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    NXT Versus AEW: Week 4 (Oct. 23rd)- Who Won? And A Breakdown/What's To Come (W/Rankings & An Orange Cassidy Sighting!!!)

    Look at how time flies! We are a month deep into this Wednesday night war. War- not really. I mean, I look at it like this- both sides have enough of a market to eat. Of course it is a business, but after a month, both are still in the top 20 for their target demographic, which means neither is going anywhere anytime soon considering that demo is the top one. Both companies will dip a bit more until they find a relative ground ratings wise, as we will see next, but they are pretty close to that point now- and that means they both have a spot on Wednesday nights, which means, ultimately, pro wrestling ain't dead.

    A brief look at the ratings shows AEW had 963,000 viewers with a .01 rating boost from last week in their primary demographic, while NXT got 698,000 with an oddly identical .01 rating boost in the same demo. So a slight drop overall, but honestly miniscule, while both gained in the coveted 18-49 demo. So overall, a win, and a general idea of where these two stand in terms of consistent base line ratings. Nobody is pushing the panic button yet! And based on both shows, I honestly doubt either will need to any time soon. Let's get into that now...

    If you're looking for highlights from AEW, Private Party versus Lucha Bros was, at least very entertaining in terms of wrestling. I will admit I was distracted through the first half of the match, as my kids were coming up with every freakin' excuse possible not to go to bed. So I rewatched, and realized that the average fan sentiment was right, in that there was definite confusion over the rules. Even JR commented that the rules didn't make sense. JR doesn't pull punches, and this time he spoke for sensible fans. Despite a good match, AEW needs to clarify rules for their audience to increase match enjoyment! This match kind of rests between watch and avoid.

    Meanwhile Joey Janela versus Kenny Omega was pretty damn good. While SCU against Dark Order stole the show for me. I found this tag bout to pretty easily be match of the night. Dark Orders unusual pacing and movesets are a breath of fresh air in the modern tag scene, while SCU did SCU- which is consistently awesome. This match was a highly enjoyable watch. Then there was Pac versus Moxley, which wasn't world breaking, or even bending, but was a good watch while furthering storylines. While the Cody Rhodes/Chris Jericho segment was very entertaining, including a DDP sighting (!), though felt like it carried on just a little too long for me personally. And though the Young Bucks versus Best Friends wasn't necessarily a good match, it introduced us to someone that I have heard a lot about...

    Look at those eyes- Orange is completely unimpressed!

    Orange Cassidy! All I can say is this guy has a lot of charisma! I can see them putting this man on Dynamite almost weekly and fans eating it up if it is done in some moderation. I can see big things right away. Some people have that intangible factor, and Orange Cassidy has it in spades- he is like Fonzie's cooler, ginger progeny. He stole all the eyes for this match. Once he showed up the match felt like the 2nd most important thing going on. In short, bring on more Orange Cassidy!

    On the NXT side the triple threat match between Dominik Dijakovic, Keith Lee, and North American Champion Roderick Strong was incredible. Not only was it very easily the absolute best match of the night across both brands, but for me, a contender for WWE match of the year right alongside WALTER versus Tyler Bate at Takeover Cardiff. It had everything, including a sensible outcome. It also left me drooling at the prospect of a Keith Lee versus Roddy Strong singles match! Though I'm biased, because I openly bask in Keith Lee's glory. Seriously though, this match is highly, highly recommended!

    Matt Riddle versus Cameron Grimes was runner up- 2nd best match of the night across both brands- what a great match! And what a true breakout match for Cameron Grimes! I openly admit that I do not like the music/character shift they did for Cameron shortly after the NXT Breakout Tournament, but I very much enjoy this guy in the ring. These two had chemistry, and put together a very enjoyable match. Cameron may have lost in the finals of that tourney to defunct Jordan Myles, but he is clearly making a much bigger name for himself in the pro wrestling scene at the moment (in the drama department though, not so much)!

    The closing segment involving Undisputed Era celebrating with a victorious Roderick Strong, turning into a stand off between them, Tommasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Finn Balor was a tremendous plot builder, and a stand out character moment for, shockingly, Finn Balor! I openly admit I was impressed, and hope this translates into a new and improved Finn Balor. Meanwhile Jack Galagher versus Angel Garza was a very fun watch. Even though it was meant as a vehicle for Angel, who has tremendous charisma, Jack always stands out positively. Both combined created a highly entertaining watch.

