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    Booking by Commitee: Greatest Survivor Series

    A lot of effort went into this, the column, not the banner.

    Survivor Series is right around the corner, The Autumn classic has been a staple of the WWE schedule for 30 years or so. And in that time we have had some fantastic matches and moments, and we have had some not so great moments. I started thinking about what could be the best possible version of Survivor Series and inversely the worst version.

    Almost immediately I realised that if I did this alone, there is a good chance some of histories best matches may be missed. So I put out a call to all columnists to help create the best Survivor Series we possibly could. Joining me today we have Mizfan, SirSam and Spinmaster, and between the four of us, we are going to be working to design the best Survivor Series possible. Before going over the outline of the rules, Iíll let the others introduce themselves.

    Spinmaster: Hello everyone, let's see what shit Russo is up to this week. What? This isn't my TNA column? I'm involved in something else? I have a life outside of Wrestlecrap hell? Well then, I guess we'll see how this goes. Pleasure to be here King Zacharia.

    Mizfan: If you think youíre confused, Spinny, step into my shoes! This isnít TNA or Bobby Heenan, so Iím 0/2! Itís not even Primeís LOP Heavyweight Title or one of Skulís various Madness Tournaments. But itís something I think will be just as fun, so Iím ready to get cracking on it. Shall we, gentlemen?

    SirSam: Well at least I'm not the only person out of place, yes Zak I will humble myself and come back to the Columns Forum for this project. Place hasn't changed much since I left it, a few new lads, a few old lads. Is Dave Fenechel still banned? What is Steve up to these days? Is this the first time I've written something with you Spinner?

    Spinmaster: Yes! But as the collab whore of the forums I am free and easy if you want to write together again!

    Kingzak: With the introductions out the way, let's quickly go over the rules before we dive in.


    1. No wrestler can be used twice.
    2. The card requires at least one world, womenís and tag title match. The titles cannot be used twice, no matter how many changes may have been made (IE, the WWF title and WWE title are the same)
    3. Since itís Survivor Series, we do have to have a elimination tag match, four or five a side doesnít matter.

    How itíll work

    1. Weíll work through the card from opener to main event, at each stage we will each select a match from the shows history we think would do best in that slot (doesnít need to have been in that spot on it original card, except the main event).
    2. We each have a couple paragraphs or so to justify our choices
    3. Once we have our suggestions, everyone will pick the one they like best (not including their own) and ideally that would leave us with a definitive winner
    4. In the event of a tie, anyone who hasnít voted for one of the tied will decide. If for some reason they canít complete their duty or it is a deadlock, my dog will choose.
    5. Once a match is chosen, none of the superstars involved can compete again on the card.

    Kingzak: So now that the intros and the basic outline for the column are done, letís get this underway and choose an opener shall we. The best openers are the ones that the crowd can find themselves into, and are an enjoyable match to boot. I had a little look and I found a hidden treasure trove of good midcard matches across the first half of the 2010 card. The second half of the show definitely seems to fit more in the ďworst ofĒ category but the first few matches are actually pretty on point.

    We have Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase Jr, Kaval vs Dolph Ziggler, and John Morrison vs Sheamus. All pulling of good midcard matches that I feel could definitely open any card. My choice for the opener is going to be Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase for the US title. For one it is probably Ted Dibiaseís best match in his WWE career. And believe it or not, itís the second best match of Daniel Bryanís Survivor Series, only beat by last yearís match with Brock, and Brockís got other commitments in my books.

    The reason I am advocating for this match is the fact that it is not only a good match, but it does feature some of the WWEís up and coming talent and gave them a nice prominent spotlight. It isnít perfect but it is a damn good match and worth a watch if youíve not seen it.

    Spinmaster: I spent a long time looking through the opening matches from previous Survivor Series cards and trying to figure out which one I would be the happiest to watch. After so long I realized there were not any openers that I was passionate enough about to back in this project. Instead, I decided to focus entirely on what makes a great opener.

    I think the best openers get the crowd into things from the start, they feature talent that the crowd loves, and they set the tone for the in ring product. If the opening match doesn't provide the goods then the life is sucked out of the arena from the start. Personally, I also believe the best openers have the face/s win so that the crowd is happy and more excited for what is to come.

    With all that in my mind I decided to go with Shelton Benjamin vs Christian for the IC title in 2004. Shelton was never more over then he was during this time period, while Christian was a perfectly executed heel figure. The crowd was strongly behind Shelton and his win will have them pumped from the start. Besides that, the in ring product would be off to a hot start with two extremely talented individuals trying to steal the show.

    Sam: This was an easy pick for me. Iíve always been a fan of the hot opener, a match that is specifically designed to pump the crowd up and get the show off to a big start. With that in mind Iíve gone for the 2002 Elimination Tables Match The Dudleyz (Bubba & Spike Dudley) & Jeff Hardy v 3-Minute Warning (Jamal & Rosey) & Rico.

    This match is complete and utter chaos from the very start and only increases in its physicality and intensity as Jeff Hardy & Spike Dudley in particular seem to be on a mission to one up each other in the insanity stakes. For their part 3-Minute Warning toss the other team around like ragdolls and take their own table bumps equally as hard. The match peaks with the emotional reunion of DíVon and Bubba Ray when DíVon runs in to save his Dudley brother to a huge pop.

    You wonít find a hotter opener than this one lads but if that wasnít enough it is also an elimination match, feeding into the ultimate theme and history of Survivor Series.

    Mizfan: Some good choices here, but Iíd like to throw out what I feel is a particularly forgotten gem and nominate Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight title in 2002. If youíre looking for a fantastic match that clocks in under 10 minutes, I donít think youíll do much better than this. If youíve not witnessed the top rope DDT that Jamie Noble pulls off in this match youíre cheating yourself, but in addition to a litany of cool moves you also get some character and story elements, with Noble playing up the help of Nidia and the crowd really buying into her getting some comeuppance, and Kidman throwing caution to the wind to overcome the odds. This is absolutely one to revisit if you havenít watched it in a while.

    Kingzak: Ok we have our four suggestions, so letís keep this moving and go to the voting phase. Which match do we think should open the show? Make your pick now and remember, no voting for your own suggestion. To recap we have

    Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase Jr for the US Championship (2010)
    Shelton Benjamin vs Christian for the Intercontinental Championship (2004)
    The Dudleyz & Jeff Hardy vs 3-Minute Warning & Rico Elimination Tables Match (2002)
    Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman Cruiserweight title (2002)

    Mizfan: Iím a little torn here. Of the three options I think Samís suggestion blows the others away, a highly underrated match with some jaw dropping stuff. But part of me wants to vote strategically and keep the Dudleyís alive so I can pitch my all-time favourite must-have Survivor Series match, the 2003 elimination classic. Just thinking about that match has persuaded me to go strategic, so Iím voting Bryan vs. DiBiase Jr, an excellent match and a showcase for Bryanís ability to get a really good performance out of literally anyone.

    Spinmaster: Keeping in mind the matches that we still have to pick I need to make choices that create a good card but do not use up talent I may want for later. Of the options only one was on my list of potential openers so I will go with that one. Kidman vs Noble is so underrated that I was surprised to see someone else even bring it up here.

