03-30-2019, 03:13 PM
Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

Rock on! Rock on!

Drive me crazier

No Serenade, no fire brigade, just Pyromania!!

and Insanity

Come inside now, I implore.

Do you think you can restore

The crucial pieces missing from my brain?

What seems to be the matter dear?

Why do you cry and shake with fear?

I've only had the best dub me insane.

Please let me out
Please let me out
Please let me…



LIVE! From San Francisco, California!

Phoenix:: WELCOME ONE AND ALL! THIS IS ALTERED REALITY 8! It is I Blazing Phoenix here at ringside with the one and only Robert Lillehammer! We have finals, finalities and ending of a career tonight!

Lillehammer: International Heavyweight Champion Al, the longest reigning champion in LPW history versus not one, but TWO opponents for the Martinez Cup! Tonight is where that legend dies!

Phoenix: Mourn Despana, the World Heavyweight Champion stirred up a hornet’s nest in the torch wielding Chris Austin and got him in the match!

Lillehammer: The honorable and righteous World Champion did the right thing. Mourn got Austin his opportunity back, even though I think that’s an unwise decision!

Phoenix: A decision likely to backfire based off the results of last show! These men simply don’t like one another! That contest won’t be for the squeamish! Also not for the squeamish, we’ll have a Hardcore Ladder Match for the Hardcore championship! Four men will vie for success ten feet in the sky. David Gideon Smith has his work cut out for him!

Lillehammer: DGS has been on fire… when he’s decided to show up. This crowd Blazing... I’ll give them credit! They are rambunctious tonight. Not surprising since we are in liberal country...

Phoenix: Already started… We also have the charismatic Sean Jensen going one on one with a returning legend in Phantom Lord!

Lillehammer: The one where Jensen has his heart ripped out on international PPV!

Phoenix: The tag team titles with the Professionals going up against the makeshift team of Sixx and Kazama!

Lillehammer: Thornridge’s mind isn’t in the right place. Sixx will carry Kazama to a win, I guarantee it!

Phoenix: This evening is full of events! But first, we start without quest to find out who will be the next Western States Heritage Champion!

Lillehammer: Who will remove the stain of a vacant title?

Phoenix: I...I agree!


Announcer: The first contest of Altered Reality 8 is a first round match of the Western States Heritage Championship Tournament!

"This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson brings mostly boos.The stage, nestled near the large brick right field wall as stage, welcomes “The Master of Darwinism” Bobino onto it. He jaw jacks with a few of the fans as he takes the long march towards the ring.

Announcer: INTRODUCING FIRST! From Boston, Massachusetts. Weighing in a 270 lbs. BOOOOOBIIIIINOOOOO!

Phoenix: Bobino’s quest has been an interesting one to this point. He spent a long while as hardcore champion. He has been a tag team champion. Tonight he takes the next step and attempts to add the Western States Heritage Championship to his collection. And in turn, make it into something of his branding.

Lillehammer: Exactly. He’s been telling everyone he can that this title was damaged by the former champ’s run. While that damage may or not be true, he’s made a compelling argument. This is about him. Him. Not that other champions. Not his opponents. Bobino is here to stamp Altered Reality as HIS playground.

Bobino says a few choice words to one last fan before stepping marching up the steps and quickly into the ring. He gives it out to the fans at ringside. This brings some of the crowd to cheer a bit.

Phoenix: Bob’s may not show it, but I am 100% sure that he knows the weight this night will have on his career.

Announcer: And HIS opponent!

Van Halen’s “Top of the World” is met with wide acclaim. The welcome of Reece Raymond bring a slight blush to the young star’s face before he he takes a deep breath to bring himself back to focus and starts slapping hands on the way to the ring.

Announcer: From Cleveland Ohio! Weighing in at 199 lbs. REECE RAAAYMOONND!

Phoenix: Bobino attacked and sent a message to this young man at our last show. He chose Reece as his opponent. This will either be a brilliant move, or one he will regret. Reece has came back from a serious injury. One that could have ended any young man’s career. Well, the neck has held up so far and he is slated to try and slay another beast in Bobino.

Reece confidently enters the ring as Bobino smirks his way. Reece climbs the corner to the adulation to the crowd. Bobino is seen in the background sarcastically clapping with the audience.


Lillehammer: Funny the people here be cheering someone from Cleveland. Come to think of it, he’s the only thing Cleveland’s got going for it. Browns suck, Indians choke, LeBron left, their Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s a joke. And just like every other thing in Cleveland, he will either leave, or become a blight on the city. Reece will either quit tonight, or fall short. Unless Bobino injures himself or gets called for a DQ when it isn’t warranted .

Phoenix: Cavaliers joke?

Lillehammer: In the Bay Area. Double whammy.

Phoenix: You’re in rare for tonight...

Lillehammer: Why, thank you Blazing. I aim to please.


Phoenix: And Altered Reality is under away!

Lillehammer: And Bobino is cool as a cucumber. Reece seems almost too anxious to get started.

Reece stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants “Reece! Reece! Reece!” Bob keeps his back to the corner, forcing the young wrestler to wait. Once he’s satisfied with Reece’s adrenaline calming down, he marches forward into a collar-elbow tie up.

Phoenix: And Bobino shoves Reece on his kiester.

Lillehammer: Bob is so cool right here. He knows he has to wrestle twice to become a champion tonight. If so, he needs to expend as little energy as possible.

Phoenix: Reece re-adjusting his plan. Tie-up again, Reece with a hammer lock. Bob measuring. El- Reece ducks, NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! ONE! TWO! TH- WHOA!

Lillehammer: That. Almost. Happened...

Phoenix: Bobino just got free and has backed to the ropes. He may be trying to act cool here, but Reece is here with the idea to end two straight matches quickly.

Lillehammer: Desperation is the English way. No way for an American to act. This could end up hurting Reece.

Phoenix: Time will tell. This crowd in rare form tonight. Going in for another tie-up, Bob with a stark knee to the midsection, and an Elbow to the back of Reece’s neck that sends the smaller wrestler face first to the mat. Bobino, On top with a cranking side headlock.

Lillehammer: Bob focusing on Reece’s surgically repaired neck.

Phoenix: Reece again Trying to reverse. Reece to his feet Irish whip- Bob holds on and rides Reece back to the mat. That neck of his being tested. Reece fighting back up, twists out, drop toe hold by Raymond! Bobino back up, hip toss by Reece! And another! And a, SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY BOBINO!

Lillehammer: He used his deceptive agility to counter that hip toss with a move that specifically keeps with his gameplan.

Phoenix: Bobino with stomps to the neck.

Lillehammer: Reece isn’t very happy with this.

Phoenix: Bob with a reverse chinlock. Once again, grinding the pase to a crawl.

Lillehammer: Bob over here out wrestling-

Phoenix: Reece fighting up again. Elbows to the midsection. Sends Bob off the ropes, A criss cross?

Lillehammer: I haven’t seen this in forever.

Phoenix: Bob drops down,Reece stops, Elbows to the back by Reece! Firing with right hands to the back of Bob’s skull. Bob fighting to the ropes.

Lillehammer: REF! ILLEGAL!

Phoenix: Bob pulling himself up. Ref trying to get in between, Bobino with a cheap punch over the ref.

Lillehammer: A fair retort.

Phoenix: Bobino following in, a headbutt to Reece’s neck. And another. His target has been clear. A scoop, and a slam. Bobino, off the ropes, SENTON! First cover by Bob, and an early kick-out early at two.

Lillehammer: His neck is held together by paper mache. Only a matter of time until it falls apart.

Phoenix: Bob drives a knee into Reece’s throat. Now pinning him against the mat. COME ON!

Lillehammer: He started it. He pissed off Bobino. He deserves the consequences.

Phoenix: Bob off the ropes for another Senton, Reece with his knees up! Bobino to the well one too many times. Both men up, Bob plants Reece with a straight right hand! Scoop, slam by the Master of Darwinism.

Lillehammer: Reece with a surprisingly flush European Uppercut.

Phoenix: And another. Reece spins Bob around, STANDING DROPKICK SENDS BOBINO DOWN!

Lillehammer: He bought himself time. He needs to buy himself a clue. Fighting longer against Bob is a losing proposition for that stack of dimes he calls a neck.

Phoenix: Reece climbs on Bob’s back and just going to town with right hands to the back of Bob’s neck! The return fire from Reece!

Lillehammer: Illegal fire like an arsonist.


Lillehammer: He’s still trying to catch Bob sleeping.


Lillehammer: He needed that. Can’t let that twerp get in control.

Phoenix: Bobino dragging Reece to the turnbuckle. Rams Reece’s neck into it. Now he’s dropping down elbows to the top of Reece’s head. Measures, right hand between the eyes. And another.

Lillehammer: If he keeps pissing off Bob, it is just gonna get worse for-

Phoenix: Reece fires back with a hard open hand chop to Bob’s chest. Bob returns with a punch. Reece again, this one with more spunk. Bob AGAIN with a punch. This one brings Reece to his knees. Bob, DDT! Cover! One! Two! No, Reece still alive.

Lillehammer: Bob not wasting time.

Phoenix: Bob, with a single arm DDT. Forgoing a cover, pulls him up dragging Reece again to the corner. Climbs to the second rope. HE’S GOING FOR DARWINISM! If he hits this it’s over.

Lillehammer: Bob… I don’t know if Reece-

Phoenix: HUGE CHOP BY REECE! AND ANOTHER! Reece climbing up… HURRICANRANA! That’s the huge shot Reece needed!

The crowd starts chanting loudly for Reece as the ref checks on both men. Bob is the first to stand. As he clears his cobwebs, Reece comes up to a knee and motions Bob to come at him. Bob obliges and nails Reece with a strong right hand that almost falls the man. Reece shakes his head and stands to his feet. Bob responds by raking the eyes of Reece.

Phoenix: COME ON!

Lillehammer: Bob, HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER… but he isn’t going for the cover...


Lillehammer: Bob with a high sign!

Phoenix: Bob, pulling Reece up. HARD RIGHT HAND FROM REECE!

Lillehammer: Where did that come from?


When Bobino goes to rake the eyes of Reece again, Reece captures his hand and slips quickly behind Bob.

Phoenix: BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! BRIDGE! ONE! TWO! NO! Bob out the back door.

Lillehammer: Reece still on him.

Phoenix: Reece, OUTSIDE CRADLE! ONE! TWO! BOB AGAIN OUT! Both men up,

Reece with rage in his eyes closes distance at a maddening rate.


Phoenix: GOOD LORD! Bob drops to the mat! Bob needs to cover!

Lillehammer: Every second’s important against this spunky kid. Just get to him!

Phoenix: Babino has his wits about him. Pulling him up- Reece fires a kick doubling him over! HE’S GOING FOR A GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER!

Lillehammer: And Bob isn’t moving. You can see the desperation in Reece’s eyes! That powerslam did more damage than he let on.

Phoenix: Reece winces- Back Body Drop by Bob! Reece stumbling up, ANOTHER LARIAT BY BOBINO TURNS RAYMOND INSIDE OUT!!

Lillehammer: Okay, he’s done.

Phoenix: Reece face down! Bob to the second rope, SENTON ON REECE’S BACK!

Lillehammer: If I was a betting man, I know where this is headed!


Announcer: The winner of the match and heading onto the finals of the Western States Heritage Championship Tournament, BOOOBIIINOOO!

Bobino: 4.15 + 1.3 = 5.45 total
Reece Raymond: 3.12 + 0.3 = 3.43 total

As "This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson plys. booing cascades over the arena as the ref raises Bob’s hand. He looks to the camera and puts up one finger saying “one down, one to go” before he fakes kicking dust over Reece.

Phoenix: That is kinda uncalled for.

Lillehammer: Told you he’d win. Told you Reece would choke. Bobino is READY for this night.

Phoenix: You did. But, again, Reece didn’t quit. He played his hand wrong and the moment was Bobino’s. Bobino won, but he didn’t have it as easy as you are claiming. Nevertheless, Bobino is one step closer to the Western States Heritage Championship.

Lillehammer:The night where a Bob will make the world acknowledge him. I love it!

The camera follows Bobino to the ramp. He looks back to the ring and shakes his head in disgust. Reece is seen being helped to his feet as the camera fade.

03-30-2019, 03:44 PM

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled is the second of our WSHC tournament matches!

Ozzy’s Right Boot of Justice Troops enter the arena as the The Next Day by David Bowie brings cheers. Ozzy Crerar motions them to stop at the top of the rampway and he makes his long march towards the ring while slapping hands with those in the crowd.

Announcer: Coming down the aisle, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 245 lbs, OZZY CREEERAAAR!

Ozzy pumps his fist into the air in response to the announcer.

Phoenix: This moment is huge for Ozzy.

Lillehammer If you told me he’d be in this spot a year ago, I’d have called you delusional. As much as I do not like the man’s “persona,” I have to admit he’s came a long way since he was in the lower card.

Phoenix: But…

Lillehammer: Not But! Eesh just because the fool will lose, doesn’t mean I can’t talk him up so Osiris’s upcoming win can mean something.

Phoenix: Listen to this crowd as Ozzy enters the ring. Serious momentum behind him. Osiris is going to be a tough nut to crack for him

Lillehammer: If I was Ozzy, I’d find a way to distract the ref and use a weapon.

Phoenix: You’re ridiculous sometimes, you know that?

Lillehammer: I have an excuse. I have to sit next to your biased commentary every week while I tell it like it is.

Phoenix: So what you’re saying is you are going to guarantee a win by-

Lillehammer: Now, now. Let’s not get that far... Fine. Ozzy has a real chance. But he needs to wrestle the best match of his career.


A hostile crowd welcomes Ceasar Osiris out from the back. As "Never Learn Not to Love" by "The Beach Boys" plays harmoniously, he walks through the vitriol with a confident smirk on his face.

Announcer: From Gasport, New York! Weighing in at 220 lbs! CEASAR OSIIIRIIIS!

Phoenix: I have no issue with Osiris being in this spot. But the way the man goes about his business certainly bothers this crowd. I don’t blame them. He’s as evil as they come.

Lillehammer: One man’s evil villain is another man’s hero. This man has fought his way here. Don’t get it twisted. Osiris has redemption on his mind He wins tonight, he can face bob in the finals and get revenge on his loss to Bob when it matters. When a championship is in the balance.

Phoenix: No doubt. He’s a tremendous performer. But he can put the arrogance away and pay attention. Ozzy isn’t an easy win.

Osiris steps through the ropes and walks right in front of Ozzy, almost bumping him, and heads to step onto one of the second rope’s turnbuckles to respond to the crowd with raised arms. He steps down, heads across the ring and repeats the action. This time bumping into Ozzy.


Lillehammer: Osiris showing that disrespect! I LOVE-

As Osiris turns around to address Ozzy, he hesitates and ignores his opponent. He goes to the next turnbuckle, this time raising a fist into the sky mocking Ozzy. As he steps down, an angry Ozzy Crerar charges.


Lillehammer: WHAT? CLEAP SHOT!

Phoenix: That’s one way to respond to being disrespected! Osiris stumbling out, Ozzy, WHEELBARROW FALL! What a crisp move to surprise Osiris!

Lillehammer: Osiris in pain! He hasn’t gotten out of the box yet!

Phoenix: Osiris scrambling up, OZZY, SPRINGBOARD, CROSSBODY… Rolls through, Osiris hasn’t gotten his feet underneath him, Ozzy, spin kick right to the gut. Ozzy, HALF-HATCH SUPLEX! ONE! TWO! NO!

Lillehammer: He’s running around like a jumping bean!

Phoenix: Ozzy charges, HURRICANRANN-

Lillehammer: Osiris holds on!

Phoenix: Osiris,pulls him up! Charges! BUCKLE BOMB! Ozzy stumbling out, EAT DA-FEET! OSIRIS QUICKLY INTO A COVER! ONE! TWO! TH- NO!

Lillehammer: That’ll slow this fool down Mort to Osiris’s pace.

Phoenix: Interestingly,Osiris showing some urgency of his own! Ozzy up to a knee... Osiris RUNNING STO! Hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! OZZY AGAIN OUT THE BACKDOOR!

Lillehammer: Ozzy’s on dream street!

Phoenix: Again up quick! Osiris, stomps away at Ozzy. Ozzy Crerar’s in a world of hurt. Almost to his feet, Inverted Atomic Drop by Osiris! Osiris with a kick to the midsection, HOOKS FOR THE HAIL CAESER! Ozzy counters, AIR RAID CRASH!

Lillehammer: Where did he get THAT from?

Phoenix: Ozzy is no pushover tonight! Ozzy waiting for Osiris to stand. Osiris ANOTHER SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! ONE! TWO TH-

Lillehammer: ACK!


