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    Kingzak presents: Hell in a Cell 2019 Predictions

    4 matches, anyone else disappointed

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another round of predictions. Hell in a Cell is here and looking back, I should have done a week of predictions just for each of the shows that were taking place this week. Weíve had three world titles, a couple of other titles and some high profile matches across all brands of wrestling. Meanwhile Hell in a Cell has three matches, (the intro was written Thursday) and the fact that WWE have already started booking the Saudi show really shows how little effort there is going into this one. Still I canít let a PPV go by without the predictions, so itís time to take a look at what is likely to be a fun or underwhelming night of wrestling. So without further ado, letís begin.

    Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair
    SmackDown Women's Championship

    I am disappointed that we arenít getting the tag team HIAC for both titles. I was really hoping for that. Sure it was a pipe dream, but damn it, it was my dream and I canít help but mourn it. Still this is the sensible option, as it allows for a wider range of outcomes than just one of the two teams winning.

    In a weird twist, in the previous predictions, I was concerned about the match between the two likely not being good based on their history, and then it got off to a good start, and that was it and the match was over. So once again I have no idea how the match is gonna be, these two donít have quite the chemistry that the other horsewomen seem to have. These two actually had a match at a Takeover once, and given how highly every one of the early takeover womenís matches is held, the fact this one goes untalked about means it must have really underwhelmed.

    As for the outcome, I donít actually know. I feel like since she has already had two title reigns this year, Charlotte should be done with the title but if there were ever anyone to randomly win a title, it would be her. I still stand by the idea of having Banks and Bayley as both champions, but I feel we are definitely getting near the end of Bayleyís time with the SmackDown title. I reckon sheíll find a way to retain and end up losing at the next PPV Ö actually the one after, since Saudi is the next.

    Zak: Bayley retains
    Brother: Bayley will retain
    Dad: Bayley
    Dog: Bayley
    Mum: Bayley

    Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

    Fuck the haters; I have really enjoyed this storyline. As silly it may be, it has kept Bryan and Roman prevalent, given us a nice surprise return for Luke Harper, and Rowan is the best he has ever been in WWE. Nothing about this feud has hampered the TV shows and the week to week drama has been something to keep viewers coming back in this era of weak story telling. Iím actually kinda impressed with Daniel Bryan, he has spent the whole year telling us we are terrible people for the way we live, and he turned face in roughly one week. He is at that sort of top level spot where it doesnít matter which side he is on, he is one to watch.

    While this is definitely got me interested from a story perspective, the match doesnít do as much for me if Iím honest. At its core Bryan and Reigns vs The Bludgeon Brothers isnít an exciting match. But who knows, Harper and Rowan have had some fantastic tag team matches in their time, and across from them they have two of the best of the modern era. Maybe we could see something great here to cap off the storyline.

    I honestly donít know who wins this one. This definitely feels like the end of the storyline, but both sides need the win. The Bludgeon Bros need the win to put them over as the credible threat they are now, plus they have been dominating these two for weeks, so honestly they need the win. On the flip side, Bryan just turned and while he doesnít need the momentum because he is Daniel Bryan, conventional logic dictates that they win. Also the fact that the bad guys have pretty much been in control the whole time means that the good guys are going to win. I donít know which way to go, Iím a go Bryan and Reigns, but I wouldnít be surprised either way.

    Zak: Bryan and Reigns.
    Brother: Daniel Bryan and the other guy
    Dad: Anyone but Roman Reigns
    Dog: Reigns and Bryan
    Mum: The thing with Roman Reigns

    Seth Rollins vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
    Hell in a Cell match
    Universal Championship

    Bray has been great the last few months, the firefly funhouse is pretty enjoyable and the fact that The Fiend can strike anywhere is really an appealing feature for him. But why is he going after the title. I feel like they never adequately covered it, going after Seth barely makes more sense but the two do have history (Shield/Wyatts, and a singles feud in 2017) and Ö oh my, Iíve just noticed something.

    Wyattís last feud before the battle with Matt Hardy that turned him to the light side, he faced off with Finn Balor at multiple PPVs in 2017. And his last feud before that was with Seth Rollins. Is it possible that he is just working his way backwards through all his old rivals? I donít know, but if he attacks Randy Orton next that would be some fantastic story telling there. The new version of Wyatt, seeking redemption against all his old foes, that would be cool as fuck. WWE wonít do it but it would be pretty nifty.

