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    The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Flair And The Brain Go To War! (Nov '91)

    Greetings, mizfan fans! And welcome once again to the Life & Times of Bobby Heenan. Weíve arrived at Survivor Series 1991, and I donít think I can ever remember the company having so many hot angles going on at the same time. Seems like everything is connected, and Heenan is still at the center of much of it! Letís see what the Brain weasels his way up to this month, shall we?

    WWF, November Ď91
    Ongoing Heenan Storylines

    A Nature Boy, An Immortal, A Deadman, A Rowdy Scot

    Since the stories of these four men and especially tightly connected during this month, Iím just going to cover them all in one entry. We start with more Hulk Hogan insanity, except this time instead of talking about dead children, he instead explicitly says he made a deal with God to live forever, which is why Undertaker wonít defeat him. I swear to you, Iím not making these up.

    Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Kerry Von Erich 11/10/91 WWF Challenge

    Meanwhile, Taker continues to solidify the title shot he was suddenly granted with fairly dominant wins over the likes of the Texas Tornado. Sure, he had a bit of help from Paul Bearer, but we donít hold that against him.

    Awesomeness Rating: **ľ

    Turning to the man Heenan is most concerned with, Flair makes a statement early in the month by brutalizing Jim Neidhart during a match on Superstars. Between Flairís attack and a post-match beatdown from the Beverly Brothers, Neidhartís injuries are severe enough that he has to be taken off of Jim Dugganís team at Survivor Series! More on that later, but Flair has quickly established himself as a dangerous opponent in the WWF.

    BH: Jim Neidhart is out!

    GM: Thatís right.

    BH: And Sid Justice is out!

    GM: Yes, him too.

    BH: This is becoming the greatest Survivor Series ever.
    Bringing these threads together is a scene from Paul Bearerís Funral Parlor. Hogan is the guest on the show, but itís a setup for Taker and Flair to attack him. When things get serious, Roddy Piper and Randy Savage both leave the commentary booth to run the heels off, but awesomely Taker doesnít sell their chair shots and rips the cross off Hoganís neck!! Pretty cool, even though itís a stolen bit from the Andre storyline 4 years earlier.

    This attack only serves to make Hoganís promos even stranger, as he now says the red in his costume is for the blood shed on the cross that makes Hulkamaniacs immortal. Iím waiting for to claim heís actually Jesus, at this point I wouldnít put it past him. I wish we had Hogan from 5 years ago in this feud, itís the only thing that would make it better.

    Itís worth noting that they are now blurring out the WCW title, thanks to the pending lawsuit from Turnerís company. Perhaps to offset the loss of this visual, Heenan officially brings Mr Perfect back to the screen and empowers him to act as Flairís manager. Perfectís back injury kept him from returning to the ring fully in this period, but Iím pleased they found a role for him.

    Roddy Piper vs. Hercules (w/Bobby Heenan, Mr Perfect, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Jacques Rougeau, & Warlord) 11/24/91 WWF Prime Time

    BH: Ric Flair is gonna make you give up, Piper. Go ahead and say it, say Iíve had enough.

    Piper: Iíve had enough of you, Bobsie.
    Though Hogan is always a big target, you can rest assured that Heenan and Flair havenít forgotten about Piper. On this special edition of Prime Time, the Rowdy One is confronted with a veritable army of managers when he gets in the ring with Hercules! Heenan even leaves the commentary booth to add what he can to ringside. Thatís one hell of a villainís gallery but nevertheless, Piper has nerves of steel and refuses to be intimidated or distracted. He wins a very decent match in spite of the unfriendly crowd in the opposing corner!

    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Jacques Rougeau, & Warlord (w/Sensational Sherri, Mr Perfect, Jimmy Hart, & Harvey Wippleman) vs. Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & Virgil, Elimination 11/27/91 WWF Survivor Series

    This is the match that kicks off Survivor Series, though Iím not sure why weíre starting off with what clearly seems to be the main event based on the big names and level of talent involved. At this point Flair doesnít actually have the real WCW title anymore, so theyíre using a different belt as well as blurring it out. The crowd goes ballistic for Piper and Flair going at it, and they also get hot when Sherri, god bless her, takes the fight to Piper herself! After a lot of good back and forth, Flair eliminates Bulldog with some shady tactics. Piper evens it up by taking out the Warlord, also with a bit of shady tactics. There is a bit in here where Piper no selling Flair that goes just a little bit too far for me, so I hope they dial back on that a little bit. The action of this match is great fun, but I have to admit the ending is very stupid. The remaining six guys start brawling, and Flair gets thrown out to the floor. Stupidly, the ref DQs everyone except Flair, so heís the sole survivor basically by default. Piper attacks Flair some more after the match for his trouble, but Heenan isnít troubled. In fact, Heenan has a PHONE at commentary after the match, and he calls back to Mr Perfect to gloat! Longtime readers or watchers will remember very well why Heenan having access to a phone is so important!

