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    The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Flair in the Garden, Brain on the Golf Course (Oct '91)

    Greetings, mizfan fans! And welcome back to this ungainly project known only as the Life and Times of Bobby the Brain Heenan. Weíre coming up on four years of this baby, if you can believe it, but in that time weíve covered over twenty years of the Brain! And now itís the fall of 1991, one of the best creative periods the WWF ever had, so letís get right to it!

    WWF, October Ď91
    Ongoing Heenan Storylines

    Flair in Enemy Territory

    Heenanís biggest story gets that much bigger as we enter October, as Flair singles out a man who not only called him out but even spit on his championship. Of course, that man is Roddy Piper. Piper was mainly doing commentary on Superstars at this time, but his usual flow is suddenly interrupted when Ric Flair attacks him in the booth and lays him out! Piper is dazed and wounded by this attack, and you should know by now that can only mean heís also highly dangerous. When Piper gets up, heís so furious he ends up hitting Vince himself with a chair!

    BH: Iíve been told Roddy Piper left the building in fear the moment he heard Ric Flair mentioned.

    GM: Highly unlikely.

    BH: Are you calling me a liar?

    GM: Oh yeah, absolutely.
    On Prime Time, Heenan gloats over this attack and says Flair is going to slap Piper again when he sees them. Heenan should have checked the run sheet though, because Piper is the next guest on the show! Heenan backpedals and says he has nothing personal in it, heís just reporting on what Flair intends to do. Piper says he is the original wild man in the WWF. He references the Snuka feud, Cyndi Lauper, and proclaims he has no regrets for hitting Vince because thatís just the kind of thing he does when he gets out of control. So how will Flair handle someone like him? Fortunately weíll get to find out!

    Returning to Superstars later in the month, Heenan does an arena interview with Flair. Piper can barely keep himself seated, as Vince and Savage try to keep him from going wild. Flair dismisses Piper and challenges Hogan to walk that aisle and prove heís man enough to fight the real worldís champion! Flair says in the end, he and Heenan will own both championships.

    Ric Flair (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Hulk Hogan, WWF Championship 10/25/91 WWF Oakland

    I donít believe it, actual fancam footage of the full first match between Hogan and Flair!! And HEENAN IS AT RINGSIDE!!! I didnít think he ever did that anymore! If you can tolerate some low quality footage, I recommend checking this one out for yourself!

    Amazing that despite being in the ring with arguably the two biggest stars of the era, we still hear the weasel chant loud and strong. The crowd is absolutely NUTS for this. Hogan even grabs Heenan and starts choking him at one point, until Flair saves him!! I actually like the way theyíre working this, itís the way I always thought the match should go. Hoganís big offense is sold like a cannon, but Flair has a million tricks to take Hogan down a peg. Case in point, Heenan distracts the ref and Flair blasts Hoganís leg with a chair! It worked on Luger, right? Flair attacks the leg until Hogan does a textbook Hulk Up and hits the leg drop, at which point Heenan puts Flairís foot on the rope to save him at the last second! Heenan passes Flair some brass knuckles, and he knocks Hoganís lights out! HOLY SHIT, he pins Hogan 1-2-3!!! A second referee runs down and tattles on Flair and Heenan, so the ruling is changed to a DQ. Still, Flair attacks Hogan further after the match and even holds the title at one point. This is by far the best Hogan/Flair match Iíve ever seen and should have been a template on how to make both guys look strong, something that usually got lost (especially once Hogan got control in WCW). That was very fun, despite the screwy ending.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ĺ

    Ric Flair vs. Roddy Piper 10/28/91 WWF MSG

    GM: Flair just threw his robe on the floor!

    BH: No, he dropped it to the attendant there.

    GM: It looked like it fell on the floor.

    BH: If that guy dropped it, he wonít be here next week.
    Sadly we donít get Heenan at ringside for this match, but he is on commentary in front of a very hot crowd! And the match is fantastically fun, really everything you could want from these two. Both guys cheating like crazy, Piper because heís on a wild rampage to get revenge, Flair because he now has to back up all the big talk heís done since showing up in the WWF. Flair finally gets the pin on Piper with his feet on the ropes, but Piper beats up Flair more after the match. Just so very, very fun.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ĺ

    Later in the night, Flair and Heenan are backstage together. Heenan brags they polished off Piper and Hogan is next! Flair says heís in Hoganís backyard and mocks his catchphrases. This Flair in the WWF stuff has been pure gold so far, I canít wait to see more it!