Ozzy argues the ref, albeit briefly, before turning his gaze back and a seemingly wounded Osiris. With is wheels turning, he contemplates his next move. Meanwhile Osiris searches for the ropes to pull himself up.

Phoenix: This contest is at a breakneck pace! Both trying to get out of here as quickly as possible to be as fresh as they can for the finals!

Lillehammer: Smart. But, if I wrestle twice in a night-

Phoenix: What’s The Laughing Warlord thinking? Ozzy? Measuring? Charges-

Just as Osiris is about to be struck with a cross body that would send both men over the top rope, he propels Ozzy over his head, careening to the floor below. The crowd groans as Ozzy lands flat on his back.

Phoenix; GOODNESS!


Phoenix: Osiris smiling at his handiwork! Ozzy crashed back first onto the floor below. He tried to stop himself and still paid dearly. Osiris outside. The rabid fans in the front row giving it out to him.

Lillehammer: He’s staying focused. Against a man like Ozzy, that is one huge advantage.

Phoenix: He casually rolls Ozzy inside.

Lillehammer: This was always academic.

Phoenix: Osiris gloating to the fans on the way in.

Lillehammer: Now’s NOT the time for that...

Phoenix: Osiris, pulls him up to a stand, OZZY WITH A THRUST KICK!

Lillehammer: Ozzy’s labering.


Lillehammer: His back gave out!

Phoenix: He’s holding his back. Ozzy’s in obvious pain! That fall caused it and Osiris taking advantage! Osiris, Double Under hook- Ozzy with a spinning back elbow! Ozzy screams! Powers through the pain. Ozzy, SPRING-

When Ozzy leaps for the springboard, Osiris is all over it and plows into Ozzy’s lower back with a high knee that sends the wounded man straight to the canvas.


Lillehammer: AMAZING! Those flippy-doos… They just don’t learn...

Phoenix: Osiris quick to capitalize. Osiris tries to pull him up, Double Under hook! Hail- Ozzy to a knee!

Lillehammer: Osiris is so darn determined.

Phoenix: Again? Blocked!

When Ozzy blocks a third time, Osiris uses the injury against him and presses Ozzy down to the mat. He then Brings a leg up and strikes down on the top of Ozzy’s dome.

Phoenix: HUGE KNEE TO OZZY’S HEAD. That was flush!

Lillehammer: He’s got him up now!


[B]Caesar Osiris: 3.98 + 1.0 = 4.98 total
Ozzy Crerar: 3.84 + 0.5 = 4.34 total

"Never Learn Not to Love" by "The Beach Boys" is drowned out as the crowd voices their displeasure. Osiris stands over Ozzy and raises his fist into the sky. He steps out of the ring and “marches” up towards the stage.

Phoenix: Ozzy was game. Osiris was prepared. He moves on.

Lillehammer: Convincingly may I add. This crowd is in for a treat for the finals. The rematch that was destined to happen.

Phoenix: Indeed. It will be a wonderful match for the vacant Western States Heritage Champion! We send you backstage our backstage reporter, the intelligent Rose Floricer!

Lillehammer: Intelligent and stunning. Did you see that gown she had on?

Phoenix: People of Twitter, I apologize for my colleague-

Lillehammer: What do you have against beautiful-

Phoenix: Bobby! SHUT UP! Rose!

Lillehammer: Eesh… you could be nicer you know.

We go backstage where a camera catches a small producer talking to a flush faced [b]Rose Florecer.

Rose: Seriously. Get Crotchman-

Producer: You were specifically requested. I guess boss pointed out that in your contract “if you are requested for one, you must answer it.” Or something like that. Besides, you haven’t interviewed that asshole in what, 5 years?

Rose: But I don’t get it. He would never request me… oh...

The beautiful interviewer fixes her hair and takes a few breaths to regain her composure. When Rose takes her place at the interview station a woman’s red fingernails gently dig into her shoulder. The camera pulls back to reveal a peach kimono wearing Kassandra Jimenez staring at the interviewer. Kassandra leans in desperately close to her ear and whispers just loud enough for the boom mic to catch what she says.

Kassandra: I’m happy to see you accepted our invitation. Now do your fucking job like the good company whore you are. Or quit. I’m happy with either.

Kassie’s rough dark voice almost cracks at the low volume. This causes the hairs on Rose’s arm to stand up and her body shivers. Seeing the fear plastered on Rose’s face, Kassandra smiles evilly. Rose clears her throat as the production crew changes to the stationary camera.

Rose: It has been an insane night this evening and we have much more to come. I welcome at this time, Kass… Kassandra!

Rose yelps as the producer from earlier is thrown into onto the floor in front of the terrified woman. Coming into frame is Mourn Despana. with his back covering the view of the scene. When the cameras shift, Kassandra is almost smirking as a seething Mourn pulls the small man off the ground and slams him against the far wall.

Despana: You owe an apology for allowing a certain... VIDEO!

Producer: Mrs. Despana… I’m sorry! *Mourn’s grip tightens* I’M SORRY!

Rose: Mourn. Please. Look at the size of him. You expect him to stop a pro wrestler the size of Golden from doing what he wants?

Kassandra: Apology accepted. Sorry for the roughing up. Get yourself checked.

Mourn releases and motions to Kasandra. She stuffs a few hundred dollar bills into the tech guy’s shirt pocket before the diminutive man scrambles out of shot. Rose looks into the still camera helplessly and brings the mic to her mouth.

Rose: Please welcome at this time... The LPW World Heavyweight Champion, Mourn Despana. You proud of yourself? Everyone saw that. You have a gameplan or just going to go around bullying staff?

Kassandra takes her place at Mourn’s side and looks at Rose in disappointment as boos rain in.

Despana: You are the live in dishrag for the International Heavyweight Champion. We are mear matches away from the most important match in not only my career, but the HISTORY of this forsaken company. And you are over here asking for my gameplan!

Rose: Gabe… I’m trying to do my job. If you want to control this interview, just say your promo please.

Despana: Challenge accepted. And loosen up. You would never be harmed by me. Now San Francisco… I thought I left this shit behind when I took a break from Seattle… In my stay, I found out that it is impossible to go for a jog around this feces covered hellhole without running into an enabled, drugged up degenerate asking for a handout to continue using drugs in the same society these liberal fucktards want to push on everyone else!

Fervorous boos come from the crowd.

Despana: My flower... People of this world have never changed. They always fight something... If not on a battlefield, by demonizing the dissenters who think differently. All in the name of keeping you safe. We live in a world where Social Justice Warriors believe they have gone to war and want the respect that we do not show our own god damned troops! The masses have more power now than ever in the history of mankind and all we get are more taxes, people saying I cannot protect my wife, and those who want to oppress my free speech.

After few cheers come from the ballpark’s crowd Mourn angrily yanks the mic away from Rose and holds it by both hands while staring into the camera.

Despana: YAY! I SAID SOMETHING RIGHT! EVERYONE TO TWITTER SO WE CAN RUIN LIVES TO MAKE THE WORLD CHANGE! THAT WILL HELP! The one thing that I have been consistent on is being an individual and letting actions speak for themselves. It has gotten me ridiculed by my peers and isolated by society. Rose, your man fights for the delusional asshats I tried to help. My crusade to save humanity from itself? Done. Now? Mourn Despana only looks out for himself… and his dear wife. Let natural selection take their pathetic lives. America is supposed to be the land of the free. If this liberal paradise is the future, we are well on the way to the wonderful life of 1920 Russia and bread lines. A world where the ruling class chooses will die. As for tonight and where my focus completely lies? Austin and Al? Austin is a man I wish I was; as both a on a technical level, and as an athlete. He is a man I hope learns from this experience. From a man who will have main evented Altered Reality after working his ass off to get from the front of the card. Who became what he aimed to be. Greater than the sum of his parts. Austin, I moved past you on the improvement scale long ago. Tonight, I am your kryptonite, as well as Al’s.

Mourn turns to Rose, extends both hands out, and gently hands the mic back to the terrified woman before the Ronin calmly continues while staring into her eyes.

Despana: As it is, Rosemary, I am deathly sorry for what I am going to cause to your fairy tale ending. To the post LPW Al. I am sorry you are going to end up bedside at a hospital for coming weeks because his ass pissed off the wrong American. You do not taunt a man who is worrying about a loved one. It comes back to you in the end. Sad that he dragged you into this. You did nothing wrong. But Al? After tonight he will be an emblem of what this great city has become. Full of shit, doped up on drugs, and too expensive to maintain.

As it should be.

Mourn steps back, fixes his jacket and tie. then extends an arm to his wife.

Kassandra: Don’t forget to get your goodnight kiss in advance, sweetie. A shame for you to cry yourself to sleep without it.

Kassie takes his arm and nods to politely Rose. Rose’s angered face watches Mourn lead Kassandra away as the camera fades.

03-30-2019, 03:47 PM
Lillehammer: Altered Reality is rolling on, and up next a grudge match for the ages. Sean Jensen promises that by the end of the night, he’ll have everyone’s attention. Phantom Lord has vowed that the youngster will fall to his knees and worship.

Phoenix: We have been told that the referees have been instructed to give this match “relaxed rules” in order to reach a conclusion.

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 250 pounds, from Paradise Valley, Arizona, Phantom Lord!

“Supernaut” by Black Sabbath starts to play across the speakers as a single spotlight appears. The founding father of LPW, Phantom Lord steps into it. It follows him as he walks to the ring. He seems unfazed, despite an overwhelmingly positive reaction for him.

Lillehammer: Phantom Lord is one of the pillars of LPW, he doesn’t always play by the rules though.

Announcer: And his opponent. Weighing in at 220 pounds. From Sacramento, California, Sean Jensen!

“A Dangerous Mind” by Foxy Shazam hits across the speakers, as Sean Jensen makes his way to the ring. Jensen slaps hands with fans as he makes his entrance. He slides into the ring, never taking his eyes off Phantom Lord. The referee rings the bell, and the match starts.

Phoenix: Jensen makes the first move, lunging with a knee strike. He connects with the side of the head, and Phantom goes down to his knee.

Lillehammer: What is this idiot doing?

With Phantom down on one knee, Jensen turns to the crowd, and throws his hands up in the air. Phantom is back on his feet quickly, and glares quizzically at Jensen. Before Jensen can turn back around Phantom is on the attack. He hits the ropes and connects with a running kick to the back that knocks Jensen out of the ring.

Phoenix: You don’t turn your back on Phantom Lord!

Lillehammer: One of the all time greats, Phantom Lord made his bones by being a top level brawler.

Phoenix: Phantom follows Jensen outside. I have a feeling this won’t be pretty.

Lillehammer: Keep in mind, this is Phantom Lords first match in months. He’s been on the shelf since his Barbed Wire Steel Cage match with Chris Austin.

Phantom reaches over for Jensen, but Jensen slaps him hard across the face. Jensen follows it up with a boot to the gut. Sean grabs Phantom by the neck and shoves him into the barricade.

Phoenix: There’s those relaxed rules we spoke about. Phantom is back on his feet. To his credit, he seems to be showing a lot of resilience for his age.

Lillehammer: Evil never dies, Blazing. You can’t bring down Phantom Lord that easily.

Phoenix: Phantom charges toward Jensen!

Phantom clotheslines Jensen over the barricade. The referee follows them out, trying to get the two men back into the ring, but they ignore his please, and continue brawling in the crowd. Security clears the area. Jensen stumbles over a chair, picks it up, and throws it at Phantom. Phantom Lord brushes it out of the way, and manages to grab a fistful of Jensens hair. He whips him back toward the barricade, but Jensen leaps up and stands on it.

Lillehammer: The agility of Sean Jensen is coming into play here!

Phoenix: Shooting Star Press!

Sean Jensen leaps off the barricade, back toward Phantom Lord with a shooting star press. Jensen doesn’t waste a moment. He picks up a chair and hits Phantom across the chest with it. The veteran cringes as Jensen winds up and hits him again.

Phoenix: Well that should be a disqualification, but again, there must be a winner, which means this match must continue. You hate to see the rules bent like this though.

Lillehammer: Speak for yourself. I love it!

Jensen winds up again, but Phantom manages to grab the chair before it connects. He rises to his feet and boots Jensen in the stomach. Phantom hurls Jensen toward the staircase leading up to the raised seating area. Phantom grabs Jensen and lifts him up for a vertical suplex on the stairs.

Lillehammer: Lordy, that looks like it hurt! This has quickly spiralled out of control.
There’s no telling what these two might do to each other. Hide the cinder blocks!

Phoenix: We’ve actually just been instructed that under the orders of Mr. Nabakov himself, the match is going to be decided as a No Disqualification match.

We see an agent whispering something in the ear of the referee, who nods. The referee tells Phantom and Jensen about the adjustment. Phantom brushes the referee away, but Jensen uses the distraction to get back on his feet, and clothesline Phantom down the stadium steps. Both men go tumbling back to the floor. Jensen is back on his feet, seemingly limping. He grabs a large black production cart and starts shoving it toward Phantom Lord, who is leaning against a barricade. Jensen drives the production cart into the Phantom Lord’s side.

Phoenix: Again, we’ve been told this will now be no disqualification, there must be a winner in this match.

Lillehammer: Although it doesn’t look like there will be a winner, just a survivor. And I’m still not sure who it’s going to be.

Phoenix: Phantom Lord has been busted open! But wait, Jensen is on top of the cart!

Sean Jensen has climbs up to the top of the production cart. He leaps off for a moonsault, but at the last moment, Phantom Lord raises his boot high in the air. Jensen goes head first into it, and falls to the concrete.

Phoenix: Veteran maneuver by Phantom Lord. We were worried about ring rust, but I think it’s pretty clear we’re not seeing any.

Phantom Lord grabs the cart for balance, and gets to his feet. He picks up a chair from one of the rows that has cleared out. Fans have formed a circle around them. Phantom throws a chair at Jensen. Jensen raises his hand, but only deflects it slightly. Phantom reaches for Jensen and simply whips him toward the empty rows. Jensen topples into them. They fold as he goes down, and some start to fall on top of him.

Phoenix: Phantom Lord is back in control. The referee telling him to take it back to the ring, but Phantom shoves him off.

Phantom Lord grabs Jensen, and brings him back toward the ring. Phantom hurls Jensen over the barricade, and hops over himself.

Lillehammer: Well at least they’re back in the ringside area now.

Phoenix: Phantom has Jensen up on his shoulders!

Phantom Lord picks Jensen up, and throws him, back-first at the ring post.

Phoenix: Dominator against the steel post!

Jensen lands on the ground and struggles to get his balance, but Phantom Lord simply knees him in the face. Sean Jensen goes down. Phantom Lord drags him by the hair back into the ring.

Lillehammer: Never count out experience. Phantom Lord, so good at getting so much out of every single move. With Jensen back in the ring, Phantom needs to wrap this up. He’s losing blood quickly.

Phoenix: Phantom Lord one of the toughest to ever walk these hallowed halls. I don’t think a little thing like massive blood loss will keep him down.

Phantom Lord rolls into the ring and connects with a running elbow drop. With Jensen prone, he stomps him repeatedly, anywhere he can reach.

Lillehammer: Phantom Lord returning to his basics. Still so powerful, he’s got Jensen up for a vertical suplex. Jensen lands hard. I think he’s about ready to finish this one.

Phantom Lord starts to climb to the middle rope. The crowd roars with approval as he does, but their roar turns even louder as he starts to stand on the top rope. Phantom Lord motions to the crowd, and then leaps off, landing his knees squarely in the centre of Jensens chest.

Phoenix: King Kong knee drop from the top rope!

Lillehammer: Jensen is done, for sure.

Phoenix: The smart thing to do would be to pin him, but he doesn’t seem to be going for it.

Phantom Lord rolls outside and picks up a stray chair from the ringside area. He re-enters the ring, and bangs it agains the ground. As Sean starts to get to his feet, Phantom Lord swings it into Sean’s gut. Jensen bends over, and Phantom Lord drops the chair under him. Phantom Lord hits the ropes, and hits Jensen with a bulldog onto the chair.

Lillehammer: This is Altered Reality! The stage that Phantom Lord helped build! He’s not ready to pack it up just yet. Phantom gets Jensen back on his feet. Jensen looks worse than usual. The lights are on, but nobody’s home! He picks the Misfit up, End of the Line Samoan Drop!

Before Phantom Lord can drop, Jensen slides out behind him, and stumbles to the ropes. Jensen springboards off the middle rope, but Phantom Lord boots him out of the air. Jensen collapses in a heap, propped up by only the ropes.

Phoenix: He can’t be…

Phantom Lord reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a bunch of powder.

Lillehammer: Get the burn ward on the phone!

Phantom Lord hurls the powder, and a fireball erupts. Before it can connect, Jensen drops to his knees, and uppercuts his forearm into the groin of his opponent. Phantom Lord goes down hard.

