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    The Royal Experience: The Completely Defeated

    So from this point on, this series is now known as the Royal Raiders

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Today we are flipping the script on what I did a couple weeks ago. For those that missed it, I posted a column about WrestleMania’s best undefeated streaks, which you can read at this conveniently located link #CheapPlug. So this time we are going to go the opposite way, looking at wrestlers who have not won at WrestleMania despite their best efforts.

    I guess the best way to go about this would be a countdown of them leading to the worst, I’m going to skip anyone with only one loss, since there is literally 100s of superstars with that score (actually it’s 122 to be precise) So we are gonna skip those since we would be here all day otherwise. Much like last time, I’ll also be featuring some of my favourite not 100% loss-streaks but pretty close. So without further ado, let’s begin.


    There are 40 superstars that fall into this category. I’m not going to go into detail on all of them, just ones that are a little different or worth commenting on. I’ll highlight anyone that I think could break their loss streak in the next few years in green.

    Leilani Kai
    George Steele
    Summer Rae
    Paul Roma
    Alexa Bliss
    Barry Windham
    Bobby Roode
    Henry O Godwin and Phineas I Godwin
    The Warlord
    Asuka (This actually makes me sad)
    Pierre Ouelette
    Steve Blackman
    Big John Studd
    Ken Shamrock
    Ashley Massaro
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Al Snow
    Mustafa Ali (This also makes me sad)
    Val Venis
    William Regal (This does too, but not quite as much)
    Rosa Mendes
    Gail Kim
    Aiden English
    Jackie Gayda
    The Revival

    I’ve separated these seven because they all competed in the same two matches; I bet you can’t guess what match they have in common.
    Ruby Riott
    Sarah Logan
    Sonya Deville
    Liv Morgan
    Mandy Rose
    Kairi Sane
    Dana Brooke

    Psycho Sid – Not much to say, on him or his rather crap matches, at least they were both main events that he lost in. Though both the Mania’s are known for having a much better match elsewhere on card.

    Umaga – This one is actually a surprise, going into the series I expected to find some old match from one of his old gimmicks but no, Umaga is the only of his gimmicks to make WrestleMania, losing to Bobby Lashley at 23 and then Batista at 24. I am of the opinion that he should have had another opportunity at some point, a shame he passed away, he was a great monster.

    Bob Backlund – A bit of a surprise to see one of the longest reigning Champions of all time make the list, but unfortunately, WrestleMania took place after his career, and his WrestleMania matches were at the stage when he wasn’t going to win them, he would lose to Razor Ramon and Bret Hart, I mean good choices for people to lose to, you can’t get much better big names to lose to.

    Stacy Keibler - I don’t know whether to include Stacy if I’m honest, her record isn’t actually two loses; it is a loss and a draw. That is technically no wins, but it is nowhere near as bad as some of these other superstars, they would probably kill for a draw.

    And that is all the 2 loss superstars, we now move on to the next number, there is just over half the number of 3 losses as there is for the two losses. So again, I won’t comment on them all, and since there is less of them, I’ve separated the


    Jim Brunzell and B Brian Blair (These two were a tag team, I had never heard of them prior to the research for this series)
    Koko B Ware
    Raymond Rougeau
    Bart Gunn
    Justin Gabriel
    Darren Young
    Damien Sandow (A trio whose only notable accomplishment was the Andre battle Royal. In his defence, Damien was the runner up one year, which by Jinder logic means he should have won the world title, what a world that would have been, Damien Sandow beating Seth Rollins for the world title)

    Sami Zayn (I wouldn’t worry too much, I reckon he’s got a win coming his way in the next few years)
    Maria Kanellis
    Bray Wyatt
    Apollo Crews
    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

    Eve Torres – I don’t know how but luck was not on Eve’s side, the three meaningless tag matches that she was in, she was on the losing side all three times, even when it came down to just being face vs heel.

    Wade Barrett – Wade makes the list more for fun fact sake than it being a surprise, Wade’s WM schedule took on an every other year style, competing at 27, 29 and 31. On top of that, he also entered into all three matches as the Intercontinental Champion (though he didn’t leave with the belt for two of those, while the other was a real crap multi-person tag match).

