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    LOP CF End of Year Awards - VOTE NOW


    I'm using a Google Form again because they help compile things easily. You can vote by following the link below. A couple of bits of housekeeping:
    - For a number of the question I have put in nominations you can select however there is also the 'other' option if you want to vote for something else.
    - You don't have to answer every question.
    - I've added the email option just so I can ensure we aren't getting duplicate votes.
    - Voting will stay open for a fortnight and the results will be announced towards the end of the month.
    - Looking forward to seeing what you all vote for. Feel free to continue to discuss nominations and campaign below, just don't say who you voted for and ruin the surprise.
    - Voting will be open until the 14th of January


    The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes the annual LOP End of Year Awards where we celebrate the best of Lord of Pain!

    Voting will commence when we hit January but as there are a number of categories for your consideration I thought I’d put up a thread where we can campaign, discuss and talk trash about one another beforehand. One important difference between this and COTM is that you can campaign for yourself so please vote for me for Main Page Columnist of the Year!

    The categories are:
    Columns Forum Columnist of the Year
    Main Page Columnist of the Year
    Column of the Year (normal)
    Column of the Year (creative)
    Columns Forum Best Series
    Main Page Best Series
    LOP Radio Show of the Year
    LOP Radio Personality of the Year
    Best Newcomer
    Most Improved Columnist
    Most Missed User
    Best Social Media Presence

    I will put together my own set of thoughts and post in the coming weeks but wanted to get the discussion going anyway.

    If you'd like a reminder of who won last year the thread for that is here:
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