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11-13-2018, 12:07 AM
I love being outside. Whether its hiking up the side of a mountain and camping or finding somewhere awesome to hang a hammock or just taking a simple paddle out in the kayak... I love it all. So here's where we post pics and vids of outdoors stuff. Or just tell cool stories. Whatevs.


Last week's hike. Was only 5.5 miles or so, but the last half mile was straight up, and my quads/hammies hated me for a few days after.


Shortly after setting up camp from said hike. Ended up with a great fire and great food. And a bunch of booze. Fun times. (Don't ask me why the pic is upside down... still trying to figure this out.)


This was about a mile into the hike. They call it The Stone Door. Was pretty cool, although the steps that were cut out were way too small. I have small feet, and even I was having to side-step it. Add in some rain making the rock wet... was fun, but sucked at the same time.

So... there's a few pics. Hopefully this thread takes off and we're able to share lots of cool pics and stories.

Prime Time
11-27-2018, 06:24 PM
I quite like being outdoors and so on. Get less chance to really do it since I've moved to the city. But there used to be woods and things in walking distance from where I used to live, which was cool.

Not been camping or anything like that in years though.

11-30-2018, 10:35 PM
I live in the city, and as much as I love it... Iím constantly trying to find reasons to leave the city. Going paddling on Sunday. Just a short little float with my bestest buddy ever. Going to an island out on the lake and going to cook some breakfast and just bullshit and catch up. Fun times.

Prime Time
12-03-2018, 04:32 AM
How'd you get on?

12-03-2018, 02:12 PM
Weather was relatively nice as long as the wind wasnít blowing. Then it was a bit chilly. Water was freezing, though. Other than that, wonderful times as always.

For the love of Terry Funk
01-20-2019, 05:12 PM
Used to do a bit of hiking. Did Snowdon and Scafell Pole. Never got around to going up Ben Nevid though, that seems more like mountaineering than hiking

Prime Time
01-26-2019, 06:43 AM
I've always liked the idea of doing something like that. Trouble is Ben Nevis is not only a serious effort but it's in the middle of nowhere. It's not too bad from where I am to drive up to Glasgow or Edinburgh but the extra three hours on top of that would be a bit of a killer. And that's before you've even stepped foot on a mountain.

Even so, it's something I'd like to do.

02-03-2019, 12:51 AM
I got bored today, so I decided to kayak across the lake and set up a camp. I might upload some pics later if I remember. (It was a beautiful day earlier... now itís cold as fuck.) Iím drunk now and listening to Plan talking about the Rumble. (For some odd reason... I always seem to listen to you Brit boys while Iím drunk and in the hammock.