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    MyWorld: The SmackDown Lo'Down! (RETURNS!)

    With tonight being the debut of SmackDown on FOX, I thought it would be a great time to bring this idea back. I am not sure if this will be a one night only event, but welcome back to MyWorld and welcome to The SmackDown Lo'Down!

    By the end of this column, I will have answered the following two questions for myself:

    1. How good was Smackdown on a scale of 1-10?

    2. Was tonight's show good enough to bring me back into the fold of watching WWE weekly?

    I loved the opener with Becky Lynch and The Rock. I could've done without Baron Corbin, though. I honestly don't have a single clue as to why this shit stain is still ruining my god damn TV show! This dipshit sucks ass! He is boring in the ring, and he needs to stay the fuck away from anything that resembles a microphone! He does not have good heel heat. All he has is, "Get the fuck off of my television," heat. Granted, anyone sharing the ring with The Rock is going to look less shiny than normal. At least Lynch was able to hold her own and come off like a badass. Corbin is a shit show and his character needs to get into Vinny Mac's limo from 2007.

    The opening match was ok in my book. The Horse Women always bring it when it matters, and tonight was no different. I am not sure what they are doing with Bayley, though. Shes a face one minute and a heel the next. When did Big Show start giving career advice to the women's evolution? I enjoyed the match up to the finish. I was not happy to see the SmackDown Women's Champion tapping out on the debut of fucking SmackDown! Becky could have easily withstood the loss here and it may have added some intrigue to the Hell in a Cell match this Sunday if the finish was screwy. Bad calls made by the writers there.

    Who in the bloodsoaked tampon booked Rollins v. Shinsuke? Seriously, this is not a rhetorical question, I want an answer. I want an answer so that I can find the stupid shitbox and rip his nuts out through his teeth. Sure, the "match" was great, but it honestly made both competitors and their respective championships look second rate. I suppose they are now, but still! The appearance of The Fiend didn't make me happy. Why wasn't the vignette enough to push the story? They are going to overexpose the best thing they've written since Becky's rise. The Fiend should make less weekly appearances than Brock Lesnar. Period. I get it, they wanted people to get invested, but enough is enough. Let Bray do what he does best and hype the matches with his alter-ego. Save The Fiend for big moments and not a second match of the night cluster fuck like this.

    More Hall of Famers being shown. Fuck Ric Flair and Fuck Hulk Hogan! Fuck them both in the asshole with each other's dicks and Vince McMahon pushing. One is a racist shit bag and the other is a complete disgrace to the art. There, I said it.

    Hate to say it, but Shane was his best Shane in the Ladder Match. All of the big spots and ragdoll shit I loved about him back in the 90s and earlier 2000s. Owens has certainly cooled off for someone who uses the Stunner, but hopefully, moving past this bullshit feud will get him to something he can sink his teeth into better. The match was great though and I think I want to see Owens snag the US or IC title now and rebuild that bitch from the ground up. I would prefer he won the IC belt, then set him an AJ loose on some Champ v. Champ action forever and ever.

    Had no clue we were going to get a clusterfuck tag match tonight, but that's not a bad thing in MyWorld. I like surprises! I don't think the match went passed the 8-minute mark with the commercial breaks, but it was action-packed! Ziggler is gonna Ziggler, and once again he carries another match on his back by bumping like he missed a high spot in Here Comes the Pain!

    No fuckin clue who Tyson Fury is. I guess he's a boxer. THIS is how you set up a Tyson-Like attraction match! More on that later. I am down to see Braun actually throw hands. Hopefully, they can get some hype behind it and it will make a good side-show whenever they pull the trigger.

    Carmella banged some DJ backstage and he won the 24/7 title. Careful how you get 'um, Corey!

    Moving into the Lumberjack Match, I'm slightly stoked about it. I like Erick Rowan, I love Luke Harper, I tolerate Reigns at this point. Seriously, the dude needed fucking CANCER to finally get over! Glad he's healthy again because I have to say that, but fuck's sake man, learn how to do a job or go away. Rowan loses because of fuckery and I am not happy about that. I will buy the WWE Network again if Rowan and Harper win at HIAC.

    It's Main Event Tiiiiiiime!!!!

    What. The. Fuck. Was. That. Fucking. Bullshit?!?!?!

    Nope. Not gonna deal with this shit again. Fuck Brock Lesnar and fuck his work schedule. Now your new "A" Show doesn't have a champion. What fucking gives?! I wanted to see Kofi lose and soon, but to literally anyone other than The Bitch Incarnate. Three seconds. You fuckers built Kofi up for how many months to make that Mania moment, just to have him lose a fucking squash match? I call infinite amounts of bullshit on all of that!


    Fuck Cain Velasquez and his busted knee and his flabby bitch tits. Professional wrestling is back on network television for the first time since 2005 and what do you do? You set up a rematch from UF-Fucking-C that literally, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT!! Fuck bringing in casual fans or new fans. Fuck professional wrestling fans in general. Whatever you do, make sure that everyone knows that everything in pro wrestling is fake as fuck and that only UFC fighters are legitimate athletes. On second thought, keep Braun Stroman the fuck away from Tyson Fury! You're going to fuck this all up again, aren't you?

    Speaking of fucking things up, where is Stone Cold? That promo at the beginning couldn't have been it, could it?

    It was.