    Awesomeness Rating: ****

    Heenanís Most Loyal Sidekick!

    Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Hulk Hogan, WWF Championship 11/27/91 WWF Survivor Series

    BH: Undertaker has demolished everyone in his path in the WWF.

    GM: He still puts his pants on one leg at a time.

    BH: Maybe not!
    Really interesting that Taker ended up in this spot with Hogan. Itís crazy to think about now, but based on all of Hoganís history up to this point youíd think heíd lose the feud in the end and quickly fade away from wrestling shortly after, like most Hogan monsters. The match itself is far from a classic, a lot of it Taker choking Hogan, but in context I feel it kind of works. What doesnít work for me is Hogan blatantly no selling a Tombstone. Flair comes down late in the match, and Hogan runs out to punch him down. Bearer distracts the ref, and Flair helps Taker Tombstone Hogan on a chair to get the shocking upset victory! It doesnít really feel like the big deal it should, to be honest, because the finish was so contrived and I think because fans arenít in love with Hogan like they once where. Heenan rips Hogan on commentary and tells him to go off and make another movie because heís done in wrestling.

    BH: Hulkamania is dead! You know, if I were the kind of guy to say I told you so, now would be the time to say I told you so. I told you so!!!
    Awesomeness Rating: **

    After the match, WWF President Jack Tunney says the refereeís decision is final but orders a rematch at the upcoming Tuesday in Texas show, and promises to be at ringside to ensure the right decision is reached.

    At the end of the show, Okerlund interviews Taker and Bearer in the catacombs of the arena. Bearer says on Tuesday it will be the final service for Hogan. The promo is a nice touch and helps refocus a little bit of attention on Taker, instead of it being solely on Hogan.

    Following the event Hogan says what happened was a tragedy, and, I kid you not, I absolutely swear this is true, vividly describes being autopsied while still alive and claims Undertaker would find tiny Hulkamaniacs in his body that he would have to fight for eternity. What is wrong with this guy??

    Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan 11/30/91 WWF MSG

    Surprisingly, we hear a ďwe want FlairĒ chant in MSG. Hogan is definitely not as popular as he once was, though heís still more popular than almost anyone else in wrestling. Perfect is not at ringside, which makes Heenan panic and try to leave the booth. Vince McMahon, who is on commentary with him for this show, wonít let him. Hogan runs in and lays a beating on Flair in the beginning. Lots of fun bumping by Flair, though he gets his hits in as well. Hogan thinks heís pinned Flair on the legdrop, but Flair had his leg on the ropes, and he takes out Hoganís knee afterwards. Perfect finally appears and distracts him as Flair smashes Hoganís knee on the ring post! Just like in Oakland, Flair actually pins Hogan after hitting him with brass knuckles, but once again officials run down and tattle on Flair and the match is thrown out. Refereeís decision was final at Survivor Series, but not at this show apparently! Not a bad match but the one with Heenan at ringside was better, even the ending was better executed previously. Heenan is incensed and claims the official planted something on Flair. This is still one of the better Hogan/Flair matches Iíve seen, but supposedly the reaction and draw of the match was less than McMahon wanted which is one of the reasons the feud would be derailed before reaching its originally planned conclusion at Wrestlemania VIII.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    Prime Time: The Final Format

    On November 4th, we have what would turn out to be the final edition of Prime Time Wrestling under the studio audience with wrestler guests format, though they donít make much mention of this. Tito Santana is the first guest, and he explains why he stopped being a normal person in order to be a stereotype. Ugh, the El Matador stuff is so stupid and unnecessary.

    Tito: How would you like to face a bull, weasel?

    BH: I prefer them on a bun.
    General Adnan and Iron Sheik are also on, and in case you forgot theyíre heels because they speak Arabic. Someone keeps dropping an inflated globe from the ceiling, and Heenan keeps messing with it.

    A Deadly Opponent

    It happens multiple times and itís very strange.

    Alfred Hayes: I saw you at the Royal Albert Hall, Bobby, and your behavior was quite despicable.

    BH: Yeah, so?

    Wait For ItÖ

    Speaking of strange, they interview Genichiro Tenryu, who is one of the most important names in Japanese wrestling and arguably in all of wrestling history. Thatís very random, but I vaguely recall WWF had a partnership with the promotion Tenryu was running at the time, though that isnít what they talk about. Heenan is mildly racist to Tenryu, so Tenryu jams some rice on his head! What a strange episode to end this run of Prime Time.

