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    Robert Lillehammer stands a small distance away from the world famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. He adjusts his tie and smiles into the camera.

    Lillehammer: Hello wrestling fans. It is I, Robert Lillehammer here with your special report. I flew out at midnight yesterday with our esteemed owner Mikhail Nabokov and his representatives to the exclusive and luxurious Principality of Monaco and here at the Monte Carlo Casino. The second-smallest country in the world nestled on the French Riviera will be the sight of either the monumental signing of our World and International Heavyweight Champion, Mourn Despana, or the start of a bidding war for his services.

    Now, I spoke to The Champ’s wife Kassandra earlier on her way to her poker seat and she informed me that while negotiations started six hours ago, the negotiations are going well and both parties are attempting to work through the night on personal and professional differences. Later tonight, live, at around 4 a.m. local time, I will head inside and be there for when a deal is finalized, or Mourn officially walks away from the negotiation table. Until that happens, I will send you all across the world to the bone chilling action you are looking for. To the experience of the first Vertigo in the new era. Welcome, to LPW!

    Instead of cutting to the arena, we see a secondary camera shooting post update. As he starts to place it down, Lillehammer is suddenly grabbed and snatched out of frame. The assailant, who has a good four inches and at least 30 pounds on Lillehammer, pins him against a nearby vehicle.


    A hooded Chris Austin shuts Lillehammer up with a knee to the gut and begins firing off closed fists to the Uncompassionate Conservative, knocking him to a seated position before ramming the back of his head into the driver’s side door twice.

    Austin surveys the damage as Lillehammer barely stirs. Austin grabs Lillehammer to his feet and abruptly slings him across the hood of the car, leaping up there with him. As Lillehammer starts to push himself up, Austin grabs him about the waist and in a scarily sudden show of strength, snatches him up and STICKS him with a powerbomb through the windshield.

    Cameraman: JESUS FUCK, MAN! COME ON!

    Austin, silent, leaps down from the car, taking one last look at the lifeless form of Lillehammer before a cold set of eyes turn their attention to the Monte Carlo Casino.

    Austin: One man’s justice … another man’s vengeance.

    His feet begin taking him to the casino as the other camera drops and both cameramen rush to attend to the unconscious Lillehammer, whose chest rises and falls softly.

    Bite my tongue, bide my time...
    Wearing a warning sign...
    Wait 'til the world is mine...
    Visions I vandalize...
    Cold in my kingdom size...
    Fell for these ocean eyes...

    You should see me in a crown,
    I'm gonna run this nothing town,
    Watch me make 'em bow,
    One by one by one,
    One by one by -

    You should see me in a crown,
    Your silence is my favorite sound,
    Watch me make 'em bow,
    One by one by one,
    One by one by ONE

    "you should see me in a crown" by Billie Eilish plays as a packed Mandalay Bay Events Center goes wild. Green strobe lights flash about, panning through the sea of humanity and signaling the start of LPW Vertigo

    Phoenix: WELCOME TO SIN CITY AND WELCOME TO LPW VERTIGO! I'm Blazing Phoenix and I'm being joined by my esteemed colleague Richard "The Rik" Davis, who is filling in for Robert Lillehammer this evening.

    The Rik: Thank you for that kind introduction. We've got quite a card stacked here, with debuts, returns and more. We'll also have a pair of contests that should be quite exhilarating.

    Phoenix: Indeed! We have a pair of non-title bouts as LPW Hardcore Champion David Gideon Smith renews his rivalry with Reece Raymond, and newly-crowned LPW Western States Heritage Champion Bobino takes on Bane Uzzah!

    The Rik: And don't forget, we'll be checking in on contract negotiations between LPW Owner Mikhail "The Kid" Nabakov and perhaps the most improbable champion in recent LPW history, LPW World and International Heavyweight Champion AND Martinez Cup Winner Mourn Despana. But let's get this night underway with our first match!

    "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins plays as we see Andy Savana appear from backstage and begin to make his way to the ring to a strong reaction from the crowd.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing a man making his return to Lords of Pain Wrestling ... from Houston, Texas, weighing 225 pounds … a former LPW Hardcore and United States Champion ... ANDY SAVANA!

    Phoenix: Isn't it great to see an old pro like Andy Savana return to LPW? Let's hope he fulfils that potential he was showing before his sabbatical.

    The Rik: An old pro!? Are we looking at the same guy? I give him one show before he crawls back to where ever they found him.

    The Rocky Road to Dublin - The Dubliners fills the arena as a slew of people slowly spill out from backstage engulfing Sebastian Flynn as he heads toward the ring. Like a tidal wave they carry him to the ringside where he slips under the bottom rope onto the canvas as the crowd disappear through the arena.

    Announcer: His opponent, making his LPW in-ring debut! From Dublin, Ireland weighing 13 stone and five pounds, Sebastian Flynn!

    The Rik: I don't know what the hell just happened, but I liked it.

    Phoenix: Quite an entrance from the newest face on the LPW roster. Let's see if his skills in the ring are as impressive as his entrance.

    DING!! DING!!

    Phoenix: We know what Savana is all about here, he's unorthodox, he's unpredictable and once he builds up a head of steam he's hard to stop! Both men clocking in at 6' 2'' but Savana looks like he's got at least 15 kilos on Flynn.

    The Rik: Flynn is lean, athletic and for his first time in an LPW ring he is looking very relaxed. Very composed. Very European.

    Savana makes the first move, grabbing Flynn's arm and whipping him across the ring. Flynn rebounds explosively off the ropes and straight into a drop kick from Andy.

    Phoenix: Vintage Savana. He picks Flynn up and whips him hard toward the corner. Flynn's head jerked hard off the turnbuckle there, Rik. Not a great start to his first match. Savana follows it up with a series of kicks to the gut.

    The Rik: I like to think I'm a good judge of character, Phoenix, and I'm telling you now, this guy's going to be OK. Look at the resilience he's showing as Savana connects with an uppercut.

    Flynn staggers into the middle of the ring, followed by Savana who wraps his arms around Sebastian's waist and delivers a belly to back suplex. Flynn bounces hard off the mat and arches his back in pain. Savana waves his arms up and down to the crowd prompting a loud, yet mixed reaction. He drags Flynn back to the center of the ring and turns to begin his climb up the turnbuckle.

    Phoenix: This is that head of steam I was talking about earlier, Rik. Flynn needs to pull something out of the bag quickly or this will be a debut to forget for him.

    Savana continues to stir up the crowd atop the turnbuckle as Flynn jumps back to his feet in the centre of the ring, stopping Savana's actions in his tracks.

    Phoenix: Andy looks genuinely annoyed that Sebastian hasn't stayed put and let him jump from the top rope! And Flynn makes a dash toward Savana as he comes down from the turnbuckle. He's went for a single leg takedown.

    The Rik: That was beautiful. He took his waist, hooked a leg and back stepped shifting the weight of the heavier man off balance and down he went like an old oak tree.

    Phoenix: I'm being fed notes here that Flynn's background in fighting stems mainly from BJJ...and it's showing. He has mounted his opponent and as hard as Savana tries to push him off Flynn is using his being like a wet blanket all over him.

