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    Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star Presents: The Match of the Decade part 1 (2010)

    A prequel to the next year of my writing life

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. The decade is at itís end, itís been a weird and wonderful decade, with the rise of the indy scene, the near decade long fall of TNA, birth of new and exciting brands like AEW and NXT, and the gradual decline of the WWE. For a lot of the time, the quality has been middling at best, but every now and then we got a match that just blew everything out of the water. And that is our topic for today and the next couple columns.

    I have been going back and looking at the past decade a lot the last couple months as I get ready for PPV-Star of the decade (coming to columns forum near you on December 23rd) and recently the rest of the wrestling fandom has finally caught up with me, Iíve been seeing a lot of talk about the match of the decade, and I thought ďletís take a look back at some matches from the past decade that really deserve the spotlightĒ So without further ado, lets dive in.


    2010 was a big year as far as endings and beginnings go, the year saw the end of Shawn Michaels career as well as UnderTaker and Triple H move to part time roles, soon after we also would see Batista leave the WWE to persue other goals. But at the same time it was also the year for the WWE debut of the wonders of Daniel Bryan as well as the tag division staples, The Usos. Both took a few more years before they reached their peaks, but this is the foundations. It was truly a simpler time to be a fan, you had two hours of Raw, two hours of SmackDown and if you wanted more, two hours of TNA. Heck, if you record the two WWE shows, you could probably get them both in under three hours.

    So what matches are the best of 2010? Letís take a look.

    The Elimination Chambers

    Itís hard to go wrong with a chamber match, you put six of your best into a match where it can easily blend a standard wrestling match with a spot fest, you are gonna be guaranteed at least a decent match. 2010ís Elimination Chamber is one of the oddest shows you may ever see, you have the chambers at either end, and a lot of crap in the middle. Couple in the chambers helping to setup 4 of the Mania matches, and youíve got a surprisingly worth watching card.

    WWE Championship 6 pack challenge
    Night of Champions

    Night of champions is arguably one of the most skippable PPVís in any given year. Iím not gonna try and convince you that this is an all-time great match, but it does feature Orton, Cena and Edge doing what they do in having great matches. Factor in Chris Jericho, and Champion Sheamus who may not be quite on their level, but still a quality wrestler, and throw in a still somewhat credible Nexus in the form of Wade Barrett, and you have not too bad a match.

    CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
    Hair vs Pledge
    Over the Limit

    The Punk/Mysterio feud is one that is often forgotten in the history of wrestling but it was a genuinely solid midcard feud between two top notch wrestlers. Peopleís favourite match seems to vary on opinion, but between the three PPV clashes, this one is most consistently rated best of the three. And combine in the climactic nature of the match and the rather shite PPV otherwise and this is very much a diamond in the rough sort of scenario.

    Batista vs John Cena
    Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship
    Extreme Rules

    Expect a lot of John Cena to come up in this series. The feud between John Cena and Batista is a bit of an odd one, despite all the parallels between the twoís careers they very rarely crossed paths. Leading into WrestleMania, Batista had taken the WWE Championship from Cena, Cena reclaimed the title at WrestleMania because of course he does. This led to a last man standing match between the two, the match was what youíd expect from these two, and had a very clever ending with Cena using duct tape to tie Batistaís feet/legs to the ring post so he couldnít get up. a clever finish and a good hard hitting match prior, itís not winning any awards, but it is a match worth a watch if youíve not seen it before.

    Evan Bourne vs Chris Jericho
    Fatal Four Way

    Firstly, yes you did read that right, there was once a PPV named Fatal Four Way, themed after the match. It reads as the perfect example of throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. The event is forgettable but one thing that came out of the disappointing card was a quality match between Jericho and Bourne. The match was quality, a blend of athleticism and technicality that we would become much more familiar with as the decade progressed, but at the time this was something different, and one of the best matches of Bourneís career.

    Team WWE/Cena vs The Nexus

    I think we are all familiar with the Nexus storyline as a whole, but Iíll summarise. The Nexus was the NXT Rookies from that season of NXT (NXT used to be Tough Enough basically), they went on to spend the summer terrorizing WWE (mostly John Cena), and eventually a band of superstars would group together to take them on.

    The match definitely had a big fight feel to it, and the surprise return of Daniel Bryan who fans had been wanting back following his release definitely helped sweeten the match. the match as a whole was pretty good, Skip Sheffield (Later known as Ryback) looked a beast early on, Gabriel, Slater and Barrett all looked good to lasting as long as they did. While the finish definitely feels quite Super Cena, sometimes the hero winning in the end is for the best. Can you imagine saying that David Otunga won in the main of SummerSlam, that felt dirty just typing it.