    The Perfect Use of Two Legends

    On November 11th, we switch to the final format of Prime Time, a round table with various wrestling personalities who would argue about the events of the week. At the beginning, Vince is at the head of a table with Piper, Monsoon, Heenan, and Perfect.

    Five guys yelling at once, seems like a good format.

    They talk over each other a lot and I canít help but feel this will be the weakest form of Prime Time, though Iím sure it will have its moments just like the studio audience format did. At least Monsoon and Heenan are back in the room together!

    BH: One of the most important things to me-

    GM: Who asked you?

    BH: Thatís it, get out. Get out of the studio.

    GM: Itíd take me about two seconds to knock you right out!
    And very quickly Heenan goes on a rant against Piper and itís like Christmas 1989 all over again!

    BH: I can say what I want, Iím the host of this program and youíre sitting there with a $5 t shirt on!

    RP: $6.95!

    Canít Take These Two Anywhere

    Elsewhere in the WWFÖ

    A Rocky Relationship

    Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Earthquake & Typhoon (w/Jimmy Hart) 11/3/91 WWF Challenge

    BH: Squash him! Squash him, Earthquake!

    GM: Youíre supposed to be a journalist!

    BH: Fine. Small package him, Jannetty!

    GM: Youíre not supposed to be doing that either!
    This is quite a size mismatch, ainít it?? But the Rockers are game to fight hard against the Disasters. Or so it seems until late in the match as Shawn is in deep trouble in the ring and for some unbelievable reason Jannetty simply runs off after Jimmy Hart. He wasnít even provoked, he just suddenly up and left. Shawn gets obliterated and I suddenly sympathize with the desire to throw a certain someone through a barbershop window! Shawn gets wrecked and loses, but refuses medical attention. Jannetty does return and apologizes and they leave together, but Shawn looks hurt and pissed.

    BH: The last time I saw a guy holding their stomach like Michaels is, that guy just had lunch at El Matadorís house.

    GM: This is serious, Brain!

    BH: Oh, who cares about the Rockers?
    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Kato 11/24/91 Wrestling Challenge

    The problems arenít over yet, as the next time Michaels and Jannetty team up on Challenge they very much donít look like theyíre on the same page. Shawn seems constantly annoyed with Jannetty, and wins the match without bothering to do any of the usual double teams. Something tells me this isnít over yet!

    Awesomeness Rating: *ĺ

    Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, Butch, & Luke vs. Beau Beverly, Blake Beverly, Brian Knobbs, & Jerry Sags (w/The Genius & Jimmy Hart), Elimination 11/27/91 WWF Survivor Series

    GM: The Beverlys and the Nasty BoysÖ who do you think is the brains on that team?

    BH: The ones with the long tights.

    GM: They all have long tights!

    BH: Youíre smarter than I thought you were.
    A Survivor Series match is sure to smooth out these problems, right? The Bushwhackers are eliminated first (good), leaving the Rockers alone against four men. Shawn gets out Beau but he catches quite a beating in doing so. Monsoon really rips into Jannetty on commentary for not trying hard enough to tag, interestingly. But when Shawn gets a chance to tag, he doesnít take it! He acts like he wants to keep going on his own. Finally heís taken too much damage and he does make the tag, and Jannetty is very fired up. Shawn tags back in a bit later to help, but Jannetty accidentally sends a Nasty Boy crashing into him, and Shawn gets eliminated. Shawn is very pissed and he gives Jannetty a shove! Heenan says both the Rockers are prima donna crybabies. Jannetty tries his best alone but soon gets pinned. For some reason heís very obviously grabbing the ropes while he does so, but oh well. Too much of the Nasty Boys to rate higher, but some good storytelling in this one.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***

    Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags 11/30/91 WWF MSG

    I include this match for two reasonsÖ first, Iíve got to share my misery at watching such a long, dull Nasty Boys match. Iím so sick of watching these two guys, people. How did they remain a significant act for so long? The second reason is the ending, which is also bad but at least factors into the larger story. Somehow, donít ask me to describe how, Michaels ďaccidentallyĒ helps Sags put Jannetty in a small package and costs his team the match. Put aside that Michaels would have to be blind and stupid to make that mistake, even if itís meant to foreshadow the turn, it still looked very dumb. This one is not recommended, but we do have a certain big event to look forward to soon!

    Awesomeness Rating: ľ*


    GM: I did detect some weakening on the stance of Jack Tunney, when it comes to the Macho Man.