    BH: Try it with me, Monsoon. Wooo!

    GM: Itís only you and Flair in this entire sold out arena that are doing that.

    BH: Just shows weíre the only two with sense.
    Bobby ďThe Golf ProĒ Heenan

    Gene Okerlund: Ok, itís very important to address the ball-

    BH: Hello, ball!

    GO: ÖNo, no. No.

    Flawless Form

    On October 24th of 1991, ďWWF RampageĒ was released on home video, and 28 years later you can watch it on the WWE Network. You can watch the matches if you want, thatís fine, but what you should really do is watch what comes between the matches, because Okerlund and Heenan are hosting this particular tape from a golf course!

    This Time For Sure

    First they almost run over Sean Mooney, who joins them, and they go on to do lots of goofy golf lessons and skits, which is predictably great.

    Enter Sandman

    Also, Heenan cheats like crazy behind Okerlund and Mooneyís back!

    Only Cheating If You Get Caught

    At the end, turns out Heenan didnít bother to pay to use the course, so he steals a golf cart and speeds off with club security in pursuit! This was hilarious, reminds me of the golden days of Prime Time when Heenan and Monsoon would take ludicrous field trips to various places. This is comedy gold, people!

    Weasel Technique

    Sean Mooney: Bobby, you almost hit that old man over there!

    BH: Eh, heís an old man anyway.
    Prime Time Shenanigans

    Sean Mooney: How you feeling this week, Bobby? Feeling a little ďhung upĒ on Hulk Hogan after last week?

    BH: Ha. Ha. You jerk, howíd you like to do this program laid out on your back?
    Lots of little bits and pieces from Prime Time this month, which is still in the studio audience format where they mostly have wrestlers on as guests. Warlord is one guest this month, along with Slick.

    Sean Mooney: White & Nerdy

    Heís going to challenge Bret for the Intercontinental Championship. Jameson, whom you may remember as the weird wimpy character who shows up often on Prime Time in this period, leads the crowd in putting on Hitman glasses and cheering for Bret. Slick and Warlord are offended, and take Jameson backstage for some nefarious plan. We later see a clip of Warlord lifting Jameson like a training weight to get ready for his match with Bret.

    BH: This is amazing, we have seen history. Warlord has lifted the first human dumbbell.

    SM: Bobby, please!

    BH: Stick around, he can grab you too and do curls in each hand.
    Big Bully Busick and Harvey Wippleman also come on the show this month, and wouldnít you know they also bully Jameson! Which makes them faces in my eyes.

    BH: This is the kind of a guy who pushes kids down in the schoolyard, steals their lunches, kicks sand in peopleís face, and that was all just two hours ago! I give you, the Bully!

    Bullying for the Greater Good

    Last but not least, towards the end of the month Jameson tries to make fun of Heenan in return for all the abuse the Brain has heaped on him, so Heenan puts a pumpkin on his head to celebrate Halloween.

    An Immediate Improvement

    SM: Bobby Heenan, I think you were a child once. Didnít you ever go trick or treating?

    BH: In Beverly Hills, we do not go door to door, begging for food. We set the children outside and gourmet food is catered to them!
    The Bushwhackers come and help him backstage, though they canít actually get the thing off his head. We see Jim Duggan and the Bushwhackers trying dangerous methods of freeing Jameson through the show, which Heenan finds hilarious. For some reason, I couldnít really tell you what, Freddie Blassie also appears as this is going on! Heenan treats him like a trick or treater, and Blassie threatens him. In the end the bright idea is to put Jamesonís head under a truck and run it over to free him.

    SM: You think this is funny?

    BH: Oh no, itís very bad. Do you know how hard it is to clean pumpkin off a tire?

    SM: We might never see Jameson again!

    BH: Oh thatís a shame, maybe they should back up a few times to make sure.
    Jameson does show up later with tire marks on his face, which I find delightfully silly.

    Elsewhere in the WWFÖ

    Hogan Sees Dead Children Everywhere Now

    GM: If you see the Hot Ticket special, youíll get to see footage of Hulk Hogan during his childhood!

    BH: My favorite part was when he turns 10 and his parents run away from home.
    Undertaker is announced as the challenger for Hoganís belt at Survivor Series. Taker says he will rip the soul out of the WWF. Hulk Hogan responds to this by doubling down on his theme of ďdead childrenĒ that he went back to over and over again during the Slaughter feud. In the course of one month, and I swear this is true, Hogan describes in disturbing detail:

    -A toddler in diapers dying and being buried.
    -The children of Hulkamania lying in a mass grave.
    -A challenge to the Undertaker to bury 20 million toddlers in order to kill Hulkamania.

