to back! Fingers crossed people enjoy what happened with the Dobber/Trey match and I'm especially interested with how Mr Paradise goes with his new angle. Great read, onwards and upwards good sirs!

The Dude
06-30-2018, 09:39 AM
OOC: I liked the match. sad I didn't win but I need to try harder.

IC: Fer fucks sake Lillehammer, I'll get you back for that I swear. Bloody bastard.

06-30-2018, 06:47 PM
Hey, Phantom.

Cute speech there. A shame you don't have the balls to do that without attacking me. A shame that the only way to bring you out of your obscure little hidey hole and into relevance again is to do a sneak attack.

You talk an awful lot about "rebooting" LPW. You drone on even further about handling people who don't "make the cut".

How about this, Lordy. How about, before you turn this company into some sort of flop like the Ghostbusters reboot, you figure out how to actually follow through on your threats the first time? Maybe before spouting off another generic villain monologue?

I get it though, the decrepit old coot wants one more chance in the spotlight.

I'll give it to you, old timer. You and me, Altered Reality..

Talk to me about "reboots" one more time, and I'll put one upside your head.

Macho Mourn
06-30-2018, 07:13 PM
Mourn: ... ouch ...

06-30-2018, 07:26 PM
Wannabe Goldust out here talking like a producer, but only thing he can produce right now is ring rust and and senior citizen discounts at IHOB.

And, dude, if you're gonna be throwing around fireballs like Mario, make sure your ass can jump.

06-30-2018, 10:06 PM
Steven Thornridge is shown walking out of the trainer's room with a concerned look on his face, shaking his head and rubbing his face of sweat when he jumped a little in fright.

Thornridge: Damn it Crotchman! Scared me there, what's up?

Crotchman: A tough loss in the main event there. Firstly, an update on Bronx's condition?

Thornridge: He'll be fine for Altered Reality, he's a Professional after all. The thing is that these visits to the trainer's room are becoming a little more frequent. And more annoying every time.

Crotchman: How so?

Thornridge: I hate needles, doctors prodding the sore areas. Somewhere deep inside of my heart I know that this could have been avoided. Bronx is hurting directly because of my hate for Despana and Kassandra. If I didn't get distracted wanting to hack that vixen's head from her shoulders with a cricket bat, this visit would have been nothing more than a small standard concussion test and a move-on. I'm not done with those two. I look ahead and I see two others looking to send us back here, to the trainer's room, at Altered Reality minus our coveted World Heavyweight Tag Team Championships of the world. Sixx and Storme took a hit tonight. They lost. We saw. A Professional always scouts their opponents. They showed a glaring weakness tonight, as did I. Focus is what I needed just then. Focus is what I need right now. Focus is what I need to have if Bronx and I have any chance of walking away, instead of being helped away, with our titles intact at Altered Reality. Bronx is putting his body on the line and sacrificing for my mistakes. It's time I repay that favor with interest. Thanks for your questions.

Thornridge gives Crotchman a quick fistbump before finding a fold out chair, pulling it open before sitting beside the trainer room door, waiting for Bronx to come back out.

Mr. Maverick
07-02-2018, 07:40 PM
Maverick: See you at Altered Reality you sack of shits.

Silver Kazama
07-02-2018, 09:02 PM
Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: Jesus, Reece. Killer finish there.

07-03-2018, 07:51 PM
Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: Jesus, Reece. Killer finish there.

Reece Raymond: Sure is. Just hope you are never on the receiving end of one in the future.

Silver Kazama
07-03-2018, 09:22 PM
Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: While I appreciate the sentiment, I'll just throw Bane in the way.

07-05-2018, 11:31 PM
Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: While I appreciate the sentiment, I'll just throw Bane in the way.

Not the hardest thing to do. You're better than that. Little more creative, too.

Silver Kazama
07-07-2018, 12:27 PM
Kazama turns to Jensen with a bit of a cheeky grin on his face.

Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: Come on now, Sean. Don't go giving away all my secrets like that.

Silver Kazama
07-11-2018, 07:24 PM
OOC: In an out-of-character note, well fucking done to everyone who has taken the time to stick with this and get the show up. Survived a Forum wipe and everything. As usual the quality of LPW shows are bar none, in terms of their creative direction and literary prowess. In other words....yall fuckin rock!

07-20-2018, 05:12 AM
Kazama turns to Jensen with a bit of a cheeky grin on his face.

Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: Come on now, Sean. Don't go giving away all my secrets like that.

You have secrets? Since when?

Silver Kazama
07-20-2018, 08:43 AM

Blink blink...

Matthew 'Silver' Kazama: Eh...fair point.

Macho Mourn
07-20-2018, 12:35 PM
-----------------------------------------------LPW.COM EXCLUSIVE!------------------------------------------------

**Just after the show.**

Backstage at the secondary nurse station, Mourn Despana sits pressing a large ice pack against the base of his neck. Across the room sits a wincing Kassandra being examined by the LPW hired doc.

Doc: I still say you need to get a formal evaluation. That was a hellacious-

Kassandra: Fuck off with your evaluation!

Concerned, the Doc looks back to Mourn who responds with a pained smirk.

