View Full Version : Well, That Was Weird

MI Fan
08-25-2018, 12:11 AM
*Impact spoilers. You've been warned****

On Thursday's episode King (Eddie Kingston), who manages Homicide and Hernandez, and is feuding with LAX, ran over a kid. Yes, he ran over a kid, on purpose, with a car and possibly killed the kid. After the cinematic, Josh Matthews and Don Callis were both talking about it so it has been recognized as cannon by the promotion itself. Outside of LU (where everyone doesn't know what has happened in all the cinematics), has this type of thing ever happened in a major promotion. How could it play out differently than King going to prison for a long stretch? It's a weird situation.

08-26-2018, 12:52 PM
Hey, Hulk Hogan knocked The Giant off the roof of an arena, and nobody ever pressed charges. ;)

Seriously though, this sounds pretty disappointing, which sucks because by all accounts the feud was going really well and Kingston was finally getting used to his potential. Hope they can just say the kid was ok and quietly scrap that part of the angle.