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    Ha, well I just looked at the list of winners and in the 21st century, I can literally only remember 3 (not counting the ones I only remember because I heard them last night), and one of them was a bit of a stretch.

    Though to be fair, one of those was a Swedish entry - Euphoria. I don't love that because that kind of dance music is not my thing but it sounded like a well put together song on a level you don't often get.

    So yeah, I don't find much to remember, most years. Often what sticks is just the most downright bizarre stuff. Maybe the interval, San Marino and Iceland will be my abiding memories of this year.

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    Usually the songs I like the most don't actually end up winning (god knows how Portugal won a couple of years ago), but Euphoria was probably the most successful hit in the UK.

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    Saw a great joke on twitter that said everyone should have voted for the UK just so we had to host this big euro party post Brexit

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    I’m gutted I missed this thread, we’ll done for keeping it alive.
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