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    2019 and this exists stilll? Huh.
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    LPW NewsWire

    Sean Jensen appears at Starbucks

    - LPW star Sean Jensen appeared at a Starbucks in Oregon promoting SuperCycle. Sources say that while ordering a coffee, he kept asking for a "large" instead of the normally ordered "venti". Other sources say that he also did not like the coffee and only drank it because the Kid told him to.

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    The Mighty Dyno Might seen at a local comic-con
    May 10, 2018 - 5 minutes ago

    Former Lords of Pain Wrestler The Mighty Dyno Might has been spotted by a fanboy under the name of Sean Jensen at a local Comic Con. Rumours are rife that a return for the ever so popular Luchador are on the cards before or after the next Altered Reality which is to be held in San Francisco this calendar year. A paparazzi who happened to be attending the event as a fan approached The Mighty Dyno Might at a signing booth asking for clarification if these rumours were indeed complete utter bobbins. The Mighty Dyno Might naturally responded:

    "Dude The Mighty Dyno Might knows Altered Reality is just around the corner. CAKE! The Mighty Dyno Might loves cake. Hang on a second. DUDE There's this bloke at the next booth shattering grids. What in the blue balls is happening? The Mighty Dyno Might mind is well and truly blown. Amazing. Dude watch Altered Reality on the LPW Network your world will more than likely be Altered. See what The Mighty Dyno Might did there. Look puppies!"

    The Mighty Dyno Might continued to look at cute puppies and eat cake while signing The Mighty Dyno Might posters and merchandise for his fans which are sold on by using the promo code: DYNOMIGHT

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