    D-Lo Brown, The Godfather, Savio Vega – not a great score the Nation of Domination across the board. Admittedly each has at least one loss from beyond or before the days of The Nation, but the stable as a whole does seem fairly cursed. Farooq went 1-5, with his only win being as part of the APA at WM 17, while Mark Henry is 2-7, with his only wins being at 28 and 29, more than ten years after The Nation disbanded. The only person that seems immune to this curse is of course The Rock who it won’t shock you to learn has a decent win/loss record for Mania.

    Jimmy Snuka and Tamina Snuka – I have included this as a separate entry just because this is the exact level of niche useless fact that I love. Both of the Snuka’s have got three losses at WrestleMania despite being almost a generation apart. The family is cursed in some way.

    King Kong Bundy (1-3) – Bundy seems to occupy the spot of the generic big man, built up till the big show before getting a loss. He beat Special Delivery Jones (No idea who he is if I’m honest) in the second ever WrestleMania match, before going on to lose to big names like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and Hillbilly Jim.

    And onward down the list we go, to the superstars who have lost four matches.

    0-4 (The Reverse RVD)

    Note: I'm gonna be highlighting everyone green from this point since I give thoughts on them, it is no longer an indication of hope, just a way to add colour to the column.

    Mr. McMahon – I feel like this is the one people are going to already know, this is an often touted fun fact in the WWE, I remember it as being a part of one of the loading screens on one of the old SmackDown vs Raw games.

    Crush – Demolition were a really mixed bag weren’t they. We got one undefeated, and one completely defeated. And I guess the Nation’s curse continues as yet another member has a poor WrestleMania record. (I have no idea how he was a part of it, but apparently he was)

    Finlay and MVP – Really this boils down to them being a part of three MITB matches at the show of shows (22, 23 and 25 for Finlay, 24, 25 and 26 for MVP) they both have one singles match at WrestleMania, but that was a loss too (though in Finlay’s case I don’t know why)

    Rhyno and Tyler Breeze – battle royal fodder.

    Sasha Banks – the biggest disappointment of women’s wrestling. How the mighty fall. Banks has one of the worst title records of all time, I’m being serious, the women’s tag title reign is her longest title reign on the main roster. Sasha’s WrestleMania record is just as disappointing, two women’s title match losses, one battle royal and the tag title loss equals a really poor score for her.

    Ryback – This one comes as a surprise, Ryback was based on a winning streak and yet WrestleMania provides him with nothing but losses, WM 29 saw him lose to Mark Henry for no particular reason, he would go on to lose in the first Andre Royal, a fatal four way tag match, and lastly a US title match to Kalisto. Kinda surprising that he doesn’t have a win to his name.

    The Andre bunch

    A collection of superstars whose WrestleMania matches have been limited to the Andre the Giant Memorial battle Royal, all the listed superstars have competed in five different iterations of the match, and have obviously never won it.

    Bo Dallas
    Titus O'Neil
    Curtis Axel

    Sin Cara - I’m separating Sin Cara from the rest of the group because of one surprise fact. It should be common knowledge that the mask of Sin Cara has varied in time. Our current Sin Cara was originally brought in as an evil Sin Cara, he then became a Mexican stereotype, before the other Sin Cara quit. The surprising thing is that despite the original having three years under the mask, he never once competed at a WrestleMania, so current Sin Cara is the only Sin Cara in WrestleMania history. This is your useless bit of wrestling trivia for the day.

    There is however, someone who has got the five losses without the Andre Royal, or should I say someone’s ...

    The Dudleys (0-5) – Debatably one of the greatest teams of all time, however no WrestleMania wins to their name. Their first two were part of the infamous triple threat tag feud between themselves, The Hardys and Edge&Christian; the two would remain in the tag team division the rest of their career, leading to losses to Billy and Chuck (WM18) and RVD and Booker T (WM 20). The duo would return for one last mania match, facing off against modern legends The Usos in a losing effort. Out of all the superstars listed this definitely ranks as one of the most grievous streaks in WWE just thanks to the prominence of the Dudleys in WWE. The fact they never got a win on the grandest stage just feels wrong.