    Sam: Damning me with faint praise there Mizzie, mine is better than the other choices but I guess Iíll take what I can get and give you my vote. Truthfully Kidman v Noble was the other match I immediately thought of for the opener slot, it is short, exciting and would get the crowd on their feet so while Iím not allowed to vote for my own option Iíll give it the nod.

    Kingzak: I have yet to watch any of those matches before, so this was a fun little research for me. And my first reaction is that the past is a weird place. So much felt weird about what I was watching, Shelton Benjamin got cheered, Jamie Noble was a credible threat, Jeff was doing an avatar cosplay. So much odds stuff.

    The cruiserweight title was good; however I have a different Cruiserweight Championship in mind for the card, so I wonít be voting for it. Iím quite frankly torn on the other two matches, the IC title match is good, and I did like hearing both Christian and Sheltonís classic entrance songs, but the other match had tables and the whole anarchy that goes with that. Iím gonna go with the tag team match, since this leaves the IC title available elsewhere and who knows, someone might find something for it.

    Kingzak: Well either way it looks like the voting has reached an end. After a 2-1-1 vote, Billy Kidman vs Jamie Noble for the cruiserweight title will be opening the show. It isnít where I would have gone but the people have spoken. So now it is onto the next match and letís get one of the titles here, the group decided on the tag titles so letís dive in.

    Sam: Another relatively simple choice for me, The SmackDown Six Triple Threat Elimination Tag from 2002 (yeah 2002 is a pretty crazy good show) Los Guerreros (Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero) v Edge and Rey Mysterio (c) v Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle (2002). What more can be said about this legendary six man combination form the early brand split? They made an art of helter skelter wrestling, not a moment is wasted, it is either filled with a purposeful move, character interaction or piece of storytelling.

    The highlight of this match for me is the explosion of the Angle & Benoit team however there are so many great spots to truly recount them all. I guess I will leave it at this: there is a reason people were happy to watch these six wrestlers each other week after week for months on end and that chemistry is all on show here.

    Spinmaster: Good choice by Sam here, as the triple threat tag match was on my short list for Tag title matches. In the end I decided I wanted to kick things up a notch with our second match of the night. To accomplish that I turned to two of the greatest tag teams of all time, I lowered a steel structure around them, and I placed not one, but two titles on the line. The match I nominate for this section is The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudleys in a Steel Cage Unification Match from 2001. I can't say enough good things about this match. The talent is undeniable, the passion is unmatched, and the spots are extreme. I cannot think of a match any better to continue our show with, especially since the rewards are so plentiful here that it will raise the prestige of our show immediately.

    Mizfan: Well, this is a bit of a quandry! My first two choices have already been presented here. My own fault, I suppose, for not being quicker on the draw. Fortunately Iím nothing if not meticulous, so Iíll go ahead and pitch the next most worthy contender, The Miz & Damien Sandow vs. Stardust & Goldust vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores from 2014. I watched it for the first time very recently specifically to see if it was a contender for this series, and was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! But I suppose it shouldnít be entirely shocking, since there are a lot of highly talented people involved in the match. Boosting the match further, at least for me, is that it comes at the peak of the Damien Mizdow gimmick, which I found extremely entertaining and was monstrously over with the crowd. If youíve forgotten this one, give it a watch and see how much fun it is!

    Kingzak: As far as tag matches go, the first I think of is The Bar vs The Usos from a couple years ago. A great match, but sadly not for a title. There havenít been many tag title matches at Survivor Series since I started watching, only three (07, 09, 14), so it is time for me to go and look to the history books and see what is on offer.

    Believe it or not, tag titles are very rarely defended at Survivor Series. Aside from the ones mentioned above and the other suggestions, the only other tag title matches I can find took place in 93, 98 and 99. The 98 and 99 matches featured the New Age Outlaws whom I actively dislike for ruining the fantastic tag title run from Cody and Goldust in 2013. So my own stubbornness has left me with a match that I literally know nothing about in the form of 1993.

    The match in question is The Heavenly Bodies vs The Rock N Roll Express for the SMW Tag Team Championships. So to start, SMW is Smoky Mountain Wrestling, a promotion that existed from the early 90s to the mid-90s. They had a brief partnership with both WCW and WWE to allow some crossover and thatís how another shows tag titles are on Survivor Series.

    Now onto the actual feud, and Iíll be honest, I was surprised what I found here. Firstly, this is a big time feud. The Heavenly Bodies is the ďspiritual successorĒ to the Midnight Express, and they had been feuding with the Rock N Roll Express on and off since the mid-80s. The feud between the two teams had been going since 1992 and the titles had gone back and forth between the two teams plenty, in total the titles had swapped between the two team 9 times so far, and had another four more to go before all was said and done.

    The intensity of the rivalry was definitely there too. The teams had faced off in a variety of stipulations, ranging from falls count anywhere, to cage matches, to Texas death match, to a ďHospital EliminationĒ match (I donít know and I donít think I want to know). This feud basically was The Usos vs The New Day feud but everyone had 90s hair.

    I went into this one not knowing anything but the amount of intensity and history between the two teams, coupled in with a top notch match, just screams out to be on the best Survivor Series.

    Kingzak: So that brings us to the end of the suggestion phase. Now all that is left is the voting. Here are our choices.

    The Heavenly Bodies vs The Rock N Roll Express (1993)
    The Miz & Damien Sandow vs. Stardust & Goldust vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores (2014)
    The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudleys in a Steel Cage (2001)
    Los Guerreros vs Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle (2002)

    Go ahead and make your picks.

    Sam: You know what, I donít particularly like steel cage tag matches as the Ďescape the cageí stipulation kind of breaks with logic when one guy gets out only for their partner to get double teamed and while fun the 2014 match is hardly anything to really write home about so Iím going with the 1993 Smokey Mountain Championship match.

    This is old school as hell and even includes a Ďrowing the boatí spot but both teams are so solid and know each other so well that I canít help but get into it.

    Spinmaster: I am surprised. When I saw the options I figured I would be the only person to make this choice, but it appears Sam beat me to it. I'm going with the SMW tag title match. I have found memories of this time period and this whole angle in particular.

    Also, I like the idea of having such a legendary team appear on our show, and show the young boys how Tag team wrestling is done. Classic stuff that deserves a spot on the card.

    Kingzak: This is a tough choice, I remember the 2014 match, it was a lot of fun at the time, WWEís fascination with the multi team tag match was well underway at this point and this was another in a list of fun matches. But the other two are also fantastic choices, another multi team match featuring the SmackDown Six, or the Dudleys and Hardys in a cage.

    Honestly I donít know what to pick, Iím not picking the 2014 one, because while a fun match, it had become commonplace for a big PPV to feature a multi team match and this was far from the best one the WWE did, itís not even the best one that year (The WrestleMania one was on point). Leaving me with 01 and 02, and when stacked against each other I just canít resist the allure of some extreme team anarchy, so Iím voting for The Dudleys vs The Hardys

    Mizfan: Iím extremely surprised at the way the voting has gone here, I thought the 2002 classic had this in the bag. Itíll get my vote at least! Iíll have to check my line up and see if that frees up any other interesting matches. Smokey Mountain certainly isnít a bad choice, just not the one I would have expected coming in to this!