Phoenix: Jensen is back in the game! Jensen is back on his feet! He’s stomping his foot! It’s time for Weapon X!

As Phantom gets back to his feet, Jensen rushes forward, and goes for the Weapon X kick. Phantom dodges out of the way, and lifts Jensen up for a German suplex. Jensen picks up the chair, throws it at Phantom Lord, but Phantom catches it.

Lillehammer: Jensen with the Weapon X kick!
Jensen hits the Weapon X kick, driving the chair into Phantom Lords face.

Phoenix: This might be it!

Jensen stumbles against the ropes, and kicks the chair out of the way. As Phantom starts to stir, Jensen puts all of his energy into locking in the Grape Juice Special.

Lillehammer: He’s got him!

Phoenix: Jensen hits the Grape Juice Special! He covers Phantom Lord!




Phoenix: Sean Jensen has defeated Phantom Lord at Altered Reality! Jensen said he was going to get everyone’s attention, and I have to think he’s got it after that.

Announcer: The winner of the match, Seeeeeean. Jen. Sen!

Sean Jensen: 2.23 + 1.3 = 3.53 total
Phantom Lord: 2.28 + 0.3 = 2.58 total

Sean Jensen stands triumphantly over Phantom Lord, arms raised in victory.


Lillehammer: This clown…

Phoenix: This certainly wasn’t the return Phantom planned. Took Jensen lightly, and somehow, Jensen found a chink in the armor of the Hall of Famer. Jensen again with the victory, we head backstage.

03-30-2019, 03:50 PM
The hallway was dark, illuminated by a small light spot on Bane Uzzah, who stares quietly into the camera, stoic and calm.

Ah. The ladder. Ascension to heaven.
The titles. Swirling in the air.

Bane grinned manically and started spinning around in a sort of trance, a slow methodical dance. He paused and stared straight into the camera.

There are things inside me without mercy, without remorse, without compassion. Things that are dead, things that hurt you, things that can scar you.

As I sat at home, these last few days, suffering through the debilitating trauma of mental illness, in and out of coma. . . I was forced to suffer the further indignity of listening to three jobbers talk about how, 'They're Hardcore'.

I understand all of your anxieties. Your fears. Maybe even better than you. Because I stand on the shoulders of God.

I understand DGS. David. The man who slayed Goliath. I know men like you, David. After you single handedly took down the biggest challenge of your life, what’s left? Fornication? Killing your lover’s husband? Fuming in the airport pretending to be righteous in your anger? I know what it’s like. I have been at the top of the ladder - and I have been stuck at the bottom rungs. You have nothing left, David, except everything to lose.

I understand Maverick. No friends, no family, obsessed with proving you are THE only Maverick that matters. Beating over our heads that you’re The Maverick. Like you mean something. You’re nothing. You know nothing. Nothing except the constant, annoying agony of realisation that nobody likes you. Not even the fourth wall, producers behind the screens, executives writing your fucking cheque, likes you.

I understand Joe. Joe, the man whose very righteous foundation was shaking as the devil tested you. Your wife, she despired you. She craved the warmth and the embrace of another, and maybe it’s your failings to make her feel like a real woman. Maybe, your manhood is waning. It doesn’t matter. What matters is, at the grave testing that God gave Job in Bible, like He did for you, you failed. You blamed your wife, you blamed the man, you blamed the world - the fact is, Joe, you are not even a real man to your own lover. Austin choked you, in reality, he didn’t need to. You are already suffocating yourself. YOU FAILED YOU.

Bane points at the camera, his eyes grimaced with anger.

And you. I understand you. You fans talked about taking this hardcore ladder match to the extreme.. I am THE EXTREME. I am the fucking EXTREME. There’s nobody that eats, breathes and lives extreme suffering more than me. And now it’s my time to prove that to the world. Altered Reality is my time to take what is mine and that is to become the LPW Hardcore Champion. To hell with Joe, to hell with David, to hell with Maverick. All the fans? I could care less. When it’s said and done, Altered reality is about me. It’s about nobody else, it’s about me getting what I deserve, what I want, and that is climbing the peak of the ladder and becoming the LPW Hardcore champion.

Bane smacks the camera as it falls harshly to the ground, as the screen turns black.

Lillehammer: Altered Reality is really heating up. Next, the Hardcore Championship is on the line.

Phoenix: Earlier today, David Gideon Smith had his title taken away, and now we can see it hanging high above the ring.

Lillehammer: Grab a ladder, grab the belt, become the Hardcore Champion. That’s the formula for success. Joe Citizen, Bane Uzzah, and THE David Maverick all vie for the chance to take away The Blackstar’s championship.

Announcer: The following match is a ladder match for the LPW Hardcore Championship! The first person to retrieve the belt will be declared the winner!

“Power” by Kanye West starts to blare across the speakers. The arena turns dark as Bane Uzzah appears on the stage with a spotlight shining down on him. He pulls off his hoodie, as the arena lights up. Bane marches to the ring, pointing to the hardcore championship.[i]

Announcer: Introducing first, weighing 240 pounds, from Israel, Jerusalem, BANE UZZAH!

Lillehammer: Bane Uzzah, the soldier looking ever determined tonight. Can he be the one to take the Hardcore Championship home?

[i]“No Control” by David Bowie plays across the speakers. THE David Maverick appears at the top of the stage looking confident. He spins around, soaking in the Altered Reality set, before striding down to the ring. Maverick waves sarcastically at Bane, who rolls his eyes.

Announcer: Introducing next, weighing 270 pounds, from Devon, England, THE-DAVID MAVERICK!

Phoenix: Ever confident, THE David Maverick looks to cement his legacy tonight with a win on the grandest stage LPW has to offer.

“Shut Up and Explode” by The Boom Boom Satellites hits, as Joe Citizen climbs from over the barricade near the ramp. He pulls himself onto stage, and surveys the arena. Then he nods his head before making his way down to the ring.

Announcer: Introducing next, weighing in at 260 pounds, JOE CITIZEN!

Phoenix: Interestingly, Joe Citizen seems to be somewhat indifferent to winning the Hardcore Championship. He said he’ll be satisfied as long as it doesn’t leave around the waist of David Gideon Smith. Citizen wants to deny The Sovereign his championship at all costs.

Lillehammer: I think it’s a sham. Citizen is as power-hungry as anyone. He’ll take the belt for himself the first chance he gets. The guy is all talk.

Announcer: And finally the champion. Weighing in at 245 pounds, from Omaha Nebraska, The Sovereign, DAVID GIDEON SMITH!

“6.24” by Danger starts to play across the speakers. David Gideon Smith appears on the stage. He points to the men in the ring, and makes an X with his hands on the way to the ring. As he climbs into the ring, the bell sounds.

Lillehammer: And this one is underway, and you’d better believe the champ knows it. As soon as that bell went, Citizen dashed across the ring, right for the jaw of the champion. DGS can barely get his hands up to block, but Citizen appears to be doing some real damage.

Citizen strikes at DGS with a flurry of punches and kicks. He looks over his shoulder, and to his surprise, Maverick and Bane actually start to help him. Maverick grabs one arm, and Bane grabs the other. DGS struggles to break free, but to no avail. Citizen comes from behind and elbows DGS across the back of his head. DGS falls limp to the ground.

Phoenix: Good lord, the champ might be out already. We just started this match!

Lillehammer: Maverick backs away from the champion, but it looks like Bane is going on the attack. He’s got DGS by the arms, and starts stomping away. The referee is checking on DGS, but there’s not a lot he can do. As a reminder, there’s no disqualifications, pinfalls or submissions in this match. The only way to win is by retrieving the belt. The first person to do so will be declared the hardcore champion. A match like this doesn’t favour the champ, as you can plainly see.

Citizen shoves Bane off, and starts to go after the champions shoulders, striking hard with elbows. Bane looks annoyed, and before Citizen can get any real momentum whips the challenger into the ropes. While both men are busy, DGS rolls out of the ring. From behind, Maverick appears with a ladder.

Lillehammer: The first ladder of the night, and it’s from none other than THE-David Maverick! Citizen and Bane are brawling, each man jockeying for position, but right behind them, Maverick has a ladder, locked and loaded!

David Maverick rams both men in the face with a ladder. They each go down and Maverick sets the ladder up in the centre of the ring. Maverick looks to confirm both men are down. Satisfied, he lifts his arms up in victory, soaking in the roar of the crowd.

Phoenix: There’s no time for that Maverick! Climb that ladder, take the title!

Lillehammer: Who do you think you are, telling THE-David Maverick what to do? There he goes, Maverick is climbing, this one might be over already!

As Maverick climbs, Joe Citizen has stumbled back to his feet. On spaghetti legs, he starts to lift the ladder up from the opposite side. Maverick tumbles backwards, and lands on his feet, right in front of Bane. Bane wastes no time, lifting him up for a German suplex. Maverick tumbles out of the ring. Bane turns his attention back to Citizen, getting right into his face, before shoving him hard.

Phoenix: Citizen didn’t like that! Neither one of these men want to go home empty handed, but Bane is quick on the draw. Citizen starts to throw hands, and Bane returns them right away.

The crowd comes to life as Citizen and Bane trade forearm shots in the centre of the ring. Bane finally snaps, and kicks Citizen between the legs. Bane gives a wry smile, and the crowd boos heavily as Citizen goes down.

Phoenix: What a cheap shot!

Lillehammer: There’s nothing cheap about it! There’s no disqualifications here! Bane has the ladder! He’s focusing on Citizen’s leg, and rams the ladder into it! We might need a paramedic, Citizen looks to be in dire straits.

Phoenix: What the!

From behind Bane, David Gideon Smith appears. Before the soldier has a chance to recognize there’s someone behind him, DGS clocks him in the back of the head with a hard forearm. The crowd cheers as DGS stands over Bane, lifts him up, and gives him a hard sucker punch forearm to the back of the head.

Phoenix: Now that’s what I call a receipt. DGS is back in action!
DGS turns his head, and narrows his eyes. The camera pans out to reveal he is looking at Joe Citizen.

Lillehammer: I think this will be the end of Citizen’s night.

Phoenix: It could be the end of his career!

A ladder is shoved into the centre of the ring. We see someone shove a third ladder into the ring. A camera on the other side reveals it is David Maverick. He shoves the ladder into the ring, and then presses his back against the outside of the barricade.

Lillehammer: There’s the scariest thing you can see in a match like this: DGS with a ladder in hand.

Phoenix: There’s so many things you can do with a ladder. It’s necessary to win, but you know it’s going to be used as a weapon along the way. DGS shoves one of the ladders into the corner, and turns back to Citizen.

DGS whips Citizen into the ladder. At the last second, Citizen leaps over the ladder, and makes his way to the top rope. DGS follows him, but Citizen stomps him across the back, driving his face into the ladder.

Phoenix: DGS has been busted open!

Lillehammer: I hate to say it, but it looks like Citizen is on his way to accomplishing his goal. DGS is on one knee. Citizen charges for him!

As Citizen darts toward DGS, The Sovereign grabs him, and suplexs him onto the ladder. Citizen writhes in pain. DGS cocks his neck as he furrows his brow in determination.

Phoenix: The tide just turned.

Lillehammer: You’d better believe it. The champ is back in control.

Phoenix: DGS has got the third ladder. He looks up at his title, but it looks like he’s not going for it just yet. He’s going to use that ladder as a battering ram. He smashes it into Joe Citizen’s face!

As DGS smashes Citizen with the ladder, he pulls it back and does it again. Over and over!
Once he feels he’s done, DGS simply throws the ladder at Citizen who is losing consciousness in the corner.

Lillehammer: Good lord! Citizen’s face looks like raw hamburger!

Phoenix: Again there’s no disqualification, all of this is legal.

Lillehammer: DGS looks ready to end this. He’s starting to set up the ladder in the centre-Oh sweet Abraham Lincoln!

From just off camera, The-David Maverick launches himself through the air, and onto the ladder before it’s fully set up. DGS tries to pull it away, but he’s too slow, and Maverick is able to run up the rungs, and grab a hold of the title.

Phoenix: Maverick is going to do it! From out of nowhere, Maverick has his golden opportunity!

Before Maverick can get much of a grip, DGS swings the top of the ladder at him, and knocks Maverick out of the air. As Maverick lands, DGS grabs him, and connects with the Deepfire.

Lillehammer: Just like a piñata, DGS looks like he’s sending him back to whatever shit-hole country he came from.

Phoenix: He’s from England, Robert.

Lillehammer: Exactly what I said.

DGS turns his eyes back to the title, hanging above the ring, and starts to set up another ladder. Before he gets very far, Bane is back in the mix. He slides into the ring, and starts to follow the champion up the ladder.

Phoenix: Bane is back in the mix! What a precarious position, they’re trading blows at the top of the ladder!

As the two men trade forearm shots, Bane again takes the cheap way out, and drives his thumb into the eye of the champion. The champ swings blindly, but cannot find a target. Bane reaches up for the title, but before he can get very far, another ladder appears. On the ground, we see Joe Citizen stumbling around, his face a crimson mask. Citizen stumbles his way up to the top.

Phoenix: Check out Maverick on the outside of the ring. He’s setting up a table!

Lillehammer: Like you said, it’s all legal. I don’t think he’s going to get much of a chance to use it though, all the action is happening inside the ring.

Phoenix: Bane tries to jab his thumb into the eye of Citizen, but Citizen dodges it, and boots the ladder. Bane and DGS go tumbling over! Now it’s just Citizen, and he’s in reach of the belt! He reaches for it! Finger tips away!

A chorus of boos echo across the arena as The-David Maverick slides back into the ring, and climbs the same side of the ladder that Citizen is standing on. He grabs Citizen from behind, and pulls him back. Citizen goes falling out of the ring, into the table on the outside of it.

Phoenix: I don’t believe it! Maverick might have just snuck his way into the winners circle! All he needs to do is climb the ladder!

One camera shows us the broken body of Joe Citizen, laying in the remains of a table.

Lillehammer: Show some respect! That’s THE-David Maverick.

Maverick is almost at the top, but before he can reach for the belt, Bane and DGS slide back into the ring. Together they tip over the ladder, and Maverick rolls into the corner of the ring. DGS doesn’t take his eyes off either man, but moves toward Maverick carefully. Maverick goes for a kick, and doesn’t quite get all of it from his seated position. Now Bane moves in, but Maverick fends him off with a kick too.

Lillehammer: Maverick shakes his head, he won’t be denied! THE-David Maverick is back on his feet. a quick forearm, and a strong right jab, he’s got complete control in the middle of the ring.

Phoenix: Not for long! DGS grabs onto Bane, and shoves him into Maverick. Maverick rolls through the ropes, outside to the announce table.

Lillehammer: Bane is looking emptier than a Democrat's promises after election night. He’s got everything he needs to get the job done, the only problem is he needs to go through the champ.

DGS strikes with a running high knee, but Bane catches him from behind and brings him down with a sunset flip. DGS is back on his feet and charges with a running elbow strike. He catches Bane across the jaw.

Phoenix: Don’t count Maverick out yet! He’s wedged two of ladders between the announce tables and the apron. What’s he planning on using it for!? Get out of here!

With Bane down, DGS starts to climb the ladder. As he get’s about halfway up, the crimson mask of Joe Citizen rises from the other side of the ring. Citizen slides into the ring, and launches himself up the other side of the ladder. DGS rolls his eyes, and shakes his head. An angry grimace crosses his face. Citizen and DGS trade elbow shots at the top of the ladder. From atop the ladder, Smith manages to kick Citizen across the face, before stumbling, trying to retain his balance. With Citizen dazed, DGS leaps over his challenger, and delivers a sunset flip power bomb, right onto the ladders outside the ring.

Phoenix: We need help right now. Citizen is knocked out.

From outside the ring we see Citizen out cold, covered in blood. DGS admires his handiwork for a second, before turning his attention back to the ring. He watches as David Maverick slides his way into the ring again. However, as Maverick starts to stand, Bane rushes toward him and punts him across the skull. Bane turns, and stares deeply at Smith, pointing at him, as if to say “You’re next.”

Phoenix: Execution! Bane has hit Execution! You can see paramedics are trying to get Joe Citizen out of the ringside area. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that landing. Citizen tried valiantly to take the title away from The Blackstar, but I have to think…I have to hope his night is over.

Lillehammer: Only the strong survive, Phoenix. What can I say?

Phoenix: DGS and Bane circle the ring, each one ready to make the first move. Bane strikes first with a running knee. DGS goes down to one knee, and Bane looks to capitalize. He rushes to the first ladder he see’s, and sets it up.