    This is actually a tricky one. On the one hand you have Seth Rollins who has only recently got the title back, and I canít see him losing the title yet. On the other hand you have a rejuvenated Bray Wyatt under his new gimmick and at his most popular and dangerous he has been since before the Cena feud. And itís all in HIAC so there is no way out of this without someone taking the pin. Itís the Punk/Ryback scenario all over again, neither can afford a loss, but one has to. My money is on some convoluted bullshit happens to allow one to get the win, maybe a New Kane, maybe magic from Wyatt, maybe Hogan or Flair shows up and takes out Rollins and claim the title as his own. All I know, is this is a suspension of disbelief ending coming.

    Zak: Some convoluted bullshit.
    Brother: Seth Rollins
    Dad: Cowboy Bray Wyatt
    Dog: Seth Rollins
    Mum: Seth Rollins

    Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks
    Hell in a Cell match
    Raw Women's Championship

    Iím putting this as the main event since it has had the longest build and realistically is the only match I am excited for in every aspect. The feud between the two has been great and really shows just how shit the Lacey Evans feud really was. The match is bound to be great, if they can match the womenís HIAC from a couple years ago then there will be no problem. The ending is likely to be a proper ending, maybe Bayley and Charlotte find their way in in the closing moments, but the finish is likely to be a definitive pin (or submission, but then again I hate submission finishes to title matches with a passion)

    Like I said, this is probably gonna be a great match, the WWE seem to have worked out a formula for modern Hell in a Cell matches that actually manage to be good. Weíve had at least one good Hell in a Cell match a year since and including 2014. With the likely convoluted end coming to Rollins/Wyatt, this is more likely to be the good one. Plus these two do have a history of good matches, and this is the big time they are being given, both are gonna give it their all and I am excited for it.

    As to the outcome, I have suspected this is where Becky loses the title since Banksí return. Beckyís reign has been mired by the fact that Raw has no good women wrestlers on it since the draft, and a fresh start is definitely needed and who better than debatably the best bad girl on the block. Sasha has been great for a few years a face but when she gets to be the Boss, thatís when she shines. I hope that Sasha wins the title, and goes on to have an actual title reign, ideally till WrestleMania, give a good opponent for whoever the rumble winner may be.

    Zak: Sasha Banks
    Brother: Sasha Banks
    Dad: Sasha Banks
    Dog: Becky Lynch
    Mum: Becky Lynch

    Dog Predictions

    ē An immediate pick for Bayley
    ē Went for Becky, ended up with my Ring finger in his mouth being bitten, I dropped everything because ow, he picked Becky.
    ē A quick choice for Reigns and Bryan
    ē Immediately Rollins

    You know, itís come to my attention that you could book a great Survivor Series match here, The Wyatt Family reunion, starring Bayley and Banks, against The Shield with Daniel Bryan, with special guest Lynch and Flair. As strange as that match is, I would watch the fuck out of that. There is not a single thing about that match that sounds bad. I feel like as far as the menís side of thing, that could end up happening. I know he isnít Dean Ambrose but swapping in Daniel Bryan is not a bad consolation prize.

    I am fully expecting more matches to be announced, both over the next day and randomly thrown onto the show, but if Iím honest, Iím not sure I care. The past week has been a very all over the place from wrestling and Iím still not sure how I feel about a lot of things, but one thing I can say for certain in this uncertain time Ö

    Fuck whoever decided that SmackDown should be UFC.

    And on that note, it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. This will likely be the last prediction column for a little while since the Saudi show is next, but on the idea of diplomacy, I would like to extend an olive branch to the Saudi Arabian Government that is definitely reading. £250 and I will do a prediction column and I will be glowingly positive about it. Cash up front though, I ainít writing shit till I got the cash. Take your time to think about it my good sirs, let me know by the 25th though, gotta have time to write and predict and all. But for the rest of you, I hope you have enjoyed todayís column, and I will see you next time.
    Creating the greatest card in Survivor Series history.
    Booking by Committee: Survivor Series

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    Your dad is my spirit animal.

    Nice call on the "convoluted bullshit" that was Seth versus Bray.

    Your dog might have been the most sensible picker of the night lol.

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    Man, that Becky vs Sasha match was straight fire and was definitely more deserving of the main event spot over Rollins/Wyatt. What the fuck with that ending though. I like your idea of Wyatt go in backwards through his previous feuds but WWE ain't clever enough to do that though.

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    Nice of WWE to save you time by barely booking a card in advance! And I must say, "Some convoluted bullshit" turned out to be the most accurate prediction of the year.

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