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    Half Luck, Half Skul: Monday Night Madness - The Greatest RAW Match R1.4

    On the last Monday of 2019, amidst the unwrapping of Christmas presents, the time to wrap up the first round of the Monday Night Madness tournament is upon us. Today, the final 16 matches in contention for the crown of greatest RAW match ever will be unveiled, half of them will be quickly axed, and then we'll be down to 32 contenders across all four brackets. Gas pedal lowered, let's get right to it!

    Pleased, as always, to be joined by mizfan, Oliver, Mazza, The Doc, SirSam, and DynamiteBillington.

    Bracket D

    (1) Two Man Power Trip vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (05/21/01) vs. (16) Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor (08/20/18)

    SirSam: For what itís worth I really loved the Balor v Reigns match after Summer Slam last year. It represented a fresh approach at the top of the card and the post-match antics really brought on a brief but very fun flirtation with shared universe storytelling up and down the card. All that said, it is still a long way from one of the most exciting tag matches ever.

    mizfan: I honestly thought Roman/Balor was crap, whereas the tag match holds up as a fantastic match after all these years. Easiest vote yet!

    DynamiteBillington: OK, so that tag match had pretty much everything you can ask for from a match of it's era. It's actually the first time I've watched a Benoit match for a long time too, and I noticed something that never occurred to me before. When you look back, you remember him (and Jericho I guess) as being guys who were too small to be the main event until they made it possible, yet they weren't actually significantly smaller than Austin & HHH really. Reigns/Balor was OK, but it's no competition for the tag match.

    The Doc: Two Man Power Trip vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho. Iconic for everyone involved. 'Nuff said for now.

    Skulduggery: The tag match combines gutsiness, electricity, smoothness, and sheer will to win all in one. Professional wrestling at its most magnetic.

    Mazza: My early favourite gets top seed in the last bracket. I will gush about this as time goes on. It should ease through round 1 comfortably.

    Oliver: Iíll be surprised to not see the tag match here in the final, Iíve got to say. An easy win.

    (1) Two Man Power Trip vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (05/21/01) wins 7-0

    (8) Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (10/08/01) vs. (9) Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (06/10/13)

    Oliver: Thereís a pay per view quality that runs through Angle vs Austin, not least because they donít leave anything on the table against each other. Bryan vs Rollins felt like it was building to something else down the line, which plays against it here Ė the #8 seed takes the win.

    Skulduggery: I've been a bit hard on the "silky" matches, especially of the last 5 years, in this tourney. Bryan/Rollins has the quality to fall trap to that. But, in its favor, it's designed with a purpose. In terms of a "rising hero vs. one member of a villanious stable" lead-up match, it's certainly one of the better ones in WWE TV history. Not only that, it showcases Rollins as a superstar waiting to explode. In the opposite corner, you have Austin and Angle, a match that also befits its chronology in its grittiness and tooth. I think the gravitas of the WWF Title match adds to its raw quality, giving it the slight edge over the also excellent quality of Bryan/Rollins.

    SirSam: I loved all of Bryanís work opposite The Shield trio in 2013. You could see that he tasked with giving them a masterclass before they broke out and went on their singles runs. The matches with Rollins were absolutely jam packed too, there isnít much more you could fit into this outing. However I canít go past the power of the Austin/Angle rivalry.

    Mazza: Real tough one again here. Itís so tight but I am going with Bryan and Seth by a whisker.

    DynamiteBillington: Two of the all time greats against two of todays best? I thought this one would be a hard decision before watching.

    I'm just getting started working my way through these brackets, but given how many hundreds, probably thousands of matches there have been on Raw, I'm surprised a match without a finish got in to the conversation. The way it ended with HHH's interference probably made sense at the time, but as a one off watch 18 years later you don't get the full story or follow up so as a match it doesn't count as a classic in my view.

    Even if Angle/Austin had come to a clean finish, just comparing the action before that match went south I think I'd still be voting for Bryan and Rollins. Their match would have been perfectly acceptable headlining a PPV, and all the shenanigans were kept until after the bell rang.

    Although I do have to give bonus points to HHH over Orton. HHH wasn't in a match, so he was wearing normal clothes. If Orton wasn't in the match, why the hell was he in his ring gear? No idea if he'd had a match earlier that evening or anything, but he does it a lot and it's something that's always annoyed me about a lot of wrestlers Ė he seems to be the worst offender for that particular offense.