    We now move onto some notable loss streaks or majority loss superstars. These are some fairly substantial loss piles. And after these I will reveal the three worst loss streaks in WrestleMania history.

    Cody Rhodes (1-5) – this is both kinda a shock and at the same time makes complete sense, Cody is part of that generation that infamously got completely passed over because of Cena, Orton and the other Attitude Era holdovers keeping a grip at the top of the company.

    A bit harsh considering Cody’s role in keeping Orton at the top, but still you get what I mean. Rhodes’ lone WrestleMania win came during his time as the un-dashing Cody Rhodes, and he would pick up the win over Rey Mysterio. After that it took a turn as he would lose to Big Show at 28, and then his match completely scrapped from 29. After that it was all clusterfucks until he would eventually leave the WWE to forge his own path.

    Jeff Hardy (1-6) – Another one that I think may have been mentioned somewhere before, though that was before his return to WWE in at WM33. Jeff ended up with quite the losing streak for the grandest stage, much like the Dudleys, he would take loses to Edge and Christian for a couple years, Jeff then left WWE to do indy stuff, while brother Matt won a WrestleMania match, Jeff would come back and would end up in a familiar environment, surrounded by ladders in MITB matches, before facing Matt in a match at WM25 where in typical Jeff Hardy fashion, he lost because he wanted to jump off of something.

    This would leave Jeff at 0-5 and he would then return to TNA and the assumption was that he was done with WWE. However Jeff would return to WWE at WrestleMania 33, again there were ladders, but for once him jumping off of stuff went according to plan and he and Matt would capture the tag titles, breaking the streak. Jeff would miss WM34 due to injury and then get Braun’d this past April. Jeff’s streak may be broken, but I don’t think he is going to get any more.

    Tito Santana (1-7) – One of the most unfortunate loss streaks in WrestleMania history. Tito Santana is the most historically significant superstar that no one talks about. He was the first superstar to win a match at WrestleMania, beating The Executioner in the opener of WrestleMania 1. So he has that special honour of the first win ever.

    After that win though, it was all downhill for Tito, he competed in at the first eight WrestleMania’s amassing a handful of minor classics, all ending in a loss for him. Ultimately Tito has that one win under his belt and that kinda erases all those losses, because he was the first.

    Shelton Benjamin (1-8)
    – I doubt anyone expected a good win/loss for the former Team Angle member, but honestly one this bad is surprising. Shelton’s sole win was actually his debut WrestleMania, WM19 defending the tag titles as part of the “World’s Greatest Tag Team” with Charlie Haas. WM20 would see him going for the tag gold again, but ultimately the two came up short.

    It would be around this time that the WWE realised the Shelton is actually pretty athletic, and his fate was sealed, Shelton would be a part of five of the next six Money in the Bank ladder matches. Eventually Shelton would get sick of jumping off ladders for no reward and would leave WWE in 2010. He would be back before the end of the decade though because … well I’m assuming he ran out of money or something, he definitely didn’t come back for a prominent spot on the roster. Shelton has been in the last two Andre royals, didn’t win those either and based on his current place on the roster, he is gonna keep being in them till he leaves WWE again.

    New Day Sucks (at WrestleMania)

    The New Day are one of the most entertaining and colourful teams in all of WWE history, and is one of the best examples of singles stars being put together to form a tag team. However one thing that The New Day are not, is successful at WrestleMania. Despite being asked to host WrestleMania 33, the trio have a terrible score for wins and losses.

    The combined score across all three members is …


    Thankfully that is across all three members, which would be genuinely atrocious for any one superstar, so let’s break down the scores for the trio.

    Xavier Woods (0-3) – With the least WrestleMania experience under his belt, Woods score isn’t too bad, if you want to be technical there are tons of superstars worse off than he is, Xavier’s losses are Andre Royals and that loss to the League of Nations. And ultimately, I do think The New Day have a good chance at a win if the group stays together the whole year.

