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Thread: Eli Drake

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    Eli Drake

    Drake is one of the most interesting people in Impact wrestling, and he even bought us the glorious Scott Steiner back for Pete's sake! He needs a thread!

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    I enjoy Eli Drake. Have done since not long after his debut. When I was on the outs with the promotion he was one of the few bright lights for me.

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    E! Li! Drake! Even though he's pretty transparently doing a Rock imitation at all times, he's very good at it and I find him very fun to listen to. Last time I checked his wrestling was a bit basic, but he's got enough personality to make up for that. Definitely one of the guys Impact should be building around for the future.

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    Drake was taking a shot at bits of modern wrestling the other day, hardcore wrestling, flippy wrestling, saying he liked it geared to adults but not HLA or Katie Vick and that shit that came about after Attitude

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