    Sebastian's knees begin to creep up the rib cage of Savana as he drives his shoulder into the throat of his opponent. Andy's hand lifts to pull Flynn's shoulder away, creating more space for Sebastian's knees to climb into. He hugs Savana's head hard into his shoulder, picking it off the ground just enough for him to swing his leg round and into an S-Mount position.

    The Rik: This is going to go one of two ways, arm bar or triangle. Either way this match is as good as over.

    Phoenix: Flynn continues to pressure Savana who is squirming frantically trying to prevent what looks like an inevitability...and there it is! Sebastian locks in a triangle choke hold!

    The Rik: Will he tap or pass out, what do you think, Phoenix?

    Savana lifts his legs in the air and helicopters them from one side to the other allowing him to get his knees underneath him and begin to try and stand to his feet.

    Phoenix: It's not over yet! Savana is up to his knees. The crowd are loving this! He has his right foot planted on the floor! His left foot! The weight advantage is coming to the fore, he's picking up Flynn who still has the triangle choke locked in. He's going to turn this into a Powerbomb!!!

    As Savana musters every ounce of energy he has to lift Flynn above his head, the Irishman releases the choke, drops to his feet behind and quickly locks in a sleeper hold.

    The Rik: Wow. That was poetry in motion.

    Phoenix: For a second it looked like things were back in favour of Andy Savana, but Sebastian Flynn has seized control again. I don't know how Savana even has a breath in his lungs.

    The Rik: That rear naked choke is locked in so tight this one isn't going to end pretty. Flynn has swept the legs from under Savana and taken him to the ground. Andy is going nowhere but out for the count here.

    Phoenix: He's gone. HE'S GONE! Savana is unconscious. This fight is over!

    Sebastian Flynn: 3.96 APS + 0.8 votes = 4.76 total
    Andy Savana: 3.54 APS + 0.3 votes = 3.83 total

    The Rik: And like a gentleman, Flynn lets the choke go. Medics, check that guy out. My twitter was buzzing with word on this guy this morning, Phoenix, and you know what, he didn't let them down.

    ”The Rocky Road to Dublin” by The Dubliners plays to fanfare. The new wrestler looks about surprised at the response, and is quick to slap hands with fans at ringside once outside the ring.

    Phoenix: A wonderful start to a career if I can say so myself. We head backstage to Rose Florecer for a special announcement.

    Rose Florecer stands in the backstage interview area with a pleasant smile welcoming in the viewer.

    Rose: What a wonderful opening contest here at Vertigo. The type of action we’re looking for in LPW. While The Kid is away at the negotiations, I was tasked to informing the public on an upcoming change to LPW.

    As you’ve seen over the last cycle, there has been a combining of the brands and championships. Later tonight, both the Hardcore and Western States Heritage Championship will be in action. Both matches are now, BEAT THE CLOCK challenges! Should both champions win, they will face off to crown themselves as the NEW LPW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION!

    Now, the opponents are in on this. Should either non-champion win, they will get added to the contest.

    The fastest victor tonight will be able to name the stipulation. So stakes are high tonight. I, like so many of us here in back, look forward to see what this brings. Things are indeed changing here in LPW-

    Rose stops talking into the camera and looks past it. Her face lights up and she motions furiously her way.

    Rose: YOU! No, you! Yes, you! Get over here! C’mon! I’ll be gentle! Ladies and gentlemen, I also have at this time, a man looking to get on track in the upcoming Vertigo shows, David Maverick!

    THE David Maverick steps into frame and looks at Rose with an amused face.

    Rose: Some interesting things going down here in Vegas David Maverick. Find anything of note when walking around?

    Maverick: Rose, it’s THE David Maverick.

    THE David Maverick proceeds to get his notebook and pen out and starts to write a note which will no doubt peak his interest later on.

    Maverick: Rose, this dear notebook is the key to success. Unless you want to be added to those I need to keep tabs on, allow THE David Maverick to speak and keep your silly questions to yourself.

    THE David Maverick throws his notebook off screen and focuses directly at the camera with a microphone at hand.

    Maverick: Losing streaks, Championship titles, whatever. THE David Maverick has an open invitation to whoever wants to face him. More to the point, That notebook I just threw is getting full, and THE David Maverick needs a new one. Will you be the first person in THE David Maverick’s notebook? Come face me. I don’t bite. Honest.

    Screen fades
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    The shadows hold nothing but lies and deceit. The entirety of LPW is shrouded in darkness, that which no light has ever revealed the secrets therein. Many have tried to uncover the truth, some have come close to doing so, but they've all failed.

    I lurk in those very same shadows.

    The only thing that I seek, is to bring the light even closer than it has. My goal is to frighten the vermin that reside here just enough for their guard to drop. As soon as that paranoia grasps their necks, is when I will strike and shine that white hot light on every single wrestler and employee.

    I have tasted the light. I am the one who was chosen to come and go between it and the black as I please.

    But what if I like the darkness more? What if I relish in the ability to be a chameleon?

    I guess we will see what happens once I emerge from the world unseen.

    Caught off guard
    Warning signs
    Never show
    Tension strikes
    Choking me
    Worries grow

    In the ring stands a local masked wrestler by the name of El Hijo De Las Vegas as the ring announcer gets ready for the introductions.

    Announcer: Wrestling fans the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute television time limit. Introducing in the corner to my left, weighting in at 190 Pounds, this is EL HIJO DE LAS VEGAS.

    Phoenix: A bit of an impromptu confrontation here, and now we have The Son of Las Vegas. A bit on the nose there.

    The Rik: You get what you pay for. I'm pretty sure this chap is working for a few bites and little else.

    The lights in the arena go out as strobes on the stage start to pulse to the opening drum beat of “Supernaught” by Black Sabbath. As the riff hits, the lights come back on and Phantom Lord starts slowly walking down the aisle to the ring

    The Rik: Been a long time since we’ve seen him around…

    Phoenix: Well, he took some time to heal up and rejuvenate, and now one of the most vile competitors in LPW history is back! However, Phantom Lord looks almost disgusted by what he sees as he comes down the ring.

    Announcer: His opponent, hailing from Paradise Valley, Arizona...he weighs in at 260 Pounds...this is LPW Hall of Fame member...PHANTOM LORD.

    Phantom enters the ring and lets the referee checks him over for foreign objects. Phantom walks to the center of the ring as his opponent who is about five inches shorter than him comes up to face him. El Hijo extends a hand as a show of good sportsmanship and Phantom smirks as he shakes the hand back. But Phantom won't let go of the kid's hand and he pulls him in and nails him with a stiff short-arm clothesline.

    Phoenix: The referee has called for the bell as Phantom damn near took off this kid's head with that move!

    The Rik: I think we've all seen that look before from Phantom. He looks annoyed right now.

    Phantom grabs El Hijo by the mask and brings him back up to his feet and he slaps him across the face causing him to fall back down to the canvas.


    The Rik: It looks like the veteran wasn't happy with his opponent tonight.