    Big E (0-5) – E has a bit more WrestleMania under his belt, competing in a few tag title matches, the six man tag, and an Andre royal. Big E’s first Mania match came when he still had his last name, teaming with Dolph Ziggler to take on Kane and Daniel Bryan (In 2019 this would be a weird match, but in 2013 it made sense), he would then go on to team with Kofi on the pre-show to lose a tag title match at WM31, followed by a loss in the Andre Royal immediately after, giving Big E the dishonourable distinction of having two Mania losses in one night.

    Kofi Kingston (2-8) – Kofi debatably has both the best and worst score of the three, worst because he has way more losses, but best because he actually has wins, though one of them was incredibly forgettable, I doubt you’d know it if I don’t tell you. He teamed with Kane, Big Show and Santino Marella to take on The Corre, the match was shit but it got Kofi his first WrestleMania win after two Money in the Bank losses.

    After WrestleMania 27, Kofi would go on to lose another six matches at WrestleMania, before the blood, sweat and tears ultimately paid off in a big way. I shouldn’t need to remind you of Kofi’s WrestleMania 35 story, so I won’t. Despite the happy ending, eight losses are still eight losses.

    Those are some of the biggest kinda loss-streaks in WrestleMania history, all that is left now are our three loss leaders of WrestleMania, who has the biggest loss streak in WM history

    R-Truth (0-7) – The biggest shocker here, is the fact that Truth only has seven WM matches to his name. He was a part of the WWF for a few years in the late Attitude Era, and didn’t compete at a mania during that time period (not a massive shock since he has never really been high card talent), he would return in 2008, and would make his WrestleMania debut losing to The Miz and Big Show, and would spend the remains as a part of the various clusterfuck matches of the time.

    Heath Slater (0-7) – sharing the silver medal with R-Truth, comes Heath Slater. This is actually a shame; Slater is without a doubt my favourite jobber in the history of WWE. But big WrestleMania wins can’t be expected for someone that a sentence ago I described as my favourite jobber. One day I hope he gets a win but I wouldn’t hold my breath. His first loss came as part of the shitty Corre vs random faces match I mentioned earlier. After that, it was just Andre Battle Royals, he has competed in every single iteration of the match, I’m hoping this leads to him winning one in the next couple years. That would be nice.

    Bonus fact: I have joked about a couple of cursed stables this columns, however there is without a doubt, a group that have been cursed. The Nexus.

    Don’t believe me why not ask Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Husky Harris, Darren Young (0-3), Skip Sheffield (0-4) Michael McGillicutty (0-5) or maybe Michael Tarver or Mason Ryan (no WrestleMania matches at all). The only Nexus member to win a match is David Otunga (and of course Daniel Bryan, though he wasn’t really part of it), imagine being part of a team and David Otunga being the best wrestler of the group. I’m not the sort of person that believes in this sort of thing but if there were a curse, I would not be shocked.

    We’ve seen a lot of losing streaks here today, however there is one superstar that truly stands tall when it comes to loses and that is …



    Ten WrestleMania’s and not a single win. My god that is a shame for someone that is without a doubt, going to end up in the hall of fame someday. Goldust’s first match was his best effort, a Hollywood Backlot brawl with Roddy Piper that would end in a draw after Goldust straight up left because he was wearing women’s underwear. Based on the fact that he left it is even debatable whether to call it a draw or not, but either way, getting stripped to your underwear is undoubtedly a loss.

    Goldy would have a handful of matches through the Attitude Era and none would see him get a win. His eventual return to the WWE and teaming with Brother Cody was called by many a peak of his career, however for the Rhodes Brothers this push did not include a WrestleMania win, instead seeing them relegated to the Andre Royal, where Goldust remained until this year, when instead he left the WWE. Leaving Goldust with what is likely his final score of 9 losses and 1 draw.

    Bonus fact: He also has a terrible Starrcade score, and seeing as that was WCW’s WrestleMania (I think) it's worth a mention. He would gain losses at the 91 92, 93 and 99 events, though at 91 he did get a tag team match win. Add in a loss at TNA’s WrestleMania, Bound for Glory (Again I think it is, could be wrong) and that gives him a score of 1-1-14 at wrestling’s biggest shows. Ouch. Is it too early to count in the loss to Cody at Double or Nothing?