Bane looks over, and sees DGS starting to stir. He kicks the champion across the jaw for good measure, and starts to climb. Before he can get to the very top, DGS has already got another ladder in hand. He lifts it, and tries to strike Bane across the face with it. He manages to knock bane down, but gets the ladder stuck in one of the higher rungs.

Lillehammer: There’s literally a ramp, just in case you don’t feel like climbing!

Phoenix: I wonder how either man will be able to climb after what we’ve witnessed. Citizen and Maverick still technically in this match, but they’re being tended to by paramedics. Citizen is being wheeled out, as the paramedics try to make their way though the carnage here at ringside.

Lillehammer: It wouldn’t be Altered Reality without a little chaos!

Phoenix: Speaking of chaos, DGS and Bane are trading stiff chops in the ring.

Bane chops DGS. DGS flinches and takes the chop. DGS chops back. Bane flinches and takes it. Bane goes to chop DGS, but this time he stops half way, and instead kicks him across the jaw. The champ goes down.

Lillehammer: He’s worked so hard for it, he’s been called every name in the book, but now Bane Uzzah looks to cement his legacy here at Altered Reality! Bane is stumbling to the ladder! Can he make it? Bane starts to climb! He’s up!

Phoenix: So is DGS!

Lillehammer: What!?

Shaken, DGS is standing on the side of the ladder where one ladder has been wedged toward the top. DGS shakes his head, no. He darts up the ladder.

Phoenix: This is it!

DGS connects with the Last Word. Bane goes flying off the ladder, and lands, neck-first, in a heap on the ground. The ladder shakes from side to side, and DGS can barely hang onto it, but somehow he does. He looks over to see Citizen being wheeled out, now almost to the top of the ramp. He sees Maverick still laying on the apron. He sees Bane convulsing on the ground below him. He reaches up, and without a moment’s hesitation, or celebration, grabs his title.

Announcer: The winner of this match, and STILL the Hardcore Champion, David Gideon Smith!

David Gideon Smith (c): 4.08 + 1.1 = 5.18 total
Bane Uzzah: 3.92 + 0.3 = 4.22 total
THE David Maverick: 3.13 + 0.1 = 3.23 total
Joe Citizen: 2.01 + 0.1 = 2.11 total

Lillehammer: David Gideon Smith is still your hardcore champion. A hard fought battle, one of the hardest of his career no doubt.

Phoenix: Credit to each of these men for their hellacious effort. David Gideon Smith is the better man, and he walks out with the prize.

Smith holds the belt up above his head, walking unenthusiastically out of the ring. As he reaches the top of the ramp, he looks down at Citizen, who is being wheeled out, and smirks, before making his exit.

03-30-2019, 03:53 PM
Phoenix: Well, as Altered Reality rolls on, we turn our attention to the Tag Team Championships. Matthew Kazama thought he would be watching Altered Reality from the sidelines, but without warning he was given the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to compete for the Tag Team Championships!

Lillehammer:: If you ask me, Kazama failed his way into a tag team title match. The Kid gave him this match out of pity!

Phoenix: Unforseen circumstances meant that Steve Storme would be unable to make it to Altered Reality, his loss is “The Last Kazama’s” gain!

Lillehammer:: How about that look Sixx gave him? I think he’d rather have challenged alone, rather than take on Kazama as a partner.

Announcer: The following match is for the LPW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first,

“Not Gonna Die” by Skillet starts to blare across the speakers. Matthew Kazama appears and the crowd starts to cheer. Kazama strides down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans before sliding into the ring. He hops onto the turnbuckle, and motions to the sky.

Announcer: Weighing in at 220 pounds, Matthew, SILVER, Kaz-AMA!
Kazama turns his attention to the stage.

Phoenix: What a year it’s been for Matthew Kazama. His protégé’, Gavin O’Connor injured, put on the shelf early into his career. Kazama entered LPW to avenge him, but ended up teaming with the man who put him there, Ceasar Osiris, challenging for the Tag Team Titles. Now, Kazama and Sixx King hope to contend for the LPW Tag Team Titles on the biggest stage that LPW has to offer.

“Super Terrorizer” by Black Label Society starts to play across the speakers, as the crowd erupts for the former world champion.

Announcer: And his partner…

As the music continues to play, the stage is completely absent. The cheering stops, and turns to befuddlement. From inside the ring, Kazama looks at the stage, skeptically, throwing up his hands in confusion.

The music stops as the owner of LPW, ”The Kid” Mikhail Nabakov comes onto the stage.

Kid: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my sad duty to announce to you that due to unforeseen circumstance, both Steve Storme, who was originally scheduled to be in this match, and Sixx King, will be unable to compete here tonight.

The crowd begins to boo. Kazama looks on from inside the ring, kicks the ropes in frustration.

Kid: But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a match!
The crowd begins to roar in approval.

Kid: Instead of a tag team match, Matthew Kazama will face ONE of the Professionals, in a match for the Tag Team Championships! Hit the music!

“My People” by The Presets starts to play across the speakers. LPW World Tag Team Champions of the World Steven Thornridge and Bronx make their way to the stage. Bronx and Thornridge hold up their hands, face each other, and then start to play “Rock Paper Scissors.” Thornridge goes paper, and Bronx goes rock. Bronx hangs his head in frustration, as Thornridge raises his hand in victory. A “Paper” chant starts to echo throughout the arena.

Lillehammer:: They didn’t even do best two out of three!

Phoenix: It appears that Thornridge has won the right to defend the tag team championships, albeit, solo. A little unorthodox to be sure.

Lillehammer:: A little!? The tag team titles are being defended by one man! What happens if Kazama wins? Who’s he going to partner with?

Phoenix: Hey, I’m not making the matches I’m just talking about them. The Aussie Crusader in the ring now, Bronx watching from the outside. The bell rings, and this match is on! Right away Kazama is on the prowl, dives down to take out the knee, but Thornridge kicks his hand away.

Thoridge looks behind him, sees Kazama bent over, and mule-kicks him across the jaw.

Lillehammer:: Nasty looking boot! Kazama doesn’t know where is! Thornridge hits the ropes, rolls over the back of his opponent for a sunset flip! Kazama gets his shoulders up instantly, but Thornridge is back on the attack right away with a dropkick.

Kazama is seated and stunned. Thornridge continues to put pressure on him, desperately diving toward him for a chinlock.

Phoenix: So smart, cutting off the air of The Last Kazama. Matthew reaches out for the ropes, but can’t make it! Kazama with an elbow to the gut! And another! And The Aussie Crusader has to break the hold!

Lillehammer:: Kazama is back on the attack! Running STO! Thornridge is floored!
With Thornridge on the ground, Kazama does a standing moonsault onto his prone body.

Phoenix: My God, what athleticism! Kazama leaps to the ropes! Lionsault!
Thornridge tucks his legs, and as Kazama sails through the air, The Aussie Crusader drives both feet into his chest.

Lillehammer:: Like an anti-aircraft missile, Thornridge takes him down from out of nowhere! Kazama might have broken his ribs!

Kazama is struggling to get his breath on the ropes. Thornridge recovers into the corner, as the referee checks on “Silver”. Thornridge lunges toward Kazama with a running high knee, but Kazama ducks the knee, and drives The Professional down with a swinging neckbreaker. As he hits the ground, Kazama clutches at his ribs.

Phoenix: I think something might be seriously wrong with Kazama’s ribs.

Lillehammer:: I bet Thornridge hopes so! He’d love an advantage like that! He came in expecting to face Sixx and Storme in a tag team match, and instead winds up facing Kazama one on one with the titles on the line!

Phoenix: Well I can’t argue it might be disorienting, but part of being a champion is always being prepared.

Lillehammer:: Kazama is on his feet, ready to strike! Thornridge is on his knees, Kazama hits the ropes, and comes in behind with a boot to the back of the head!

From the outside we see Bronx slapping the mat, cheering for his partner. Kazama keeps one eye on him, before climbing to the top rope. As he gets to the top, Thornridge rolls out of the ring. Kazama shrugs, and starts to adjust, turning toward where Thornridge is now standing.

Lillehammer:: Watch out champ!

Phoenix: Thornridge doesn’t see him!
Kazama dives from the top rope, into a shooting star press. He drives Thornridge down.

Lillehammer:: Both men are down!

Phoenix: Remember, a count out victory does no good for Kazama here. He needs to pin or submit Thornridge to capture the titles.
The referee begins to count. Both men start to stir, using the ring and guard rails to support themselves.

Lillehammer:: Look at this! Both men are almost back on their feet!
Steven Thornridge, on wobbly legs, takes a swing at Kazama with an open palm. Kazama pulls his head back in time to dodge it, and thrusts his head forward for a headbutt.

Phoenix: Thornridge is seeing stars! He’s stunned! Kazama needs to capitalize!
With his opponent dazed, Kazama climbs onto the ring apron. He launches himself forward, and lands with his legs around The Aussie Crusaders neck, for a huricanrana.

Lillehammer:: That might be it! That spot monkey might have just stolen the tag team championships! If I were Bronx I’d be sweating in my Oxfords!

Phoenix: It’s not over yet. Kazama still has to beat the count, and I think he knows it!

Kazama rolls into the ring as the referee starts to reach the count of seven. The referee tells Kazama to stay back, but it becomes more clear that Thornridge will not be able to answer the ten count. Kazama rolls out of the ring again. The referee holds up his hands in frustration, and restarts the count. Kazama reaches over to pick up Thornridge, but The Aussie Crusader headbutts him in the stomach. Kazama goes down clutching his ribs.

Lillehammer:: So smart by the tag team champions!

Phoenix: We saw Kazama maybe injure those ribs earlier in the match, Thornridge looks to capitalize on them. I have to say, Thornridge still looks dazed, it’s possible that the headbutt was a reaction, not a shortcut.

Lillehammer:: I don’t believe in coincidence. Thorny’s got that sneaky side to him. He promised Bronx he wouldn’t go for any cheap tactics, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s still good on that promise, he’s working within the rules of the match, what more can you ask?

Thornridge rolls back into the ring. We see Kazama starting to get to his feet as well. Thornridge rolls back outside the ring on the opposite side. As the referee starts checking on Kazama, Thornridge pulls out a chair from under the ring, and enters the ring with it. Instantly the referee turns away from Kazama, who is now back in the ring, seated in the corner, and catches Thornridge bringing the chair into the ring. The ref snatches it from his hands, and admonishes Thornridge. As the referee turns to put the chair back outside the ring, The Aussie Crusader grabs his trusty cricket bat, and starts twirling it.

Phoenix: Turn around ref!

Lillehammer:: He’s going to swing for the fences!
Before Thorny can do anything, Bronx hops onto the ring apron, and grabs the bat away from him.

Bronx: We’re not winning like that!

Thornridge looks over at him, frustrated. Bronx throws the bat to the ground, and waves Thornridge back to the match.

Phoenix: Here comes Kazama!

Lillehammer:: Behind you, champ!

Kazama comes charging toward Thornridge, who has been momentarily distracted. Thornridge reacts instantly with a spinning heel kick, putting Kazama down on one knee.

Phoenix: The Verdict! He’s got him! And you know what comes next!
Thornridge picks Kazama up in a firemans carry.

Lillehammer:: The Sentence!

Kazama wriggles off of Thornridges shoulders, and rolls him up from behind.

Phoenix: Roll up!



Phoenix: Kazama, so close! What does he have to do to keep The tag team champ down?

Lillehammer:: I don’t think there’s anything he CAN do. Kazama has shot his best shots, and hasn’t been able to take control.

Thornridge is instantly back on his feet. He lunges across the ring, practically sliding, as he decks Kazama across the face with an open handed palm strike.

Lillehammer:: Good god! That looks like it went right through him!

Phoenix: Kazama wasn’t ready for it, the lights are on, but nobody’s home!
Thornridge follows it up with a high roundhouse kick, knocking Kazama into the corner.

Lillehammer:: This one might end by TKO. I don’t think Kazama knows where he is.
Thornridge makes his way to the opposite corner, and comes charging at Kazama with a knee to the face.

Lillehammer:: I don’t think he learned that one from kickboxing, but great James A. Garfield is it effective. This one is over.

Phoenix: I think it will be after this. Look where he is! I think it’s time for The Butterfly Effect!

Thornridge has made his way to the top rope. He holds his hands up, before jumping off for the top rope elbow drop. On instinct alone, Kazama rolls out of the way. In a heartbeat, Kazama stumbles to his feet. Thornridge is quickly back on his, and goes for a spear. Kazama rolls over the back, grabs Thornridge from behind, and lifts him up into the air for a German Suplex. He holds onto the suplex, and as they land, he lifts him again. Once again, Kazama lifts him up, this time releasing him. Thornridge crumples to the ground in a heap.

Phoenix: This match just turned on a dime!

Lillehammer:: Bronx is probably regretting taking away that bat right about now!

The camera pans to Bronx on the outside. The professional is nodding his head, eyes wide. He looks worried, but still collected, like a man intensely focused on what he is witnessing.

Phoenix: Now it’s Kazama’s turn to visit the high rent district! Kazama is up on the top rope! The Last Kazama!

Kazama flies through the air, for his Corkscrew moonsault finisher. As he comes down to earth, Thornridge tucks his legs to his chest. Kazama bounces right off them, and into the centre of the ring. He doesn’t stay there long, as Thornridge rises to his feet, and drags Kazamas lifeless body between his legs.

Phoenix: The Execution!

Lillehammer:: That’s exactly what it is!

Thornridge connects with his jumping piledriver. As both men land, Bronx is seen nodding his head, significantly less worried, but looking on just as intensely.

Phoenix: There’s the pin!




Lillehammer:: The Professionals retain the tag team championships! Kazama’s losing streak continues!

Phoenix: I don’t think it’s as simple as that, Robert. Kazama took the champ to his limits, I thought a couple times over that he really had him beat.

Announcer: The winner of this match, The Aussie Crusader, Steven THORNridge!

Steven Thornridge (c): 3.74 + 1.1 = 4.84 total
Matthew Kazama: 3.83 + 0.5 = 4.33 total

Bronx has climbed into the ring, celebrating with Steven Thornridge as they raise their tag team championships high above their heads, soaking in the adulation of the Altered Reality crowd. Matthew Kazama goes to leave the ring, but Thornridge stops him. With the tag team title belt still in his hand, he starts to clap. Kazama seems stunned, but the crowd reacts for Kazama. Kazama extends his own hand, and Thornridge shakes it. Kazama grabs Thorny’s hand, and raises it in the air, as the crowd cheers for both men.

Lillehammer: WILL ONE OF YOU HIT THE OTHER PLEASE? This stuff makes me sick.

Phoenix: Friends seem to always be a weak thing for you. Considering, you act like you do.

Lillehammer: I’ll let you know, my fellow political party members and I always hang out around voting time.

Phoenix: Nevertheless, Lillehammer’s words are wrong. What a genuinely nice moment between two competitors. The Professionals continue as World Tag Team Champions of the World and what an effort by Kizama!

03-30-2019, 03:57 PM
Lillehammer: It’s time Phoenix!

Phoenix: Indeed. At the beginning of the cycle, we started a quest to find a new champion.

Lillehammer: It was given up disrespectfully and without honor biased boy.

Phoenix: There was more to play on that, but yes, the Western States Heritage Championship was relinquished.

Lillehammer:: This isn’t about previous champions It is about two men who are about to do whatever it takes to get their biggest win and make a statement about what they’ve become. Bobino and Osiris are on the cusp of something special. Though one of them will walk out as the new Western States Heritage Champion, though one of them would have earned that accolade, it will be about if one man has truly found that killer instinct or if the other has truly evolved to what he believes he can be. Hold onto your seats plebeians. We are about to see a new star born. One way, or another. Phoenix, either of these men as champion will be an upgrade!

A sigh is heard over the microphone from Phoenix.

Phoenix: I hate it when you’re right. It fuels your ego.

Lillehammer: Told you these two men are great! They’re about to prove me right. And shut cynics like you up.


"This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson precedes Bobino marching onto and towards the ring. He takes no time to look at the fans and doesn’t break stride until he’s at ringside where he runs up the steps and into the ring.

Phoenix: Bobino had an interesting match with upstart Reece Raymond. He picked his opponent and won. Can’t really say much about that. That takes stones.

Lillehammer: And he got into this position by beating Osiris once before. Personally, I find this whole thing interesting. Osiris has to have a gameplan or Bobino will roll through him.

Phoenix: And this crowd is giving him a little bit of a cheer. Sure, he’s scum-

Lillehammer: AT TIMES!

Phoenix: But he’s gained quite a lot of momentum over the last year or so and has been knocking on the door of a major win for a while now. Tonight is a match that could change everything in his career.

Lillehammer: I agree. Will he crack under the pressure, or rise to the occasion against a man looking to cancel out the last encounter between these two great wrestlers.