    Kingzak: And another round of voting is at its end with another score of 2-1-1, The Smokey Mountain boys get the nod and join Billy Kidman vs Jamie Noble on the greatest Survivor Series.

    Onto the next match and we are gonna shake things up a little and choose our main event next, make sure we get the best match possible.

    Sam: So hear me out, Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels WWE Championship Match in 1997 is a damn good match.


    Ok, so now youíve got that initial reaction out of your system, let me get to my point. It gets forgotten that before the ending these two men who had perhaps unparalleled chemistry in the history of wrestling, went at it in front of an absolutely red hot crowd for 20 minutes. First they brawled brawling through that crowd, getting beer and insults poured all over Michaels by the partisan Canadian crowd, then the pair wrestled a dirty, gritty, feral version of their 1992 and 1996 Championship Matches. It is easy to forget how heated the Border Wars story was heading into this and you can feel the anger and passion in every one of these guys punches.

    Of course I must address the ending and while I donít love how things panned out there is no doubt that the intrigue created by such a controversial ending would have had everyone talking and crucially tuning in to see exactly what happened next.

    Spinmaster: The good news is that I think Sam has the right competitors for the job. The bad news is that I think he may have gotten amnesia and forgot which year it was. My obvious choice for title match is Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 1992. This is the chance to watch two of the best in the business play it all on the line for the title. The best part is that it happens before they hated each other so instead of working against one another, they work together to paint one of the greatest masterpieces in the wrestling museum. We also get both men at the prime of their lives before any injuries, or disenfranchising, set upon them. Add in the absence of backstage bullshit politics and you have the recipe for the perfect title match here folks. I don't see how we can possibly deny them this spot.

    Mizfan: I guess the Hitman has a good history at Survivor Series, because Iíll be nominating as well! However the match Iím throwing in the mix is not against the Heartbreak Kid, but rather another member of the Kliq. My proposal is Bret Hart vs Diesel from 1995.

    Now please donít get me wrong, I despite Kevin Nash as a wrestler. In fact, I genuinely feel this may be his only great match ever. But if Ultimate Warrior can have one, Nash can too, and this is the one. When I first saw this, I was shocked at how much I liked it, but it ticks so many great boxes. Itís smart and psychological, it breaks out of norms and expectations with unusual physical and story elements, and has a moment that made me actually gasp in surprise. You will never, in any other circumstances, see me place Nash over Michaels, but I think in this case this match surpasses the other options.

    Kingzak: My choice is Batista vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell from 2007; I donít see how you can find a better match than this. This is a fantastic match in all aspects. The feud had been going all year and had maintained a split among the crowd where both men received cheering throughout. Batista had been kinda middling as a champion, after Triple H he didnít have any particularly notable feuds, he had nothing. He feuded with MNM for fuck sake. An injury pretty much saved him from a historically crap reign, and then a rather middling battle back to the top against Booker T and then against *shudders* Mr Kennedy.

    There is nothing from this list that would make you think of Batista as a quality top tier talent. And then the Deadman came around. The feud with Undertaker offered so many good matches that really elevated Batista to a new level, and kicked off the ďstreak within the streakĒ of Undertaker having phenomenal WrestleMania matches. The feud carried on following Takerís WrestleMania win with neither man able to pick up a win, a draw in a Last Man Standing match and a cage match left these two on equal ground.

    Undertaker would unfortunately disappear for the rest of the summer due to injury; Batista would go on to reclaim the title from The Mediocre Khali. And the feud picked backup in October. Batista would manage to pick up a win thanks to the crooked refereeing of Stone Cold Steve Austin (an act for which I will never fully forgive) and the two were left to settle the score inside the devils playground.

    The two threw everything at each other and in the end the deciding factor would be the surprise return of Edge. In a move that would set up the next few months and in the long run, the next Hell in a Cell match, Edge took out Undertaker and gave Batista the win and joining the feud. It was a fantastic match and truly a memorable performance from both men.

    Kingzak: We have our four choices, a very Bret Hart list. Iím sure ĎPlan is happy wherever he is. Our choices are as follows

    The Undertaker vs Batista (2007)
    Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (1997)
    Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (1992)
    Bret Hart vs Diesel (1995)

    Sam: Well I put my cards on the table with my pick so it would be an obvious pick to go with Shawn v Bret from 1992, however now we have come to it Iíve decided I want Bret Hart in another match, I want his Ď96 classic against Steve Austin so Iím going to go with the only match he isnít in on the board The Undertaker v Batista Hell in a Cell. Even though it is somewhat of a compromise I am still very happy with the pure physicality and violence of this match. Batista is a pretty perfect opponent for The Undertaker, a ball of raw energy and intensity and Hell in a Cell is a great setting for their showdown. Towards the end of the match there is a camera shot of an exhausted Taker with blood streaming down his face having just sat up from a Batista Bomb that I think should go up there with the great images in wrestling.

    Spinmaster: As much as I love that match against Austin I cannot deny Bret his rightful spot in the title match. The man has killed it at Survivor Series and this set of matches proves it.

    First off, sorry Sam but I cannot vote for the screwjob. That's not something I would want hanging over our best of card. Since I want Bret and I cannot pick my own choice, that leaves me with one option, and it is a great match. I'm choosing Bret vs Diesel. Bret had a weird ability to pull the best out of Nash, even more than Michaels could pull out of his cliq brethren.

    Mizfan: When it comes to Bret and Shawn, Iím an Iron Man fan moreso than their other bouts. Ď92 is a great match, no doubt, but seems to lack some heat, whereas Ď97 ended up having too much heat and I canít in good conscience let that black mark on wrestling end up on our card. Taker/Batista had a rare chemistry that was on full display in a great Hell in a Cell encounter, so thatís what Iíll put my vote in for here!

    Kingzak: So which Bret Hart match is best? Well as good a match as it may have been, Montreal is an infamous moment in wrestling, you canít end a best of on something that level of inconclusive-ness and screwy-ness, we all know how we feel about screwy PPV finishes, I'm still disappointed from HIAC and that was a few weeks ago now. I cannot in good consciousness do that to our audience. That leaves us with the 92 and the 95 matches.

    This reads as good choices but 1992 Shawn Michaels is nowhere near the sort of main event level yet, he is still a couple years away from the ladder matches that really kicked off the showstopper. Meanwhile on the other hand Diesel is still Kevin Nash, and while he may be in there with a master technician, it still isnít as good a match as Ď92 was. I am going to go with 1992ís Shawn vs Bret for my vote.

    But ultimately, it doesnít change the outcome, as winning 2-1-1, Batista vs Undertaker from 2007 is our main event match. This makes me happier than anything else on the card. My favourite wrestler is in the main event of a best of show, there is no way not to be happy with that.

    Ok, Iím going to cut it here, because this column is really long and I am assuming that being here for an hour reading isnít what you planned on when you clicked the column. Weíll be picking right up where we left off tomorrow, but until then, I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and we will see you tomorrow for more.
    Creating the greatest card in Survivor Series history.
    Booking by Committee: Survivor Series

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    I remember back in the day when Mazza used to put together cards like this from various events. It was fun then and even more fun now to do it collaboratively. This was a lot of fun to do Zak, looking forward for folks to read it and to see the second half!