    In lighter news, weíre still seeing clips of Hoganís new movie, Suburban Commando. Heís an alien and he punches a mime because he thinks heís trapped in the box. I admit I thought this looked painfully stupid from the clips they showed, but I watched the film out of morbid curiosity and it was actually kind of fun, in a ridiculously cheesy way. And Hogan didnít talk about dead children at all!

    One Sick Snake

    GM: Jake Roberts is a sick individual.

    BH: Iíve said that for years.

    GM: Youíre a sick individual, and Iíve said that for years!
    Jake is still warning the WWF audience to write to Savage and Jack Tunney and beg them not to reinstate the Macho Man as an active wrestler, for his own safety. He is, of course, amazing at doing this. He does a ringside interview with Okerlund to this effect, and just when it seems like heís leaving he comes back with a cobra! Okerlund is so afraid he dives into the crowd to escape! I love it.

    GM: Arenít you bothered by the actions of Jake the Snake?

    BH: Jake could let that snake swallow Okerlund still in his cheap suit, and it wouldnít bother me.
    Savage is not deterred by these warnings, of course, and comes on Prime Time to make his case for reinstatement. He also forces Heenan to hold a sign to that effect!

    The other threads of this feud continue to linger as wellÖ we see Undertaker and Sid having a confrontation as a result of Takerís participation in the wedding reception attack. Jake hides under a mask, pretending to be a faceless jobber scheduled for a match, and attacks Sid during this confrontation! He chokes Sid out and ties him up in the ropes. Jake brings out a snake, and Bearer summons a coffin to the ring! Before they can carry on their plan, Jim Duggan, captain of sticking his nose into everything, runs down and sticks his nose in. Lord save us from a Sid/Duggan tag team, but still this was a cool segment and makes me wish we had more of the Jake/Taker partnership.

    BH: Itís the Halloween season! Sid came to the ring dressed as a wrestler, but he left as a coward!
    Also worth noting the snake they use in this segment gets seriously pissed off. As cool as it is, probably best they donít use the real snake as much anymore.

    Bret Goes Berzerk(er)

    GM: Whatíd the Berzerker say?

    BH: ďHussĒ.

    GM: Oh.

    BH: I think thatís what he said, I donít speak Berzerker.
    Bret Hart vs. Berzerker, WWF Intercontinental Championship 10/28/91 WWF MSG

    Itís a bit of a quiet month for Bret in terms of having a big feud to get involved in, but he does diligently defend his Intercontinental Title against all comers, most notably against the Berzerker at Madison Square Garden! My feeling is Berzerker isnít well remember, but I find him not only weird in a fun way but quietly a pretty good wrestler, all things considered. Bret flexes his storytelling muscles in this one pretty impressively, laying out the story that heís not able to apply the Sharpshooter due to Berzerkerís size and long legs, and having to work out an alternate strategy.

    GM: I think the Hitman is waiting for the Berzerker to run out of gas!

    BH: You wait for him run out of gas, he might break your neck before he gets there.
    In the end beats him with a crucifix after a pretty great match thatís well worth checking out!

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ľ

    He Wants His Country BAAAAAAAAAAAACK

    Sergeant Slaughter is still repenting for betraying America. He goes to Arlington cemetery and wishes to trade places with someone who died for their country. Shut up, Slaughter.

    Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    This is a special UK show held on October 3rd, and I believe itís also available in full on the Network, so if you want a big dose of this era, check it out and watch alone! Iím immediately impressed by the cool venue, and Iíve got a good feeling about the show. Doubly so because Monsoon and Heenan are on commentary!

    GM: The facility is more than 140 years old, Brain!

    BH: Sure, just like Alfred Hayes.
    Lord Alfred Hayes is also on hand for the event, being a British lord and all.

    GM: Alfred Hayes, the true lord in the WWF!

    BH: If he can be a lord, I can be a lord. You could be a lord. Lord banana.
    Heenan demands to be known as Sir Robert of Heenan, which gives me flashbacks to Bockwinkel. He says Lord Brain is also acceptable.

    GM: Didnít you think Lord Alfred looked great?

    BH: For a guy who was here 120 years ago at opening day, he looks great.

    GM: He was not!

    BH: He was valet parking that day.
    Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags (w/Jimmy Hart) 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    BH: I hope the Rockers did some sightseeing before this match, because afterwards theyíre gonna be just like the London Bridge, missing!