Bobino fixes his wrist tape as looking angrily up the aisle. The mood shifts to definitive boos leads Caeser Osiris out of the back as "Never Learn Not to Love" by The Beach Boys plays. He smirks at Bobino all the way to the ring. Walking with a look of confidence that pierces through the jeers.

Phoenix: If I was to find a modern day superstar that is in need of a huge win, this is the man I see. He’s been around for years, has had no singles gold. And as far as I know, without a PPV win before tonight. But he is constantly one of the toughest outs in the company and tonight he rides a smooth win over Ozzy.

Lillehammer: He’s always confident. Always smug. It’s hard to hate a man who knows he can win. Now that knowledge will be put to the ultimate test. Bobino is in the same boat as him. Tonight could define their careers up to this point… okay, I kid. Bob’s legacy is solidified as a hardcore icon.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine the NEW WESTERN STATES HERITAGE CHAMPION! First! From Gasport, New York! Weighing in at 220 lbs! CAESAR OOOOSIIIRIIIS!

The angry reaction make him smirk as his eyes never leave Bob.

Announcer: And his opponent. From Boston, Massachusetts. Weighing in at 270 lbs. BOOOBIIINOOO!

Bobino smirks at Osiris as a pocket of cheers overwhelm the boos. The camera sees Osiris annoyed by this development.

Phoenix: This match is going to be very interesting. I don’t know if these two men have met a rule that they haven’t stretched.


Bobino takes a moment to test the ropes. This minute turn of attention allows an opening for Osiris to strike.


Lillehammer: The bell hasn’t rung yet! That was a cheap shot!

Phoenix: Indeed it was. Despicable.

Lillehammer: I love it!

Phoenix: The ref outside checking on Bob-

Lillehammer: Bobino’s not too thrilled-

Phoenix: Bobino dives back into the ring! Ref in.


Phoenix: And Osiris ducks his head between the ropes…

Lillehammer: Ref in the way of Bob advancing.

Phoenix: The ref is gonna get a medal if he can keep these two from cheating.

Lillehammer: What does that mean?

Phoenix: Bobino waiting in the center of the ring. He wants to fight, and Osiris is doing anything but that. Osiris smirking back. This match is for the vacant Western States Heritage Championship. Collar-elbow tie-up. Bobino rushing Osiris backwards to the ropes. Ref looking for a break-

Lillehammer: Bob rubbing his forearm into Osiris’s eyes!

Phoenix: Ref is trying to get a break! Ref to 4 and Bob backs off. Osiris from rushes behind the ref, Bobino with a drop toe hold! Bobino rides high with a side headlock.

Lillehammer: Bobino doing a great job slowing the pace. Caesar’s own idea working into Bobino’s abilities.

Phoenix: Bobino using all his weight on the neck of Osiris. Bobino to a knee. Ceasar’s fighting to a stand, elbow by Osiris. And- Bobino spins around and hits another drop toe hold! NOW STOMPS TO THE SPINE OF OSIRIS!

Lillehammer: Osiris panicking and scrambling!

Phoenix: Osiris to the ropes, but Bobino keeps stomping!

With the crowd coming alive with each stomp, Osiris is slowly kicked through the ropes and tumbles to the outside.

Lillehammer: This crowd has picked a favorite early!

Phoenix: They have Robert! Bobino outside after Osiris! Right hand to the top of Osiris’s head! Now a series of them on the kneeling wrestler!

Lillehammer: Ref coming outside trying to get the action back into the ring! Osiris scrambles around the ref!

Phoenix: Bobino moves the ref out of the way.

Osiris swings hard at Bobino’s face and clips his jaw. As Bobino falls to the ground, we see Osiris putting brass knucks back into his tights.


Osiris smirks into the camera as fans at ringside start jawing at him. He reaches over the rail. Grabs a the fan’s drink and drinks it down slowly as the fan flips him off. The camera’s change to another one that shows Bobino attempting to stand up only to fall backwards against the barricade.

Phoenix: This despicable man knew what he caused! Look at him. Gloating.

Lillehammer: Normally I’d be all over a man for enjoying a moment like this. But this time it can be forgiven. Besides, gotta stay hydrated.

Phoenix: Osiris slowly walking over. Now he’s throwing down right hands to the dazed Bobino!

Lillehammer: Ref back inside counting.

Phoenix: Osiris abileges and rolls Bob inside the ring.

Lillehammer: He wants to win as quick as possible. He also knows how crafty Bobino is. Doesn’t want him to desperately outsmart him lose via count out.

Phoenix: Osiris grabs Bob. Another right hand sends Bob to the mat!.

Lillehammer: This crowd is booing something fierce at Osiris.

Phoenix: He has cheap shotted a man who he is desperate to beat.. Though a smart tactic… this man is about as unlikable as they come. Bobino fighting back to his feat using the ropes. Solid right hand by Osiris. And another-

Osiris takes a moment to back off as the ref intervenes. He looks to the crowd and smiles widely again. Bobino, in seeing this, grabs Osiris by the front of his tights, and pulls him face first into the second turnbuckle.

Lillehammer: Perfect!

Phoenix: Bobino turning the tide! NOW PUNCHES TO THE BACK OF OSIRIS’ HEAD!

Lillehammer: Bob pulls his hands back. He’s talking with the ref-

Bob positions himself between the ref and Osiris with his hands in the sky. With the eye of the ref on Bob’s face, Bob stealthy brings his leg back and mule kicks Osiris in the nuts. The crowd in unison replies with a groan.


Lillehammer: This is getting good.

Phoenix: Of course you’d think so… Osiris stumbling backwards from the corner, Bobino, a kick to the spine of Osiris. Bob backs up, FLIPPING NECKBREAKER!

Lillehammer: The crowd back to being slightly behind Bob. It is rare in these days that the fans appreciate greatness.

Phoenix: Bob looks as puzzled as I am. Bob shakes a few of his cobwebs, measuring Osiris. Osiris uses the turnbuckle to stand. Bob charges- Back elbow by Osiris. Osiris runs off the ropes, SLEEPER BY BOBINO! BOB- SLEEPER SLAM! Cover! 1! 2- Osiris quickly out.

Lillehammer: Bobino paying attention to the fans almost cost him, but you have to give him credit. Great action!

Phoenix: This is for the vacant Western States Heritage Championship. Bobino now has to get this match done quick. These two have both already wrestled earlier in the night. Bobino off the ropes, MISSES a senton!

Lillehammer: Osiris is turning up his urgency. Quickly to his feet!

Phoenix: Charges in, SLIDING D!!

Lillehammer: WHAT AN ELBOW! .

Phoenix: Now Osiris draping the neck of Bobino over the ropes. ALL OF HIS BODY WEIGHT DOWN- COME ON REF!

Lillehammer: Calm yourself Phoenix. He got off before 5.

Phoenix: Osiris off the ropes, slides outside, PUNCH TO BOB’S FACE! Bob stumbles backwards. Osiris on the apron? SLINGSHOT DDT! INTO A COVER! ONE! TWO! NO!

Lillehammer: Osiris has got to continue! He’s weakened the neck of Bobino.His Hail Ceaser is made that much more powerful with every pinpoint- .

Phoenix: Osiris is now digging his knee into the neck of Osiris!! NOW A CHOKE!

Lillehammer: Beautiful abuse if the ref’s count by Osiris!

Phoenix: Osiris blantanty taking short cuts like we all knew he would. Again the ref trying to regain order-


Phoenix: Osiris is howling at the ref. And the ref in with a count.

Lillehammer: I feel for this ref. Bobino lets go. Osiris kicking away at the grounded hardcore icon. Each boot aiming at the face of Bobino.

Phoenix: With the damage to the neck, and the the brass knucks earlier-

Lillehammer: Allegedly!

Phoenix: Bobino’s fighting an uphill climb. And he better climb that hill quick.

Lillehammer: or he can just Hail Caeser. Either way, this is looking very gloomy.

Phoenix: Osiris with a scoop, MICHINOKU DRIVER! 1! 2! NO!


Phoenix: He indeed is. Osiris in command of this match. Off the ropes, Osiris drops a knee to the skull of Bobino! Another cover, but this time Bobino’s out before one.

Lillehammer: So diligent. Such a killer instinct by Osiris.

Osiris starts pulling Bobino up, only to be flipped over Bobino with a back body dropped when he tries to set up for the Hail Ceaser. Discombobulated, Osiris loses track of Bobino for a moment.

Phoenix: CHOP BLOCK BY BOBINO! Bobino with a desperate counter!

Lillehammer: Osiris having trouble standing,




Lillehammer: THAT WAS ON POINT!


Lillehammer: He’s furious!

Phoenix: This crowd cheering on this brutality! Osiris fighting up. A swift kick to Osiris’s leg! And another! Bobino lifts, SPINEBUSTER!

Lillehammer: SPIKED HIM!

Phoenix: Bobino mind’s thinking about... TO THE OUTSIDE? This is a high risk! Bobino’s going up. TO THE TOP ROPE! If he hits this, SENTON-

Osiris, late in reaction, desperately bring his knees up.

Lillehammer: OSIRIS!

Phoenix: Bobino’s upper spine was nailed! Osiris in pain as well.


The crowd starts chanting “BOB-BI-NO” to the surprise to Osiris. Ceaser looks to them and begs them to quiet down, which causes more cheers. He starts to stand slowly, making sure to put the most of his weight on his good leg.

Phoenix: Osiris is having trouble standing!

Lillehammer: Osiris struggling to bring Bob up. His knee is wrecked…

Phoenix: That’s a big man to come down on a bad knee. Osiris hopping on one leg, right hand to Bobino… BOB PICKS HIM UP- RUNNING POWERSLAM! INTO A COVER! TWO! NO! Osiris out before three!

Lillehammer: Bob doing what Osiris couldn’t and quickly capitalizing!

Phoenix: Bobino stumbling up. He has to be on adrenaline. Bobino, UN-NATURAL SELECTION- Osiris out. Makes sure to land on his good leg, SCHOOL BOY! HE HAS THE TIGHTS! TWO - NO!

Lillehammer: Osiris couldn’t use his bad leg press Bobino down. Both men in survival mode!

Phoenix: Osiris with a wild swing, Bob behind- BOTH MEN FIGHTING FOR A BACKSLIDE! Bobino flips Osiris over-

Lillehammer: ON THAT LEG!


Lillehammer: BOBINO’S DONE IT!



Bobino: 4.15 + 1.2 = 5.22 total
Caesar Osiris: 3.98 + 0.1 = 4.01 total

Bobino stands, blood dripping from his forehead and looks down at his conquest as "This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson plays. He allows the ref to raise his hand. He even extends hi shand to the ref for a hand shake. When the ref retrieves the championship, Bobino shoves the official away while yanking the championship from him. He then flicks the championship ou of the ring and goes to the corner to celebrate without it.

Lillehammer: It was never about a championship for Bobino. It was about proving himself and tonight he’s proven he belongs at the table near the top. He’s going to get another crack there. I know it. When he gets back to that locker room and sees that dried blood on his face, he’ll know it is worth it. And damn it, he earned this.

Phoenix: He, as you said, earned that match fighting through blood and a very game Osiris. This crowd appreciating this effort and I too give the devil his due. With only the main event left to go, Bobino has had the biggest moment of his career. He is once again a singles champion leaving his second straight Altered Reality!

Lillehammer: One of the more underrated competitors I’ve seen getting his due. Amazing. Never thought you had it in you Phoenix.

Bobino looks down disgustingly at the championship and reluctantly picks it up He dangles it at his side as he walks up the aisle. With his back to the camera he raises his free hand to the sky. Making sure to keep the championship as out of the camera shot as he can as the scene fades.

We go backstage where the camera is focused on the William Martinez Cup, sitting proudly on a felt covered table. As the camera pans back, we see the Owner of LPW “The Kid” Mikhail Nabakov standing on one side of the small table with a freshly composed Rose Florecer on the other side holding a mic to him.

The Kid: Before I go about a history lesson, I’d like to personally congratulate Bobino on the monumental win. His biggest of his career, and one I hope leads to higher places.

Rose: The importance of this trophy. What is it to you?

Kid: It is not about me, it is about LPW. This isn’t merely a trophy. Named after the first World Heavyweight Champion in the company’s illustrious history, She is essentially immortality in LPW lore for the winner… period. The World and International Heavyweight Championships are being combined, and therefore, tonight she finds perhaps her final home. This of course, could change pretty easily in the future. .

Rose: The end of the brand split?

Kid: Essentially. If Al wins, he gets to take it with him to retirement. If Mourn wins, no reason he shouldn’t get the accolades that go with it. As for Austin-

As if right on cue, Chris Austin strolls into view, putting the finishing touches on his taped left fist that now matches its right counterpart. Austin looks to Rose, Nabakov and the Martinez Cup with a very real, palpable disdain.

Austin: Go ahead. Finish your thoughts.

The Kid gulps but composes himself. Rose looks on, sensing tension.

Kid: If you were to win, you’d be the International and World Champion, along with Martinez Cup holder. In terms of that, you’d have earned the same accolades, if not more, than those who main evented Altered Reality before you.

Austin: Now, given how you’ve treated the prior LPW “accolades” I’ve earned, why should I want the Martinez Cup… the same one Jaro was robbed of his right to compete for? The same one that D. Hammond Samuels was thrown into so he could job to the man who beat him for the World Title just the show before? Same one Spectre took from cYnical?

The Kid’s face scrunches into that of a man offended. Austin casts an ominous glare to Rose, who lowers the microphone in trepidation.

Austin: This wretched, tarnished symbol of faux excellence is worthless.

Kid: You disrespectful … IT IS SOMETHING PEOPLE SHOULD BE STRIVING FOR! It is THE symbol of greatness in LPW lore. Whoever holds it, holds the irrefutable claim of being the BEST that LPW has to offer. You think you’re the best, don’t you?

Austin: I know I am.

Kid: Then YOU, of ALL people, should hold the Martinez Cup in the highest of regards. The fact you don’t tells me all I need to know about you, and it tells me that frankly you don’t deserve to hold the Martinez Cup. I believe that wholeheartedly.

The crowd cheers as Kid’s nostrils flare. Austin looks on stoic before a smirk seeps through his cheeks and jaw.

Austin: Then why did you put me in the match anyway?

The Kid’s mouth slacks open just so. He has no immediate rebuttal. Austin pulls the Mount Vesuvius torch from the holster on his back and taps the cup with it before resting the torch on his shoulder.

Austin: You and everyone else with common sense knows where the power lies. Mourn and Al were too busy being coddled or acting like they were being unfairly treated to see it. I had to bend over backwards for a spot I EARNED. And now I have to teach them the lesson you’ve tried too hard to skirt them around. It IS Altered Reality, after all. It has to mean something, yeah? Psh. Pathetic.

Rose: And this lesson?

Austin: Sometimes you just have to call things for what they are and admit the truth. Mourn and Al are unequivocally championship material. But admit it … there is no doubt about how this is going to go, is it? We all know I’m not losing tonight.

Just a shame that Mourn Despana and Al have to figure it out the hard way.

With that, Austin pops a mouthguard in place, flips his hood over his hair and face and walks away.

03-30-2019, 04:03 PM

Announcer: It is now time for your main event of the evening! The following Triple Threat Contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the LPW World and International Heavyweight Championships and the winner will be awarded the William Martinez Cup!

G-Eazy’s “Random” kicks off the festivities.

This is the anthem
Told the world I need everything and some, yeah
Two girls that's a tandem
She gon' do all it for me when them bands come
Got it all, yeah I'm young, rich, and handsome
Uh, this shit is not random
Everybody ain't got it, understand son, yeah
This shit is not random

With pulsing, almost strobing, lights, emanating the open stadium while the intro plays; Chris Austin explodes through the curtain. Those in attendance aren’t as vicious as normal, which Austin doesn’t regard. He stops at the top of the ramp and flings his typical hood off in time with the music picking up.. Once his cocky smirk is exposed, he starts almost strutting with the music towards the ring. As he gets near the camera he points the Mt Vesuvius Torch right at the lense covering up the view as he walks by.

Announcer: Introducing first. From San Jose California. Weighing in at 232 lbs. He is The Contract Killer, CHRIS AAAAUSTIIIN!

Phoenix: Here is the man with the Mt. Vesuvius torch, Chris Austin.

Lillehammer: He, by all rights, should have already gotten his opportunity. Chris Austin’s one smooth criminal. He’s got the skills and knowhow to win here tonight. It is simply a matter of timing. His timing was of his choosing and that was taken from him.

Phoenix: Care to explain?

Lillehammer: Listen, I get where you’re coming from. But, well, look how he dropped Mourn last show. He would have ended Mourn easy after that match with Golden. He should be champion coming into here today. Then again, not Mourn’s fault about that.

