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    NXT Versus AEW: Week 3 (Oct. 16th)- Who Won? And A Breakdown/What's To Come (W/Rankings & Taynara!!)

    Here we are, another week down, another week of great wrestling! And the best part? As we review what was week 3 of the NXT versus AEW saga, we are less than 2 days away from week 4! Hard to believe it's been nearly a month, but time flies when you're having fun! Maybe a little too much fun, as I'd like to get these out sooner, but weekends tend to be busy on my end these days. First thing's first though, let's check out who won the night for week 3, and see what were the highlights and what to avoid for those who haven't had a chance to watch yet!

    Let's take a look at the ratings briefly- very little change from last week, as AEW hovered slightly over the million mark again at 1,014,000 viewers, while NXT dipped slightly to 712,000. Not much change at all. The trend did continue for the target demographics though, as NXT can't seem to capture the 18-49 group, while AEW nearly doubles them in that category. The thing is though, AEW dipped in that demo too a little bit, so truthfully, 18 to 49 year olds just aren't typically all that into pro wrestling on average, especially in the middle of the week. Most seem too busy lamenting over the remainder of their work week to watch shows about sweaty people in underwear hurting one another, while we bask in its glory (shout out Keith Lee!). But did it really need to be stated that we are a rare breed? So why should we care about television ratings? Well WWE has shareholders and suits to please, so if this trend continues, we can expect to see NXT start going through more changes than the kids on the Netflix show Big Mouth. Let's all just hope that doesn't happen!

    If you're looking for highlights from AEW, they had another tremendous tag team tournament opening match between the Best Friends and SCU! An opening swerve set the stage for more outstanding storytelling, and star making, as Scorpio Sky made a great first impression! This tournament so far has been the highlight of the pro wrestling scene for me in the past 2 weeks, and I just want to tip the proverbial cap to both AEW for such tremendous booking, and to the legend Christopher Daniels, who has always put the business above himself. I could never with words express how valuable that man has been to pro wrestling throughout his illustrious career, and am thrilled he is still going strong in AEW!

    In the 2nd tourney match of the night, the Lucha Bros wrestled Jurassic Express in another decent bout. The two matches set a theme for the tournament, I think we need to be prepared for an inevitable clash between Lucha Bros and SEC down the road, as storytelling is strongly hinting that that is exactly where we are heading! When that happens, be ready for an epic tag match, as Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are extraordinary wrestlers, and SEC is 2/3rds legends, and ⅓ star on the rise!

    Chris Jericho and Darby Allin started slow, and very, very sloppy, but the back half of that match (right around the time the duct tape came into play) was truly inspired wrestling. Darby Allin did exactly what I said he would, in using this match as a vehicle to show off his skill, and he certainly impressed the hell out of me in multiple spots!

    While Kenny Omega and Adam "Hangman" Page versus Jon Moxley and Pac was a very, very entertaining match, I was already kind of burnt out on tag wrestling by then. This was the 4th tag match of the night! Though this match is definitely worth a watch, as not only was it good wrestling, but continued main storylines, and continued building suspense for the upcoming weeks.

    In my opinion, AEW won the night again for the 2nd consecutive week, especially because the episode was seamless, and as smooth as Christopher Daniel's shiny head from one segment to the next, however NXT easily had the best match of the entire night across both brands, and overall some great highlights!

    On the NXT side we saw an absolute fucking barn burner between Damian Priest and UK strong style master Pete Dunne to close out the show, booked tremendously. I'll admit, I have been down on Damian Priest as a bland, unformed hoss, but this match humbled me- this guy is deceptively good in the ring, and he and Pete had some genuine chemistry together. Expect Damian to be propelled up high, possibly winning the NXT title, and probably hot shotted to the main roster to be a big foil up top in relatively short order. He is exactly what Vince loves.

    Meanwhile Dominik Dijakovic versus my man Keith Lee was a great 4th match in their feud, showing growth from an in-ring perspective, and highlighting why these guys are both very entertaining hosses! Sadly(?) though, it ended in inconclusive fashion (Shenanigans!),

    which means we should expect to see these two clash some more. I'm certainly not complaining, as their matches have been one of the highlights of the past few months in NXT.

    And though Angel Garza versus Tommaso Ciampa wasn't an amazing match, Tomasso is wildly entertaining, paired with Undisputed Era showing up after the match to trash talk the Sicilian Savage, and hand footage over to the booth of them laying waste to Velveteen Dream backstage. Overall a big improvement in storytelling from NXT this week, and this was one of the definite highlights.

    Anytime Rhea Ripley is on TV is must watch at this point, as she shows up this week to talk trash to Io Shirai after Io's impressive and entertaining victory. Rhea was a busy lady, as she also showed up on NXT UK as well! Looks like WWE is starting a major Rhea Ripley push. Don't be surprised to see her start a feud with NXT Champ Shayna Baszler soon, but first, she has to get through Bianca Belair and the insanely talented Io Shirai!

    Imperium continued their absolute tear by beating Oney and Lorcan this week in a fun/very solid match. This was Imperium's 2nd tag match win of the week, having put on a wonderful match on NXT UK TV against The Hunt. This match was enjoyable tag action, and Imperium is on quite a roll at the moment. I was even impressed by Fabian Eichner?! I liked the big, bald, bland cop for once? Shenanigans!

