Alright everyone, the first round results of the Young Lions Cup are in, and the judges scores make for some very interesting reading. I think everyone is playing pretty well in some areas but that almost everyone needs to do something in order to appeal to all of the judges going forward. Maybe making more use of the trainers that we have on offer, and doing a bit more brainstorming before you start writing? Something to consider. But well done on an excellent first round that certainly garnered some big scores in a number of cases, and was very well received by judges and general readers alike.

Anyway, the table after the first round is below.


Name		RD1	RD2	RD3	Total

S. Woodburn	223*	0	0	223
Drayzera	207	0	0	207
LWO4Life	194	0	0	194
Dyn. Billington	186	0	0	186
Shee		179	0	0	179
KingZak13	142	0	0	142
Super Hoody	N/S	0	0	0
The only penalty of the round is for Scottwoodburn, who seemed to miss the rule about not editing columns once they've been posted. I've had a look at the changes and the edits are not especially extensive, and this is the first round of a tournament for new writers so I think the sensible thing to do is err on the side of caution here - so I'm applying the standard minimum penalty for the edits, which takes 2% from each judges scorecard and leaves him top of the list. Meanwhile, Super Hoody seemed to forget all about posting and now will have to try and make it into the second round from a deficit of more than 200 points - which is doable, but unlikely.

Everyone is still in at this point, so all of you can still take part in the next round. Here are the details.

Deadline: Saturday 20th July, 17:00 UK Time, 12:00 Eastern Time
Other timezones available on request

For the full rules, please see the info and first round thread as all you'll need should be in there.

Your topic is: binge-watching.

Your word limit is, once again, 1200.

Please post your column in the main part of the forum and mark it (YLC-RD2).

Very best of luck!