Phoenix: While I may agree, that whole situation has righted itself. At the hands of that same Mourn you mentioned. So, instead, he’ll have to earn the title fairly. Something he’s clearly able to do.

Austin is sure to shake his head at any fan to yell insults his way. His usual confidence disarming a few while some of the females in the audience cheer his way. Each cheer met with a similar amount of dismissiveness.

Lillehammer: Fairly? This is no DQ. First man who defeats an opponent wins. Someone’s getting screwed here tonight. Remember last AR when Mourn had Drew Michaels cost him the match, interestingly, against Austin’s and the PERCS? Or when Al was facing Storme and lost via both men being knocked out? Lucky for Chris, he’s the best in the business on suddenness and pound for pound athleticism. He’s class.Total top notch. If I was a betting man, he’s a 2 to 1 favorite and I’m taking that bet.

When The Wayward Son leaps over the top rope into the ring, the response is pretty mixed. Obvious of the fans knowledge of his talent, and the disdain of the group he once represented. He flings the torch over his shoulder as he looks towards the ramp

Phoenix: This crowd showing begrudging respect to Austin.

Lillehammer: He’s from the area. Home advantage is barely Al’s.

Phoenix: I have to give him his due. He’s proven himself worthy of this opportunity on merit alone. Tonight he aims to cash in that merit to reach the top of the mountain.

As the Contract Killer’s theme fades, a hush comes over the crowd. Kassandra walks out in her traditional kimono holding an oak bucket in her hands. She stops at center stage, slowly places the bucket down and gently reaches inside. As she rises peacefully the crowd boos heavily. Kassandra raises her hands to the sky throwing cherry blossom petals to the wind. Just as she does “Dies irae e Tuba mirum” by Giuseppe Verdi booms through the speakers.

Dies irae, dies illa!

With the tron mimicking the falling petals Kassandra yanks off her kimono to reveal her typical business attire as the serious as usual World Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana marches onto the stage and past Kassandra who follow close behind. The loudness of the song being almost overridden by jeers from the fans in attendance.

Lillehammer: Oh… Mourn… you devil you. From the beginning of his career he’s been one with entrances and trying to entertain fans with creativity… and the crowd acts like THIS?

Phoenix: He did trash the whole city.

Lillehammer: He spit out the truth! He’s honest with the people and they respond with hate? Simple proof that doing the right thing is subjective. No wonder he has a chip on his shoulder. No good deed goes unpunished.

Phoenix: Gabriel is never about right and wrong! He and his self-serving sycophant of a wife have tried to manipulate this situation to their advantage. Mourn working the owner. Kassie obviously trying to keep Austin at bay. I don’t know why, but he wanted this. And I doubt Kassandra’s work did him any favors.

Lillehammer: Everything by design. Mourn’s not only the strongest man in this match, but he’s a striker. An elbow in his hip pocket like a gun. A man from a puroresu dojo who learned hand to hand combat. Look at the shape he’s in… His wife deserves all the credit in the world to have the Mourn that entered the company returned to us. It’s a glorious thing to behold.

With the calming transition complete, the couple walks up ring the steps where Kassandra sits on the second rope to open the ropes. Before Mourn can react, Austin smoothly gets in the way, leans against the ropes, looks down at her high riding mini skirt and fishnet covered legs, then up to the woman’s eyes and winks. This sets Mourn off and causes the World Champ to skip the formalities and enter the ring. Austin replies with a smirk.

Announcer: And his opponent! Accompanied by his bride Kassandra! From Seattle, Washington! Weighing in at 254 lbs! He is the LPW World Heavyweight Champion! The Desperado, MOURN DESSSPAAANAAA!

With massive boos responding to his announcement, Mourn stares Austin down from the middle of the ring. Austin cockily steps forward and the two men have an uneasy staredown. Kassandra starts prying at Mourn’s shoulder as the two men’s attention is shifted to the ramp where they await their opponent.

Lillehammer: Austin once again asserting himself on the World Heavyweight Champion!

Phoenix: Austin’s stopping that pretentious a*****e from doing his thing is likely going to be continuous throughout this match. As it should be.

Announcer: And their opponent!

The crowd doesn’t wait for the theme. The audience starts chanting “AL! AL! AL!” until -

Bunches and bunches…
punches is thrown until ya’ frontless.

“Blockbuster Night Part 1” by Run The Jewels bring a frenzied ovation as Al, adorning a suit with Golden State Warriors colors, makes his triumphant entrance. He pumps his fist to the sky acknowledging the loud ovation. After smirking towards the camera, he wipes the grin off his face. He’s quickly all business with his eyes staying on the two men in the center of the ring as he starts the walk down the aisle. The crowd grows louder and louder as the ring announcer introduces him.


The crowd, louder than ever, interrupts the announcer:

Crowd: THIS IS AL!


Lillehammer: What? I can barely hear myself think Phoenix!

Phoenix: What an ovation!

Lillehammer: Thank goodness this is the last time I have to see him…

Phoenix: He’s been a hard man to beat. A man who has had resilience to the max. And now heads to the ring with his biggest challenge. Two men nipping at his heels.

Lillehammer: The man hasn’t eyed anything other than the ring after acknowledging the cheers. I have a feeling who he’s looking at.

Phoenix: Both of these men have made it more than about the championships at stake, or the Martinez Cup. They challenge the end of his tale. The final bout of his career. To either go out as a champion, or on his back.

Al quickly steps up and into the ring. Fireworks go off as he raises his championship to the sky, his eyes staying on Mourn the whole time. Austin is seen holding back a grin in seeing his opponents looking at one another. He soon finds himself being stared at by both Mourn and Al. Austin shakes his head in disappointment.

Lillehammer: We have the Mount V, World, and International Heavyweight Champs in the ring. With the Martinez cup on the line, and Al comes out in that goof of an outfit and clearly rattled from Mourn’s comments. Austin has this if he holds form.

Phoenix: Al is the first man to defend the Martinez cup. I am certain whatever you think is going on in his head isn’t true. He’s been tested in all types of environments, from all types of opponents-

Lillehammer: And remember this. The last time he was in a contest with either man, he was left laying.

Al is finished removing his suit to reveal slacks and a wife beater with San Francisco Giants colors. The crowd spontaneously begins with “let’s go Giants *clap clap clapclapclap*” chants. Al sees Mourn looking around incredulously so he eggs the crowd on. With Mourn ordering Al to stop Austin limbers up in the background.

Phoenix: And just like that I can tell Mourn’s not mentally ready for this match.

Lillehammer: [grumbles] This is normal… And everytime I hear that, he finds a way to push smarts out of that brick of his when the puck drops. So, maybe it’s by design.

Phoenix: You’re normally the one to bring it up…

Austin cracks his knuckles and looks back and forth at his opponents. Mourn and Kassandra share a short prayer before she steps off the apron. Al tests the ropes and nods to the crowd.


Phoenix: AND THE MAIN EVENT OF ALTERED REALITY IS UNDER AWAY! MOURN DARTS ACROSS AT AL- Al ole’s. Mourn’s elbow smash misses and is through the ropes to the outside. Mourn on the apron, and an elbow sends Mourn back to the floor- AUSTIN WITH AN O'CONNOR ROLL- HE'S TRYING FOR THE 1888, and Al snapmares out of it… Mourn yanks Al by the legs to the mat. Mourn through the ropes, and a hard knee lift from Austin! Austin with a single underhook, and snaps Mourn over with the suplex.

Lillehammer: These three with no feeling out process.

Phoenix: Al snaps off a right hand to Austin, a second- arm caught by Austin into a standing armbar! Austin wrings the arm into a top wrist lock, and a sweep of the leg sends Al to the mat.

Mourn stands, sees what is happening, and immediately heads out of the ring. The crowd, noticing this, starts booing.

Lillehammer: I have a theory, as Al starts fighting up. Mourn started fast and got the blood boiling. Now both of his opponents are jostling for control of that top wristlock. .

Phoenix: Mourn was looking to end Al on the first shot...

Lillehammer: I mean, isn’t that what you try...

Phoenix: Austin with a knee lift to Al’s midsection that sends the IHC to his knees. MOURN IN THE RING- Austin moves- AL IS PLASTERED WITH A RUNNING ELBOW SMASH! Mourn turns to Austin- A PICTURESQUE HEADSHOT DROPKICK FROM CHRIS AUSTIN!

Lillehammer: Mourn quick to the outside again. He doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Mourn slams his fists on the apron before holding the back of his head.

Phoenix: He wants nothing to do with Austin. It can’t possibly be because of what happened at the last show, could it?

Lillehammer: Mourn trying to strategize with his wife- Austin again working on Al’s left arm with a standing armbar.

Phoenix: And he’s smartly keeping an eye on that couple. Al shaking the cobwebs. Chris wrenches back. Al HUGE hiptoss. Al off the ropes, shoulder block sends Austin down. Al, off-

Al notices Mourn outside the ring ready to grab his leg and stops.

Phoenix: Al wise to the games, ENZIGURI BY AUSTIN SEND AL TO THE OUTSIDE!!

Lillehammer: Mourn in!

Phoenix: Austin ducks behind, kick to Mourn’s thigh. And another! Now peppering him.

Mourn dodges a kick and steadies for a strike.


Lillehammer: WOOHOO!

Phoenix: WHAT A THUNDEROUS CHOP TO AUSTIN’S CHEST! The Contract Killer’s clutching his chest. Mourn measures, Austin ducks, Mourn swinging with palm strikes Austin bobbin’ n’ weavin’. Not a single swing is hitting!

Lillehammer: Mourn is getting frustrated…

Phoenix: Austin ducks underneath, has Mourn… Pendulum Backbreaker!

Lillehammer: Al back in!

Phoenix: Al with right hands to Austin! Austin goes to counter, Al going for a sleeper, Austin quickly out with a go behind. Al switches behind, Austin pries Al,s hands free, ducks around, and a knee lift to Al’s midsection… Mourn- MOURN RUNS THROUGH BOTH MEN WITH A DOUBLE LARIAT!

Heavy boos respond to Mourn’s gaining the advantage.

Lillehammer: Finally the World Champ has some sort of advantage! I think Mourn’s been working on his strength. The speed difference from before isn’t really clear, but it is obvious Mourn’s having to adjust on the fly.

Phoenix: Never thought of that. Mourn has Austin by the neck. Snapmare by Mourn. A KICK TO AUSTIN’S BACK! AND ANOTHER! Al up, Mourn with a spinning back kick to Al’s midsection. Mourn with a double underhook… SUPLEX!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s starting to roll!

Phoenix: Mourn pulling up The Wayward Son… Jawbreaker by Austin! Austin hooks Mourn- Suplex- blocks. Mourn blocks a second time. A series of European uppercuts by Austin that rocks the WHC!

Lillehammer: Mourn stunned by those shots!

Phoenix: Austin clinches, belly-to-belly suplex on Mourn! Grabs Al, ANOTHER!

Lillehammer: Now he’s starting to roll!

Phoenix: Austin behind Mourn- Backsuple-, Mourn slips behind… AND YANKS AUSTIN TO THE MAT BY HIS HAIR!

Lillehammer: Mourn turning the tide with tactical precision I didn’t know he had!

Phoenix: He grabbed a man by his hair…

Lillehammer: A veteran move.

Phoenix: Mourn kicks Austin in the spine! He’s kicking him up- AL FROM BEHIND, AL, FULL NELSON- Mourn powers free, Short Elbow by Mourn! Right hand by Al! Austin, thrust kick to Mourn’s midsection! HARD Elbow by Al stuns Austin! RAISING PALM STRIKE BY MOURN FLOORS AUSTIN! AL, HAS MOURN ON HIS SHOULDERS… SAMOAN DROP! Al up! Off the ropes, Knee Drop to Mourn’s midsection! Into a cover. First of the match! And out at 2!

Lillehammer: That wasn’t gonna ever end this match. Al wasting precious time he could have used to capital on the momentum.

Phoenix: While true, those shots at Mourn’s ribs and the added need to press off the mat, helps soften him up for the Hit Stick. Al with a kick to Mourn’s ribs. The thud.

Austin military crawls over, and Al notices him last second, but isn’t able to stop the man from taking a double leg on the IHC and lift him for a high double leg takedown.

Phoenix: OUCH!

Lillehammer: Al didn’t have that scouted! Drove him down right on his neck! AUSTIN INTO AN ARMBAR!

Austin sees Mourn coming in to take advantage, and dives out of the way of an elbow drop.

Phoenix: Mourn misses an elbow drop. Austin, both up quick, kick to Mourn’s thigh. Second, caught by Mourn! Elbow to the thigh of Austin! Al from behind, back elbow by Mourn to Al, FOLLOWED BY A HARD SHORT ELBOW TO AL!

Lillehammer: He dropped the International Heavyweight Champion!

Phoenix: Austin with a kick behind Mourn’s knee! Starting to annoy the World Champ! Mourn misses a wild hook on Austin- FLATLINER BY AUSTIN?

Lillehammer: Oh… using a version of a Mourn move against him… nice!

Phoenix: Austin in control again!

The crowd politely responds to Austin rising from the mat. The The Contract Killer eyes Al. He adjusts his tights and stalks Al’s direction to fresh boos.

Lillehammer: Austin has been on the better end of all of these exchanges, he’s not focusing really on a body part, but I can guess he has reasons behind everything. Maybe just to get their mind off of his real target.

Phoenix: Austin has Al by the arm. Irish whip to the turnbuckle, AL DARTS OUT WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! Bouncing the challenger’s head right off the mat.

Lillehammer: Al has been weathering a storm brought forth by his two opponents. I’ll give the cockroach that.

Phoenix: Al measuring Mourn. Kneelift by Al to the World Heavyweight Champion’s midsection. And another! Al grabs Mourn’s arm, SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE…

Lillehammer: Umm, Mourn’s unfazed…

Phoenix: Mourn with a right hand that stuns Al! A combo of palm strikes as backing Al up, Al dodges, AL WITH A RUNNING SHOULDER BLOCK TO AUSTIN! Mourn from behind, BACK SUPLEX- Al blocks! Al spins around. Mourn spins out, HAS AL BY THE WRIST!

Lillehammer: That arm that Austin’s been working on!

Phoenix: Short-arm shoulder block by Mourn! Keeping hold, and another drops Al to a knee!

Lillehammer: He’s added to the damage done to that left arm.

Phoenix: Mourn still with a hold of the wrist. A swift kick to Al’s face.

Lillehammer: Oh, the disrespect!!

Phoenix: Again with a kick! Three times!

With a grunt, The Desperado yanks Al off the ground by his arm, pulling him into his grasp, and snaps him around with a Saito Suplex.

Lillehammer: WHAT A SUPLEX!

Phoenix: Austin quickly behind Mourn- pushes Mourn’s neck onto the second rope! Austin off the ropes- DOUBLE KNEES TO MOURN’S BACK!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s holding his throat! All that weight on the throat!

Phoenix: Austin with a waistlock onm, Mourn. Mourn fighting… LIFTS MOURN UP- PERFECT GERMAN SUPLEX- WITH A BRIDGE-

Entering into the camera shot is Al, leaping as high as he can, and down onto Austin’s exposed ribs with a splash to break up the count at two.

Lillehammer: OH!

Phoenix: AL NOW- 1! -2! NO! Al almost stole this!

The audience briefly sighs before giving the action an ovation. Al looks to the ref. Ref confirms that the count was two.

Phoenix: Austin rolling out of the ring. That counter could really take the starch out of someone.

Lillehammer: Al looking to the hurt Despana… Mourn pulling himself up with the ropes...


Lillehammer: This crowd is electric!


Lillehammer: Al showing some rare athleticism!

Phoenix: LISTEN TO THIS CROWD! Mourn got caught with an elbow. A bit of humble pie!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s in a bad place right now.

Phoenix: He sure is, wait, Al’s eyeing Austin who is on the other side of ringside. Al’s motioning to the crowd ! Deep breath by Al, full head of steam.

Lillehammer: I think he’s going for a Hit Stick!

Phoenix: If he hits this Spear- around the corner- AUSTIN WITH A COUNTER KNEE TO STOP THE CHARGING CHAMPION COLD! Al lucky it wasn’t a firm shot of this match could be over for him.

Lillehammer: Darn, only semi-flush… Still, this has changed the tide in favor of The Man with The Vesuvius Torch.

Phoenix: Austin looking around for Mourn.

Mourn reaches for the barricade to pull himself up. Seeing this, Austin charges himself, rounding the corner and eyeing dead on at the unsuspecting Desperado.

Lillehammer: WE HAVE LAUNCH!


Lillehammer: GOAL!

Phoenix: Goodness what a thud. Mourn’s gasping for air. These two trying to test the World Champ’s stamina. Something that has rarely been tested in his career.