    Rhea Ripley versus Bianca Belair was good/great in moments. I honestly think I expected a bit more, though as it stood it was still a good match, which just continued this huge Rhea Ripley push WWE is currently on. It is hard to not see this push resulting in anything less than the NXT Women's Title.

    Kabuki Warriors promo following the Baszlerettes versus Dakota Kai/Tegan Nox match was a marked improvement for Kairi Sane- showing off her range as a heel pirate (finally)! It also set the stage for a WWE Women's Tag Team Title match on NXT next week- a first time for NXT TV, wow! While Isaiah "Swerve" Scott also deserves some love here, as he showed tremendous charisma, and wrestling ability yet again while stealing the show in the six man tag match with Breezango versus the Forgotten Sons. Expect more of Swerve, as he is red hot right now!

    I also think NXT won this week's battle. The show had a lot of character development, flowed from match to match, segment to segment very smoothly, and had some outstanding wrestling. This puts the shows tied at 2-2 through the first month of the Wednesday night "War" in my opinion, and just shows that pro wrestling on Wednesday nights is enjoyable and entertaining across the board! We all win!

    Things to avoid are honestly pretty non-existent this week! Aside from AEW needing to clarify match rules, especially if they paint themselves as sports oriented. Both shows truly did well!

    Things to look forward to next week for NXT, are Io Shirai versus Candice LaRae in a solid looking rematch, while Cameron Grimes versus Tyler Bate looks like it could be awesome! Tyler is one of the very best of NXT UK, and I believe these two combined could have a top of the night kind of match. We also have Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai versus the Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships! Granted, there is no way the Kabuki Warriors are losing here, but this should still be a very enjoyable, and historic watch!

    For AEW the tag team tournament finals for the AEW Tag Team Championships are where it is at, between the Lucha Bros and SCU. This match could easily be the match of the night across both companies. And get this, Rock 'N' Roll Express is presenting the belts to the winners! I geeked out a little when I read that.

    Adam Hangman Page versus Sammy Guevara should be a very solid match, while fellow Inner Circle member, and leader Chris Jericho has his contract signing with Cody Rhodes for their AEW Championship match on the upcoming PPV. It should at the least be an entertaining segment!

    Give Me 5!

    Now let's look at what 5 soloists, or tag teams are the ones to keep your eyes on tomorrow night from each company...


    1)Lucha Bros
    3)Jon Moxley
    4)Cody Rhodes
    5)Sammy Guevara


    1)Finn Balor (no seriously, he's actually interesting right now!)
    2)Tyler Bate
    3)Io Shirai
    4)Kabuki Warriors
    5)Johnny Gargano

    And that wraps up the first month of NXT versus AEW! What a tremendous month to be a professional wrestling fan! Anything to say? Let's chat about it below! Until then I am Kleckamania, and see you very soon!
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    Pleased to see another fan of the Dark Order. I think AEW tripped out of the gate with the way they presented the gimmick, but the team itself is very fun and I think will get over a lot in time, especially with a few tweaks.

    As far as tag rules go, I'm all for AEW officially adopting lucha tag rules, where leaving the ring and touching the floor is as good as a regular tag. Almost all modern tag matches, including outside of AEW, seem to always break down and start following this rule at some point these days, so best to make it official in my view.

    Hottest segment of last week for me was definitely the Cody/Jericho stuff. MJF wrapping Cody's fist so he could punch through the window was one of the most badass character moments I've seen in wrestling in quite a while.

    My favorite match of Dynamite was actually Moxley/PAC. I loved how they used the time limit stipulation and felt like they really tore into each other in the meantime. I love that I understand so well where both guys are coming from and why they're in conflict. Great stuff, really elevates a match for me.

    God, you always remind me how much talent NXT has right now. Pleased they are finding their footing with great talent like Grimes and showcasing obvious top guys like Keith Lee.

    Good stuff Kleck, digging this week to week!

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    I just wanted to say I've really been enjoying this series man.

    I haven't been watching NXT but I'm glad it seems to be going well.

    AEW has been damn fun to watch, it is the first show I've watched in full week after week in ages.

    My favorite part is how they have so clearly built up their main event scene, you've got the paragons of Kenny, Cody & Hangman, the nefarious Jericho and PAC and then the wild card who marches to his own drum that is Moxley. All six men are very different characters, have different drivers and have diverse enough styles that the different combinations they create will feel fresh.
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