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    The Young Lion's Cup - Final Result

    We started the Young Lionsí Cup back in June, when I posted the first round thread. Since then, we had a group of columnists who all wrote three columns, two progressed to the final, took each other to a decider. And now, I have the final result, and can reveal who was the winner of the Young Lionsí Cup.

    In the third, deciding leg, the scores were as follows:

    Scott Woodburn: 237
    LWO: 210

    Just to confirm that once again, there were no penalties in this round.

    With that, Iím pleased to announce that ScottWoodburn has won the Young Lionsí Cup. Heís been in the driving seat for much of the tournament and has managed to translate that to a victory in the final. Congratulations, Scott Ė I hope this isnít the last weíll see of you, despite the tone of your last column.

    Commiserations to LWO, who did very well in making it to the final and put up a good fight once he got there. An excellent effort all round and one that saw him pick up his own share of wins across the tournament.

    Thanks to everyone for talking part, and particularly to our judges, The Doc, Maverick and Samuel ĎPlan.

    Thatís it from me. Weíll probably take a little rest from tournaments for a while, but Iím sure thereíll be something going down in the forum over the winter, as usual. Hope to see you around!

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    Congrats, Scott! It's been great getting to know you through your writing. I agree, I hope you can find some time to come by here. Even if you don't have time to write your own stuff, I'd love to have your voice in feedback and discussion.

    LWO, I love ya mate! Another very close 2nd place win, you put up a good fight to the end. Of course, if I'd had your ear I would have been telling you to write about Piper and the Guerrero Family in the California territory and you would have won every round blowing the minds of the readers. Don't you disappear either, love having you around!

    Thanks for running this Pete, you're irreplaceable! Thanks to the judges and mentors and everyone who took part in any way. This was great fun.

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    My congratulations to Scott for a hard-earned victory, and to LWO for being a strong runner-up. And my further congrats to everyone who took part in the tourney. Hope some of the new faces stick around and, Scott, that perhaps you're able to make more of a presence in the future at some point.

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    Congratulations, Scott. Keep Burning that wood. LWO , would love to see you stick around. Great showing. I thought Dynamite really got a fire under him, too.

    Good concept. Good execution. Hope something good comes out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Button View Post
    I thought Dynamite really got a fire under him, too.
    Thanks - the first two topics both 100% fed into columns I'd had in the back of my mind for a long time, and writing them made me question my fandom which really inspired the third column (even if it wasn't written in time to be my official entry) so that first round was pretty much designed for me. I'm not sure how I'd have met the topics in the later rounds had I progressed, but I'm glad the columns I wrote were appreciated by most even if the judges didn't agree.

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    Congrats to Scott for winning and Lwo for making to finals! Everyone and all people involved inspire me to write columns and you all are awesome!

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