    BH: That can only mean one thing. He accepts credit cards, frequent flyer miles, cash-

    GM: Thereís no talking to you!
    Despite the repeated requests of the Macho Man and his fans, Savage has yet to be reinstated as an active wrestler in the WWF. Jake seeks to instruct Savage further on why he should stay on the sidelines by luring him to the ring for a sneak attack, and after Jake has his prey down he ties Savage in the ropes and famously gets a real cobra to BITE him!

    VM: I must warn our viewers with weak stomachs, the footage of this snake bite incident is very graphic.

    BH: I think the word youíre looking for is ďpansiesĒ.
    That snake really chomps on there and itís one hell of a wild scene. They put this angle over great, I must say, going so far as to censor the graphic footage in all replays (and it really does look pretty gnarly!).

    VM: This event taking place in the shadow of a tragic event. Randy Savage was bitten by a venomous snake-

    BH: And more importantly, Ted DiBiase is going to be taking his million dollar title back from Virgil tonight!

    VM: Thatís not more important!

    BH: It is to DiBiase!
    WWF President Jack Tunney refuses to allow Savage to participate in Survivor Series in any fashion due to his injury, but he also kicks Roberts out of the elimination match at the show he was supposed to be in. Tunny also does bans all reptiles from ringside, forever!

    BH: You can call the hotline and vote for Jack Tunney not to reinstate the Macho Man!

    VM: Thatís right, you could, and itís 79 cents per call.

    BH: Oh, well forget it then.
    Last but not least, Tunney confirms he WILL reinstate Savage in December for the next big show, This Tuesday in Texas!! Probably the most Jack Tunney ever did in his whole tenure as president!

    Jake may not be wrestling at Survivor Series anymore, but he is on hand for an interview with Okerlund. Jake claims he was told the cobra was de-venomed, but he doesnít seem very concerned about it. Jake says people try to make him out as the sinner, but he talked to god, and turns out god doesnít like you! Great line. He says the animal he carries with him is a just a toy, and HE is the snake people have to worry about. Jake is on fire with these promos, this may be the best Iíve ever seen him. Amazing he was a face for most of his WWF career.

    VM: Jake the Snake says what happened to Savage was an accident, but I just donít believe it.

    BH: Iím a journalist, I asked him and he said it was in fact and accident.

    VM: And you just took him at his word?

    BH: Well, he said trust me! Who am I to call anyone a liar?

    VM: Thatís a very good point.
    Ugly Americans

    GM: Why would you want to have a conversation with Adnan and Mustafa?

    BH: I want to get their opinion on that traitor, Sergeant Slaughter.

    GM: They donít have an opinion on anything!

    BH: IÖ beg to differ.
    Slaughter is still trying to convince America not to hate him anymore. This month he sucks up to some school children. What a loser this guy is now.

    Jerry Sags (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim Duggan 11/24/91 Wrestling Challenge

    BH: Thatís right Duggan, the ring is straight ahead stupid.

    GM: He knows where the ring is, Brain!

    BH: The only ring he knows is the ringing in his ears.
    Just look at that match. LOOK AT IT. I had to watch it! Pity me, please. In the end, Duggan is getting beaten down by the Nasty Boys and Slaughter comes in to save him. Iím guessing he picked a guy whoís the perfect combination of patriotic and stupid to accept his apology.

    GM: Duggan is trying to piece together what happened with Slaughter!

    BH: We could be here all night if he has to piece things together.
    Awesomeness Rating: ľ*

    Vince McMahon: It seems the Anvil may be out of Survivor Series team. Who do you think Jim Duggan will choose to replace him?

    BH: Well, heíll probably pick two people.

    VM: Oh?

    BH: Yeah, because heíll try to look at one guy but end up looking at two.
    Sure enough, soon after Duggan officially picks Slaughter to replace Jim Neidhart on his Survivor Series team.

    GM: Can Jim Duggan choose someone to join his Survivor Series team?

    BH: What makes you think heís capable of making a decision?

    Piper: Who says he canít?

    BH: Well, just look at him.
    Duggan makes him ďhonorary flag bearerĒ, and I kid you not, they stand there and do the pledge of allegiance. This is so ridiculously cheesy. Poor Slaughter, he may have betrayed America but teaming with Jim Duggan is a pretty harsh penalty for any crime.

    BH: Look at Duggan and Slaughter. Am I supposed to get all choked up?

    GM: Youíre gonna get choked up with my hands around your neck!
    Tito Santana, Sergeant Slaughter, Kerry von Erich, & Jim Duggan vs. Berzerker, Hercules, Iron Sheik, & Skinner (w/Mr Fuji & General Adnan), Elimination 11/27/91 WWF Survivor Series

    Slaughter eliminates his former buddy Sheik first, because heís AMERICAN again. Ok, Iíll be honest, my notes peter off pretty quickly here because the faces do a clean sweep and itís pretty boring, and Iíve already wasted too many words on it!