    GM: The bridge was never missing!

    BH: Oh yeah? Do you see it here? I rest my case!
    The Rockers do a cheeky spot where they fake tags behind the refereeís back, much to Jimmy Hartís distress.

    Jimmy Hart: They never made the tag, ref! Ask the people!

    BH: Oh Jimmy, never ask the humanoids anything.
    This match is almost 20 minutes, and while you might think that translates to more time for cool Rockers stuff, itís mostly the Nasties on top and they kind of suck.

    BH: These four men have been in the ring together for over a minute now!

    GM: Thatís ok, as long as itís all four men. If it were three, it wouldnít be fair.

    BH: Where do you find that in the rulebook??
    The ending also seems botched as the Rockers appear to clearly get the 3 count but itís not acknowledged, allowing the Nastys to cheat and use the bullhorn to get the win.

    GM: How disgusting.

    BH: Yes, the Rockers are.

    GM: I was talking about Jimmy Hart!
    Awesomeness Rating: **

    Ric Flair vs. Tito Santana 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    But this on here is an absolutely great match! Iíll always sing the praises of Tito, and I definitely wonít stop now. Not only is the action excellent, but Flair really winds up the crowd, both by antagonizing them and giving them a laugh with some big over the top reactions to Tito when he gets the advantage. Heenan diligently plays cheerleader through the bout, of course.

    GM: Címon ref, Flairís cheating! What do you think is moving the ropes?

    BH: The wind.
    Flair wins by pulling the tights on a roll up and we see way too much of Titoís butt, but still I loved this match and encourage everyone to check it out.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ĺ

    Big Bossman vs. Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    GM: Do you think Prince Albert ever thought two behemoths like Bossman and Earthquake in his hall?

    BH: No, but I believe he thought one day I would come to do commentary here. Thatís why he built the place.
    I donít know exactly what it is, but these two have awesome chemistry and have yet to fail to deliver together. Bossman is great in any setting, Quake can be more hit or miss but something about this pairing brings out the best in him. Speaking of Quake at his best, he does the amazing spot again where he catches Bossman in midair as he jumps off the top rope. Just incredible. Bossmanís punches are godly too, canít tell you how much I appreciate that. Bossman tricks Quake into hitting Jimmy Hart, so The Mountie comes out to help him. Mountie pulls some shenanigans and Quake steals the win. I guess his night in jail in New York didnít teach him a lesson after all!

    Awesomeness Rating: ****Ĺ

    Jacques Rougeau (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Kerry Von Erich 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    Itís The Mountie vs. The Texas Tornato, but I like real names, so sue me! I actually thought this might be quite good but I was a bit disappointed, as they work a chunk of the match just doing long sleepers and it drags a little.

    BH: You know, Tornado could get brain damage if Mountie keeps applying this sleeper hold. Then again, it could boost his IQ 9 points, give him an even 10.
    It livens up at the end though, and Mountie pins Tornado with his feet on the ropes. Again there seems to be some confusion though, as the match continues even though the bell rang. The Mountie then just leaves and Tornadoís music plays. Bizarre, but a decent match nevertheless.

    BH: Mountie is a better detective than Sherlock Holmes. Although, how smart could he have been, wearing a hat with two bills?

    GM: Thatís just how they made hats back then!

    BH: Iím just saying, he could have had one taken off.
    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Jim Duggan 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    Thereís a giant organ in the venue, and they have an organist to play Taker theme live during his entrance!! Thatís quite awesome.

    GM: Who is that playing the organ?

    BH: The organist.

    GM: I knew that much! I thought you were a journalist, youíre supposed to have these facts at your fingertips!

    BH: Itís probably just some friend of the Undertaker.

    GM: Undertaker doesnít have friends.

    BH: Well, he just dug him up somewhere.
    Duggan decides to sell for Taker a little bit, but he just canít seem to help himself and make himself look as strong as possible. Duggan also gets the crowd to chant USA. Hacksaw eventually just gives up and hits Taker with the board, because heís the biggest cheater who ever lived. He also sucker punches Taker after the bell. Duggan is the woooooorst.

    Awesomeness Rating: Ĺ*

    Hawk & Animal vs. Hercules & Paul Roma, WWF Tag Team Championships 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    AH: Animal has taken quite a beating, I donít think he has full control of mental faculties right now.