Mourn: I get the tough bitch act. But… If the doctor is correct-

Kassandra’s eyes narrow as she shoots a glare across the room at her husband. The Doc looks back and forth at the couple and makes the wise decision to slip out of the room. At this point, a dressed-in-streets Chris Austin walks in flanked by another physician. His left hand on his midsection, right hand tightly gripping the Mount Vesuvius Torch and a scowling grimace on his face, Austin proceeds with a measured gait to a vacant trainer’s table and sits down, letting out a grunt of discomfort before slowly reclining into a more examination-friendly position, at which point he raises his shirt.

Austin: You alright?

Kassandra: Yes.

Mourn: No.

The couple look to one another skeptically. Mourn sighs and joins his wife at her station.

Mourn: Certainly there is another place here for… him?

Austin: Gabriel ... I don’t know what gave you the impression I cared how you-HEY WATCH IT, DOC. DAMN.

Physician: My apologies, Mr. Austin, but we have to test for any significant injuries. You have some bruising and you’ll be sore for a few days, but initial exams you might have avoided serious incident… you know, fractures, internal damage or what have you.

Kassandra starts to open her mouth only to be cut off by Mourn.

Mourn: Check his head. He seems to be missing a few brain cells as well.

Mourn lets out a pained, albeit brief, smirk towards Austin.

Austin: Kassandra, what were you going to say before you were so rudely interrupted?

Kassandra: A shame you didn’t get worse, dick… Both of you. Grow up. Get a hobby. Jesus Fucking Christ…

Mourn winces.

Mourn: I was trying to be nice…

Kassandra shoots him a glare and snatches the ice pack off his neck before storming out of the room with it placed on her hip.

Austin: Welp. No pussy for you tonight. Unfortunate, really. I mean, if it were me …

Mourn: You must forget a few details that were exposed about my lack of… actions… We’ll be fine. She hates the fact she’s… uhh… unable to fight. Physically she’s big enough, but, well, as they say in the fighting world, she has no sting behind her punches. We… may be fine…

Austin: Two things: One, she’s more capable than you publicly credit her for. Two … as I was saying before you cut me off … if it were me, I would be fucking the absolute dog shit out of her as soon as I was able. She’s earned that. If not for her … you’d be missing more than a few brain cells.

Mourn starts thinking. He instantly seems to get confused.

Mourn: You hit me from behind… OH… Okay, she… tried to fight you???

Austin: She’s standing outside the door listening right now, I’m sure. Ask her yourself. Call her in.

Mourn calls out to her. After a few seconds she slowly walks in, looking a little peeved at Austin.

Kassandra: Have to call mommy in, hmm?

Mourn smirks. Austin slowly stands up, stifling his own snicker.

Austin: You know, both of you mother fuckers could really stand to work on open and honest communication between each other. Anyway… go ahead, you little scamps. Talk. After all, you missed out on some things, Mourn. As I said you would.

Kassandra: He was gonna brain you… he.. *Shoots Austin a glare* I… I couldn’t exactly let the fucker … I stood in the way before… he brained you… I know you told me never to get physically involved… no matter what… But… *she looks to her feet.* This was going too far… Then that yuppie decided my body was worth 20 on a dartboard...

Mourn’s eyes shift to Austin.

Austin: Communication is a two-way street, Gabriel. Talk to your wife.

Mourn’s eyes soften up and he sighs defeatedly.

Mourn: There is never a reason to look at your feet. You are my wife. Not a slave.
So the other guy’s the issue… You did a good thing. I thank you.

Kassandra walks over and takes a seat next to Mourn. She looks to Austin and briefly smirks.

Mourn: So, you here to finish the job, Professor?

Austin: Altered Reality. I can wait until then. Consider this moment … a token of appreciation. Besides …

Austin exchanges glances toward Kassandra and Mourn before he places the torch on his shoulder.

Austin: I’ve done enough for tonight. Although … in the interest of open and honest communication, you should probably ask how I responded to her truly selfless act.

Austin then snipes the ice pack from Kassandra’s grasp and places it on his sore ribs. He then looks to Mourn and then to Kassandra.

Austin: Thanks. *walks out of trainer’s room.*

Kassandra: *whispers into Mourn’s ear* He wouldn’t hit me.

This causes Mourn to cover his mouth and force the building laugh to stay silent.

Mr. Maverick
07-21-2018, 11:21 AM
While eating a bag of popcorn against the wall near the trainer's room, The David Maverick sees Chris Austin leaving the training room and smirks to himself.

07-21-2018, 11:41 PM
Paradise: What a wonderfully impactful return! The support and letters are rolling in like mad.

OOC: Quick question though what does everyone think of the change in character?

The X
07-23-2018, 11:39 AM
The Kid, eh? Sounds familiar to me. Almost sounds like the guy who used to make tweets all throughout LPW. I know that guy. I was that guy. LOL. But mine was more gangsta. It was The Kidd. Two D's if you're dangerous.

Phantom Lord is back? Well then...that intrigues me even more...

07-23-2018, 05:18 PM
The Kid, eh? Sounds familiar to me. Almost sounds like the guy who used to make tweets all throughout LPW. I know that guy. I was that guy. LOL. But mine was more gangsta. It was The Kidd. Two D's if you're dangerous.

Phantom Lord is back? Well then...that intrigues me even more...