    Awesomeness Rating: *ľ

    Duggan: USA!

    BH: Do you think he does that to reassure himself where heís at? Maybe heís worried heís in Tokyo?
    News From Cobb County

    Big Bossman vs. Earthquake 11/24/91 WWF Prime Time

    So this is the part of the column where I just talk about how great the Big Bossman is, even though they arenít really giving him any stories anymore, which is stupid. He gets another crack at one of his best opponents, Earthquake, on Prime Time! Quake attacks as soon as Bossman gets in the ring but Bossman rallies quickly and god, heís just so good. Lots of really nice punches, as expected, and impressive big man spots. IRS comes out and distracts Bossman, which allows Quake to slam into him, twisting his arm up really badly in the ropes. Bossman sells I amazingly and then makes a great one handed comeback, and even punches IRS out! Quake takes him out via the weak arm again, and really works it over well. Bossman makes a comeback with just back elbow strikes and itís great!! The psychology of this is off the charts. Typhoon and Jake Roberts, who was in a Survivor Series match with this bunch before being punished by Tunney, both run down. Bossman gets his nightstick and heís ready to fight them all! The ref throws the match out as LOD runs down as well and it ends in chaos. Great match though!

    VM: They are pulverizing the Bossmanís hand!

    BH: No! Thatís the hand he takes bribes with!
    Awesomeness Rating: ****Ĺ

    Big Bossman, Hawk, & Animal vs. Earthquake, Irwin R Schyster, & Typhoon (w/Jimmy Hart), Elimination 11/27/91 WWF Survivor Series

    Once we get to Survivor Series I actually canít say too much for Bossman, because IRS eliminates him first with a briefcase attack. At least they seem to actually doing a feud between them though, so maybe lied saying they donít have a story for Bossman in the works. This is the last match of the show and the crowd is perhaps a little deflated after seeing Hogan lose, since heís still the biggest babyface in the world in spite of his declining popularity. LOD gets them off their butts though and the crowd wakes up as the match goes along. IRS gets Typhoon out by mistake and Quake abandons him, so in the end LOD is able to beat up on IRS to get the victory. Pretty fun match, needs more Bossman though!

    Awesomeness Rating: ****

    Big Bossman vs. Irwin R Schyster 11/30/91 WWF MSG

    And hereís Bossmanís chance for revenge! IRS tries to jump Bossman as he talks to the ref, but Bossman gets hyped up beyond measure and starts to absolutely tear IRS apart, GOD heís fired up! IRS takes a great beating but finally manages to get the upper hand again when Bossman misses a corner splash. IRS has some really nice offense too, better than his usual WWF shtick at this point. Bossman gets the advantage again but the Mountie shows up and knees him in the back behind the refís back! But Bossman is still fighting! Bossman tries to get at Jacques but IRS hits him with the briefcase for the dirty win. Still, that was a lot of fun.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ľ

    The Rocket Launches

    Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Duane Gill & Barry Horowitz 11/30/91 WWF Challenge

    BH: This guy Owen Hart is impressive!

    GM: I told you!

    BH: Yeah, but I donít always believe you.
    Owen Hart has finally arrived in the WWF! And this time heís wrestling as himself, instead of as the Blue Blazer. He teams up with Neidhart, who recovered suspiciously quickly after Survivor Series, to form the New Foundation. Iím really pleased that Owen is here, and his debut performance against a pair of highly recognizable semi-competitive jobbers is quite a good time. Lots more about Owen coming up soon, as you might expect!

    Awesomeness Rating: ***Ĺ

    The Other Hart

    Bret Hart vs. Jacques Rougeau, WWF Intercontinental Championship 11/30/91 WWF MSG

    GM: Listen to the Mountie, ďyou ainít got no rightsĒ. What kind of English is that??

    BH: Thatís how Mounties talk.
    Quiet month for the Intercontinental Champion, considering everything else going on, but there is an angle where the Mountie shocks him while looking for a chance at his title, which leads us to this title match in Madison Square Garden.

    GM: I canít believe the Mountie electrocuted Bret Hart.

    BH: Big deal.

    GM: What do you mean, big deal?

    BH: I donít mean big deal because it wasnít serious, he really did get a big shock. I mean big deal because it happened to Bret Hart.
    This is right after Bossmanís match with Earthquake, which Jacques interfered in, so Bossman attacks Jacques before the match and steals his shock stick.