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    Had a blast creating this card with you and I hope that you will do more of these in the future!

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    First - apologies for having to decline the invitation to be a part of this, time is still working against me in all aspects of life

    Onto the column, there have been some great and not so great suggestions here. Love that the SMW titles are getting defended rather than any of the WWE tag belts.

    I think more consideration should have been given to the Screwjob though. For any "best ever" thing of any genre, it has to be the thing that gets talked about for years to come. Love it or hate it, the Screwjob still gets talked about 10 times as much as all those other matches combined. I don't know that I'd have thought to nominate it, but once it was an option I damn sure would have voted for it.

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    Booking bt Committee: Gratest Survivor Series, part 2

    Feedback time

    @Mizfan: Those were a bit of the inspiration to the idea behind this. I remember enjoying those years ago.

    @Spinmaster: Glad to hear you enjoyed it

    No worries, hope everything goes well for you.

    Like I said in the column, I couldn't morally end the show with the Screwjob, no matter how great it was. We have theoretical paying customers and we can't send them home on that.

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Time for part two.

    Like I said, letís just pick up where we left off with the Survivor Series Elimination match

    Sam: There are a few of the Elimination Matches that really stand out to me, 2003 is an obvious pick as is 2014, I am also a fan of 2009 which I think is criminally underrated, however the match I have chosen to go for is 2016, Team SmackDown (AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Shane McMahon) (with James Ellsworth) v Team Raw (Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins).

    To me this one is an absolute masterpiece of shared universe storytelling and really showcases the best of the full time roster post-brand split. I could write hundreds of words on this match but to me the most awesome part of this match is how many story threads the performers manages to pull together and weave into the fabric of the match. From Strowmanís initial domination being curtailed by firstly Wyatt and then Ellsworth, to the Ownes & Jericho schtick blowing up in their faces, to the incredible pop Ambrose generates when he briefly re-joins his Shield brothers for the first time since they split to beat down security and then Triple Powerbomb his SmackDown rival AJ, through to the finish that harkened back to the epic Wyatt v Shield encounters of yore.

    The action in this match is incredible and I think it is one of the best examples of how these sometimes seemingly thrown together multi-man matches can be used to not only progress but enhance stories in wrestling.

    Mizfan: Since Iíve already let the cat out of the bag here, I wonít try to build up any suspense. My proposal is the 2003 instant classic, Team Austin (Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray, & D-Von Dudley) vs. Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Christian, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, & Scott Steiner). Itíd be a true crime to leave this one off the list, because by a huge margin it is THE elimination match that checks all the boxes. It tells an amazing story, every character involved is well defined and specifically motivated to be there, the line-up is literally wall to wall legends of the present and future, the action completely delivers, and the stakes feel genuinely meaningful. Watch the match and see, every victory and every loss for both sides is treated as important. The match is a masterpiece and the only possible logical choice for me!

    Kingzak: A lot of great choices so far, we are definitely in good position no matter what option is picked, but still I have one more match to throw into the mix.

    My suggestion is the 2014 clash between Team Cena (John Cena, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and Erick Rowan) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry and Rusev). This is a match that I feel goes under the radar a little thanks to the 2016 match, but this was for a couple years up there with the best of Survivor Series.

    I know a lot of you are probably going to be against this match since it features 2014 Kane, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Mark Henry. But every superstar is used to their maximum potential in this match. John Cena as the locker room leader to band everyone together, Seth on the other side representing the Authority, being the ultra-douche that he became after turning on The Shield that past summer.

    The build was fantastic, The Authority had been running rampant on the WWE the past year, and while they had suffered loss at the hands of Daniel Bryan, the iron grip remained and with the turn of Rollins they were hated as ever. Team Cena originally featured Sheamus and Jack Swagger but they were taken out by Henry and Rollins respectively, forcing Team Cena on the down side.

    While usually a match with this many big guys wouldnít work, this night something just clicked. Rusev in the midst of his monster push was able to take out fellow brute Ryback, before he was counted out following a missed table splash. Luke Harper was actually pushed as a threat, eliminating former and future partner Rowan.

    Meanwhile on Team Cena, Big Show actually offered a wonderful little bit of character work, taking out Mark Henry who had recently turned on him, before taking out John Cena with a KO punch and joining the Authority. Big Show had learnt from last year, he can fight them as much as he wants but they still survive, so why not be on the winning side for once and make some good money in the meantime.

    The highlight though, comes after this. Dolph Ziggler left alone to face Harper, Kane and Rollins. Ziggler was able to take out Kane, and then scored a Rollup on Harper to finish the two big men off; leaving him with the workhorse that is Seth Rollins. What followed was a fantastic bit of underdog work from Ziggler, itís not often you see Seth in the dominant/control role, but he worked it to a tee here.

    Ziggler came close but The Authority would get involved and all seemed lost. But all of a sudden, Sting appeared and fans lost their shit. No one was expecting Sting to appear but he did, and he took out Triple H and allowed Ziggler to get the win and oust the Authority from power.

    This was a fantastic match, so many twists and turns, some fantastic wrestling and the debut of a wrestling legend. This truly has everything you could ask of a match.

    Spinmaster: Well, this is going to be short and sweet for me. My top choice was the 2003 bout which Mizzie staked claim to before we even came close to this. My second option was eliminated from contention due to the order that we picked the matches. My third choice was eliminated for the same reason. After that my other two compadres here chose what may have been the next best options.

    This left me having a hard time finding an option at all, but I wanted to try and give some love to something so I scoured my memory. I'm going to nominate Team DX vs Team Rated RKO. Sure it was a one sided beatdown but it was fun, engaging and action packed. Plus we get to experience some DX antics and a Punk that isn't burnt out on life. All that and Edge is in the match, which makes everything better.

    Kingzak: And so another round of suggestions is over. Somehow we managed to nominate two Mark Henry matches. I can honestly say I would not have seen that coming, no disrespect to him but you donít really think Mark Henry when you think best of all time, funny how things work out sometimes. Letís move to the voting,

    Team DX vs Team Rated RKO (2006)
    Team Cena vs Team Authority (2014)
    Team SmackDown vs Team Raw (2016)
    Team Austin vs Team Bischoff (2003)

    Spinmaster: I made my opinions clear above, so it will come as no surprise that this was a very easy choice for me. Austin vs Bischoff is the best elimination match, not only in Survivor Series history. The story wraps you up and drags you along for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really hope this gets picked as I truly believe it is the only proper choice.

    Kingzak: This is gonna be a tricky one. Whichever one we pick we lose ten top tier talents from the matches we can select going forwards. I canít in good conscience put DX vs RKO on the list because as much as I liked the feud between the two sides, I cannot allow Mike Knox to be on our best of card. This leaves me with either 2016 or 2003.

    I am going to go with Bischoff vs Austin, it leaves us with a bunch of talent that would fit great elsewhere on the card from the 2016 match, and also I canít really think of many matches from the 2003 bunch that Iíd want to add that hasnít been suggested elsewhere. Only severe loss would be that of Shawn Michaels, but while he may be the Showstopper at WrestleMania, his Survivor Series record is only alright. And while Austin was ringside, he wasnít in the match so we can still use him, which is pretty exciting.

