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    What would be your dream wrestling show in terms of Style and Presentation?

    Nothing to do with actual wrestlers but morseso think if you could have your dream wrestling show what would it look like and feel like.. The in ring style, the format and promos and all that.

    I've been thinking about this awhile and my short answer is Lucha Underground just a bit more realistic. The reason I loved that show is the characters and little to do with the in ring action. the vignettes, the lighting in the temple, the venue itself. The high paced wrestling was a bonus. I would cut down on supernatual stuff though, not so cartoony with deaths.

    I'd also maybe want more of that NWA studio wrestling style. No heel authority figures or commentators either. No pyro as well.

    Finally, any wrestlers i signed better be good on the microphone.

    What about you?

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    For me, when it's done properly you can't really split story from action. The two reinforce each other and are two sides of the same coin.

    Within what I care about, I'm actually pretty flexible. If I were to summarise it, I'd probably say consistent sports-style presentation, stories worked in to that framework, no random impositions of a fourth wall, and a presentation that generally doesn't make too many demands of the audience. In ring, I prefer matches that make the most out of spots rather than spectacle for it's own sake, and I'd rather that you had strong representations of fatigue and wear and tear to maximise the human elements of the story.

    But as for that actually looks like, I'm pretty open minded. I'm enjoying the studio style of the NWA but that doesn't have to be the model.

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    For me it was basically Lucha Underground, outside the box elements and all. It doesn't HAVE to be that but my main ask if for lots of big characters and stories, treated with internal logic and consistency. What that logic is doesn't honestly matter that much to me, as long it's consistent and well laid out!

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    A Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns Iron Man Match. That's all I ask.

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