Lillehammer: Indeed. Austin catching his breath. I know he wants to target on, but these fools have been running around with their head cut off since the beginning of the match, with Austin the freshest, he can afford this luxury.

Phoenix: Austin looking over at a concerned Kassandra. Her charge is in the Contract Killer’s sights.

Lillehammer: Mourn stumbling towards the ring…


Lillehammer: I SEE BLOOD!

Kassandra is quickly over to check on Mourn. The camera gets a good shot at blood dripping onto the padded mat. Austin starts to reach for Mourn, only to see Al on the other side of the ring stumbling around. Chris smirks and marches that direction.

Lillehammer: Kassandra’s apoplectic!

Phoenix: Austin heading to Al. WAIT AL’S GOT A- A CHAIR TO AUSTIN’S MIDSECTION! A HARD SWING ACROSS AUSTIN’S BACK! Listen to this crowd! What a shot by Al!

Lillehammer: Al’s not 100%, but that chair, I guess, is a great equalizer… Austin stumbling up the ramp.

Phoenix: Al in hot pursuit. This match is starting to get vicious- Al with another shot across Austin’s back! And another!

Lillehammer: Austin trying to create distance! What is Kassandra doing over here?

Phoenix: Almost as if Austin’s retreating!

Lillehammer: Seriously, what is she getting...

Phoenix: Robert, pay attention to this action. Al’s still in pursuit. Al, CLOSES THE DISTANCE, WILD SWING MISSES AUSTIN’S HEAD! Austin with a kick at Al’s gut- AUSTIN WITH THE CHAIR, HE HITS AL ON THE BACK!

Lillehammer: Austin throws the chair to the floor. Wait, hooking Al’s head! GOING FOR A-


Lillehammer: Your endearing hero with a cheap tactic.

Phoenix: Al isn’t here to play nice tonight. He’s here to win, and with no rules, he’s using the advantages handed to him! Al has been taunted and insulted far too much for him to play by non-existent rules.

Lillehammer: Austin has his tights!

Phoenix: Austin pulls Al chest first into the barricade!

Lillehammer: Austin’s in pain, but not helpless! Look at him, standing after his family jewels were assaulted-

Camera pans out to see Mourn, head tightly wrapped in bandages, in full sprint up the ramp.


Lillehammer: WHAT A MANEUVER!

Phoenix: That move took a bit out of Mourn too!

Lillehammer: Mourn clutching his ribs after that. The damage is there, but he seems to still have some of those power shots available. It’ll take more than what he’s taken to remove his ability to fight in this match.

Phoenix: Mourn with his first real shot on someone, and he has made the Wayward Son search for air! Mourn, targeting Al, HIP TOSS BY MOURN INTO THE BARRICADE! Goodness!

Lillehammer: He’s starting to roll! He’s singling out his opponents and using what they started against him. He’s leaving them searching for answers. Speaking of searching, what is Mourn doing?

Phoenix: Mourn’s looking about the barricade, what is he-

Kassandra: GABRIEL!

Mourn turns to the sound to where Kassandra softball tosses his direction; a large unravelling chain ball.

Phoenix: That’s a big chain…

Lillehammer: And it seems like Mourn had it stashed before the match too! Such a helpful and caring spouse he has!


Lillehammer: I see a bit of blood on Austin from that chain shot! Goodness what a shot!

Mourn throws down the chain, grabs Austin and throws him into the barricade. He then starts hammering hard forearms into the man’s chest until he slumps over.

Phoenix: The fury behind those strikes were immeasurable! Mourn has that chain again, and now he’s eying Al! What the hell is going through the mind of this cold-blooded megalomaniac?

Lillehammer: I don’t know, but boy am I glad I’m retired. I would have tried to fight him, and I am starting to realize I had him all wrong. And now Al, a man who has insulted and humiliated Mourn in the past is facing a Desperado’s brand of justice.

Mourn wraps the chain around his fist leaving a long tail dangling from it. He smiles evilly and whips Al with the chain causing the nearby fans to start yelling obscenities at Mourn. Mourn responds in kind, repeating the action.

Lillehammer: Mourn taking out that pound of flesh.


Lillehammer: His back being lit up, and it must be so cathartic for out esteemed world champion!

Phoenix: The crowd looks almost ready to jump the fence. Security over.

After the 4th swing, the ref comes into frame.

Ref: For your safety, please take it back to the-

Mourn violently shoves the ref down. He pauses, thinks about it, and throws down the chain. The Ronin grabs The International Heavyweight Champion by the throat and picks him up into a fireman's carry. With more obscenities being yelled at the World Champ, he carries a writhing Al towards the ring.

Lillehammer: Austin down, Al in pain, Mourn’s somehow found an advantage in this match and has his prey where he wants them.

Phoenix: Yeah, such a proud champion. Having to literally whip his opponent to keep an advantage. Mourn shoves Al into the ring. Mourn in after. Al fighting up quick. MOURN WITH A HUGE SLAP TO AL!

Lillehammer: I believe that’s the type of slap you give someone you-


Lillehammer: MOURN RAKES THE EYES! Beautiful counter!

Phoenix: Mourn, Irish Whip to the corner- FOLLOWS QUICK IN WITH A RUNNING BIG BOOT! Now choking-

Lillehammer: Mourn pulling him from the corner by his throat-

Phoenix: CHOKE STO BY THE WORLD CHAMP! I think he’s set up-

Mourn looks around the audience to obvious boos. Mourn steals a smile and soaks them in. He then motions to the corner and starts to climb up.

Lillehammer: Mourn motioning for a rare Moonsault!

Phoenix: Pulling out all the stops!

Lillehammer: Let me call this. MOURN GOING UP THE-

Sliding in the ring, Austin is quick to his feet and leaps towards a climbing Mourn with a jumping neckbreaker. One which Al is quick to move out of the way of the incoming crash to the mat.


Lillehammer: PERFECTION! But he had to get higher than he wanted and now all three men are down! That can easily take the wind out of any man!

Phoenix: This is Altered Reality and the triple threat main event for all the marbles! These competitors giving it their all and as I see it, we’re back at square one with three men who have taken some shots so far.

Lillehammer: Al’s had his arm worked on while he’s helped hurt both of his opponent’s core. Mourn seems the worse for wear. Austin has been superbly impressive though. And yet the world champ is still in this!

With the ref gingerly climbing back into the ring, the men each slowly start to stand. Austin first, with Al standing second.

Phoenix: So many answers still to come here in this main event!

Lillehammer: Answers that Al will not enjoy.

Phoenix: Austin measuring Al… Charges Al, AL WITH A BAAAAACK BODY DROP!

Lillehammer: THAT HEIGHT!

Mourn rushes in quickly while Al has his back turned.

Phoenix: Mourn, swings, Al ducks underneath-

Lillehammer: Mourn’s out of sorts…


Lillehammer: SPIKED HIM!


Lillehammer: The Desperado in a spot he’s unfamiliar with!

Phoenix: Indeed. Austin breaking up the flash finish to save them both!

Al is up quick, and equally as quick in stomping a recovering Austin as he starts to rise.

Phoenix: Al keeping on it, more right hands from the International Heavyweight Champ.

Lillehammer: He’s bringing the fight to Austin, bless his soul.

Phoenix: Al, REAR NAKED CHOKE- Austin fighting to the corner, Al releases the hold, and rams Austin’s head into the turnbuckle.

Lillehammer: MOURN-

Seeing Mourn rushing in out of the corner of his eye, Al dodges.


Lillehammer: Al’s a slippery-

Phoenix: Mourn rushes Al again, SPINEBUSTER BY AL!

The crowd begins cheering loudly as Al stands above Mourn. He sees a Austin dazed in the corner and winds up his arm for a lariat.

Lillehammer: Al’s got his eyes on his target…

Phoenix: CORNER LARIAT BY AL! Al charges to the other corner. CHARGES AGAIN-

Lillehammer: PUMP KICK BY AUSTIN! Al’s out on his feet!


Lillehammer: Keeping a hold of Al-


Lillehammer: Austin is in complete-


Lillehammer: That has Austin’s attention! He’s trying to stand.


Lillehammer: WOOO! WHAT A SHOT!

Phoenix: Mourn, LIFTED FLATLINER ON AUSTIN! Austin writhing in pain!

Lillehammer: Smartly rolling to the apron to buy time.

With boos welcoming Mourn’s advantage, Kassandra gets his attention, pointing out Al slowly recovering.

Phoenix: Mourn’s focus now on Al. Al struggling to his feet.

Lillehammer: He smells blood!

Phoenix: Mourn hooks him, RUNNING VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Lillehammer: That move seems to have taken a lot out of Mourn. He hasn’t gotten-

Phoenix: Mourn pops his hips… keeping the head hook- ANOTHER RUNNING VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Lillehammer: Unsure if he’s mocking Austin or the dead...

Phoenix: The Desperado does it again! Has Al on his feet again..Mourn lifts him- HOLDS HIM UP!

Lillehammer: Look at this power! This strength! The resilience! This man is holding that San Francisco floozy up for a long time!

Phoenix: Mourn’s allowing all that blood to rush to his head- RUNNING VERTICAL SUPLEX NUMBER THREE!

Mourn slowly stands with a smirk on his face while he holds his midsection. He looks around at the crowd knowingly and immediately heads to the corner.

Phoenix:: He isn’t…

Lillehammer: He’s climbing the ropes. If he goes for what I think he may… this man may need security to leave the state...

Phoenix: I thought this man stopped doing things like this...

WIth one foot on the top rope, Mourn looks out ot the crowd, brings up his arms, and motions for them to cheer. This causes massive boos. Mourn responds by motioning “up yours” to them.

Lillehammer: After seven years, Mourn’s finally found personality! And with that, he’s about to put his name in history!

Phoenix: MOURN-

Mourn, instead of going for what is obvious,goes for a move from his deep past, a top rope legdrop.

Lillehammer: SPACE NEEDLE JAM-

Phoenix: NO! NO! AL MOVED! Mourn’s flopping on the mat. That had to hurt his spine-

Lillehammer: AUSTIN!

In the far corner Austin springboards up to the top turnbuckle.


Lillehammer: THAT HURT BOTH MEN!

Phoenix: Austin scrambling into a cover! ONE! TWO! NO! MOURN OUT THE BACK DOOR!

Lillehammer: This crowd may have counted along with the count, but now they’re chanting for Al again! Cheer for Austin! He’s the one clearly in control!

Phoenix: Again, all three men are taking a huge amount of punishment. It cannot be stated enough that until a three happens, any man in the match can win.

Lillehammer: If that’s the case, Austin should try to win via submission.

Phoenix: Austins the first to struggle to his feet.

Lillehammer: He’s targeting the Ronin..

Phoenix: Mourn’s doubled over, and I am unsure how okay his ribs are…

Lillehammer: Austin waiting…

Phoenix: Austin from behind, GUERRILLA-PLEX!

After the snap german suplex hits, instead of holding onto the bridge, Austin’s quick to release the hold and focus his attention to the International Heavyweight Champion.

Lillehammer: Austin let go, refusing the cover! He folded Mourn Despana like a bad poker hand!

Phoenix: He’s aware of Al almost standing. ANOTHER GUERRILLA-PLEX TO AL! BUT AGAIN RELEASES THE HOLD!

Lillehammer: THAT SNAP! He’s got a plan. I’m telling you.

Phoenix: Austin looking around, what is he...

Austin’s icy eyes briefly light up and he is quick to a corner. He reaches down and produces his prized possession, the Mt. Vesuvius Torch. The crowd, who had been slowly giving him applause for moves throughout the night, immediately revolts over the idea of him using it.

Phoenix: Austin has that damn torch, this match in control, and two unprepared men to use it on! This could end with someone being sent to the hospital!

Lillehammer: Please hit Al. Please hit Al.

Phoenix: I’d prefer him to hit nobody with that-

Lillehammer: Kassandra on the apron!

Kassandra starts to plead for him to not do it. Austin looks her direction and smirks. He dismisses her pleas and turns his focus back to Mourn.

Kassandra: NO! DON’T! AUSTIN!

Mourn, looking down the “barrel” of the torch, starts to feebly beg off.

Phoenix: Austin-

The Contract Killer takes another step towards Mourn. Just as Austin raises to swing the torch on the pleading champion, Al snatches Austin’s prized possession from his hand. Austin quickly turns around. His reflexes are barely quick enough as he ducks a wild torch swing from Al by at most a centimeter.

Lillehammer: WOAH!

Phoenix: Austin keeping one of his nine lives!

Mourn reaches for Al’s shoulder but is met with a hard back elbow to the midsection. Furious, Austin grabs the torch. In the tussle the torch flies out of the ring. Austin only looks to it briefly, but briefly enough for Al to take advantage.


Lillehammer: Not the jewels!

Phoenix: Austin doubled over… AL HAS HIM UP- POWERBOMB BY AL! INTO A COVER! ONE! TWO- AND NO!

Lillehammer: Austin’s tougher than that. Even if he’s out of it right now. He’s rolling to the apron to buy-


Lillehammer: Al in control- MOURN FROM BEHIND!

Phoenix: Mourn has Al up by his throat, CHOKE STO- AL SLIPS OUT, Al- wastelock from behind- O’CONNOR ROLL!! ONE! TWO! NO!

Lillehammer: Mourn was almost shocked by-

After he bucks Al off of him, The Ronin moves quick in an effort to beat Al to his feet. He beats him, only to move right into Al’s strike zone.


Lillehammer: I think, I think he’s looking for the final note to this match!

Al, with revenge on his mind, violently rips Mourn’s bandages off his head and starts raining down fists to the exposed cut.


Lillehammer: Mourn’s face is starting to be covered by blood! This isn’t right!

Phoenix: Al, flips him off! Now a HARD slap across Mourn’s face!

Lillehammer: Al has him dead to rights!

Phoenix: Al, Off the ropes-

As Al bounces off the ropes, Mourn wipes the blood out of his eyes. When Al leaps for the Hit Stick, Mourn dives underneath and grabs Al with a double leg.

Phoenix: COUNTER-

Mourn attempts to nail Al with one of his own moves; the “#1 Stunna” Hotshot. But in the lift, Mourn’s slippery blood covered hands cause The Desperado to lose a firm hold of the International Heavyweight Champion. Mourn tries to overcompensate and toss his foe over the top rope. Unbeknownst to Mourn, Al’s head, instead of his throat landing on the top rope, goes under it. Al frantically tries to stop this motion by grabbing the second rope. The result of these actions is Al’s legs going over the top rope… with Al’s head trapped in a vice by the second and third ropes with his feet helplessly dangling off the apron. The crowd responds with screams of horror.

Lillehammer: OH!


Lillehammer: The ref is trying, but I don’t think the midget has a chance of helping.

Mourn wipes his eyes again and surveys around the ring holding his gut. Kassandra motion’s Mourn’s way pointing out the predictimate Al’s is in. When he sees his foe trapped, Mourn sneers and springs into action.

Phoenix: Mourn, what… ELBOWS TO AL’S EXPOSED SKULL!

Lillehammer: Hammering him like a nail! One after another! BLOOD!


The crowd starts chanting “fuck you Mourn” as Mourn delivers one last, FLUSH elbow. With Al almost Jello, Mourn helps remove him from the vice.

Phoenix: Mourn clutching his ribs, pulling Al to the center!

Lillehammer: It’s over!


Just as Mourn starts to shoot the half on the downed Al, Austin appears in frame and leaps, stomping Mourn’s face into the mat. Kassandra cringes, her hands going to her head in concern.



Lillehammer: How is Al moving?

Phoenix: Instinct! He’s not awake, and Austin sees him!

Austin, eyes wide, quickly backpedals to the nearest corner and leans forward. He bares his teeth as his legs tremble in anticipation, chest rising and falling rapidly from the toll of the match and the magnitude of this opening. Austin’s glance goes to Mourn -- who barely stirs as Kassandra tries her best to get him back up -- and back to Al who crawls around, a far-away look in his eyes.


Phoenix: He’s looking for Occam’s Razor, the trump card! Look at the eyes! He knows this is the moment!


Phoenix: Al’s up … AUSTIN CHARGES!


Blood flies from Al’s face as Austin nails Al perfectly with an Occam’s Razor.





As the ref’s hand hits the mat the crowd starts to murmur.

Phoenix: TWO!

Just as the ref is about to count three, his body moves out of frame. After a brief moment of confusion the crowd ironically cheers. The camera slowly pulls back to see the cause of the stopped count. In the corner sits Kassandra with a hold of the ankle of the diminutive ref. After realizing what just happened, the ref yanks his foot away and starts chastising her.