    Mizfan: Well, youíve made it easy for me gents! Iím no fan of either the 2014 or 2016 matches, as I find them convoluted and lacking in internal logic even by modern WWE standards, which leaves me with the easy pick of the perfectly serviceable 2006 match between DX and Rated RKO, and their various cronies. I do find it a bit self-serving that DX went over so strongly and Ortonís record of sole survivor was tossed away so casually, but still thereís some good fun to be had in that one.

    Sam: Looks like I'm last in this round and get somewhat of a deciding vote. Firstly I say that the eliminated 2014 match may have some plot holes but there is no denying its incredibly exciting climax, particularly on first viewing.

    Looking at the two that I can choose between to either give an outright winner or force a draw it is pretty easy. Second run DX was nauseatingly self-congratulatory and this is one of the peaks of it. That leaves the fantastic 2003 match, the character and long term story work in it is so fantastic, it truly is a near perfect example of how these matches can be really special. Now I know Steve Austin can still be used in the undercard it makes the choice easy. Team Bischoff v Team Austin it is.

    Kingzak: While Mizfanís distaste to two modern classics is baffling, what isnít baffling is the score which very clearly put Team Bischoff vs Team Austin on the card with the clean sweep, the only vote not for it was Mizfan who suggested it in the first place. Anyhow, onto the next match, letís do the Womenís title match shall we.

    Sam: Boy were there some slim pickings here. The recent trend of champion v champion matches leaves no post womenís revolution matches to slip in so it is back to the Divas era we go and my pick is the 2002 Victoria v Trish Stratus Hardcore Match.

    First time I saw this match I was blown away by how rough this match is. Neither woman is all that skillful but both go out full of piss and vinegar ready to beat the living crap out of each other and seemingly prove a point. Victoria bleeds hard way for christ sake. If that doesnít get your vote then I donít know what will.

    Wow was this ever a rough category to choose. I had an obvious choice picked out when I suddenly realized that it was an attraction match and not a title one. So back to the drawing board (Wikipedia) I went. As I scoured and fretted I began to think nothing was going to be worth a vote here. Sure there were some subpar contests in the past and some others that were good for their time, but nothing that seemed to stand the test of time. That was until I reached 2015. That is when the clouds parted and the heavens opened. I had my choice and the obvious selection for this spot. Charlotte Flair vs Paige 2015. Forget the dumb faction storyline and focus only on the match and the competitors involved. This is the most athletically gifted women's wrestler of all time against the hardest working, charismatic, and entertaining (trust me) woman to ever exist on this planet. They showed us what the future of women's wrestling would look like on this night. They took the ball, starting running, smashed the Diva era, and never looked back. You won't find a better, and more important match than this one.

    Mizfan: Once again, I find that the two most obvious choices are picked by my learned colleagues! Either of those mentioned so far would be a strong choice, but fortunately for me there is at least one more match I can reasonably nominate here. Actually I did have two in mind, but as much as I was tempted to put up my beloved Molly Hollyís match against Lita in 2003, I think a better fit would be Lita vs. Mickie James from 2006. Lita didnít get the respect that Trish did on her way out (especially from Jerry Lawler, who is awful during this match) but she did get a chance to put on probably the best match possible from the womenís roster at that time. Lita absorbs the attempted slut shaming of the crowd and gives one her best performances, and is well matched by Mickie James at her arguable career peak. Iím not sure if it can overcome the matches already mentioned, but itís worth of consideration!

    Kingzak: Ok, looking at the list of suggestions, there is nothing I can add to this. Both the matches I had as possible suggestions have been picked. It sucks that we havenít had an actual womenís title match since 2015, I kinda wish I just said we needed a womenís match, there would have been an easy and obvious pick for this. Honestly there is no other option I can see from my knowledge banks, and even research hasnít unearthed anything that deserves to be mentioned anywhere on a best of column.

    So Iím going to be abstaining from suggesting this round. Nothing more needs to be added to the list. So letís get to voting shall we.

    Lita vs Mickie James (2006)
    Paige vs Charlotte (2015)
    Victoria vs Trish Stratus (2002)

    I donít know if I get a vote since I abstained, but Iíll assume I do until everyone starts yelling at me. As much as I would like Lita vs Mickie, the post-match shenanigans with Cryme Tyme do spoil it a bit, so Iím gonna go with the modern choice of Paige vs Charlotte, it is a great precursor of what is to come and in the future will hopefully be looked back on brightly.

    Sam: While there are some really great choices here that prove that pre-Womenís Revolution still had its great moments, Iím going to go with Paige v Charlotte. Rewatching was the match was a reminder of just how good Paige was, she emotes a desperate primal energy that I donít see from any other women on the roster even today. It is very sad that she will probably never wrestle again but let this match at least stand as tribute to her.

    Spinmaster: Ok, so voting on this one is just as hard as finding a nominee was. I truly believed that the only good title match I could find was the Charlotte vs Paige one, so now I sit here trying to figure out the lesser of the other evils. Do I want the embarrassment of a hall of Famer, or the hardcore match that ends with a friggin snap suplex? I guess Trish trumps everything so I will go with the 2002 women's title match.

    Mizfan: Hey Zak, you could have at least nominated my cherished Molly Holly so she gets mentioned more in this column! She wouldnít have won, of course, but show that wonderful wrestler some love man! The real difficult choice here is, of course, between Victoria/Trish and Charlotte/Paige, both of which are actually banginí good matches. I have a feeling itíll throw a wrench in the plans of anyone who wanted Charlotte/Ronda as an attraction match, but I do think I Charlotte/Paige is the better bout so Iíll give it my vote.

    Kingzak: Canít say Iíve ever been into Molly, she is a bit out of my time frame and didnít really manage much of a noteworthy career compared to others of the time. Either way, the voting is closed once again, going 3-1 for Charlotte vs Paige, which I am just now realising means we canít get Charlotte vs Ronda on the card. Fuck. Hopefully we get a great title match this year so we can swap this one out and see about getting that on card. But for now, Charlotte and Paige will be our Womenís Championship match.

    Kingzak: Onto the next match, and we are going to shake things up, and not in the draft sort of way. We have two matches left that are allowed to be anything. So as a group we are going for more of a multiple choice way about things.

    Each of us gets to choose two matches to add to the selection. These canít include the superstars or titles used thus far, and any prior suggested matches are invalid too just to offer a bit more variety. Once we reach the voting stage, each of us get three votes to give to our three choices and the two highest will be our matches. So without further ado, letís dive in to the eight on offer.

    Mizfan: So weíve got some great options on the table for our featured match! Of course my first thought is a match thatís sure to be a lock, Austin vs. Bret from Ď96, but others have already mentioned an interest in that one so Iíll let someone else nominate it. Continuing the stretch of great Bret Hart matches in November I thought about the great Backlund title match in Ď94, since the WWF title is distinct from the one Taker and Batista will be fighting over in the Cell, but I donít want to split the Bret vote since I think the Austin match is more deserving. Instead Iíll put out a pick thatís perhaps more under the radar, the awesome and likely underrated match between The Bar and The Usos in 2017.

