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Thread: AJ Styles

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    There's probably some truth to that, but I don't think it's nefarious.

    It depends on what you consider a "midcarder" I guess. AJ held the belt for nearly a year and just finished his program with Bryan. They could always come back to it later, or get one more match out of it at the Rumble, but I think it's over. In that case, his time in the title picture is probably over for a little while, which both he and the belt could probably use. But we'll see him with WWE or Universal gold around his waist again before it's all said and done. AJ seems to be the one guy that they "know what they have" with.

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    He's also in his early 40s, he doesn't need the title and like Coach says, There's also a chance he ends up on Raw challenging for that top title post mania. Also, he might take time off after mania or even after this to heal up. Curious to see what they do with him at Mania.

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    I didn't mean there was anything nefarious about it, and his age is there for all to see. Just spreading the news/rumours that I see.

    Talking to people actually still get the sense some people are surprised he got the breaks in WWE that he did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prime Time View Post
    I'm only going off what I saw from Meltzer, who agreed with a big list of people that was put before him but singled out a couple, including AJ, as highly unlikely.
    This seems to be a developing situation as Dave has switched to reporting that he could be one of the guys to consider it when his contract is up.

    So, who knows. Believe it when you see it is probably the best advice.

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