    As Phantom has his back turned, El Hijo De Las Vegas gets back up and he nails Phantom with a dropkick to the back that causes Phantom to roll through the ropes and out to the floor. El Hijo quickly goes into the ropes and as Phantom is standing back up on the floor, he connects with a suicide dive that sends Phantom into the guardrail.

    Phoenix: We don't know much about this masked wrestler, but he is firing it up right now with all that he has!

    El Hijo quickly grabs Phantom and uses all his strength to roll him back into the ring. Phantom is down on the mat as the kid quickly sprints up to the top rope.

    Phoenix: We could be looking at a monumental upset in the making here as Phantom gets back to his feet. El Hijo leaps and he goes for a Dragonrana...BUT PHANTOM CATCHES HIM AND HE CONNECTS WITH A DEVASTATING POWERBOMB!

    Phantom grasps his hands and picks the kid back up, delivering another powerbomb and he locks his hands one more time and he splats the kid with a final powerbomb

    The Rik: Phantom has never been much to show raw strength, but that was an absolute vulgar display there. He dropped the boy as if he were collecting a debt!

    Phoenix: Phantom isn't done with him! This poor kid is out cold and Phantom is picking him back up...he scoops him up AND HE CONNECTS WITH THE CAREER KILLER! And to add insult to injury he pins him with one foot...One...Two...Three...this one is over!

    Announcer: The winner of the match via pin is PHANTOM LORD!!

    Phantom does not look to be done as he grabs the limp body of El Hijo and he picks him up again and he scoops him up and he delivers another Career Killer Sitout Tombstone Piledriver. The ring bell sounds incessantly and Phantom chases the referee out of the ring and he makes his way over to the time keeper's table and grabs the microphone from the ring announcer. He taps on it a couple of times before walking back up the ring steps and going back into the ring.

    Phantom: Fifteen damn years. Fifteen damn years!

    Phantom starts stomping on El Hijo as LPW officials come running out to get him out of the ring before Phantom can do any more damage to him


    The crowd starts to boo Phantom.

    Phantom: You're gonna boo me? I just gave all of you Las Vegas degenerate gamblers what you wanted to see. I gave you your money's worth. God knows you're just going to lose it at the penny slots later tonight.

    The crowd really starts to boo Phantom:

    Phantom: But my problem is not with you people. My problem is with the management of this company. I have been here for over fifteen years. The foundation that was laid to build this company was built with my blood and sweat. I am in the best shape of my career and the booker man sees fit to give me some kid who is still learning to run the ropes at the local wrestling school.

    The crowd continues to boo Phantom.

    Phantom: Well it looks like I am going to have to go to the past to make this company relevant again. I hear the LPW is reviving the World Television Championship. Well, back in the day who do you think created the Television Championship? I DID. I wanted to get away from the extreme violence and garbage wrestling and bring back the good old days.

    The Rik: An admirable cause.

    Phoenix: From a despicable man!

    Phantom: Well, I want it to be known. Whomever becomes the new LPW World Television Champion, expect a short reign because I am declaring myself the first challenger for that title belt. Now while the company is worried about primadonnas who want perks and benefits, I will be waiting to bring this company into a new decade of prosperity! So good luck to the winner. You'll fall to the your knees and bow before the Phantom Lord just like everyone else.

    Phantom drops the microphone and he leaves the ring to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd. The shot cuts back to Blazing Phoenix and The Rik

    Phoenix: Well I see that the egomaniac has officially returned. Phantom Lord was being a bit selective with history there.

    The Rik: Winners write the history books Phoenix. You should know that.

    Phoenix: But you can't change the video tapes. The facts are that YES, Phantom did create the World Television Championship way back when in the old days of the PWA. But it was never officially sanctioned by the company or anyone else. He went out on his own dime and had a belt custom made for HIM.

    The Rik: Your point?

    Phoenix: The point is, Phantom likes to think he is the first-ever champion, but he's not. Yes, we are grateful for all that he has done to get this company to where it is today. But I don't think he's going to get a title shot based on his name alone.

    The Rik: The name Phantom Lord goes a long way in LPW halls. If he wants that title shot, you know one way or another he's going to get it. It's just a matter of how many bodies have to be left before it happens.

    The scene opens backstage where we see "The Crippled Crusader" Chris Paradise standing in front of a spray painted rendition of his Proper Competition logo on a bed sheet while Enyo stands behind him as stoic as ever. Chris's left arm is wrapped up in a comically oversized cast while the smile on his face doesn't waver.

    Chris: Hello all you shiftless layouts! Didja miss me? Because I gotta tell ya I didn't miss any of you for a second! But the bigwigs in the front office don't think it's good for me to sit and relax, and that I should "be out earning my keep". Now I bet your tiny little minds are wondering "B-but Chris why aren't you wrestling?" Well I'll tell you dummy!

    Chris waves his casted arm ever so gingerly, clearly milking the injury for all that it's worth.

    Chris: Last time I was here I was jumped by that inbred gorilla Bobino and that caused this horrific wrist injury, not only that but I was diagnosed with left wrist tendonitis and an ingrown fingernail so wrestling in simply out of the question! But don't you worry...I've taken upon myself to expose all the dummies in this place alongside my rock over here, right Enyo?

    Enyo says nothing and just stares into the camera.

    Chris: That's right! It's going to be a lot of work but it'll be all worth it just to prove that once again I'm smarter than all of you and you know it! Until next time on The Paradise News Network!

    Chris then throws up his signature thumbs up as the scene fades away to another shot of the Proper Competition logo.

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    Phoenix: Ladies and gentlemen ... if this next contest is anything like the last between these two, we may well be in for a classic. And with the added Beat The Clock stipulation… this one becomes even more intriguing.

    The Rik: I’ll cop to it – been looking forward to this one all night.

    Van Halen’s “Top of the World” brings the crowd to its feet, and though Reece Raymond emerges from the back to a pop, he barely acknowledges it as he storms purposefully down the ramp.

    Announcer: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first: from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 199 pounds… REECE RAYMOND!

    Phoenix: Reece Raymond, once again looking like he’s ready for war, and you gotta wonder – when it comes to his opponent here tonight, is he nearing his breaking point?

    The Rik: Take nothing away from the man, last time he and DGS went at it he managed to eke out the win. But then Altered Reality happened, and Reece said it himself: he choked, while DGS went on to beat three other men and retain the Hardcore title. Pretty hard not to take that into account.

    Phoenix: True enough, but the same could be said for the fire, the intensity, on display from Raymond right now. He’s out for blood, out for vengeance and closure against the man who nearly ended his career, and last time? Those things were enough.

    Sliding in under the bottom ring rope, Raymond hits each corner in turn. He’s still up on the final turnbuckle when ethereal chimes echo through the arena, drawing his eyes straight to the stage and the crowd’s countenance deep into the negative. The arena plunges into darkness a moment later, as “6.24” by Danger heralds the arrival of David Smith: flickering strobes, lasers, and spots grant hints as to the cloaked form making its way out from the back, until at last every light in the place comes on at once, illuminating in all-white the man himself, clad in all-black atop the stage.

    Announcer: And his opponent: from Omaha, Nebraska, weighing in at 240 pounds… he is the LPW HARDCORE CHAMPION… DAVID… GIDEON… SMITH!

