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    History spotlight #7 - The Smack Down 06/07/98

    Originally posted by Ryan Boyd, 6th July 1998

    I'm back. Sorry about the two week delay. But between family visiting from Canada, and out of town guests, I have been tremendously busy.
    I think I promised a rant on Hollywood Hulk Hogan. So that is what I am going to deliver. Hulk Hogan rose to fame in 1982-83 when he defeated the Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden for the WWF title. Many argue that Hogan made the sport, yada yada. Wrong. Vince Mcmahon gave Hogan the platform, and Vince wrote the storylines. Hogan was just the poster boy. So spare me any crap in mail. Hogan was never a good wrestler. He was never a good actor. All he had, was charisma, and timing.

    Hulk Hogan let fame go to his head. While Ric Flair was the top dog for the NWA, and was putting people over, and delivering great interviews, and matches. Hulk Hogan was holding others back, and hogging the spotlight. Fast forward to the summer of 1994.

    Hulk Hogan signs a contract with WCW. He is immediately recognized as the big star, and everyone in sight jobs to him. Ric Flair gets destroyed by Hogan, and Hogan hogs the spotlight again. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash show up in 1996. Hogan involved himself, and becomes the leader of the N.W.O. He proceeds to hog the show, again. Sting sits out for 18 months, to finally meet Hogan, and win in the worst main event screwjob in recent memory. Sting holds the belt for a matter of 2-3 weeks, before Hogan hogs it back. Sting is then placed in the N.W.O. 18 months for nothing.

    Kevin Nash forms the Wolfpac. Hogan decides Nash is too popular, so he demands Scott Hall turn on Nash, and join his side. Hall reluctantly goes along with the storyline. Hogan has not defended the belt in months. But he wants it, so he keeps it. If you follow what I am saying here.. then think about this.. Hogan just signed for three more years.

    Which means WWF has most of my attention, for 3 more years.
    And going into tonights Nitro.. where he will face Goldberg. If anyone can lead me to believe Hogan will do the clean job, then by all means, do so. I could be wrong on this, but I see a Disciple/Giant/Hennig run in.

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    Haha...lot of Hogan hate in the late 1990s and HHH hate in early 2000s...Understandably, with their politcal power becoming eye rolling.

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