    The Doc: Probably the match that first made me realize how good Seth Rollins could be, looking back on it. Rollins was such a dynamic athlete, and that was evident from the word go. Bryan's style works best opposite a compelling opponent who can do more than just attempt to equal his move-set; such is where Rollins shined here. The Architect is one of the game's most cerebral wrestlers, a fact that often goes overlooked because of the things that he can do which have more aesthetic resonance. I thought the flow of this performance was the clearest signal to that point that Rollins had what it took as a character to be more than just a guy who could do some cool moves.

    mizfan: Rollins is, for me, rather hit or miss, but you pair him up with Bryan at his career best and you better believe youíre getting a great match. Austin/Angle is good, perhaps even great in itís own right, but I gotta go with Bryan/Rollins here.

    (9) Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (06/10/13) wins 4-3

    (5) Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels (05/26/97) vs. (12) Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero (05/27/02)

    The Doc: You know what's weird is that this might have actually been the biggest spotlight that Owen and Bulldog ever got as a tag team. The New Gen had a lot of strengths, but tag team excellence wasn't one of them. Bulldog and Owen were in my opinion the cream of the crop during that era, but no division felt the lack of depth on the WWF roster during the mid-1990s more than the tag team. Not only was this a great match, then, but it also stands out as the best showcase of how good the team of Owen and Bulldog both was and could have been if more frequently paired with talents at or near their level.

    SirSam: RVD v Eddie is everything you would expect from those two: an absolute live wire match but I have a big soft spot for the shared universe of 96/97 WWE. I wasnít watching at the time but when Iíve gone back to watch it Iíve found the way they wrote and produced it was absolutely spectacular and possibly the most consistency the WWE has ever managed week on week. They get this round.

    DynamiteBillington: I should confess that I was tempted not to bother watching these matches due to a lack of time lately. 4 all time greats, or my second least favourite wrestler ever against Eddie Guerrero? Could happily have voted for the tag match without watching. The thing is, even though I've never liked RVD, he could put on a good match and I don't think Eddie ever had a bad match. Even though the tag match was good, all four guys in it are capable of more so I'm going to surprise myself and vote for the ladder match.

    mizfan: Thereís plenty to like in RVD/Eddie, but as these kind of matches go I have to say this one didnít leave a huge impression. The chaotic tag match between four of the best though? Holds up as fantastic and an easy choice for me here!

    Oliver: You know Iím going to vote for anything involving Owen Hart, even if it is in one of those tag matches where the other two people might not be able to co-exist.

    Skulduggery: I'm a Ladder Match kind of guy. No secret. But the guy who intrudes into this match is wearing the jersey of my favorite hockey team, and that gives a bad name to my boys on the ice. Fuck him.

    In seriousness, I'm going for the tag team effort over the ladder match. Perfect example of Odd Couple reigning supreme over the tag champs.

    Mazza: I will have the big star tag match here.

    (5) Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels (05/26/97) wins 6-1

    (4) The Rock, Cactus Jack & Too Cool vs. DX & The Radicalz (02/07/00) vs. (13) Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels (08/11/97)

    mizfan: When I saw there was a Foley/Michaels match on this list I was quite excited, but while the match itself has many positives, itís a far cry from their PPV masterclass. The 10 man tag is not quite like any other match in WWE history and thatís to itís credit, with much praise to the abilities of writer Chris Kreski for pulling so many character threads together to make a great crowd pleaser. Give me the 5 vs. 5 on this one!

    Mazza: You want an unexpected classic, look no further than that 10 man. Should have been nothing more than a confusing clusterfuck and went down as one of the most exciting matches in Raw history. Comfortable win for me.

    Oliver: Another one where the seeding doesnít quite work for me, because Mankind vs HBK is dope as shit and comes on a Raw with three of the most major moments of the Attitude Era included in one show, the formation of D-Generation X, the announcement that Kane is coming, and Rocky Maivia turning heel. Iím giving it the win.

    Skulduggery: Mind Games this is not. Don't get me wrong, Foley and Michaels together weave a worthwhile bout. But 4 factions combining organically in some sort of perfect storm is a home run in my books. Main eventers tangling with midcard fun acts, and it enhances the appeal of both? That's like having LeBron James play with the Harlem Globetrotters and having both parties improve. WWE put a pile of ingredients into a cauldron and made magic happen in the 2000 match.