    Phoenix: In a reversal of roles, it’s now the Hardcore Champion looking to settle up with Reece Raymond.

    The Rik: He’s said he feels personally affronted, by Raymond’s subpar performance at Altered Reality. And while I can’t say I blame him, it does beg the question – what does a DGS who feels slighted, who feels like it has become personal, look like in the ring?

    Phoenix: You and I don’t know, Robert, because you and I haven’t ever seen that DGS. This ongoing matter between him and Reece Raymond has finally, finally, become mutually personal, and what kind of match that results in is anyone’s guess.

    Smith draws back his hood upon entering the ring, revealing a blank, eerily expressionless stare. His eyes remain locked across the ring on Raymond as the ref relieves him of the Hardcore title, even as Raymond points to the belt as it’s taken from the ring.

    Reece: That should be mine.

    DGS: Beat me here, and it will be.

    Reece: I will.

    DGS: You won’t.


    Phoenix: The bell sets us off, both men out of their corners, and LOOK at DGS!

    The Rik: Both men looking for immediate strikes, throwing immediate hands, but Smith, just bulldozing through Raymond’s blows.

    Phoenix: Raymond driven back in the corner, and he’s collapsing! Reece Raymond, collapsing beneath a MASSIVE barrage from David Smith!

    The Rik: All closed fists too, not often you see that from the champion.

    Ref: One! … two! … three! … FOUR!

    Phoenix: Smith, finally taking a walk at the ref’s count of four. Raymond trying to get out of the corner, trying to create some separation… but DGS is right back on him, HEAVES him up and BACKBREAKER! BACKBREAKER, folding Reece Raymond in HALF, and the normally slow-to-start Smith is ALL-offense out of the gate in this one!

    Smith remains down on a knee, watching as Raymond crumples to the mat, back arched in agony. Rather than going for a pin he stands, digging his fingers into Reece’s scalp, and hauls the smaller man to his feet.

    The Rik: I like this. We’ve yet to see DGS provide sustained offensive pressure in the ring.

    Phoenix: Looks like we’re about to get an upfront demonstration, as Smith brings Raymond back up for more punishment. Side headlock applied, looks like he wants a – no! No, Reece is fighting it – a blow to the kidneys staggers Smith, a stomp to the knee puts him back down… and a DROPKICK, the DROPKICK puts him down on the mat!

    The Rik: Solid. Very solid counter by Raymond there, creating some space after that initial onslaught.

    Phoenix: Both men to their feet… and now Raymond’s on Smith, wants the rear waistlock… but the champion counters, pitches forward and flips Raymond over top of him. Raymond to his feet, turns to sight DGS – OH, and a forearm shiver from the champion sends him staggering.

    The Rik: Very back-and-forth here, both guys are on-point tonight.

    Phoenix: Indeed. Smith looking to follow up, fires Raymond off the ropes… only for Raymond to counter, launching the champion across the ring, and an ARM DRAG from Raymond! Smith’s back to his feet, and a SECOND arm drag from Raymond, and a THIRD – and now the armbar, the Fujiwara Armbar’s locked in!

    The Rik: GOOD transition there.

    Smith cries out in sudden pain as Raymond cranks back on the armbar, putting all of his weight on the Hardcore Champion’s back as he cranks away at the captive limb. DGS tries to crawl, or turn pivot on the mat to reach the ropes, but Reece plants his feet accordingly, shifting weight and pressure to prevent any progress from being made.

    Reece: I told you! I TOLD you I’d break it!

    Smith refuses to respond, instead redoubling his efforts to escape the hold. He finally manages to find purchase, and with one arm manages to drag himself and Reece both towards the ropes… only for Raymond to plant his feet and push against, once again stopping the Sovereign dead.

    Phoenix: He could actually do it here! Raymond’s got DGS stymied, we might actually see a submission!

    The Rik:. Until I see it with my own two eyes, there’s no way that –

    Reece: Tap! TAP, you son of a BITCH!

    Raymond begins grabbing at the fingers of Smith’s barred arm, violently pulling and twisting them at unnatural, stomach-churning angles.

    Reece: TAAAAP!


    With that, a shift: Smith’s denial comes out as a roar, not of pain but of anger, and before Raymond’s very eyes, despite his very hands, his fingers begin to close into a fist. The Hardcore Champion manages to plant his free hand on the mat and begins rocking back and forth – only slightly at first, but with ever-increasing severity – until at last Raymond, who has very nearly bridged over the Sovereign’s back, loses balance and is rolled over.

    Phoenix: Wait a sec, counter! COUNTER INTO THE SCHOOLBOY, SMITH’S –

    The Rik: Just LOOK at that unbridled power…

    Phoenix: Lifting Raymond off the mat with ONE ARM, he’s got him up for a Powerbomb – NO! DROPS HIM OUT THE BACKDOOR AND THE ARCHDRAGON!


    Phoenix: ARCHDRAGON’S WRATH, DUMPING REECE RAYMOND ON HIS HEAD! … and he’s hurt. Ladies and gentlemen, Reece Raymond may be hurt as he rolls out of the ring, clutching the back of his neck like it was just stabbed.

    The Rik: No rest for the weary, though, as Smith goes right on out after him.

    Flexing and unflexing his arm, closing and opening his fist, DGS slides out under the bottom rope and begins stalking Raymond, who has fallen to his knees on the outside with both hands clasped to his neck. Once again twining his hands through his opponent’s hair, Smith hauls Reece bodily back to his feet and leans in close.

    DGS: Did you think it was over?

    Reece suddenly lashes out, surprising Smith with a fist to the face. The Hardcore Champion staggers for a moment before answering back with a knee to the gut, followed by a downward elbow to the base of the neck that immobilizes Raymond once more.

    DGS: After all you said, all you did, all you left undone, did you think it would stop just because you decided to walk away?

    He eyes Reece for a moment and then shakes his head, a familiar, unearthly grin spreading across his face.

    DGS: No… no. It’ll stop when I stop it. It’ll be over when I end it.


    The Rik: Where did that even come from??

    DGS stumbles back against the crowd barricade, blinking hard and blowing air through his nose, but these things only last for a moment before Reece Raymond, with a howl of fury, is on him with a relentless barrage of closed-fist blows!


    Phoenix: Raymond EXPLODING here, and this crowd is on its feet!

    The Rik: Shot after shot after shot after shot … I’ll give it to the guy, though it’s not my cup of tea… THAT’S how you lay into someone.

    No sooner than thirty blows later, Raymond finally backs away, breath coming and going in great gasps. Smith slumps against the barricade, eyes foggy, only kept upright by one arm hooked over the wall. A moment later he falls to a knee, which Raymond takes as his cue to back up several steps, slapping at his right kneepad the whole way.

    Phoenix: And now it’s Lights Out! The Shining Wizard! Reece Raymond wants it, he’s calling for it, HE’S – NO! NO!

    The Rik: The boy took the bait and now he pays…

    Phoenix: SMITH’S GOT RAYMOND UP ON HIS SHOULDERS – no. No, no, no, no no no no nonononono not on the OUTSIDE OF THE RING




    The Rik: Forget his neck … that there may have shattered his spine.