    It might surprise some to see me nominate such a recent match, but please donít think my indifference towards current day WWE booking is a reflection on the amazing talent they have under their roof. The Bar is certainly one of my favorite teams of this decade, and I think this match with the Usos is a true banger. Beyond Cesaroís jaw shattering uppercuts and Sheamusí thudding strikes, itís the little things that get me. Thereís a moment in the match where Sheamus is down and Cesaroís struggling to get back up on the apron to tag, and Sheamus just clutches Usoís ankle with a death grip to keep him immobilized, willing Cesaro to get back into position. Those little touches mean so much to me, and thatís just one example. I donít know if others will agree, but I think the actual quality of this match supersedes some of the bigger name matches we could choose.

    Sam: If you've been reading my commentary so far it will come as no surprise that my first pick here is Steve Austin v Bret Hart from 1996. This feud is one of the greatest in pro wrestling history, most important for the WWF business wise and while their WrestleMania 13 match somewhat justifiably attracts the lion's share of the critical acclaim, their 1996 match is on par with the Mania outing in just about every way.

    To start off, this is such a physical match, you would expect nothing more from these two men but it is still worth saying just how intense the action is. What starts out as a very methodical and technical match eventually breaks down into a brawl when both men lose control of themselves. We know now that Bret specifically wanted to work with Austin and their chemistry really shows. While his character developed and evolved over the years into other amazing iterations, late Ď96, early Ď97 really is the peak of the Stone Cold elements of Steve Austin. The ruthless intensity in his body language here is palpable and contrasted by the heroic passion of Bret.

    Lastly, I must mention the crowd who play their part in this match raucously. Hart is the righteous hero and Austin is swamped in a sea of boos and shouts of 'you suck' even as you can see the very beginnings of what will happen in their next match.

    Spinmaster: In recent years Survivor Series has become the go to show for cross promotional matches that we should not be able to see any other time of the year. Of course this has failed to be true, but the idea was there. While we did continue to see other cross promotional matches, the PPV gave us some big time matches that either haven't happened since, or hadn't happened before. One such match was the battle of the trios. The Shield vs The New Day in 2017 was an unforgettable war of supremacy, and not of the brand variety.

    Here we had two groups bonded by brotherhood and looking to prove that they were the dominant trio in the WWE. They went to that ring and showed us just how great these brand wars could be when handled correctly. This was a match many did not know they even wanted to see, but once we saw it we wanted more. Instead of beating it into the ground with rematch after rematch we were left to fondly remember this one time piece of history.

    Kingzak: A feature match, while modern Survivor Series hasnít offered much as far as title defences go, the feature matches have come in spades. The SmackDown vs Raw clashes are a bit of a tired story but they have allowed for some fantastic matches the past couple years (also some shit ones, but we are on the good right now) Flashback to October 2017, things were looking pretty shit heading into Survivor Series, Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion, Brockís reign of terror was well underway after a disappointing match with Strowman, Natalya was SD womenís champion, Baron Corbin had all his momentum pissed on by John Cena. The only bright spot was the tag divisions, but Mizfanís already covered that.

    However, the fates had a different idea in mind. On SmackDown two weeks prior to the event, all of the fans prayers were answered as the half year nightmare of Jinder Mahal at the top came crashing down as AJ Styles captured the gold. The genuine elation from fans at the time was something to behold. Which given AJís year to that point, is a bit of a surprise.

    After debatably the best debut year in wrestling, 2017 really dropped AJ back to reality, he lost his title, and several rematches. He would then turn face in a feud against Kevin Owens that dragged on for the rest of spring/summer. After that he would lose the US title to Baron Corbin, his star somewhat fading compared to his previous year.

    But the match with Brock gave him the chance to change things. The match was not just good, but fantastic, after way to long with the Suplex/F5 Machine version of Brock, we saw actual weakness as Styles was able to not just take down the beast, but actually make people believe he could, everyone going in felt that Lesnar had it in the bag but by the final minutes, the fans truly believed AJ could win this.

    He didnít, but that feeling of hope and pure passion and enjoyment is something that wrestling lacks a lot in this day and age, this match recaptured it for me and based on the reactions at the time, a lot of other people too. And for that reason, AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar is my first choice for our feature match.

    Mizfan: For my second nomination, I wanted to dig even deeper into the vault and pick a match that might be all but forgotten but is highly deserving of attention. Should I choose a quality match between two personal favorites, such as the Miz vs. Sami Zayn match from 2016? The often overlooked yet story rich Team USA vs. Team Canada match from Ď97? The all-time great quick sprint between my main man Tajiri and William Regal in 2001? The first PPV match I ever watched, the still very fun Team Lesnar vs. Team Angle from Ď03? All tempting choices, but I decided to go with another match thatís dear to me. That match is Team Aja Kong vs. Team Blayze from 1995.

    They say the womenís revolution started in WWE only a few years ago, but while I have greatly enjoyed the high points of that movement I always like to remind people that, at least for a short time, the WWF had access to a pool of female talent that rivals any in the history of wrestling. The phenomenal performance of Kong herself is enough to justify the nomination, but this match is also filled with other female legends, some known primarily in Japan but others known around the world. If youíve not viewed this one, give it a chance as soon as possible.

    Sam: I freakiní love the Triple H v Ric Flairís 2005 Last Man Standing match and not only see it as one of the last great Flair matches but also as one of the greatest Last Man Standing matches. The gimmick here is perfect for Flair, not only is it his signature match where, ďTwo men walk in, one man walks out, WOOOO!Ē it allows him to plumb his greatest depths of passion and energy to turn back the clock. I would almost call the performance trance like, as he holds himself together with nothing more than passion and a desire to protect his legacy. His momentary burst of adrenaline arenít something he can consciously summon but are instinctual, his body recalling a long lost memory of what it used to be as he dangles on the edge of the abyss.

    As a student of wrestling history, Triple H must have been honoured to step into the ring with Flair in this kind of match and more than holds up his role as the crushingly inevitable protťgť. He sells his butt off for the wild offence of a drowning man but is always ready to deliver the beating that needs to be done to keep his opponent down.

    Spinmaster: You know what I could go ahead and pick another 5 star barn burner, or a forgotten gem, or a contest featuring two legends that everyone loves and admires. I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to give some love to my personal favorite wrestler, Edge, and his opponent in 2001, a man who everyone seems to get off on talking down about, Test. That's right, I'm going with Edge vs Test from 2001.

    Sure Test may not be the greatest wrestler on the planet, and maybe Edge isn't the popular choice for the greatest wrestler of all time (though he is in my book), but on this night these two men stole a show full of WWF vs WCW career altering contests. Everyone on this card worked their hearts out, everyone gets a lot of praise for match of the night, but these two deserve that accolade and it is constantly denied. Maybe it's because of claims that Test is bad in the ring, on this night he wasn't. Maybe it's because Edge is seen as more character than skill, on this night he could be placed against anyone in wrestling history. Whatever the reason, I urge you all to give this another watch. Do not deny Edge and Test the respect they deserve for this contest on this night.

    Kingzak: So I left myself till last just to see what was put on offer. The only other match I could think of would be Bryan vs Lesnar from last year and that would be a bit redundant wouldnít it. I donít really have much left from my more modern scope of knowledge to offer. So it is off to the archives to see whatís left for me to offer up.