    SirSam: While the tag team match is rife with Attitude Era fun, I prefer the sequel to the Mankind v HBK In Your House: Mindgames sequel. The two characters are like oil and water and pitting them against one another is just too interesting to pass up.

    DynamiteBillington: Cactus Jack vs Mankind? Interesting pair of matches.... Got to admit, going in to this I fully expected to be voting for the one on one match as I usually prefer them to a clusterfuck, but that five on five tag match was a lot of fun.

    OK, so the singles match had a lot more historical significance as (I think?) it was the first time the original DX were all together, it also fed in to the debut of Kane, but just purely watching the matches I've got to got for the clusterfuck tag match.

    Fun Fact: Apparently the Rikishi type thong was what Vince wanted Yokozuna to wear. Imagine that. Get a nice picture of it in your head. Now try & think of something else

    The Doc: So many of Raw's greatest matches have a strong emotional resonance with yours truly born from either live viewing across the brand's 26 year history or from studious intensity in preparing to write books or columns about WWE lore. I'll admit that this match [10 man tag] doesn't have really any emotional resonance with me. It's important and it's fun and it's good, but I've never been particularly enamored with it. I'll give it the nod here, but I'm unlikely to vote for it beyond this point.

    (4) The Rock, Cactus Jack & Too Cool vs. DX & The Radicalz (02/07/00) wins 5-2

    (3) John Cena vs. Cesaro (07/06/15) vs. (14) Shawn Michaels vs. The 1-2-3 Kid (03/04/96)

    Skulduggery: This is a weird way to put this, but there are such things as textbook matches. And then there are such things as "textbook advancements" of textbook matches. And I feel Cena/Cesaro slots into that nicely. Michaels/Kid doesn't hit the standard notches like the US Open doesn't. But their spark seems more rapturous, less formulaic, and more biting.

    Keep in mind that a backhanded compliment is still, in some form, a compliment. Cena/Cesaro is still a hell of a match.

    Oliver: There are a tonne of reasons why this Cesaro/Cena match is superior to the one in Bracket C, but really Ė itís Toni fucking Cesaro doing the dopest of dope shit to Cena for 20 minutes in a Raw main event.

    Why the hell isnít Cesaro at least a two-time World Heavyweight Champion by now?

    The Doc: John Cena's US Title Open Challenge era was really enjoyable to me and I look back on it fondly, but none of those matches really stand out, not even the Cesaro match; pretty much all of those matches were the same, which doesn't take away from what they accomplished in the moment but does deter any one of them from being memorable in a tournament context. I prefer the other Cesaro vs. Cena match from 16 some odd months prior. It did stand out. Thus, I'm going with the hidden gem of an HBK vs. Kid match. If you have not seen it, you will thoroughly enjoy your time spent watching it. To me, that match is one of the ideal parallels of tournaments like these to the NCAA Basketball Tournament here in the States. HBK-Kid as a 14 seed is a dangerous, Vermont or Florida Gulf Coast-esque match-up for its competition.

    mizfan: Even though I actually prefer the 2014 Cena/Cesaro match, thereís no doubt itís a great one. Waltman/Michaels is pretty great in itís own right, making this a tougher decision, but I think Iíll go with the greatness that is Cesaro as a tie breaker!

    SirSam: Another John Cena v Cesaro match but only 1 Dean v Seth AND NO RAW GAUNTLET MATCH? Iím going with Michaels v 1-2-3 on principle alone.

    DynamiteBillington: This is a tough one. Thoroughly enjoyed both matches. And how often is it you see HBK do a Gorilla Slam? It's not a move you usually associate with him. I think I have to vote for Cena & Cesaro though, there was more at stake and it was probably one of the matches towards the end of his main roster career that reminded everyone just how good Cena could be when he wasn't being SuperCena and the Five Moves Of Doom. Cesaro was a great opponent to do that with as well, I'm not one who thinks he should be in the World Title scene, but he's definitely one of the guys just below that level that gets people ready for their title shot.

    Mazza: After early career rapping Cena, late career US Champ Cena is the best Cena. Donít tell my fellow Ponders I said that. Big Match John and Cesaro for me.