    Ok, time to go back and answer those 2 questions I promised you.

    1. How good was Smackdown on a scale of 1-10?

    Honestly, this show was a solid 8-8.9 for me until the ending. I cannot believe they came so close to bringing me back only to remind me that they don't want fans like me anymore. I am old news to the WWE. I don't know who the fuck they want unless they're really trying to bust into the dwindling UFC audience. Lesnar, Rousey, now this Cain bullshit too? Fuck you and your Network too! No fucking way will I pay even 10 dollars to watch any Wrestling Card with that "match" on it.

    Answer: 6.1

    2. Was tonight's show good enough to bring me back into the fold of watching WWE weekly?

    I want you all to know that I really tried! I came into tonight with a completely open mind and thought that they would turn the corner. They made one hell of a start and I actually started to believe it was going to be good times again. Then they hit me with that Main Event full of so much UFBS that I just can't do it. I won't sit through another fighter playing wrestler and shitting all over what I loved. I watched the show on a free Hulu trial and I will be canceling that immediately so that they don't charge me 50 bucks next week. The only way I see me coming back as a weekly viewer is if I buy a TV antenna. Something else needs to be on weekly TV for me to spend the 20 bucks on that, so the chances are slim.

    Answer: A very sad NO

    I will simply carry on watching wrestling clips and the review shows on YouTube until something comes back and fixes MyWorld again. I hope y'all enjoy the read and I look forward to chatting with you about how you felt tonight went. Thanks for visiting this dusty old corner of MyWorld!
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    Nice to see you return to writing, LAW!

    I'd say this was a bit heavy handed in anger, but after watching Smackdown I'm sure many feel the same way, and I wrote an angry column too lol. I felt mostly the same, except I felt entirely opposite on The Rocks return. Thought it was an awful way to bury full-time talent. Like you though, I'm back to being all done with Smackdown.

    WWE couldnt even give Kofi a 2 minute match. "New WWE" lol.

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    Well I wasn't the only one coming back to see what they could do and seeing if they had fixed the creative issues that have plagued them. Sadly we both came to the same conclusion.

    I really loved this paragraph

    Whatever you do, make sure that everyone knows that everything in pro wrestling is fake as fuck and that only UFC fighters are legitimate athletes. On second thought, keep Braun Stroman the fuck away from Tyson Fury! You're going to fuck this all up again, aren't you?
    I cannot fathom how WWE can't see the problem they have built for themselves with this feud. They are devaluing their entire roster and just hoping we forget about it. I really want to like the WWE because their full time roster is full of awesome wrestlers but they seem to not have a single clue how to book them in a way that doesn't leave fans like us feeling hollow and quite frankly silly for ever investing in them.

    Lastly I'll leave you by asking, as someone who is a fan of The Fiend, what did you think of Hell In A Cell?

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    Hell yeah! I finally have 2 comments!

    F2F TIME!

    Thanks for the kind words amigo. Anger is my superpower. Lol
    Normally I would agree with you on your point about Rocky. Not for Corbin though. Fuck that guy. Bury him so far down that CM Punk starts getting victories against him.

    Hey Homie! You for sure called that. I found it interesting that Kleck and I both wrote fuck you Smackdown Columns and then you main paged it as well. Seems to be a consensus in our little realm

    I didn't watch HIAC. I read the results on the MP and honestly, I wish I could say I was surprised.

    We all knew they were going to ruin him. Add to that he might be injured again. Dude's fucked. He's going two and out to rollins and then he'll be fed to Reigns again. It's over.

    Thanks for swinging around and dropping some convo love boyz!

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    I fucking loved this episode of Smackdown from the start of the show until the bell rang for Kofi vs Lesnar. What transpired once that bell rang legitimately made me feel sick and I was put off the entire show because of that. I've watched wrestling for 19 years and I can honestly say I've never been so disgusted with WWE in that entire 19 years. Pure and utter bullshit!

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    Ah, I was so hoping you'd suffer through Smackdown each week so I could read your rants! Too bad, this was fun. Enjoy your strong opinions as always, it's nice to have you back around man.

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    Great lines. "like bloodstain tampon" and Baron's character needing to get in Vince's 2007 limo. There were more as well. Really liked the rant and personality in this. If WWE is going to do Lesnar and Cain, did they really have to squash Kofi to do it? Kind of shows they view themselves inferior to UFC, as anything UFC did gets precedent over what they did.

    Good read, man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Button View Post
    Kind of shows they view themselves inferior to UFC, UFC did gets precedent over what they did.
    Remember this column I posted some time ago:

    That was pretty much what I concluded back then. At least with Lesnar they could claim to have created the monster that conquered UFC and returned to his original empire.

    Now like you say, they're just admitting UFC is better.
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    F2F Part Duex!

    Mizzie: I got a rant for you. Go read my new one! hopefully it will be chalk full of all of your favorite Law-isms and maybe some new ones. I'm not sure, but I think I may have invented some words.

    Don Franc: I am just about at my 20 year chip as well. Could not believe that they shit all over their top mens mania match from last year just to put Lesnar over again.

    Dyno and Benny: I looped you two together because I liked the point you ended on with them full on admitting that they think MMA is better than themselves. I jabbed this vein again in my newest column too. absolutely drives me batshit crazy!

    Thank you all for the read, make sure to go check out the new one if I havent plugged it enough! and i'll catch yall soon!

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