Kassandra: I, I just... I had to-

Austin, utterly confused why there is no three, looks angrily to the ref only to see Kassandra backing up and heading through the ropes onto the apron. He looks back to Al and back to Kassandra. He looks to the cheering crowd then back to Kassandra. After processing what is going on, he quickly rises to his feet. Austin. His eyes incensed and focused on the interfering woman.

Kassandra: You don’t understand- SHI-!

The Wayward Son violently grabs the Dark Maiden by her multi-colored hair. As Kassandra screams bloody murder he yanks her through the ropes and dangles her in position for a hangman’s DDT keeping ahold of only her hair. She flails about trying to get free. This provides the whole front row and camera a good shot at some “fan service.”

Phoenix: Austin has lost his focus here, after having immortality snatched from him by that jezebel! THINK ABOUT IT AUSTIN! SHE’S NOT IN THE MATCH!

Austin, seething, hooks her in a headlock as the crowd erupts into cheers to egg him on.


Phoenix: MOURN IS UP!!

A crimson masked Mourn rises from the ground behind The Wayward Son. With his eyes in a manic rage Mourn grabs an unsuspecting Austin by the head in a cravate. He starts yanking the man wildly until he’s near the corner.





Once to the corner Mourn steps up and kicks off the second rope while holding the cravat as if going for a tornado DDT. Instead, Mourn comes almost straight back down, moving Chris’s head over his shoulder at the last second and into a tornado Stunner that propels Austin off his feet and tumbling chaotically through the ropes and out onto the floor below.






Mourn frantically checks on Kassandra who responds with a wide smile. She wipes the blood from his eyes and motions across the ring at Al. Her raspy dark voice growls towards Mourn.


Realizing the nature of the moment, the battered Desperado forces himself to stand, holding his ribs, and marches towards the recovering Champion in an attempt to take advantage of the situation.

Phoenix: Mourn moving in!!

Lillehammer: No way does Al survives this! NIGHT NIGHT SWEET-

Mourn grabs him for the scoop and his deadly move, the Northern Lights Bomb. As Mourn lifts, he yelps from the pain in his midsection. Al, in survivor mode, slips out the back door and hits the ropes as hard as he can.

Lillehammer: AL’S OUT?


Lillehammer: Where does this energy come from?






With the crowd in disbelief, Al pleads with the ref only for the ref to confirm the count. He looks around at the the audience and gives them a violent high sign.

Lillehammer: Mourn clearly has badly damaged ribs and found the resolve to kick out!

Phoenix: Al’s going to go for a kill shot! AL HAS TO CAPITALIZE WHILE AUSTIN’S DOWN. AL FIGHTING TO HIS FEET!

Lillehammer: Mourn’s coughing and wheezing bad! Kassandra, do something!

Kassandra starts slapping the mat to get Mourn’s attention. The crowd catches onto the cadence and starts chanting “LET’S GO AL!” This causes the woman to stop, turn her attention to the front row, and argue with the chanting fans. Seeing this, Al moves quickly onto place.


Lillehammer: DAMN IT!

Al takes a deep breath. Mourn uses the ropes to rise with agony etched on his face. Once The Ronin’s standing Al hit hits the ropes behind his injured foe, gaining extra momentum for a the upcoming spear.

Lillehammer: NO!

Phoenix: TWICE-

As Al uses all his power to lunge into the Hit Stick, Mourn dives towards him. Al’s eyes lighten up as he feebly tries to block the incoming blow. The strike is true as he plasters Al with a vicious Sliding D like elbow that causes both mens to land chaotically. The International Heavyweight Champion immediately bounces up off the mat and instinctually brings his hands up to fight. He is clearly incoherent with blood streaming from his nose and forehead. A last bit of pride forcing him to stand once more.

Phoenix: OH GOD!


Kassandra sees Austin starting to stir.

Kassandra: NOW GABRIEL! NOW!

Phoenix: AL’S A MESS!

Lillehammer: HOW IS HE UP?



Phoenix: MOURN! MOURN-

The crowd pleads with Al to get free. As Mourn spins him out of the Cobra Clutch, there is a deep breath from the crowd. In the silence, The Desperado steps forward and nails a pinpoint elbow to his wounded opponent’s jaw. Al’s head rocks to the side. With his eyes vacant, the International Heavyweight Champion’s body falls in a heap face down.



Some fans catch Austin frantically trying to enter the ring and start cheer him on.

Phoenix: TWO!

Austin leaps in a desperate attempt to break up the count... and is just late.

Phoenix: THREE! THE COUNT IS… three...



Mourn Despana (c): 4.47 + 1.0 = 5.47 total
Chris Austin: 4.56 + 0.6 = 5.16 total
Al (c): 4.55 + 0 = 4.55 total

A hush comes over the arena briefly before an erruption of boos start to rumble from the upper decks. Austin leans back, face expressionless . He stars at the mat where Al lies. As if unable to process what just happened. Mourn, he sits up with his face bloody, eyes wide. He looks to the ref with three fingers up. As if questioning that he was hearing things. Mourn looks up at the video screen, where the replay is shown. He sees the reality. Austin was late. When “Dies irae e Tuba mirum” by Giuseppe Verdi ultimately plays the audience slowly mellows. The fans of Al in attendance still angry, just too drained to scream any longer. Before Mourn can stand, he is mugged by his wife and the two crumple to the mat.

Phoenix: I… Mourn Despana, he’s your Martinez Cup champion. I, for one, am beyond shocked. This wasn’t Mourn’s night. He was behind in every way… Not the way Austin-

Lillehammer: SHUT UP, BLAZING! No, Mourn won! He won fair! You don’t get it? Tonight was anything goes! Tonight Al started with the weapons! Tonight, it was Mourn who had to dig deep against a man who has a counter for everything! And tonight, like it or not, it was him! Not Chris Austin! Not your precious Al! HIM! The Desperado was the smarter man!

Phoenix: And his wife stopped the rightful winner from winning…

Lillehammer: The count must be completed Phoenix! Sorry, but those are the rules! And who are we without following the rules? In my years of being a broadcaster, I have never seen a more honorable man become so, so… American! He did it! He did it on the back of something we didn’t know he had! You can’t take that from him. And you know it! He used ingenuity and power.

Phoenix: Just… for Al to go out like that… To… him...

Lillehammer: To him? Surely you aren’t a homer picking favorites? Face facts! The man who came to LPW seven years ago and spelled out that he was going to take everything by force did so! At the grandest stage of them all! I tip my hat to our new International Heavyweight Champion!

Phoenix: I just can’t overlook that this feels wrong… I’m only human.

Lillehammer: No one’s perfect.

LPW owner Mikhail Nabakov enters the ring for the post match presentation with the Martinez Cup in his hands. His eyes dart to the fallen Al, then to the stunned Austin. The Kid then waits for Kassandra finishing bandaging Despana’s head. Once done, the couple stand up and address the man. Kassandra uncharacteristically hugs Mikhail. Mourn politely bows, wincing as he rises.

The Kid: Congratulat-

Mourn snarls and snatches the Martinez Cup from his hand. Kassandra drapes a championship over each of Mourn’s shoulders, and the couple leaves the ring without fanfare. The Kid looks to Al, shrugs, then leaves the ring. Austin is next to slink out of the ring. He retrieves his torch off the ground and starts his trek. He says nothing. Looking blankly ahead as he takes the access exit.

Phoenix: At least Mourn’s leaving in peace... I want to thank you all for this monumental evening. We have Mourn Despana leaving with the Martinez Cup, in a victory that can only be described as... heartbreaking. For Robbert Lillehammer, I’m Blazing Phoenix… We will see you next at Homecoming.

The camera catches Kassandra helping Mourn up the ramp. With fans are throwing cups and insults their direction, Mourn smirks

Mourn: And you paid for this disappointment! Every one of you wasted your money to feel this way!

Mourn repeats this several times, just to annoy more of the fans higher up the ramp. The camera man steps back as an in pain, yet victorious, Mourn heads up and through the curtain with a cheshire cat smiling Kassandra under his arm.

The cameras catch a slowly sitting up Al. His head freshly bandaged with cotton up his nose. His head slumps at the realization of the end. A slow clap is building throughout the crowd. Those in attendance realizing what has happened. What they are living. As the applause is heightened, Al smiles widely. He uses the ropes to stand. His eyes off to the upper seats. He waves.

He stumbles to the middle of the ring and undoes his boots. He holds in emotion, but the crowd can read his body. After the second boot comes off he places them down and steps away. He looks around at those at ring side and mouths “thank you” to them. He pounds his fist against his chest to each of those he recognizes.

Once out of the ring, he walks over to the announce table and shakes hands Blazing Phoenix. He then is quick to make his long walk around the ring. He takes time to shake hands with a few of the fans. The crowd now raising in volume with a chant of “Thank you Al” building. Al makes it to the ramp and starts to slowly march up the way he came. The “thanks yous” and “I love yous” evident as he passes. He doesn’t respond. He keeps walking. Once he is to the top of the stage he looks back to the crowd one last time and waves goodbye as the camera fades.

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Macho Mourn
03-31-2019, 12:30 PM
https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/55614015_641012659682009_1217770038988111872_n.png ?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=7b4a9f69a96a147410019979f36bc85b&oe=5D4E6682


03-31-2019, 12:59 PM
Jensen is walking backstage icing up his injuries. He's smiling, and then looks at the camera for a moment, looks up and takes a deep breath.

Jensen: An Altered Reality win always feels so amazing, let alone the fact that I faced what some would call a legend in the business. I say some, because I wasn't too impressed with Phantom's performance, but I guess when your father was a pterodactyl, some things just don't hold up after awhile. It was a good match though. I definitely brought out the best in him. Something I'm sure he's been looking deep inside for, well, a really long time.

Jensen chuckles, but then tears start welling up in his eyes and he gets choked up.

Jensen: That said, there's something I've been thinking about for awhile now. A few years, actually.

I am ending my run as an in ring competitor tonight.

An audible, collective gasp eminates throughout the building.

Jensen: Thank you to everyone here in the arena, everyone watching at home, all the boys and girls in the back. Yes, even those nerds in the production truck who slave over their fancy shmancy computers and electronics all day, every day. Without every single one of you, I wouldn't have been able to do what I've been doing for most of my life.

Physically, I'm banged up. But I can still go in that ring. Mentally, I don't have it anymore. And this time, I don't think I'll be back to what I used to be.

Thank you.

With one last smirk, Jensen rolls his eyes and sighs

Jensen: I really didn't like the movie, but why not have a little bit of fun?

I finished up on a high note. As it should be.

G'bye, folks.

Jensen snaps his fingers as the screen fades to black as his eyes well up in tears, once more.

Macho Mourn
04-01-2019, 09:02 PM
Thirty minutes after the show ended, Mourn Despana slowly walks into an interview room with his head covered with a clean bandage, belly taped tight, and yet to hit the showers and change. He shambles to his seat and slams the Martinez Cup down onto the table before it. He pulls off each of his championships and places them neatly on either side. Conspicuous by her absence is Kassanda.

Despana: Holy hell.

He slowly takes his seat and rubs his eyes. He looks at his hands and shakes his head.

Despana: Well, that happened. I believe you will have questions. Be thankful I took the time to be here. Go.

The international press springs into action with their hand up. Mourn motions at one randomly.

Reporter: Jose Ortez-

Despana: THIS is my time, no? I do not need introductions from you parasites. Ask your questions. I am not in the mood for pleasantries.

Reporter: Thoughts on your win. The match seems to be marred in-

Despana: I won. My hands hurt, ribs hurt, head hurts… I congratulate my opponents on trying their best, but well… *Pats the International Heavyweight Championship.* I ended the longest championship run in LPW history, I have both the top titles, and I own this trinket.*Taps the Martinez Cup.* She is a pretty thing, is she not? *He looks into the sheen on the cup at his own reflection. A smile slowly appears on his face.* Next!

Mourn points to a female reporter.

Reporter #2: Is Kassandra okay? Chris Austin had her-

Mourn picks up and slams the Martinez Cup onto the table like a gavel. The smile gone. His eyes chastising the woman.

Despana: My wife had some business to attend to. She is completely fine. Outside the need of a wash after getting some of my blood on her. Next!

Mourn looks around the room and sighs.

Despana: Go ahead Betzler

Betzler: Are you going to skate around the elephant in the room and wait to address it when convenient?

Despana: Which is?

Betzler: Your wife’s actions.

The room murmurs.

Despana: I expect nothing less from a journalist like you… There is this term called “Weapon of Choice.” The term comes from olden days. It is mainly represented in legendary weapons, like my Ame-No-Ohabari. An ancient sword used by a father to kill his son after his son’s birth killed his wife. You know, similar to a baseball player and his bat. Austin chose that fucking torch. Al chose to use a chair. I had a chain. It was never used in the ring. It was simply an accessory. My weapon of choice, that I know inside and out, is my wife. And I used her to her maximum potential in a match where my weapon, is legal. If Chris Austin had beaten me with the torch, and I pinned, not one of you would question it. But because my weapon is sentient and moves on her own to her own validity, you want to say it is wrong.

Mourn looks out the corner of his eye. He rolls his eyes and motions Kassandra into frame. The woman is carrying a very large champagne bottle with Scruffy flanked at her side.

Kassandra: As promised Gabriel, a present FIT for a king. Why did you want Scruffy here?

Despana: I had a hunch you had something like that prepared... you know, the question you asked. My hands, they’re ringing. Happens when you hit someone as hard as you can twice in under a minute. Scruffy, you know how to open this?

Kassandra: Careful Scruffy. That bottle is worth more than whatever they pay you for the evening. Consider yourself honored to stand here and celebrate the greatest victory you have ever seen with your champ.

Scruffy fearfully takes extreme care to open the bottle and pours the contents into the two glasses. Once poured, Kassandra hands out a glass to Scruffy, keeping the other for herself. Mourn stands, grabs the large bottle, and slowly fills the Martinez Cup with the bubbly liquid. Once done he raises The Cup up and places it out for the toast.

Despana: To our weapons of choice. May they be as incredible as the one I wield.

They gently tap the Martinez Cup. Kassandra and Scruffy join Mourn in the drink, Kassandra stops quickly. Mourn slowly beings The Cup down, confused by his wife’s actions. She drops her glass, shattering it on the ground, and she playfully extends her hands.

Kassandra: I believe I earned a drink from the chalice of immortals.

Mourn blurbs out a laugh and hands his wife the Martinez Cup. She takes a deep gulp before handing it back to him. She places the championships over Mourn’s shoulders and grabs the champagne bottle.

Mourn: I must head into the night.. I am going to my limo, graciously supplied by The Kid, *tips the Martinez Cup towards the camera* Thank you good sir, head to the airport, and heading on the honeymoon I never took with my wife. We are going to enjoy this victory. And once I am feeling better, we are going to do what we do best… Hate fuck.

Mourn raises a half-full Martinez Cup to the press and leads Kassandra out of the building.

04-05-2019, 09:27 AM
Steven Thornridge is shown limping down the corridor with his LPW Tag Team Championship over his shoulder, dragging his barbed wire cricket bat along the concrete floor behind him. Jonathon Crotchman intercepting the Professional with mic in hand.

Crotchman: Thornridge, if I could have a just moment of your time...

Thornridge: *coughs* Of course. Honestly, what a night! Altered Reality 8!

Crotchman: Yes, an exciting night for all involved and you retain your tag team championship singlehandedly against a game Matthew Kazama tonight. Your thoughts?

Thornridge looks mildly perturbed at the comment as he takes in a deep breath, looking at the camera and nodding softly.

Thornridge: A very entertaining challenge. Matthew Kazama may be on a losing streak, no doubt, but he showed some fire out there. Reminds me of a younger Thornridge, just getting his feet wet in this company. This kid is going to go places. He's got the tanacity, more importantly he's got the fight... I know I have mentioned before that 'silver' is just another word for second place, he's going to lower some people's colors in the future. He brought the full 110%, as I ask everyone who faces me, and as I ask myself. I have nothing but praise for the man. On a different night he may have had my number.

Crotchman: A very spirited fight indeed. Where is Bronx at the moment? I would have imagined you two would be celebrating hard tonight.

Thornridge: As much as we should be celebrating right now, he needed to tend to an outside matter. It's not my place to say it here, just a personal matter he needed to attend to. But that is the thing between him and I, at least on my end, I consider us equals and always will. I have no doubt he would have gotten the job done tonight if he won the Janken match to decide who faced Kazama. We are pretty damn decent singles wrestlers, we are just on another level when it comes to the tag team scene. We are both two time, and current, WORLD, HEAVYWEIGHT, TAG TEAM, CHAMPIONS, of the world...

Crotchman: So, what is next for The Professionals?

Thornridge: I think I want to bash up Mourn Despana. Yeah, that would be a good idea... but we'll just have to wait and see Crotch. Take it easy.