    (3) John Cena vs. Cesaro (07/06/15) wins 4-3

    (6) Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin (03/29/04) vs. (11) The Miz vs. John Morrison (01/03/11)

    The Doc: If you weren't watching during that era, allow me to set the stage for you so that maybe you can understand how it felt to experience this match as it happened. You know that modern feeling that Brock Lesnar elicits as the champion? That almost groan-inducing "Ughhhh" kind of feeling every time he retained the title, representative as he is of WWE's greatest modern evil (WWE's creative obsession with the past at the expense of the present and future)? Frankly, Triple H was the catalyst for similar feelings in 2004. The IWC abhorred The Game. Now, imagine that after a modern WWE draft lottery, Xavier Woods or even a non-tag teamer with a high upside like Ricochet defeated Brock Lesnar in a great match, regardless of whether or not the title was on the line. That's what Shelton Benjamin over Triple H was in 2004. It was incredibly cathartic to see The Game lose to anyone back then because it happened so infrequently; his title reigns were regarded as excruciatingly long and not very good to boot; booking for Trips, like the booking for Brock recently, grated on everyone it seemed. Then, Shelton came in fresh off a rock solid tag team career that fizzled out several months prior, went toe-to-toe with Triple H, and actually beat him. It was awesome. I'm glad it earned a 6-seed here because I think it deserves it. I hope to see it go far; that's how highly I think of it.

    DynamiteBillington: Got to say, neither of these matches did much for me. HHH/Benjamin definitely had better matches than that and I'm never really a fan of anything hardcore. Despite that, I'm going to vote for the Falls Count Anywhere match, because at least it had a finish. DQ finishes have their place in a storyline, but IMO they don't belong in a best match ever tournament. And I still think it's amazing Miz has still never had another run with a main title.

    Mazza: Your boy Shelty B against the Kliq once more. Something just seemed to, well, click for Benjamin against them.

    Skulduggery: These are both matches worth the price of admission. But for me, it's no question. William Butler Yeats once said that "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." Miz/Morrison is excellent. But it feels like the filling of a pail. Early 2010s-story of Michaels vs. Jannetty (which really fit neither, even at the time), stipulation set to fit the good guy with his parkour advantage, cronie aids the ultimately victorious baddie. It's actually derisive of me to boil Miz/Morrison down to that level of simplicity, particularly because it is such a good match. But in comparison to its opponent, I must. Because Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin is an absolute bonfire. This match is laid out in the way of so many RAW matches - top contender versus midcard wrestler. And then we see Shelton Benjamin adjust the dial. Unusual, but not unheard of. H staggers a bit upon the realization that this kid might actually have something. The crowd starts to dig it. And then the norm settles in again. Hunter in control. The previously seen spark is blown out by the inevitable gusts of wind.

    But then, quickly, Benjamin turns this thing into a fighting chance, and the crowd is absolutely alight. No question that the crowd is more anti-HHH than they are pro-Benjamin, but that the protagonist is "any midcarder versus Triple H" instead of "Shelton Benjamin particularly" matters for only a brief period of time, because Shelton quickly gains support in the way that not many could. When he eventually scores the surprise win, we have an eruption on our hands. That's what I like to call the lighting of a fire. Honestly, I'm hoping to see Benjamin/Trips make a serious run in this thing.

    Oliver: John Morrison is another of those that itís hard to work out exactly why he didnít become a bigger deal. I mean, itís probably something to do with Melina, but whatever. Anyway, Miz vs JoMo, falls count anywhere, for the win.

    SirSam: John Morrison leaving the WWE has meant Miz v Morrison has become one of the forgotten great feuds of later 2010, early 2011 but it will get my vote here. This match has some great spots and a real long term story running through it, really underated stuff.

    mizfan: Oh, this is a bit of a heart breaker! I happen to think HHH/Shelton is absolutely great, a pretty much perfectly executed elevation of a new star, but you couldnít really expect Iíd go against Miz vs. Morrison, could you? And itís such a wonderful match, to boot. Itís creative in terms of action, it pulls together a lot of threads both from that time frame and from their history together, and the crowd absolutely loves it. Point to this match to dispel the idea that Miz was a failure with fans as champion, and give it my vote while youíre at it!

    (11) The Miz vs. John Morrison (01/03/11) wins 4-3

    (7) Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy (07/01/02) vs. (10) Bret Hart vs. Hakushi (07/24/95)

    Oliver: Taker vs Jeff, just for JRs calling of it.