    Smith writhes on the outside mats for a moment, back arched, a hand pressed tenderly to his tailbone. Raymond, for his part, lies motionless, glassy eyes turn up to the lights. DGS eventually manages to sit up, then stand, and actually manages to make it back into and out of the ring, thereby breaking the referee’s count. Yet again he pulls Raymond up off the ground, having to work against what is essentially dead weight at this point, and rolls him into the ring.

    Phoenix: And now David Smith, finally – mercifully – looking for the first and presumably last pinfall attempt of this… this… no. C’mon, Dave, come on…

    The Rik: Phoenix, you know what he’s about.

    Phoenix: … no cover from Smith just yet, as he drags a catatonic Reece Raymond back up off the mat. He’s got the rear waistlock, ripcord applied… and THERE’S the Last Word.

    The Rik: Academic. Raymond down, Smith with the cover… one, two, three.


    Announcer: Here is your winner… the LPW HARDCORE CHAMPION… DAVID… GIDEON… SMITH!

    DGS: 3.96 APS + 0.7 votes = 4.66 total
    Reece: 3.62 APS + 0.5 votes = 4.12 total

    The crowd reaction here is a tepid one, heavy with discomfort after the way the match concluded. “6.24” by Danger plays as Smith, as per usual, engages in little to no fanfare in wake of victory; he sits up out of the cover, rolls his head from one side to the other, and then rises to his feet to receive the Hardcore Championship from the official. He takes his leave of the ring and paces stolidly up the ramp, only stopping once he’s reached the stage, at which point he turns back to the ring and pointedly dusts off his hands before disappearing to the back.

    Phoenix: A message sent, and David’s time for Bobino and Bane Uzzah now sits at 8:58.

    The Rik: Won’t be an easy time to top. David’s smarting a bit more than he lets on, but the man left no doubt.

    Phoenix: … He did not. But Reece is coming to after a valiant effort. Good to see him moving around. But this David Smith continues to roll…

    The Rik: At this point, the unification is the only way he’ll lose the Hardcore title. Good riddance to the strap, I say, but it can’t be denied he has been a top-flight champion, despite his disdain for it.

    The show cuts back to the lavished Monte Carlo Casino. The Kid nods as a perfectly groomed waitress takes the men’s meals away. His eyes follows her sleek form before hearing his guest, Mourn Despana, clear his throat.

    Despana: Stop trying to test the Monaco waters and get Lillehammer here so we can finish this shit.

    Kid: You have any idea how many strings I had to pull for this? - He motions to the camera and about the room. - At least they have good steaks here. For the price I have to pay I was pleasantly-

    Despana: Stop.

    Kid: Stop what? Being friendly?

    Despana: There is no friendly between us. Not yet. Friendly would mean leniency. Do I look like the lenient type?

    Kid: Things would be better if you were a little less … Mourn.

    Despana: Things would be better if you got along with business…

    Mourn stares a hole into The Kid as the LPW owner motions to the cameraman to cut the feed.
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    "My People" by The Presets hit as the crowd began to cheer for the arrival of Steven Thornridge, not with the usual energy and intensity that he usually had, walking out in a black suit with a red tie on and both of the LPW Tag Team Titles over his shoulder.

    Phoenix: Thornridge is coming down with both titles tonight. We've heard rumors of Bronx's departure and this doesn't help to squash them.

    Announcer: Please welcome one half of LPW's Tag Team Champions, representing The Professionals, "THE AUSSIE CRUSADER" STEVEN THORNRIDGE!!

    Thornridge gave a nod of the head before he slid into the ring. He beat his chest with his free hand as he looked out at the crowd cheering, pointing to all of them before picking up a microphone.

    Phoenix: Thornridge looking rather emotional here, let's hear from the champion...

    Thornridge: Man, I never tire of hearing that introduction Mr. Announcer. Even at my lowest points I know I can count on you guys to at least cheer as loud as you can whenever I come into the ring. Truly, humbly, I thank you for that.

    Thornridge took the titles over to the ring ropes and hung the titles over the top ring rope so they were visible to the hard camera.

    Thornridge: Unfortunately though, this is one of those low moments, ladies and gentlemen. If you were not already aware, we lost a good man, a great man, my World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship partner...

    Crowd: ...of the World!

    Thornridge paused as he looked around the crowd, the crowd clapping and laughing as they seemingly caught him off guard, bringing a smile to his face.

    Thornridge: That really did take off, huh? But alas, Bronx recently requested his release from the company and it was granted.

    The Rik: That is unfortunate for The Professionals, it is a rough business after all...

    Thornridge: I have no ill will towards him in regards to this. You see, while we entertained and had fun out here, I saw Bronx behind the scenes. He was hurt, stressed out, burnt out. But he continued to give the full 110% for me, and for all of you. He pushed himself beyond what either of us thought possible. That is the mark of a champion and what made me proud to be his partner through this reign. So Bronx, I know you're listening, thank you and kick ass in whatever you do next brother!

    The crowd stood up and clapped, cheering as Thornridge looked sincerely to the crowd, even joining in the chanting of 'THANK YOU BRONX, THANK YOU BRONX' that filled the small arena.

    Thornridge: That brings me to these two shiny boys right here, the championships that belong rightfully to both of The Professionals. I was approached by The Kid last week in regards to these and was told to think things over, about my future with these two titles. If you can see my red eyes, I haven't slept well while this decision was on my mind. I came down to three realistic options. The first, I go it alone and defend these titles by myself. But realistically, what is a tag team champion without a partner? Not a tag team champion at all.

    The Rik: It would be suicide considering the competition we have here.

    Phoenix: You're right, one versus two isn't an option, and you can see it isn't an easy choice based on his tone.

    Thornridge: So that brings me to option number two. I could set up something gimmicky like a battle royal to decide my partner or simply just picked someone who would be my partner to hold this title with me. But we wouldn't have the chemistry or history. Bronx and I went through a tournament and other hellish trials before we became champions, it was what MADE us champions. Simply giving a title over, in my mind, would disgrace these titles right here. I chose number three...

    The crowd began to hush as Thornridge took in a deep breath, bringing the microphone back to his lips.

    Thornridge: It's the right thing to do, by you guys, by Bronx, by myself, by these illustrious titles here, and by the guys at the back. Option three, my choice, the only choice, is to relinquish the LPW Tag Team Championships here tonight.

    The crowd instant broke into jeers and booing as Thornridge took a step back, leaning up against the corner and waiting for the boos to die down before making his way back to the top rope where the titles hung.

    Phoenix: This is an unpopular decision, but this man was a proud tag team champion. He wanted to do things the right way!

    The Rik: I can’t say that bringing barbed wire cricket bats to matches be considered ‘right.’

    Thornridge: No offense intended to the guys in the back, but you have to put in the time to truly be an unstoppable tag team, a World Heavyweight Championship-caliber tag team. That only comes with ring time and experience, something I don't have with anyone at the back currently. This was the only choice for me. There has been a precedent for this in this new era when titles have been willingly dropped. I expect the same ramifications from management to be handed down from this and I will accept any sanction handed down, but I know my conscience is clear.