    BH: He never did in the first place!
    Like all the best Legion of Doom matches, the best parts of this are the Road Warriors just wrecking their opponents, but credit to Power & Glory for putting up a good fight here. Animal very coolly counters a Roma flying crossbody into a powerslam for the win.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***Ĺ

    Barbarian vs. Davey Boy Smith 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    BH: Barbarian is very tough. Once he was hit by a car, and he chased the car down and ripped the tires off.
    Davey Boy is very, very over of course.

    GM: Listen to the people chanting for the Bulldog!

    BH: So what? I can chant too. Barbarian!

    GM: But nobody is chanting with you!

    BH: Doesnít matter. He who chants by himselfÖ chants alone.
    The match is also a bit disappointing, as it never seems to get out of 2nd gear. Davey seems to have a habit of dropping the ball in big matches unless his opponent is seriously great, and while I love Barbarian he doesnít seem to push Davey like other opponents have.

    BH: Are you implying Barbarian has to sleep outside?

    GM: I am!

    BH: Well, he does love fresh air. He likes the park.

    GM: He attacks everything that walks by!

    BH: Not in the park!! In the woods, mostly.
    Davey wins a match that was still fairly decent in the end.

    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Battle Royal 10/3/91 WWF Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

    BH: I bet Piper wonít even show up for the battle royal later.

    GM: Care to put your money where your mouth is?

    BH: Iím not a betting man, I know youíd try to weasel out of it.

    GM: Did you sayÖ

    BH: I said youíd try to WELCH on it!!
    Most of the guys who already wrestled are in this, as well as a few others. Piper comes in last and he attacks Flair immediately to start the match in a wild brawl!! Hercules is thrown out first, and he tries to come back in to hit people with a REALLY fancy chair, but they donít let him. Flair and Michaels have some interaction, which is crazy when you think of what comes 17 years later. Duggan is eliminated cleanly in the middle of the match, and returns to beat up Quake with a 2x4 and eliminate him illegally. Duggan is the WORST, such an asshole. Piper throws out Flair in the middle of the match! Piper throws out Taker as well! But the Deadman reaches back in and drags Piper out to eliminate him. Final four is Mountie, Typhoon, Bossman, and Bulldog. Definitely rooting for Bossman, but I can guess whoíll get the win! Bossman goes next, just my luck, so Davy is left on his own against two heels. Typhoon eliminates Mountie by mistake, and Bulldog throws out Typhoon to a very big pop and the win. Afterwards Quake comes back out and beats up Bulldog. Of all people, Andre the Giant comes out to make the save!! He bangs the Natural Disastersí heads together and hits them with his giant cane, and they run away. A lot of stuff happened in this one, some good, some less good, but overall I enjoyed this main event and this event as a whole.

    BH: How appropriate for the Bulldog, to be announced by another dog like Mike McGuirk.
    Awesomeness Rating: ***Ĺ

    Miscellaneous Quotes

    BH: I asked the Bully what he did when he got to the Big Apple today, and he said he just walked around, pushing people down and laughing. All day.
    GM: All the Warlord cares about is Dominoís Pizza!

    BH: Iím gonna tell him you said that.
    GM: IRS has pocketed one of the tag ropes from under the ring!

    BH: Sure, itís time to walk the Bulldog. Itís just a leash!
    AH: I donít think Neidhart wants to be touched by that shock stick.

    BH: I dunno, I heard he goes to get shock treatments for fun. He doesnít need them, he just likes them!
    BH: The Legion of Doom is just like everybody else in New York. Theyíre sick.

    GM: Iím gonna tell them you said that.

    BH: Oh, they know it.
    GM: Mark down the date of April 5th, 1992, and circle it!

    BH: Ok, why, you having people over?

    GM: Does the word Wrestlemania mean anything to you??
    BH: You know what they say, he who shoots his mouth off has a good time!

    GM: Youíd know all about that.

    BH: Itís true, I never have a bad time. Except an hour a week with you.
    BH: Why wonít you tell me whoís in the main event for Survivor Series? I need to have the inside track, Iím a journalist!

    GM: If you were a journalist youíd already know! I know who it is!

    BH: Then why donít I know?

    GM: Because youíre a dummy!

    BH: Ok, thatís enough. Get out. Go back to the locker room.
    BH: You put the Legion of Doom against the Natural Disasters, and theyíve lost most of their offense, they canít do it on guys that size!

    GM: I wholeheartedly disagree with that.

    BH: Of course, youíve been disagreeing with me my whole life!

    GM: Thank goodness I havenít known you your whole life.

    BH: It sure feels like you have!
    BH: Look at McGuirk eyeing him.

    GM: Who?

    BH: Anything that moves!
    BH: Iím gonna need about 20 tickets for Survivor Series.

