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    Perfect 10 Wrestling

    Got a message for Imp? Perhaps thoughts on one of his Worst Case Scenarios or even one of your own? Maybe you want to show some love for one of his frequent co-hosts or even suggest a new one?

    You found the right place! This is the thread for all your thoughts on the show that's always a Perfect 10!

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    Soooo, tonight I've got the one and only TypeItInMaan guesting on the show! You have any questions for the man feel free to fire away.

    However, the BIGGER news is this is the One Year Anniversary of having guests on the show (give or take 4 days, close enough), so I've been putting together a 'Best Of' show for next week with all my favourite bits from the past year. If you have any favourite moments you remember that you'd like to be included just place 'em 'ere and I'll see if I can fit 'em into the show.

    Weird to think it's only been a year lol.

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    Love the show Imp however I will be infinitely offended if you don't include me in your best of show

    One must have is your most recent Imperfect Booking of AJ and Nak if only because WWE basically took your ball and ran with it.
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    Haha I'll guarantee you'll at least be in the intro

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    Thought I'd post an update on my 'Best Of' progress, been working hard chipping away at this thing.

    I've put an honour role at the start that introduces everyone who appeared on the show from May 2017 - April 2018. So even if a guest happens to not have many sound bites throughout the show, everyone will get a nice little shout out. Also I've decided that TypeItInMaan last week was officially the first guest of the 2nd year of guests, so just misses my self-dictated cut off point.

    I tweeted this out, but I've edited all the shows from May - November into the show over the past 2 days. Had a little celebration until realising that means I'm only half way, so wish me luck tomorrow as I jump back in to try and accomplish the exact same feat!

    Hoping to get the show up some point on Thursday, probably around 7EST. With a promise to myself that I'll do this week to week next time, I miss the outside. All I see when I close my eyes are soundwaves. I've heard myself say, "Hello and welcome to Perfect 10 Wrestling. My name is Matt Maher, aka The Implications and this week I'm joined by..." so many times. So if I introduce the show differently next time, you can take it that intro has successfully driven me insane.

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    'Best Of Perfect 10 Wrestling' show complete and up on the Main Page! Thank fuck, I was starting to miss the outisde.

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    Tonight I'm going to be doing a genuine preview for NXT TakeOver and MITB, with the latter being from the perspective of someone who isn't watching WWE TV and trying to make sense of the card... man, there's a lot of random singles matches lol.

    Don't worry, SirSam will be joining me next week for a visit to the stupid world of Worst Case Scenarios for Money In The Bank next week.

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    Have I ever got a worst case for the mitb briefcase....

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    The World of Sport special is now up. I liked it, Leaf hated it and even his dog Benji aired his opinions at the end. We also both ended up watching WOS with our mothers with no prior planning, so there's parent quotes galore throughout this.

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    Tonight I'm LIVE for Worst Case Scenarios for SummerSlam and I'm joined once again by Ash from the Wrestling Shorts YouTube channel. Booking the upcomming PPV as badly as possible, it's a rather fun game that is also very stupid. And my God, there's already been so many amazingly painful predictions. I feel this is ultimately quite an important PPV for WWE, which of course makes the show prime for the picking!

    As usual, if folk wanna throw suggestions my way I'll try to read them out on the show.

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    Quick update, this Thursday I'm joined by Burn to preview TakeOver and the Rumble. Predictions are welcome!

    Also, no spoilers, but a couple minor format changes should be coming to the show after WrestleMania.

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    Enjoying Double or Nothing preview. So glad you all caught the Brandi hype. Folks were being measured and she comes in with "Oh. It will be the greatest thing ever, immediately, all the time" or something close.

    The Casino Battle Royale was previously going to be for a shot at the AEW champion. It indeed got changed after the Pac situation.

    Spot on analysis about Cody as late Shawn Michaels Story Wrestler.

    And thanks for calling out the "rock and hard place" bullshit where AEW is either damned if they use named stars and damned if they don't. I don't know why people can't take anything CASE BY CASE.


    Again. Nice work throughout. I rarely wanted to throw my phone at the wall, which I often don't get when listening to people talk AEW.
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    Surprise surpise mother f*****s, I'm actually updating this for the first time since... exactly this time last year. Looks like there's a pattern building here. Anyway here's today's show I just uploaded onto the LOP YouTube channel: Imp's WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Predictions (& Worst Case Scenarios for the Rumbles)

    Might try and remember to post the other videos of the pods once I've got them up starting next week.

    Wish me luck editing the NWA Legacy Series into a YouTube friendly length! Might end up being 5 parters every week knowing Miz & Mystic.

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