    And last but most definitely not least, Teagan Nox returned. I mean, she's good and all- very good wrestler, but she is not why I enjoyed this match…

    *breathing intensifies*

    I'm just crushing a bit, sorry. Forgive my shameless lechering, but her opponent, Taynara Conti is so wildly, exquisitely beautiful! I have not been able to take my eyes off her anytime she is on NXT TV! I am a bit smitten (don't tell my gf!). Taynara, if you are reading this, I propose to devote my life to you. We can have a plethora of babies together, and paired with my two sons, we can tour the world as a gorgeous family singing band!

    And NXT, I beg you to put this woman on my TV screen regularly. Like weekly. Seriously! She's actually a pretty decent wrestler too. And easily the single sexiest Brazilian black belt I have ever seen in my entire life!


    Okay, NXT women's Champ Shayna Baszler also cut a solid after match promo with her gal pals beside her, taunting Tegan. Shayna has so much competition right now she doesn't know who to focus on! It is an amazing time for women's wrestling in NXT! Arguably the single greatest in NXT history, and the women currently in NXT are way better than the main roster right now if you ask me!

    Things to avoid for NXT were Killian Dain against Boa in snorefest 9 thousand, a super craptacular match. And Finn Balor's promo package about his feelings *yawns*- while for AEW, despite it being the best women's match to date for them on Dynamite, Riho versus Britt Baker was your cue to go to the bathroom, or perhaps grab a snack and a beverage, or really just go do anything else at all away from the TV. I can only hope this is building to something for the AEW women, as that division looks absolutely abysmal so far. Another slight avoidance/guidance is AEW having 4 tag matches- it was too much. Granted, I really enjoyed Omega/Page versus Moxley/Pac, but by then I was burning out on tag action, as many tag matches are structured very similarly. I think having tag matches on the card other than the tag tourney distracts from the tag tourney, and should be toned down just to maintain the significance of the tournament.

    Things to look forward to next week for AEW is almost all about the 2nd round of that tag tourney, as House Party face Lucha Bros in what should be an absolutely explosive match, while SCU squares off against Dark Order in what should be a wrestling clinic, while Jon Moxley faces his tag partner from last week, Pac, as a little pay back from Pac for walking out on him during that match (Pac was right! You weren't thinking clearly)!

    For NXT we get Rhea Ripley versus Bianca Belair in what should be an absolutely tremendous women's match (take notes, AEW!), while Roderick Strong's North American Championship is on the line against both Dominik Dijakovic, and Keith Lee ("All-bask-in-his-glory. All-bask-in-his-glory.") in a triple threat match where I predict, with utmost certainty, that Undisputed Era will show up- and we all know that means even more shenanigans!

    Give Me 5!

    Let's now take a look at the 5 wrestlers, or tag teams in both feds you need to keep an eye on this upcoming week, as they are must see TV!


    1)Lucha Bros
    3)Jon Moxley
    5)Kenny Omega


    1)Taynara Conti
    2)Taynara Conti
    3)Taynar…. Okay okay! For real this time…

    1)Rhea Ripley
    2)Roddy Strong
    3)Pete Dunne
    4)Keith Lee
    5)Velveteen Dream

    And that wraps up week 3 of NXT versus AEW! Any comments or discussion on your mind? Let's chat below! Until then, and week 4, I'm Kleckamania, thanks for joining me, and keep an eye open for a similar NXT UK ranking column soon!

    As for Taynara, my offer firmly stands forever.
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    I have finally found a way to watch AEW! At first I wasn't going to watch but I want to see what Moxley is doing over there and I want to finally check out the promotion for myself. I'll be bing-watching the first four episodes in short order. UNfortunately, even though I'm able to watch NXT, I just won't have the time seeing as though I watch RAW and SDL every week (albeit condensed versions). The week is way too damn short and hectic to be watching more than three wrestling shows per week.

    It appears that NXT's ratings are dropping on a weekly basis. Something has to give. I can't put my finger on it but perhaps you can shed some light as to why you think their ratings are dropping considering you watch the show every week. From reading your columns I'm assuming it's due to mostly unrecognizable stars and lack of big names. Yes, the majority of AEW's stars are also unknown to the mainstream but AEW had huge hype when they debuted so perhaps that is why they're remaining consistent. Ratings may not matter to some, but to Vinnie Mac it most certainly does. If ratings don't go up soon then surely Vince will start making drastic changes.

    I'm ennjoying these weekly columns, Kleck.

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    Can't quite process the idea that Britt Baker had a better match with Riho than Nyla Rose, but otherwise I think we are pretty much on the same page here! A lot of positive stuff going on, on both sides. Looking forward to the next edition of this already, some very good stuff going down this week!

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    Don- I will say, though Moxley has been enjoyable, he definitely hasn't been the only reason to tune in, as there has been a lot of good stuff in the first month! And I'd also shamelessly plug these columns as a frame of reference for when you might want to tune into NXT too. Maybe cut down on some of the main roster stuff to make room? I promise it is worth it!

    I think both shows ratings are dropping just normally. I believe a lot of people who normally dont watch pro wrestling tuned in to see what all the buzz was about, then remembered that pro wrestling isnt their scene and tuned out. They are both starting to stabilize now though, and both within range of sticking around on Wednesdays. I appreciate you dropping in man!

    Miz- my whole hang up with the Nyla match was the suspension of disbelief. Watching Nyla physically push her hardest to bump for Riho in multiple spots killed it for me. Whereas this match with Britt was devoid of those overbumps, and told a logical story. Granted, Britt is not so good, and I'm baffled AEW is pushing her this much. I also hope you enjoy this weeks wrote up. I certainly enjoyed both products, and think it is a good time to be a fan of either fed! Thanks Mizzy!

    Thanks all! Week 4 is moments away...

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