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    But I'm not Dead (Yet)

    But I'm Not Dead (Yet).
    -Contrary to popular belief.
    -Inspite of what you heard.
    -My life may contain some grief.
    -The headlines seem absurd because.
    -I'm down.
    -I'm broken.
    -Not on solid ground.
    -I've heard the lies you've heard spoken.
    -Where's the light?
    -Where's the tunnel?
    -Not sure how much I'll need to fight.
    -The good times have stopped, well.
    -Last hill.
    -Last turn.
    -Last climb.
    -Last fall.
    -Forcing a smirk for a smile.
    -Last call...
    -But I'm not dead yet.
    -I'll be back someday.
    -Will I be better?
    -I don't know.
    -But you can't kill.
    -Because I won't die.
    -You can't make up truth.
    -Blow all the smoke.
    -In the end you still lied.
    -But I'm not dead yet.
    -I'm the motherfucking cockroach...
    -Of North South East and West.
    -Didn't you already know?
    -I've already gone so much further
    -Than you will ever grow.
    -You may have wounded me.
    -You aimed and fired true.
    -But I'm not dead yet.
    -And I'll be coming back for you.
    -My story to unfold.
    -My legend still unwritten.
    -My heart stone cold.
    -May not be standing.
    -But still sittin.
    -I'm not dead yet.
    -Because no one warned you.
    -Don't hunt what you can't kill.
    -And I'm not ready to die.
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    I'm not a poetry guy by nature, but I dug this. Injured yet defiant, ready to keep fighting... I got a strong vibe off it.

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    Thanks, Mizzie!

    I'm not usually a poetizer either, but I liked the way thos came out for a word vomit piece.

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