    BH: The Big Bossman shows up out of nowhere, attacks the Mountie, and steals his shock stick!

    Vince McMahon: Thatís what law and order in the WWF is all about!

    BH: Okay then, now we know the rules. Obviously whatever rules fit you, fit the officials, fit the humanoids out there, they can do whatever they want as long as itís favorable for the humanoids and guys like Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan!

    VM: ÖBret Hart is taking it to the Mountie!
    Jacques fights on regardless and they have a pretty good match together! Mountie even smacks Bret a good one in the gut with a chair, which doesnít get him DQíd for some reason. WOW, Bret gets the win about halfway through his 5 moves of doom, off the 2nd turnbuckle elbow. Cool, love to see that happen every once in a while! Extremely fun match, I dug it.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ľ

    Million Dollar Happenings

    Ted DiBiase & Irwin R Schyster (w/Sensational Sherri) vs. Butch & Luke 11/17/91 WWF Challenge

    GM: Nobody knows what to do about the Bushwhackers!

    BH: Just have them put to sleep. Itís the humane thing to do.
    Though they wonít become official partners for quit some time yet, we do get to witness the unofficial birth of Money Inc on this random episode of Challenge. They do feel like a natural pairing so itís kind of cool to see them as allies even before they made a full time tag team. I actually have no notes on the match itself, because it involved the Bushwhackers and was therefore not very good. A brief investigation reveals they won, so at least thatís good!

    Awesomeness Rating: *

    Ted DiBiase (w/Sensational Sherri) vs. Virgil, WWF Million Dollar Championship 11/24/91 WWF Prime Time

    This canít be as good as Summerslam, because Piper isnít on commentary. Very good match still though, the crowd was hot. Repo Man, who has just debuted this month, comes down in the end and tries to repossess the title. Virgil tries to stop him and gets walloped, and DiBiase officially wins back his title! And so ends the brief but fun relevance of Virgil in pro wrestling. We may still see him from time to time, but I think we all know heís not going to get within a million miles of the great fan support he had during this feud. So it goes! At least he had his moment in the sun.

    BH: Think how upset Virgil must be about losing that million dollar championship.

    GM: Youíd be upset if you lost a quarter!

    BH: 15 cents would bother me, thank you very much.
    Awesomeness Rating: ****

    Farewell, Cool Slick

    Speaking of performers who lost their relevance this month, Davey Boy powerslams Slick around this time and he disappears, and Harvey Wippleman takes over managing the Warlord. Thatís a downgrade for all of us. Sad way to end the heel career of Slick, who found religion and was no longer comfortable playing an implied pimp on TV. Fair enough towards his change of heart, but Iíll deeply miss one of the greatest managers the WWF ever had.

    Good Olí Repo

    GM: Repo Man looks like a big truck ran him over.

    BH: I like it. Itís different. Whatís that rope heís got?

    GM: Thatís a tow rope, heíll haul your car away!

    BH: He canít haul MY car away!! I paid my bills!!
    As mentioned in DiBiaseís section, Demolition Smash has now been repackaged as the Repo Man. Now I know Repo has his fans (well, one at least), but itís quite jarring to see one half of possibly the most popular tag team the WWF ever had up to this point now suddenly doing a low card cartoonish gimmick. Weíre treated to a vignette of Repo breaking into a guyís car at 3am and taking it because he was one day late on his car payment. With rare exception, if a wrestlerís main gimmick is just a job besides being a wrestler, itís not going to get over too well.

    Sid Useless

    This is really just me rolling my eyes at the fact that despite doing very little in the WWF up to this point, Sid is already out with an injury and misses Survivor Series. Iím not complaining mind you, but despite having a lot of fan support at certain times, itís just unthinkable to me that Sid was ever seriously considered to replace Hogan.

    GM: Sid Justice, requiring medical attention for that torn bicep!

    BH: Survivor Series is two weeks away, but he decided to get to the hospital early.
    Miscellaneous Quotes

    BH: The Legion of Doom think they can fight 20 guys by themselves.

    GM: Whatís wrong with that attitude?

    BH: Itís a bad attitude if it doesnít work!
    BH: Check out the outfit on the Brutus Beefcake.

    GM: Looks like a grenade went off in his pocket.

    BH: Worst case of moths Iíve ever seen.
    BH: Why would the Tornado want to touch a bunch of dirty little kids? Look at him, shaking hands with anyone who wants it.
    GM: Howíd you like to go through life with a moniker like Bob Smedley?

    BH: I donít think much of Texas Tornado, either.
    GM: I donít know why Skinner should be allowed to bring that knife, a weapon, to ringside.

