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    Young Lions Cup - The Final, Last Leg (and results)

    The results from the second leg of the Young Lions' Cup Final are in, and the clever ones aside you will have worked out the result from the title of the thread. Here, for confirmation, are the scores from the last round.

    Scott: 253
    LWO: 213

    A clear result, then, for Scott that takes us to a third match and keeps the tournament alive for a little longer. As you're probably aware, the winner of the next match will win 2-1 overall and be crowned champion.

    The topic for the decider:

    If you became Vince McMahon's avatar, what five things would you do to "make WWE great again"?

    Deadline: Wednesday 18th September, 17:00 UK Time, 12:00 Eastern Time
    Other timezones available on request

    As 5 things is quite a lot, your word limit is 2500. Make sure you manage them well.

    Please post your column in the main part of the forum and mark it (YLC-Final 3).

    Game on! Winner take all!

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    Very glad to see this thing go the full distance! Looking forward to two more great columns before all is said and done.

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    A topic on wrestling... NICE!

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    Great topic. Really looking forward to reading them. I know I haven't been feedbacking so much but am still open to help with brainstorming or proof reading.

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