    2011 offers up several options for good matches, John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler for the US title, Punk vs Del Rio for the WWE Championship. The Rock and John Cena against Miz and Truth. All are still matches that fit perfectly on the card. The previous year offers another couple solid midcard bouts, Ziggler vs Kaval (Low Ki) and Morrison vs Sheamus. These are all good matches, however that is the problem, while a solid enjoyable match, given the other options and rest of the card, these could seem fairly piss break-ish.

    Skip back a little further and we get a few more options from the attitude era, Steve Austin vs Triple H from 2000, The Rock vs Mankind from 1998 and Kane vs Mankind from 1997. All very good bouts from that era, but again, only good. We need something great to offer.

    After going through every card, I found something that is not only worthy of being on the card, but doesnít feature any wrestlers currently on card or suggested. My final suggestion Ö is the original main event of Survivor Series, Team Andre vs Team Hogan from 1987.

    I know a lot of you may not be expecting much from this, but all things considered this is pretty good. The crowd is into it because itís the 80s and the actual ring action is pretty good too, Iím always surprised when I find good matches from the past, and this one was surprisingly good.

    And to top things off, Hogan doesnít win this one. Andre is the Sole Survivor and that is rare, a rare Hogan loss would definitely help our card stand out. Couple in the lack of interference with other matches considering this is a completely different era than most of the stuff we have offered up so far, this would fit perfectly on the card. Also itís a Survivor Series Elimination match, and itíd be nice to have a couple of them on the card.

    Kingzak: Well it is time to move on to the voting, we have plenty on offer to dive into. Remember we all have three votes this time, and the two matches with the most votes get through. If there is a tie we can have another vote, but letís not worry about that. Here are our options.

    Team Hogan vs Team Andre (1987)
    Edge vs Test (2001)
    Triple H vs Ric Flair (2005)
    Team Aja Kong vs. Team Blayze (1995)
    The Bar and The Usos (2017)
    Steve Austin v Bret Hart (1996)
    The Shield vs The New Day (2017)
    AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar (2017)

    Spinmaster: Ok, let's get the first, and most obvious choice out of the way. Austin vs Bret from 96 is a five star classic that I could watch over and over. It deserves a spot on this card if a spot is available for it, which there is.

    Second, I'm going to go with Team Aja Kong vs Team Blayze. My reason is simply that I like the idea of having a women's elimination match on our best of card. The match itself is above average and features some serious talent on both sides. Any card should be happy to have this contest.

    For my last pick I had a bit of a harder time. Being unable to choose my own Edge vs Test match, it left me with four matches that I could still choose from. In the end I'm going with the Last Man Standing contest. We don't have anything this brutal on our card and it's something I think every PPV is enhanced by having.

    Sam: Anyone who has read any of my writing will not be surprised that my first pick is The Shield v The New Day. If there is one thing The Shield should be remembered for it is their six man matches, they knew exactly how to build a pace that would eventually explode into an intense climax and in this match they were met by a New Day in career best form fighting for their legacy. I really love the ending to this match as The Shield boys slip into their old rolls with Seth barking orders, Ambrose taking the odd man out and Roman hitting the finisher.

    2017, was a pretty awesome year for tag team wrestling and my second pick also come from that Survivor Series with another two teams that were hitting the peak of their respective teamís careers The Bar v The Usos . This one I remember just being very hard hitting but with Jey and Jimmy providing a really exciting pace. It was a great year for both of these teams and the only sad part is what would happen with both divisions in 2018.

    For my final pick I thought I should go back to an elimination match and I was really blown away by Team Aja Kong v Team Blayze. I had never seen it before this project and boy did I really enjoy it. Itís a real shame the WWEís only folkloric history of itself doesnít allow it to recognise the great work done by these women but that wonít stop me here!

    Kingzak: Okay, time to vote, I feel like we have discussed Bret vs Austin to the point where we have basically decided it is on the card without even voting. And honestly who am I to deny a very good match from being on the card, so that is getting my first vote.

    My second is going to The Shield vs The New Day, after The Shield split back in 2014, nothing else compared to that magic they had that first run. The WWE tried to artificially recreate it but it just never felt right. This match was the closest they came to it. Both teams gave it their all and for this one night it felt like The Shield were back for real instead of just in name.

    My third vote is going to Triple H vs Ric Flair, if the first two donít get on the card, then ultimately I feel this match is the one that deserves it. I canít really comment much on it because itís a bit out of my knowledge range, however it is the last hurrah of Evolution and a great match between two of histories best wrestlers.

    Mizfan: Well, isnít this lucky for me! Of the six matches I can choose from, I think three are great and three are not really to my taste, and I just so happen to have three votes. The universe provides!

    My first and most vehement vote goes to a match which surely will make the grade, Bret vs. Austin. What else has to be said about this fantastic match?

    My second vote goes to a match that I was surprised but exceedingly pleased to see nominated, and that is Team Hogan vs. Team Andre. I think this match is loads of fun and encapsulates some of the best that WWF was capable of in this era. Loads of colorful characters and a very surprising ending. The absolute chaos when Hogan is eliminated is something thatíll always stick with me, felt like a riot was breaking out right at ringside, and itís a classic case of Hulk Hogan as the sore loser he really is!

    My third vote goes to the bloody and memorable battle between Ric Flair and Triple H. While in the grand scheme of Ric Flair matches it doesnít hold a candle to the best of them, it does showcase some of the best work he was capable of in the last decade or so of his illustrious career. They went all out here and created a match Iíll always look back on fondly.

    Kingzak: Well Iíve tabulated the votes and things worked out perfectly for us with two clear winners.

    AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar (2017) 0
    Edge vs Test (2001) 0
    Team Hogan vs Team Andre (1987) 1
    The Bar and The Usos (2017) 1
    Team Aja Kong vs. Team Blayze (1995) 2
    The Shield vs The New Day (2017) 2
    Steve Austin v Bret Hart (1996) 3
    Triple H vs Ric Flair (2005) 3

    And we have now added Triple H vs Ric Flair and Steve Austin vs Bret Hart to our card. Since itís the last two we need to pick the spots for the two matches and the womenís title. I was thinking LMS, Womenís title then Austin/Hart. Anyone have any alternate ideas for order or we good with that?

    Zak's Note: Everyone was okay with it, it just isn't in the column.

    The Official greatest Survivor Series card.

    1. Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight Championship
    2. The Heavenly Bodies vs The Midnight Express for the SMW Tag Team Championship
    3. Team Austin (Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray, & D-Von Dudley) vs. Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Christian, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, & Scott Steiner).
    4. Triple H vs Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing Match
    5. Paige vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship
    6. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin
    7. Batista vs The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Kingzak: I was bored one afternoon and worked out the total match time. The bell to bell ring time is 2:16:11. So when you add in entrances and promo packages and all that stuff, we are probably looking at somewhere between 3 and 4 hours. A much nicer alternative to the six hour marathons that are usually offered if I do say so myself. Any last comments before we head off guys?