    I kinda wish I did this series the other way round, that way I would be wrapping the series on an optimistic note of superstars with win streaks instead of the abysmal loss streaks of WWE’s long serving veterans. Oh well, live and learn. On that note that is all for today, however I do have some unfortunate news to impart, this will be the last ever edition of “The Royal Experience” columns I will be doing, we had a good run, spanning almost two columns but all good things must come to an end, well we still have Top Trumps, PPV Predictions, PPV-Star and the odd other column to go for. RIP in Peace Royal Experience, we barely knew you.

    And on that sombre note, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell. I’ll be back later this week with Money in the Bank predictions at an earlier day than usual, I don’t know which one yet, but it will be before Saturday. But until then, I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.

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    Wow, these horrible streaks are out there but you don't really know it until you take time to look at it. Unbelievable that Goldust lost so much at Mania. And, while I remember the backlot brawl, I don't remember the rules. For me, I'm going to call it a loss for Goldust. He at minimum forfeited. 0-10. Pretty damning. Cody's isn't much better, lol. I think Dusty may be 1-0? Hopefully AEW will takes the Rhodes back to that territory day glory and NWA/WCW glory that Dusty ate up
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    Beautiful stats. Just really reminds me of when Wayne was around doing stats columns. Incredible research and I really enjoyed this a lot.

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    Nice column here Zak, some very fun stats. Liked the shoutout for Tito Santana especially! For all those people you weren't familiar with before the column, maybe this'll be a good chance to check some of them out a bit more. Nice work!

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    Sometimes the stats don't match the narrative but, for Cody, they line up just right. I will forever be proud of what he risked in order to make or break on his own terms. He's a long way from that losing streak right now. Nice work here.

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    Nice job bro.
    Have a nice day all.

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    Feedback time

    @Benjamin: Dusty is 1-0 at WrestleMania, he and Sapphire got the win in both their lone WM match. I was really surprised to see both do so poorly on the win/loss side of things. AEW will definitely see Cody revitalised, I feel like that is almost a guarantee, Goldy on the other hand is probably gonna have that last match with Cody before retiring (i'm assuming).

    @JWG: That is really kind of you to say, I miss Wayne and his stat columns. Glad to see you about dude.

    @Mizfan: I'll be honest, that is one of the things that had me most excited for the series, I was gonna get to see all these new parts of history and stuff I'd never really heard of.

    @Mystic: It really is a shame to see Cody's score so low, he had so many great moments in his WWE career and it is a shame how they never gave him more to work with.

    @Stark2210: Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the column. Have a great day too

    Thanks to everyone for reading, I'm glad you all enjoyed this little dive into the world of stats.

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    Got to say, the one I found most surprising was the Dudleys. Wow.

    Another that leapt out at me was Umaga. Like you, I'm confident he'd have got a few wins had he been around for longer and not sadly passed away. I'm not convinced he'd have become the long term main eventer I've occasionally seen him discussed as having the potential for, his character didn't suit that, but I think he'd have been a solid upper card act that got occasional main events.

    One thing I do disagree with though, is that you did this series the wrong way round. In my opinion winning streaks etc can be discussed all day long, but losing streaks provide the more entertaining columns.

    Fantastic research for both of these, nice work

    FACT or FICTION: Reigns & the Championship
    PM me to get involved.

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    Asuka and Alexa Bliss 0-2. Now that makes me sad. It's criminal if you think about. Asuka who is one of the rope wrestlers and has been most over over women in recent times along with one of the top heel women of this decade should not be 0-2. Ditto for Banks being 0-4. You'd think such top women would at least have one 'Mania win under their belt.

    Hard to believe that Dudleys stat considering they are a legendary tag team. Damn, Nexus really was cursed. Even when they debuted and lost there first match as a unit you could probably see the curse formulating at that point of you were to look back.

    Always like these stats columns of yours and especially like the fun, bonus facts. Good work.

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