    BH: Oh, but Duggan and his 2x4, Bossman and his nightstick, those arenít weapons?

    GM: ÖI donít think so.
    BH: Tito Santana went into that bull ring for one reason only. To prove that heís a man.

    GM: I guess you wonít be stepping in any time soon, will you?

    BH: I can tell if Iím a man in the dark, I donít need to go to a bull ring.
    BH: Iíve got some sick friends, could I borrow your credit card and order Survivor Series for them?

    GM: Youíve got a lot of sick friends!

    BH: No, theyíre invalids! Will you give me your card?

    GM: Forget about it, Brain!

    BH: Well then, theyíll have to get better fast.
    GM: Youíre always down on everybody Brain, always trying to kick Ďem.

    BH: Itís easier when theyíre down.
    VM: Bushwhacker Luke has stolen the Geniusís hat!

    BH: He doesnít have the IQ to wear that hat!

    VM: I donít think he needs an IQ.

    BH: Thatís true, what good would it do him?
    GM: Brain, if you keep quiet, no one will know how stupid you are.

    BH: Youíre kidding!
    BH: My monitor just keeps kicking in and out.

    GM: Iím gonna start kicking you in and out in a minute!
    GM: Take a look at the lovely Mike McGuirk!

    BH: Boy, do you need glasses.
    BH: Have you ever been to Jamesonís home?

    GM: No, I havenít.

    BH: Itís the only place you need to wipe your feet when you LEAVE.
    GM: You are the most uninformed journalist Iíve ever seen.

    BH: Who?

    GM: YOU!!!
    AH: Look at the attack of Ka-to!

    VM: Itís Kato, not Ka-to.

    AH: Well, you say Kato, I say-

    VM: Tomato, yes.

    BH: Letís call the whole thing off.
    VM: There have been a few berzerkers in New York City before.

    BH: About 108 of them live in Central Park.
    GM: Miss Elizabeth looks lovely.

    BH: Compared to what?

    GM: To anybody Iíve ever seen you with!

    Another month in the bag for the Brain! Things are getting quite tumultuous for the Brain and his client Flair, and I think we all know itís only going to escalate from here. It seems like everyone has a hand in recent events boiling over, and Iím loving all the big stories of the WWF right now. As soon as they moved on from the stupid Iraq angle, everything seemed to click into place. Weíre on one of the best roads to Wrestlemania right now, so enjoy the ride everyone!

    Thatís it for today, humanoids. Iíll be back soon with the next entry, until then donít let the ham-and-eggers get you down, and stay awesome!

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    This is so rich. Imagine being a child and this is your first exposure to pro wrestling. Even the Hogan stuff, as over the top as it is, somehow sells with me. I'm convinced he's convinced he's made a deal with God and the Undertaker is straight out of hell simply to threaten the Hulkster. The levels of good vs. evil, then, were that stark. (Not sure what that means for me, as, even then, I sided with the heels.)

    For those who hate the kliq (and fair enough), it's interesting that the Rockers (including Michaels) were once at a throwaway line/joke level. Who cares about these guys? Lots of folks have become what they first weren't.

    The Roddy Piper 6.95 line is on point.

    Finally, as we've discussed, a big part of why I'm liking NWA is the intimacy of the studio. It causes people to have to behave differently. Even at 8, or whatever age, I was in love with this studio show as well. Whether it's this, or Heenan and Perfect, or Ric Flair making his debut, I really think the true sign of a star might be how well they can adapt to a small studio feel. Beyond that, the set is a character, like most great TV shows, the place really, really matters. Pro wrestling prospered and priced itself right out of the intimate: funny that some of the shows folks are relating the most to now are a 70s studio style on YT and an underground Lucha fight club.

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    Okay, so Hogan is definitely batshit crazy. I know it's all a story but could it be that Hogan not being as popular as he used to be was gettinng in his head which he is why he rambled about random stuff? After being the focal point of WWE for years and years it had to be a big blow for him when he realized fans didn't love him as much as they used to. And now his mentality is actually showing in his promos. It had to be hard knowing that Flair had more hype around himself than what Hogan did. Hogan just comes across as an egomaniac. Perhaps the draw of Flair and Hogan suffered because of this.

    Definitely a forgettable title win and loss for The Undertaker here and I'm thinking it's safe to assume that nobody truly believed that he would win the title here. Like you said, he could hve just been another big man that Hogan overcame. But alas, we now the legendary career that 'Taker was able to lead.

    Intersting to see the start of Shawn's turn, but admittedly, in the early stages until the "accident", it looked like Janetty was at fault and I would want to throw him through a barbershop window too!