    The Money in the Banks
    Money in the Bank

    Iím cutting the WrestleMania one for the fact that it wasnít as good as these two and that as far as winners go, these two are leagues better.

    Both of the matches were pretty enjoyable, this was back in a day when the Money in the Bank concept still felt new and interesting, instead of more the staple that it is now (Side note: Iíve forgot who won the male MITB this year). The matches offered a lot of ladder based fun that the audience loved, I remember the jumbo ladder they brought out for the first match, that was pretty unique. While it is an easy pick, the MITB matches are liable to be on every years list.

    Edge vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
    World Heavyweight Championship

    People like ladders. It is one of the few constants of wrestling; just putting ladders into something makes it infinitely better. This match was truly a good match and by all rights should have been the main event (Instead we got Cena literally burying Wade Barrett). The quality was there as you had ladder match savant Edge, you had Kane as a complete powerhouse, the highflying antics of Rey Mysterio and the new and exciting Alberto Del Rio (2010 was a weird place). This match ended the year on a high note, giving Edge what would be his final (and arguably best) world championship run

    Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler
    Bragging Rights

    This match is exactly as good as you can imagine a clash between two young, motivated and talented wrestlers can be. This match was simple, you had IC Champion Dolph Ziggler taking on US Champion Daniel Bryan in a battle for Brand Supremacy. Why does that sound familiar? Anyway, the two opened the show and really shined here. In a list, this match tied first with the real first, and at the time I called bullshit, but as time has gone on, itís still bullshit, but this definitely deserves the number two spot, watch it if you havenít yet.

    The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
    Career vs Streak
    WrestleMania 26

    If you donít consider this the best match of 2010, then fuck you. If you didnít already know that I was putting this at number one, I do have to question how much attention you have paid to my columns over the years. This is the final chapter of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, finding himself obsessed in his quest to do the impossible (at the time it was impossible). The entire build was phenomenal.

    Earlier this year I posted my top ten WrestleMania matches of all time, this came in at number one there too. For my money this is the perfect match, neither man the bad guy but the match just bubbles with animosity and a need to win. Taker did everything he had done last year to finish Shawn, but it wasnít enough. Shawn threw everything at the Deadman but it wasnít enough. Both men left it all in the ring and gave us one of the best matches of all time.

    And so we have the best matches of 2010, how will they hold up compared to the rest of the decade? Well that is a question for next time as for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell, but before I go, what where some of your favourite bits of 2010? Did I miss any matches you would include? Let me know in the comments and I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Not a bad list - I'm not about to agree with all of them (I doubt anyone will be 100% in agreement), but it's not a bad start. It's got me wondering how many times we're going to see Ziggler in the list. He may never have become the huge star he possibly could have, but he's always been one to put on a great match.

    And I couldn't help but see the Hair vs Pledge match and wonder why they were fighting over some furniture polish....

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    Totally agree with your sentiments on Eliminatiom Chamber matches. I always find them entertaining. And like you said, it's a good vehicle to start other feuds.

    That Mysterio/Punk feud was fantastic. I only remember truly memorable matches because I have a forgetful brain but I definitely remember the one on this list. Fantastic match.

    The Cena/Batista match from Summerslam (2008?) Is my favourite of the bunch. The most memorable moment from their LMS match came after the fact with Batista's greatest line: Duct tape!? Are you serious!?

    My favourite moment of the 2010 MITB came in the lead up to the match with Randy Orton RKOing everyone left and right. Probably the greatest ever RKO with Orton countering Bourne's Shooting Star Press into an RKO. Unforgettable.

    Looking forward 2011

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    I definitely remember at the time thinking that Bryan/Ziggler and Taker/Shawn were neck and neck for the match of the year. Having gone back to rewatch them I'm honestly less thrilled about Taker/Shawn (so fuck me, apparently! ), it's absolutely still a good match but it's hard for me to unsee that age was already starting to show for both of them. I actually enjoyed Jericho vs. Bourne more than either on them when rewatching!

    I really liked the Rumble this year as well. And a shoutout for the main event of Night of Champions but nothing for the sheer genius of the first Miz vs. Bryan match? At least you recognized this was a good year for MITB, with the Smackdown one being particularly memorable to me.

    Outside the WWE, you've got some clear contenders as well, such as the Generico/Steen Fight Without Honor, the PWG Guerilla Warfare match, the Beery Money/Motor City Machine Gun matches from TNA, the 16 man Cibernetico match in CHIKARA, and the BxB Hulk/Shingo Takagi Hair vs. Hair match from Dragon Gate.

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