    GM: What you need is help, and youíre not gonna get it from me.
    GM: Nobody ever questioned DiBiaseís skill in the ring, just the way he carries himself outside of it.

    BH: People like to come down on him just because heís wealthy. If he was a poor guy acting the way he does, people would say well, heís just hungry.
    GM: Why do they let this guy Skinner come to the ring with a knife?

    BH: Duggan has a board. Itís not like heíll use the knife.

    GM: What if he decides to?

    BH: Steamboat uses fire.

    Phew! Thatís another month in the bag, ladies and gents. Iím still marveling at just how much Heenan is still getting up to, between Prime Time and the Flair storyline. It was a special joy to see him return to ringside to manage Flair for one night only, and makes me think if Heenan had been able to stay at Flairís side for more matches the Hogan feud would have gone farther than it did, and gone better for that matter. But there are many miles to go with Heenan and Flair, so stay tuned for that and much more!

    Thatís it for today, humanoids. Iíll be back soon with the next entry, until then donít let the ham-and-eggers get you down, and stay awesome!

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    That Flair/Hogan finish was used a lot during that time. Without the reverse decisions, I bet Flair would have a decent win-loss record with big red and yellow.

    Jameson getting bullied; bet Vince just laughed his ass off to that.

    Tornado was one foot out the door, and he only had one foot. He was losing a lot here.

    I remember that Bret crucifix win! What a great story to the match. Imagine a crucifix finishing anything now.

    You don't have announcers as entertaining as the ones here to do any kind of cool home video, nowadays.

    Flair with Heenan in his corner. I never knew that happened! For that alone, I'm going to have to watch that match!
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    Watching through this series, I've actually seen that particular finish used only rarely... I suppose they knew even the fans of this era would get burned out if they saw it too much, because it does reek of BS. Then again, various other dusty finishes are all over the place, so who knows?? Jameson is definitely allllll Vince, but in fairness it's usually pretty funny, unlike some of Vince's weird comedic quirks. Yeah, can't quite imagine Tom Phillips or Byron Saxton hosting a video like this, or anyone caring much if they did. Hope you get a chance to watch the Hogan/Flair match, let me know what you think if you do! Thanks for the feed, Benny!

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    Haha, I actually remember that golf stuff. "Hello, ball" creased me all over again.

    I'm sure I've asked you this before, but what's the projected end point on this - are you going up to the Gimmick battle royal or are you going to call time on this earlier than that?

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    It's a bit up in the air still but my current vague outline is to accelerate things post-WWF, maybe do a yearly look instead of monthly as he goes through WCW. Definitely gonna hit the Gimmick battle royal and I hope to collate as many of his infrequent appearances after that as possible. Basically anything he did as a character is on the table, as long as I can find it. I know he did a cameo TNA in 2006, and had a talking head bit on Raw after Vince "died" in 2007. I think that might be the true end, but I'll pursue it out as far as I can!

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    Four years? Wow, I had no idea you've been at it for so long.

    That feud between Flair/Hogan and Flair/Piper actually sounds pretty good. Flair didn't play no games when he arrived in WWE as he went after the big dogs as soon as possible and it looked like the WWE was also backing him to keep him looking strong. I find it funny how Flair just dismissed Piper. That's true character work there. And there's still plenty more to come.

    While I was reading that golf course bit u was thinking about the Prime Time days and then you mentioned it. Old school, goofy skits at its finest.

    Hogan and dead children? No wonder he is leaving WWE soon. He's running our of shit to say. Is he still as over as he once was?

    Favourite BH Lines:

    GM: If you see the Hot Ticket special, you’ll get to see footage of Hulk Hogan during his childhood!

    BH: My favorite part was when he turns 10 and his parents run away from home.

    GM: The facility is more than 140 years old, Brain!

    BH: Sure, just like Alfred Hayes.

    BH: You know what they say, he who shoots his mouth off has a good time!

    GM: You’d know all about that.

    BH: It’s true, I never have a bad time. Except an hour a week with you.

    Damn BH is great at one-liners. Another awesome month Mizzie.

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    Really pleased to see you swing by for a feed, Don! I don't think the WWF handled Flair perfectly when they brought him in, but up to this point they'd overall done quite a good job I think. As to Hogan, he's not as over as he was as his peak but he's still far and away the most popular person in the company so I guess he hasn't hurt himself too badly. He'll hear some boos before this is all over though. Love the lines you picked out, laughed out loud at the Alfred Hayes one all over again!

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