1) Popular, commercial rap album from 1990 that went platinum a whole lot of times over, containing one of the most famous songs of that era.

2) This is the last album of new material by the first non-classical musician to be awarded the Steinway award, and was released in 1993 with a painting by the artist's wife on the cover.

3) Turn a continent into an animal habitat to get this 1993 album, the fourth straight US number one album for the group.

4) The first album for this English band since their biggest, which was released in 1987 and went platinum in at least six countries. This 1992 one did very well too, going triple platinum in the US and featuring some of their most famous songs. The title is a nonsense word, but if it were a real thing a rough translation would be to add an important hormone to something.

6) This 1996 album didn't do as well as it's three predecessors but still topped the billboard charts, and actually outperformed it's immediate predecessor in the UK. The band have had to deny that their name is a slang term for masturbation, while the album title itself might also be rendered as 'without system (or cipher)'.

7) This 1997 hip-hop album has possibly the most appropriate title ever, and includes a song so famous even I know it. Anyone who wants more of a clue than this, I don't know what they want from me.

There you go, see how you get on with those.