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    The Official Premier League Prediction Contest 2019/20

    The Premier league kicks off in five weeks this evening. Normally, I'd give people a months' notice in order to get going before the season starts... but I'm away next week, so I've opted for giving people an extra week, rather than one less. Full rules and pre-season bonuses will follow as always, but in the meantime all you have to do is a) signal your interest by replying here to let me know you're in, and b) spreading the word around so we can get as many players in as possible.

    Heisenberg won the top prize last season but the real headline is that we've had three first time winners in a row, ending what had become a seven-year triopoly between Me, Mazza and BEAR. Nevertheless, that means it's really all to play for - we're now at a point where there are no heavy pre-season favourites, and anyone can win this thing if they put together a few good runs.

    So, if you want to add your name to our roll of honour (see below), then sign up today and see if you can best the competition!

    Roll of Honour
    Division One
    2004: Jack
    2005: Huxta156
    2006: Daveyboy
    2007: Winter
    2008: Daveyboy
    2009: Amebling
    2010: Mazza
    2011: Chrisbear
    2012: Prime Time
    2013: Mazza
    2014: Prime Time
    2015: 'Bear
    2016: Prime Time
    2017: Freeman
    2018: Smiffy
    2019: Heisenberg

    Division Two
    2014: Freeman
    2015: Sucky
    2016: Ranting Randall
    2017: 'Bear
    2018: 'Bear
    2019: Smiffy

    FA Cup:
    2012: JoeyShinobi
    2013: zzzorf
    2014: Prime Time
    2015: Golden
    2016: EddieG
    2017: Oliver
    2018: Shee
    2019: Gooner

    Quote Originally Posted by Laws of the Game
    1) There are three ways to score. A correct result (1pt), a correct scoreline (3pts), and bonus questions (5pts). The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the tournament. In the event of a tie, then bonus points do not count and the winner is the player with the highest number of points from match predictions alone. This score is indicated in the 'w/o' column of the table. If players still cannot be split, then the person with the highest score for that week comes first. The only exception to this rule is when this will determine a final top four or relegation place in the first division, or a promotion place in the second division, at the end of the season. In this case, an appropriate play-off will be determined between the involved players only. It is, therefore, no longer possible to win the league by coming from behind to draw it (the Randall rule).

    2) All match times listed here will be in UK local time. Key abbreviations are BST = British Summer Time, then GMT = Greenwich Mean Time. BST is one hour ahead of GMT. For guidance, the time in the US ranges between four (Eastern Daylight Time) and ten (Hawaiian) hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The time in Australia ranges between eight (Western Australia) and eleven (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. You can find more accurate information based on your exact location easily on the net.

    3) If an edit stamp suggests a post has been changed after one of the matches has kicked-off, then the whole post - even matches you haven't changed - will be ruled out. You can change your predictions up until two minutes prior to kick-off. If you want to change predictions for later matches in the weekend, do it in a new post.

    4) Any bonus questions that ask for a player or team must be answered with specifically - 'no one' or ‘none’ is not a valid answer. However, for number questions, you can answer '0'.

    5) Any ambiguous answers are automatically thrown out.

    6) All predictions, even in the knock-out rounds in the cup, are for the end of regular time. You get nothing for the score at the end of 120 minutes, or predicting who'll win a shootout. However, this is the sort of thing that might comprise a bonus question.

    7) It is your duty to ensure you post in a valid fashion. If it is noted that you’ve posted and these are lost through some fault of the organiser, then, at their discretion, you can be compensated by an average score of all other players. However, this only applies to mistakes on our behalf and will not be used for ANY problems caused either by the player, or by technology.

    8) In the cup competition, ties that cannot be split after the bonus round will be decided in favour of the player who posts first. This does not apply in the league.

    9) With the exception of the Christmas round, all Premier League matches played on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday will be contested by Division 1. Division 2 play all matches from 3pm on Saturday. We play no matches on other weekdays, regardless of significance to the Premier League calendar – though bonus questions can be paid out for results stemming from these fixtures. This rule might be amended depending on the number of players and the league format from season to season.

    10) To ensure a level playing field over the holidays, and for the ease of organisers, the Christmas round must be played by the first deadline. ‘Staggering’ predictions, as has been seen in the past, is no longer allowed. Latecomers, however, will still be allowed to play in the usual way and with the usual penalties.

    11) If you miss a deadline, you can still play any fixtures in the round that are yet to kick-off. However, you obviously can’t play any matches that are in progress, and you can’t play bonus rounds – even if they apply to matches later in the weekend.

    12) While every effort is given to assure that scores are calculated correctly, mistakes do happen. It is the responsibility of the individual to check their own scores and raise any issues with the organiser. The statute of limitations on corrections is 14 days after the deadline for the round in question.

    13) If deemed serious enough, transgression of rules in this contest can carry forum level consequences, up to and including temporary bans.

    14) Finally, in the event of a judgement call because something hasn't been anticipated here, all official decisions are final.

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    I look forward to my terrific mid-table season once again.

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    I look forward to Cardiff not being in the Prem and skewing my results.

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    I look forward to defending my FA Cup crown!

    I've tried taking up column writing, check it out here!

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    I'm in, of course

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    Also Prime, as with last season, happy to pitch in when needed to keep it ticking over smoothly.

    I've tried taking up column writing, check it out here!

    Words from a Gooner #2: 7 Treatments for Wrestlemania Fever

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    Of course.

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    I'm all in!

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