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Thread: AEW Dark

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    AEW Dark

    AEW Dark was just put on YouTube. This week there's a pretty insane match between Kenny Omega and Joey Janela. It's an unsanctioned, anything goes match. I'd highly recommend everyone go out of their way to watch it.

    EDIT: Just to be clear, all of the matches were pretty solid. It's great to see some of the wrestlers I don't know much about like Sonny Kiss, Kip Sabian, and Dark Order. You should really be watching all of it.
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    I really enjoyed week 1 of AEW Dark, especially Darby/CIMA, and I'm looking forward to seeing Janela/Omega. Only watched the first match this week so far and thought it was solid. Sue me but I enjoy the Librarians, they're perfect heel jobbers who can play the fool and eat losses without consequence.

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    I think Dark has been really good generally so far.

    Loved Taz guesting - be interesting to see if he plays a part going forward or was a “one time” deal but I always enjoyed his commentary .

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