    Phoenix: This is a different situation to the one Chris Austin was in. Half of the champions can no longer compete.

    The Rik: It's noble of this Australian to accept punishment, whether it is handed out remains to be seen.

    Thornridge: I will regain these titles again the right way, with the right partner, and step into a realm that is rarely seen. I will, by the time Altered Reality 9 comes around, become a three-time LPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion.

    The crowd cheered as he took in the applause, stepping back from the ropes as he rolled his neck, jumping around to amp himself up.

    Thornridge: Until then, I want any and all comers to come and try and make a name at my expense. I want them to bring the full 110%. I want to be put in the most demanding, the most violent matches. I want it all to prove that not only am I a damn good tag team wrestler, I'm also someone you should look out for and respect in singles competition. I want to EARN my way so I can face Mourn Despana, one... last... time...

    The crowd cheered louder as Thornridge stared down the hard camera as if he was looking at one person in particular.

    Thornridge: I have been known by many nicknames but, in honor of Bronx's departure, there's only one nickname for me. I am "The Professional of LPW" Steven Thornridge. G'night to you...

    Thornridge dropped the mic as he mouthed something to the hard camera, before rolling out of the ring, the belts still hanging on the top rope as he walked back up the ramp and into the back.

    Phoenix: The symbolism here folks, walking away without the titles and without his theme music. Thornridge isn't going out a winner tonight on Vertigo, but he seems more focused than ever.

    The Rik: Even if he is allowed to compete, he's essentially put out an open challenge to the whole locker room. I have to question this man’s sanity...

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    “Power” by Kanye West blasts through the speakers as Bane Uzzah emerges, shrouded in a hoodie and a lone spotlight on him. He stands stoically as Kanye’s words roll into the atmosphere.

    I’m living in that 21st Century, doing something mean to it,
    Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it,
    Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it,
    I guess every superhero need his theme music …

    With that, Uzzah snatches the hood from his head and storms to the ring to an orchestra of boos.

    Announcer: The following contest, set for ONE FALL, is a BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE match. Introducing first, from Jerusalem, Israel… weighing 242 pounds … BANE UZZAH!

    Phoenix: And now we’re set for what should be a hard-hitting contest. Bobino comes in looking to beat the time set by David Gideon Smith, who defeated Reece Raymond in eight minutes and 58 seconds.

    The Rik: Brutal match that was. I’m expecting an even more physical clash here. Neither man is particularly reliant or trained in technical, catch-as-catch-can type grappling. They’re big, burly and rather to the point about matters.

    Phoenix: Indeed. Now, per Rose’s decree earlier, if Bobino can win this match in less than 8:58, he will choose the stipulation for the upcoming unification match between him and Smith. If Bane wins at all, he is added to the match, and the right to choose falls to David unless Bane can defeat Bobino in less than the aforementioned time. If the latter happens, then Uzzah holds all the cards.

    "This Is The New Shit" by Marylin Manson blasts through the PA as the crowd provides a mixed reaction for Bobino. He makes his way out onto the top of the ramp, Western States Championship slung over his shoulder.

    Announcer: His opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in and 270 pounds… he is the NEW LPW Western States Heritage Champion … BOBINO!

    The Rik: I wonder exactly what’s the long game for Mr. Nabakov. Doesn’t seem quite right for a man to potentially do away with a title he just won.

    Phoenix: I’m sure it’s part of a new vision he has for LPW, and I for one am intrigued by it.

    Bobino hands the championship to the referee, who goes to hand it to the timekeeper. At this point, Bane charges with a ferocious double-leg takedown, assuming a mount and peppering Bobino with a flurry of fists. The increasingly animated official signals for the match to begin.


    Phoenix: Bane isn’t working by the hour here!

    The Rik: Nor should he be. This is a big opportunity for him.

    Bobino bucks him off and scrambles to his feet, but Bane is right there, bull-rushing him into the corner and firing off short forearms. Bobino does a good job deflecting some of the shots but begins to fold as Uzzah changes his attack to midsection stomps, forcing the Western States Heritage Champion into a seated position.

    Phoenix: Bobino has been on as big a roll as anybody, but Bane Uzzah has him completely discombobulated. Bane backs up and OOF! A big running knee squashes Bobino in the corner!

    The Rik: Bobino is one of the most hardy competitors we have, but I haven’t seen him this overwhelmed in a while. I must say, kudos to Bane’s uptick in physicality. Not my cup of tea, but it is effective.

    Phoenix: Bane’s not even going for the cover, taking Bobino to his feet. HARD forearm to the side of the head right there, and Bobino’s trying to gain some distance. Bane’s not letting up but BOBINO STOPS HIM with an eye rake! Bobino floors him with a running back elbow, and now he has the mount! Look at those shots!

    The Rik: This is getting ugly… they clearly neither like nor respect each other.

    Bobino stands up, roughly grabbing Bane to his feet. Bobino lifts for a fireman’s carry, but Bane wriggles free, taking down Bobino with a backdrop suplex. Bane pops up, bounces off the ropes and levels the rising Bobino with a flying knee drop. Uzzah goes for a cover, only getting two. Uzzah grabs a reverse chinlock on Bobino, putting his body into it now.

    Phoenix: Close nearfall there, and as you can see with the clock, we’re about two and a half minutes into this one.

    The Rik: Bane’s got to stay on him. At this point I might start thinking about how to surprise Bobino with that Execution punt of his. All you need is three seconds and time is precious in a situation like this.

    Phoenix: Fair point, but with the amount of force and ill-will behind it… he can’t afford to miss.

    The Rik: A valid concern.

    Phoenix: Bobino’s working to his feet, trying to elbow out of it. He’s gaining some distance with those shots to the torso, and he’s off the ropes but Bane STOPS HIM COLD with a dropkick! Bobino’s rolling out of the ring to gain distance but Bane isn’t having it!

    The Rik: He’s got a devious glint in his eye and the steps in his sights. He has him… CHRIST.


    Bane whips Bobino into the steel steps, sending them off their hinges. Bobino groans in pain, holding his shoulder. Bane grabs Bobino and lays him across the ring apron, taking a couple steps back before delivering a running club across the chest.


    Phoenix: Bane is very much in charge here and now they’re both on the apron. He eyes that steel post…

    The Rik: The official is being quite liberal with their out of ring dealings, I must admit.

    Phoenix: Bane’s trying to throw him but Bobino’s got a good base. Hard shot to the gut from Bobino, and he has his head… AND LOOK AT HIM DRAG HIS FACE ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!

    The Rik: You can take the man out of the hardcore division but you can’t take the hardcore division out of the man.

    Phoenix: Bane breaks free! Low kick to the knee drops Bobino down as Bane slinks off the apron, trying to regain his bearings.

    Bane checks his face for blood, finding none. Bobino gets to his feet and Bane goes into action, grabbing Bobino’s legs in an attempt to powerbomb him off the apron much to the shock of the crowd.

    The Rik: If he hits this, it may as well be the end!