    Spinmaster: Sure Zak, I'll say a little something. It has been an absolute pleasure to be here with you fine non-Russo folks. If any of you, or anyone else around here wants to do a collab then shoot me a message. I am bored, I watch an unhealthy amount of wrestling, and I enjoy talking about it. There, that felt like a nice cheap plug for my services. Thanks for the platform bud! Also, Edge Vs Test was robbed.

    Mizfan: Your bizarre Edge vs. Test love can go right in the bin with your defence of Jeff Jar-rett, Spinny! Oh crap, I segued into our TNA series again. All else aside, thanks very much Zak for putting this together, it was a whole lot of fun and Iím quite satisfied with the card we put together. Already looking forward to the next one of these!

    Sam: Quite the card we have built up here gents, certainly some surprises, the last thing I expected was to see the Smokey Mountain tag straps defended on this card but that's half the fun isn't it. I would have loved to see a more recent match get the nod but this is how democracy works. Maybe there is a lesson in that. Thanks for organizing it Zak, it's been quite fun.

    Kingzak: Well that is everything all wrapped up in a nice little bow I guess. Before we head out, I would like to say a massive thanks to the collaborators, Mizfan, SirSam and Spinmaster, this has genuinely been a lot of fun for me and I hope a lot of fun for you too. And I hope that everyone reading has enjoyed too, if so then Iím sure itíll be back one day. But for now it is time I bid you a fond farewell, once again I hope you have enjoyed and I will see you next time.
    Creating the greatest card in Survivor Series history.
    Booking by Committee: Survivor Series

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    This was a lot of fun. I would have never guessed that Taker v Batista would wind up our championship match and I'm kind of surprised no one mentioned the 2002 Elimination Chamber match. I guess it was off limits due to a lot of double up with 2003's big tag match. I'm happy with the trade off but it has to be up there as one of the best championship matches.

    Really surprised but quite happy Flair v Triple H made it. I love that match so much for Flair's performance, it isn't so much turning back the clock as it is an acknowledgement the clock is getting close to midnight and it is all the more emotional because of it.

    Would have loved some more modern representation in it but I guess things this decade have generally been pretty divisive creatively so it isn't too much of a surprise. I'll stand up for the 2016 Elimination Match forever, it's a great match from one of the rare but true creatively bright points across the whole product roster.

    Kudos to Zak for putting this together. Real fun little collaboration.
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    Got to admit, in that last round of anything goes nominations, I was hoping to see more actual Survivor Series matches nominated, especially given that the era of the matches already selected meant there were plenty of the earlier matches to choose from without reusing anybody.

    Aside from that, this was a great read. Maybe there's the scope to do something similar with the other Big 4 PPVs? Possibly even "PPVs in the month of X" to cover the rest of the year?

    I think the idea has potential to be a longer term occasional project.

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    Feedback time.

    @SirSam: The 2002 Chamber being missed is a shame, but ultimately the Elimination match and the LMS match would have needed something else in their slot, and I think ultimately it is a fair trade.

    We did get Charlotte/Paige in their, so that is something. I would have liked a couple more modern matches but that is the thing with the group voting.

    @Dynamite: The problem was finding ones that really stand out that didn't feature the superstars or any already nominated.

    Those are all great ideas, and will definitely get at least the big four done. I also have idea for a "Takeover", "In Your House" and a few other brand ones like WCW or TNA.

    As far as the series going forward, I am basing it on the reception and I can say it has been received well. I'll definitely be doing this again.

    Next one will probably be for WrestleMania for anyone interested.

    And now a thought I had that I wish I had put in the column.

    Just had a thought, while Edge may not have competed on the card, he did appear in the main event and was the one standing tall to finish the show. A consolation prize for him not being on the card maybe?
    Creating the greatest card in Survivor Series history.
    Booking by Committee: Survivor Series

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    I think I can take that as a win. The show ends with the greatest of all time raising his arms above the others!!

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    Noble/Kidman was a good choice but personally I would have gone for Benjamin/Christian who were in the prime of their singles careers at this point. I'm surprised the Smackdown Six didn't get the nod here (which I would have went for), instead going for the oldest match of the choices presented. I would have never chose that Steel Cage match due to Jeff's dumb decision to Swanton Bomb off the top of the cage (and miss!) when he had a clear opportunity to escape. Dumbass.

    Batista/TAker was a really good choice for Main Event Title Match. They had an unbelievable amount of cchemistry and having followed their feud from 2007 in its entirety I can honestly say all of their matches were great. If Austin/Bishoff didn't get the nod I would have stopped reading! Just kidding, but that has to be considered the greatest Elimination Match of all time. I'll never forget J.R's hoarse voice screaming "Kick out, Shawn! Kick out, Shawn". Absolute perfection of this match type.

    I can't remember any of the Womens Title matches you guys mentioned. In fact, I couldn't remember any womens match from Survivor Series! Damn, Spin sounded like an attorney presenting a defence to the judge with his thoughts on Edge/Test. That was beautiful.

    This was very enjoyable and I read it in one sitting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Franc View Post
    I would have never chose that Steel Cage match due to Jeff's dumb decision to Swanton Bomb off the top of the cage (and miss!) when he had a clear opportunity to escape.
    This is interesting for me, because it's something I definitely used to hold against Jeff Hardy but now kind of enjoy. I think it's the fact that he's so consistent about it. Like, if you give the Jeff Hardy character a choice between winning a match and doing the most death defying, adrenaline pumping thing possible, he'll pick the latter 100 times out of 100. It's just his personality, his unique psychology, and looking at it that way has helped me enjoy Jeff a lot more than I once did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    This is interesting for me, because it's something I definitely used to hold against Jeff Hardy but now kind of enjoy. I think it's the fact that he's so consistent about it. Like, if you give the Jeff Hardy character a choice between winning a match and doing the most death defying, adrenaline pumping thing possible, he'll pick the latter 100 times out of 100. It's just his personality, his unique psychology, and looking at it that way has helped me enjoy Jeff a lot more than I once did.
    Really? You actually like watching him slam himself violently into the floor whilst lightly brushing up against his opponent? Weakest finishing move ever by my most hated wrestler of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynamiteBillington View Post
    Really? You actually like watching him slam himself violently into the floor whilst lightly brushing up against his opponent? Weakest finishing move ever by my most hated wrestler of all time.
    Best decription of the Swanton ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynamiteBillington View Post
    Really? You actually like watching him slam himself violently into the floor whilst lightly brushing up against his opponent? Weakest finishing move ever by my most hated wrestler of all time.
    Ha, I was more defining his unique psychology than some of his weak offense. The Swanton definitely looks like shit at times, though I feel like that's true of most wrestling moves if you look closely enough (though the Swanton doesn't do much to hide it).

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    @Don: Glad you like the Batista/Taker feud too, that was the first thing I really found myself getting into in wrestling so it holds a special place in my heart, I'm glad I could get it to the spot it rightfully deserves.

    Historically the women's matches do tend to fade to the background a bit during Survivor Series, recent years haven't been too bad but aside from Charlotte/Rousey, there really hasn't been anything I would say is all time great women's wrestling on the show. I'm optimistic for the triple threat though.

    As far as Jeff Hardy goes, the psychology of choosing to a stunt spot over victory is one thing I have never understood about him as a character. I don't mind the swanton, never really looked closely at it though to be fair.
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