    Favourite Lines:

    GM: Duggan is trying to piece together what happened with Slaughter!

    BH: We could be here all night if he has to piece things together.

    GM: I don’t know why Skinner should be allowed to bring that knife, a weapon, to ringside.

    BH: Oh, but Duggan and his 2x4, Bossman and his nightstick, those aren’t weapons?

    GM: …I don’t think so.

    BH: Tito Santana went into that bull ring for one reason only. To prove that he’s a man.

    GM: I guess you won’t be stepping in any time soon, will you?

    BH: I can tell if I’m a man in the dark, I don’t need to go to a bull ring.

    BH: Have you ever been to Jameson’s home?

    GM: No, I haven’t.

    BH: It’s the only place you need to wipe your feet when you LEAVE.

    Another great entry as always, Mizzie. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Mystic PhD! Love hearing from you about this era, can't imagine breaking into wrestling in the midst of all this. Hogan's insanity is compelling in it's way, perhaps because he's so insistent about possibly being Jesus Christ reincarnated. I do think it's telling that the Rockers, while not exactly jokes, never won the tag titles and were at times relegated to small positions. Shawn could have easily faded like Jannetty did, barbershop window or not. Roddy Piper on commentary is a joy when he's invested, as he more often than not is in this era. Prime Time in the studio was much better than I expected when they shifted from the traditional Prime Time. Would have dearly loved to attend one of those tapings, though at 3 years old I probably wouldn't have fully appreciated it! God, bring us back to that underground lucha fight club, please lord... thanks for the feed!

    Donnie! I think with Hogan the real fact of the matter is he's stated to phone in these promos. His interest in working in Hollywood is already growing and he's been doing the same shtick for close to a decade in the WWF. Couple that with a very probable cocaine habit, and it's not shocking that he just started saying whatever weird shit came into his head that he thought would sell the match, even if it was ridiculously over the top. I do wonder if it was a factor in Hogan/Flair never coming together as they expected. I'm right there with you on Jannetty, toss him right through the glass for running out on his partner! Love that you bring some favorite lines to the feedback, gives me an excuse to read them again and laugh my ass off.

    Appreciate the reads and feeds greatly, as always!

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    Have you ever heard the story of Bobby Heenan and Roddy Piper ruining Santa Claus for the children of the WWF?

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    Christmas '89!! One of my all time favorite episodes of Prime Time. They were magic together whenever they ran across each other. The entire Piper/Heenan Prime Time feud of '89 is peak WWF to me. Although by your comment I'm now wondering if there's more to the story?

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    Man, to go back and experience this live. All these characters will head for that royal rumble showdown, the best rumble in history imo.

    I agree with you 100% that its a great time for creative. And they dont get more xreative than Jake, one of the best psychological promo guys if not the best ever!

    Fun reliving the Rockers break up.

    Bossman is indeed a talent! Really enjoyed him up through his time as the Boss in WCW, then he had a good ride in the Attitude era after years of WCW abuse. But I wish there was e even more he could of done.

    I think with gimmicks like el matador, we are getting a sbeak peak at where tbe creative direction is unfortunately going but there were so many big names from the 80s just ready to collide here and the best thing is they still had awesome stories. What a story for Savage!

    Virgil just could never spin off Ted and really went down the tank for it. He had a great fued with Ted but couldnt be more than an extension of the great million dollar man character. As time goes on and I learn more and more about Dibiousi I just grow to respect him more.

    Its insane to me that wwf played the iron sheik like a completely different person, an Iraq person rather than an Iran. And that Flair in live arenas was holding up a tag title and passsing it off as his nwa big gold title. Sometime the blurring they did didnt do a great job covering it up.

    Great read man! Sorry I havent gotten around sooner. Work is picking up.
    See the latest of my Ric Flair saga click here. View my story inspired by colorful wrestlers I've come across in my fandom.

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    Benny! Was hoping you'd get a chance to stop by. You KNOW I'm feeling the hype for this Rumble! Perhaps the best lead up to a Rumble as well, so many irons in the fire here. Jake is amazing and I very much wish he was put in charge of creative after Wrestlemania VIII as was originally promised. What a different period New Gen might have been. I'm convinced Vince (or whoever) has a vendetta against any wrestlers who have real names, they can only be named after their gimmick in this era. Hence, no Tito Santana's allowed, only El Matador. As for Iron Sheik, strangely enough they don't entirely ignore who he is but they might as well. It's a weird balance. And spot on with Flair's real title being swapped out for a fake one, even blurred it didn't quite have the same effect. You'd think they could have made a big gold belt knockoff, at least. Thanks for coming by Benny, lovely to hear from you always!

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