    Phoenix: This is getting dangerous here, but Bobino is clinging to the ropes for dear life!

    The Rik: Bane’s pulling with all he’s got…

    Phoenix: Bobino jumps and SPINS!


    Crowd: OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!

    The Rik: GOOD LORD!



    Bane lies sprawled on the apron, clearly struggling as if the wind was knocked out of him. Bobino rolls off of Uzzah’s body and immediately throws Uzzah back into the ring. Bobino covers!


    The Rik: Barely isn’t a good enough descriptor for how close that was. I don’t know if Bane can recover from that ingenious counter!

    Phoenix: Bobino smells the blood in the water here, and look at him target the ribs and chest with grounded knee strikes! Bane’s trying to gain some distance and he scrambles out to the aprin, but Bobino’s on him! He’s got the hair but BANE STUNGUNS HIM! Bane’s back in, Bobino turns around and a leaping knee strike drops him! COVER! ONE! TWO! NO!

    The Rik: Not enough body on body there, but he’s backing up in position for the Execution!

    Bane measures, but drops to a knee as the senton still has effect

    The Rik:That split-second of hesitation might cost him!

    Phoenix: He charges! BOBINO IS UP! FIREMAN’S CARRY! GUTBUSTER!! He keeps hold of Bane, scoops him! UN-NATURAL SELECTION!


    The Rik: COMING ON A MINUTE LEFT! Go for the cover!

    Phoenix: But Bobino’s going to the top! He flies! BIG SPLASH! ONE! TWO! THREE!

    The Rik: Check that time!



    Bobino: 3.78 APS + 1.1 votes = 4.88 total
    Bane Uzzah: 3.36 APS + 0.1 vote = 3.46 total

    "This Is The New Shit" by Marylin Manson plays as Bobino rolls away from Uzzah. The Western States Heritage Champion has his arm raised, after which he claims his title and raises it high, holding his left shoulder close to him. We go backstage to where David Gideon Smith looks on, utterly unfazed.

    Phoenix: Bobino with the win, and now he can choose the stipulation for his match with David Smith for the Television Title.

    The Rik: Smith doesn’t look worried at all. Keep in mind, Bobino does have a win over him in the past. And despite Bane’s game effort here … The Master of Darwinism continues to roll.

    Phoenix: Indeed. But with what we saw from DGS tonight … that clash is going to be vicious. I’m receiving word that there may be a breakthrough in ongoing contract negotiations with Mourn Despana and Mr. Nabakov. We’re taking you there now!

    Inside the Monte Carlo, Mourn Despana sits at the table strumming his fingers while side glancing at The Kid. Mikhail’s lawyer whispers something in his ear. He cringes and returns to the table with a note.

    Kid: So far, everything’s here. -holds up note- You’ve been quiet Gabriel.

    Despana: Was waiting on your hack lawyer ... Where the hell is Lillehammer? He is supposed to be MCing this...

    The Kid shrugs.

    Kid: Probably at a card table like your wife. So, this is a negotiation. We going to finish this?

    Mourn suspiciously looks around the room.

    Despana: Has been since you got here. As I keep telling you, you know what I want.

    Kid: I do?

    Despana: I told my wife to find some of the best contract stipulations that major wrestling stars have gained. As I said, I demand to be compensated as equal to that.

    Kid: So the money’s a status thing.

    Despana: The money is indeed that.

    Kid: I see...

    Despana: You see this life of ours as a game. Mourn Despana sees wrestling as his passion. I am your only champion that carries his championship with dignity and guile. Who is proud of his accomplishments. Unlike SOME people...

    Kid: Oh? That shit Bobino says bothers you?

    Despana: Eh. If he wants to devalue what he earned, I implore him to continue. Anyone with half a brain knows what happened. What was it you said…

    Kid: Wait-

    Despana: You can’t have both? And if you pick the Western States Heritage Championship, you don’t get that AR main event? Let us see how that lines up with your other actions. When Austin dropped the US title, you got rid of it and took another accomplishment from him. DGS gave up the Hardcore Championship via not giving a shit, you gave him a chance to win it back. Your lack of consistency allows for people to doubt who is what anymore.

    The one thing I know, for certain, is that by this- [reaches down and places the World Heavyweight Championship on the table.] - and this - [and the International Heavyweight Championship] - and this - [then finally the Martinez Cup] - and the way I have carried every championship I earned ... I demand validation with a contract that every World Champion should strive for!

    The Kid bites his bottom lip.

    Despana: Open your mouth Gorbachev. Out with it.

    Kid: Nice to see that you did your research … The hang up is your wife. I have issues with her.

    Despana’s eyes light up before he slams his fist on the table, briefly silencing the room. Mourn grits his teeth.

    Despana: My wife is not a bargaining chip!

    The Kid calmy nods.

    Kid: Correct. She’s also no longer just your wife, but an integral part of LPW. She’s gorgeous, marketable, and loyal to the World Champ. I can’t go around with the ability for her to sign elsewhere and gain money off of our TV time while being a lawsuit ready to happen. And knowing you, you like having that option should anyone put their hands on her.

    Mourn grumbles to himself.

    Despana: Seems to me, someone has little faith in my honor...

    Kid: That, and your wife deserves compensation. Especially for how you treat her.

    Despana: HOW I??? Watch yourself! You have no idea what I do in my personal life.

    The Kid keeps calm.

    Kid: Be that as it may, this is non-negotiable.

    Despana: If you think for one moment that my I am going to allow you control over-

    Kid: I get your concerns. Let me be frank. It would make no business sense to legislate her actions. Not like her safety is my priority. What you order her to do is between you and god. As for your terms, no favored nations BS. Your contract will reflect what you earned. If you have issues, come to me to negotiate again. BUT ... Yes to a tour bus, but you pay for the help and running of it. Your wife’s contract will make up for the expenses. Also, your wife doesn’t get her fucking office.

    Mourn’s face starts to turn red.
    Kid: Okay, fine we’ll talk about it. But it won’t be in writing. - [He adjusts his posture.] - Now, let me say, while we’ve been here for hours, said things we both we wish we hadn’t while the camera was off, and both played hardball ... the truth is … I know of the sacrifices you made for LPW.

    The Kid takes his note, slowly writes something on in it, and slides it face down to Mourn. Mourn slowly peels it back as if he’s unfolding a poker hand.

    Kid: Among the things you sacrificed was your sanity ... That should be on par with what the current climate of professional wrestling dictates for the man at the top of a wrestling company. Kassandra’s contract will be 1/10th that. The fine details, written there, are pretty much settled and will be put into legalese by our lawyers.

    Gabriel stares at the note. Confused, he raises it up and looks at it in the light. Gabriel’s poker face slowly evaporates as his eyes widen. The Ronin stands and enthusiastically extends his hand towards the LPW owner who rises, and happily shakes it.

    Kid: Now, do we finally want to have a drink in celebration together?

    Mourn motions over a waitress while both men return to their seats.

    Despana: Two glasses of Château Pétrus 2004 Pomerol.

    The Monacan woman nods and scampers off.

    Kid: I’ll pay. Now, can you please get your guard down? It would be easier to meet your future demands from the company with you and I being cordial.

