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Prime Time
11-01-2018, 11:12 AM
So inspired by the conversation in the Foo Fighters thread I decided to start going through a lot of albums from bands I used to listen to back in the day, and see what they've been doing since I last heard them. As you can tell I decided to go in something of an alphabetical order, so I'm starting here, with Alkaline Trio. The album I used to know reasonably well was From Here to Infirmary so I've just jumped ahead one and have been listening to their 2003 album, Good Mourning.

Always thought they were a good band at handling melodies and thought they had a good level of musicality for a punk band, so they aren't as reliant on pure youthful energy the way some of their contemporaries are - and so this still sounds very good to me. I will say, though, that the energy is there - certainly in the first half of the album. It did kinda make the years fall away for a minute there.

I did start to lose a bit of focus and much of the second half of the album passed me by until the final acoustic track, 'Blue in the Face', pulled me back in a bit. I won't say I loved that one but it made much more of an impression.

The first half of the album was nice and tuneful, though I think that some of the album tracks probably made more of an impression on me than the singles ('All on Black' was, in particular, a bit Emo for my taste and heralded the drift in the second half of the album) and I think a solid first impression but may need more listens before I'd want to upgrade it to anymore than that - I really like the sound, but the individual songs may need more room to grow on me. I'd say the track that I want to relisten to the most having heard this was probably 'continental'. The one I liked least was probably 'fatally yours' if only because that lyric was sung far too many times.

Any fans of this band around? If not, I guess the thread will lie dormant until I get a chance to listen to their 2005 release, Crimson.

11-01-2018, 11:51 AM
This is a band Iím supposed to like given my love of melodic punk rock, but I could never get into them back in the day. (That may have to do with me being more into hardcore/screamo from 2000-2007ish, though.) Maybe Iíll go back and give them another chance. If you had to compare them to AFI or Rise Against (two of my favs of all time somewhat a similar sound from what I remember), where would they fall?

Prime Time
11-01-2018, 12:01 PM
Rise against aren't a band I know particularly well so it's hard to compare them against that, but I'd say that the AFI I know is a bit more of that high energy, hardcore, cacophonous drum sounds. Alkaline Trio still has a lot of drive but there's a lot more emphasis on songwriting, on melody. To compare them to two very well known bands, I'd say AFI are more Offspring and Alkaline Trio are more Green Day, if that is any help - although every step you take away from Offspring to get to AFI, take a similar step with Alkaline Trio.

Having just played a little bit of Rise Against while I typed that out, they are both far more heavy on the drums than any of the Alkaline Trio I've heard. If you aren't into stuff that's a bit more measured and you need more of that percussive attack then they won't be your cup of tea.

11-01-2018, 12:29 PM
Not to argue against you, but maybe youíre listening to older AFI and Rise Against? Both bands have toned down the high intensity stuff for more melodic sounds the past decade. (Not to say they both donít still have their moments, of course.) If youíre comparing Alkaline Trio to Green Day, then Iíll give it a chance again.

Cult Icon
11-01-2018, 12:34 PM
Neither Rise Against or AFI are comparable to Alkaline Trio. Rise is off in the melodic hardcore/political area of punk and AFI was hardcore/horror punk until they kind of branched off into alt rock after The Art of Drowning (great, GREAT album by the way), while the Trio has always been more of a darker shade of pop-punk with the exception of their Crimson and The Agony and the Irony albums. Really the closest thing I could compare the Trio to is Social Distortion; they're like Social D if Social D was depressed and made references to Satan.

In any event I love the Trio. I've seen them live twice (once with My Chemical Romance; great show needless to say) and other than Agony and Irony I love pretty much everything they've done. If you're short on time though, the two albums worth checking out are their first two; Goddamit and Maybe I'll Catch Fire, which has one of the best closing tracks ever in "Radio."

11-01-2018, 01:42 PM
Comparing them to Social D has me intrigued. Iím always down for Social D.

11-02-2018, 03:57 AM
Oh man, I listened to Alkaline Trio a hell of a lot about 10-11 years ago. I would visit Hot Topic about once every month or two and pick a random CD off the shelf just to listen to something new. Their 2007 album Remains was one of those albums I picked up and really dug it. I also picked up Agony & Irony when it came out and enjoyed that too.

I saw them in concert once in New York City in 2008. The show was awesome (headlined by Rise Against) although I remember not being particularly impressed by their set. The music was good, but I guess it was just simple and straightforward, especially when compared to the high energy performance that Rise Against put out later in the night.

I have a few of their songs on a Spotify playlist that I play often and it's always nice to listen to. I've listened to a bit of their back catalog but I honestly haven't paid much attention so I might pick a couple of suggestions from this thread and give them a listen.

11-02-2018, 11:10 AM
Randomly chose Agony and Irony. About half way through it, and Iím picking up a lot of Gaslight Anthem and Against Me! vibes, and thatís never a bad thing. Definitely digging it, and this album will totally make it into future playlists.

Prime Time
12-23-2018, 08:24 AM
until I get a chance to listen to their 2005 release, Crimson.

Finally checking this album out. Wasn't into the first couple of tracks to be honest, but then got to Mercy Me - which it turns out I did know, but forgot I knew. And then found I liked the second half of the album a bit more than the first few tracks.

It's very '2005' though. You can hear a lot of Emo influences dotted around the album.

I've only given it the one play through but the two tracks that grabbed my attention on that play were 'Sadie' and 'Prevent this Tragedy'.

But anyone know this one? Or is this one that doesn't make a big impact and it's just about getting to some of the other albums people have been mentioning? I know the reviews for this album are better than some of the others but I can see that there might be others I'd like a bit more than this one....