    Despana: Just remember who I am, you you will do well … Kid.

    Mikhail chuckles.

    A shadow casts over both men and a familiar male hand places a fragile glass of wine in front of the Kid. Mikhail looks up and his eyes go wide.

    Despana: What the-AUSTIN!

    Before Mourn can even do anything, Austin takes the tray upon which the glasses of Merlot sat and hits Mourn with it, knocking him over the side of the chair. In the blink of an eye, Austin grabs the discombobulated Mourn around the head and snaps backward into a spike flowing DDT, driving the Champion’s head into the hickory floor with a sickening splat. Austin stands up, looking at the lifeless form of the Martinez Cup Champion while Nabakov looks on, mouth agape. Austin takes the untouched glass of wine from Nabakov swirls it around, smells it and takes a sip, pleasantly surprised by its flavor before looking at Nabakov.

    Austin: Champ’s got good taste … but the seafood around here is to die for.

    With that, Austin proceeds to the window behind Mourn and leaps out of it, prompting Nabakov to go see where he landed -- as it’s about a 10-15 foot drop -- just as guards come in and find Mourn sprawled face down on the floor. But when The Kid and the henchmen peer out …

    There’s no sign of Chris Austin.

    The names of all Lords of Pain Wrestling televised and live programming,
    talent, names, slogans, and LPW logos are trademarks and exclusive property of LPW, Inc.

    The likenesses, images, and trademarks are the exclusive property of the rights holders. All characters and images are primarily used for fun, and is not profiting from using images in any way.

    All rights reserved.

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    OOC: And we're live.

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    Reece Raymond is shown in the back unwrapping the tape from his wrists, head bowed after his match with David Gideon Smith earlier on in the night.

    ???: Hey, Reece?

    Reece looked up with a pained look as the camera moves back to reveal Steven Thornridge entered the locker room, complete with an apron, a pair of cooking tongs, and a freshly cooked hotdog in hand.

    Thornridge: I know you were focusing on your match tonight so you might have missed the barbecue announcement. You had a tough loss out there. Here, you deserve it…

    Thornridge made his way over to him, offering the hotdog to him.

    Reece: No thanks, not hungry.

    Thornridge: Hmm, want to talk about it?

    Reece: No thanks. I just need to gather my thoughts.

    Thornridge: You’re being very passive, it’s unusual for you. It’s the first time you refused a barbecue too, which is odd. But hey, there’s more barbecue and beer out back if you want to chat. Just follow your nose champ.

    Thornridge pats him on the back, smiling before taking the hotdog away walking out of the locker room, Reece glaring at him as he left.

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    Very cool show. I'm really interested in how the TV and Tag title situations turn out. Good job to everyone.

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    Joe Michaels: Hey Maverick, you have an open challenge? I accept...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    Joe Michaels: Hey Maverick, you have an open challenge? I accept...
    OOC: One match down, two to go.

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    OOC: Hold on. Are we getting rid of the Hardcore title? I will cry a bloody river....

    Still wouldn't quit though. This place is awesome.

    Also, good show.

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    An older gentlemen, likely retired, calls the flop. Kassandra crosses her bare legs and leans back, awaiting the dealer to flip the next card. The turn card, the fourth face-up card of a Texas Hold-Em hand, shows a King of Diamonds. Joining the Ace of Clubs with the 9 and 5 of spades, the hand has become complicated. Kassandra looks on comfortably and in a simple motion, she checks.

    Her wealthy opponent smirks her way and raises. A standard raise, three times the pot. The poker table gets ancy.

    Should have bucked this hand … should have … shit … Why does my ass have to have a favorite hand … I raise … fuck, I’d have to go all in … this would be the biggest FUCKING pot you’ve ever been in and you run with ...

    Kassandra pauses to count out her chips.

    Last hand, he raised, like the hand before. Both after calling raises. This hand, he called…

    She adjusts her chips again, this time counting them by feel.

    Only way to get him off of his shit would be to go... He hasn’t raised this high tonight … motherfucker...

    Kassandra: What’s the count?

    The dealer counts again to make sure.

    Dealer: €44,000, €33,000 to call.

    She knew this. She studies the man across from her behind her glasses. As a bead of sweat forms on her forehead, the man smirks.

    Kassandra: All-in.

    Kassandra allows the dealer to handle the chips, counting them out. She continues to study the man in the hand behind her glasses. Unfazed, the Frenchman across the table chuckles.

    Dealer: €43,500 to call

    Her opponent nods.

    Man: This your first big hand sweetie?

    Kassandra sighs.

    Man: Oh, bluffing?

    She turns her head to look away. A soft “BUZZ” rattles her leg. It causes her to roll her eyes. The raising of her eyebrows gives off an unintended reaction by the man across from her.

    Man: Call.

    Kassandra looks back at the table stunned. He confidently flips over a pair of Queens. Kassandra sighs and as slowly as she can, nonchalantly flips over her hand, K-10 off-suit.

    If this fucker…

    A harmless 3 of Clubs hits the board. Kassandra’s hand wins.

    The man starts yelling obscenities in French as the Asian woman delicately sweeps up her killings.

    Man: You raise with pig dog hand like that?

    Kassandra: Yup. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    The man flips her off. This brings a rumble of laughter from the other players that causes the embarrassed man to leave the table to compose himself.

    Sometimes you gotta punch bullies in the mouth.

    Kassandra proudly smirks to herself and (per rules) stands from the table to grab her cell phone. Her mouth opens and face turns pale. She hastefully gets the dealer’s attention..

    Kassandra: SON OF A- Family emergency.. FUCK! Can you get this bagged for me?

    The dealer nods to the worried woman and calls over a supervisor while Kassandra darts across the casino to reach Mourn.

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    Joe Michaels: Hey Maverick, you have an open challenge? I accept...
    Maverick: …?

    Didn't you retire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Maverick View Post
    Maverick: …?

    Didn't you retire?
    Joe Michaels: Ehh... I did retire, but I decided to unretire... because fuck you.

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    EDIT: I have been told not to give any influence on the outcome of Lilliehammer's condition, a story-line that is not my own. As such, I will take down this segment.

    Just an advice to all, do run through with Ed before you write any segments that pertains to the show. I understand that now, and therefore removing this post.
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    OOC: Umm, I have a few questions.

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macho Mourn View Post
    OOC: Umm, I have a few questions.
    OOC: I did something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    OOC: I did something wrong?
    OOC: WIse man once told me that if you are referencing the person above you, you need not quote the post.

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    Joe Michaels: Ehh... I did retire, but I decided to unretire... because fuck you.
    Maverick: Feeling's mutual. THE David Maverick hears that there is a TV title floating around. Hope your focusing on that as I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Maverick View Post
    Maverick: Feeling's mutual. THE David Maverick hears that there is a TV title floating around. Hope your focusing on that as I am.
    Joe Michaels: I think you need to focus on actually winning a match, before you can focus on a title.

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    OOC: Aren't you meant to be Joseph Mist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Maverick View Post
    OOC: Aren't you meant to be Joseph Mist?
    OOC: It's the same person, haven't you read the bio?

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