    DynamiteBillington: This one is a dilemma. My all time favourite (and it was BikerTaker that made him my favourite) vs my all time most hated or Bret Hart vs a name I didn't recognise? At least, I didn't recognise the name until I started watching the match. Definitely remember the wrestler. No idea what happened to him though, may have to look him up sometime.

    I think this is a first, but I have to vote against Taker. He did a good job of putting over Jeff Hardy despite how unbelievable Hardy's offence is, but Hart vs Hakushi was executed excellently (see what I did there ) so that gets my vote.

    mizfan: Taker/Jeff is always better in my memory than when I actually watch it. Itís highly effective in terms of accomplishing a spotlight on Jeffís resilience and potential, but it never goes quite as far as I hope it will. Itís still not an easy choice though, because Bret/Hakushi is a great bout but not a complete blow away either. I will go with Bret/Hakushi here as the superior match, but I could see it going either way.

    SirSam: ďClimb the ladder kid, make yourself famous.Ē Deserves the win for that alone. Iíd say even though itís seeded seventh Hardy v Taker is an outsider to take this whole thing out.

    Mazza: Make yourself famous kid. I mean he already pretty much was and he was definitely in his comfort zone but still, classic Raw moment from an excellent match.

    The Doc: A 7 seed is fair for Hardy vs. Taker, which I've long thought ridiculously overrated by many pundits. Enjoyable? Yes. Good story? Yes. Greatest ever candidate? Woah now, bro. Bret vs. Hakushi for the win accordingly, because Bret vs. Hakushi is a match that creates debate. It was innovative for its time, a too often overshadowed Bret Hart classic, and a genuinely solid piece of evidence that the New Generation was way better than its given credit for.

    Skulduggery: Dominant champion versus exciting midcarder in both situations. Hart/Hakushi is a serious pip and I'd recommend anyone to give that a watch in the nearest future. But Hardy/Taker has some nice recent history leading into it, amps up the level in excitement and innovation, and has one of the sickest chair shots I've ever seen. Make yourself famous, (7)-seed.

    (7) Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy (07/01/02) wins 4-3

    (2) The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (03/03/14) vs. (15) Booker T & Goldust vs. Christian & Chris Jericho (12/23/02)

    Mazza: The Shield was just so majestic at what they did. Redefined 6 man tags and the series against another current faction in the Wyatt Family was the best of the bunch. If this bracket ends up as 1 vs 2, I could have a real dilemma on my hands.

    Skulduggery: BookDust is a hell of a feel-good story. But Wyatts-Shield, I'm hoping which I'll have the opportunity to speak more on in future rounds, bests it.

    The Doc: To be honest, when I think of the Shield vs. the Wyatts, I never think of anything but the Elimination Chamber performance. The others blend in together, as good as they were. Rewatching this was a blast, I don't see it having much trouble advancing here, so I'll confidently vote for it and then rewatch the match again in preparation for a more stimulating argument next round.

    mizfan: I saw this Shield/Wyatt match live. I didnít get the hype then, and I donít get it now. Itís good, but I always feel like itís propped up heavily on Shield hype and the mere fact that WWE almost never pulls off faction wars in anything resembling a satisfactory way. I just donít see anything motivating either team to this kind of conflict, they just noticed both teams had 3 guys and decided to go at each other, yet itís billed as this titanic clash, and the whole presentation just irks me. The admittedly good action in the match only goes so far for me, and I find it very inferior to many other Shield six man matches of the period. Booker/Goldust vs. Christian/Jericho is 4 supremely talented wrestlers who seem to have a bit of a leash on, but they still put on a very good show. Just to be ornery Iím throwing a vote to the í02 tag, and I hope I can take the Shield/Wyatt folks down in the next round.

    DynamiteBillington: I've always liked a good faction, and the Wyatts were particularly good. Bray is probably my current favourite wrestler, I just hope they don't ruin him again like the did with his original gimmick. I've got to question the seeding with this one though Ė BookDust vs Christian & Jericho was a truly great match, possibly my favourite from the whole of Bracket D. That's definitely getting my vote here.

    Oliver: Ah, this is the Shield vs Wyatts match from when the whole crowd wanted Ace Steel to appear instead or whatever. Itís hot fire, from the opening segment when Seth Rollins looks as good as ever, to the ending where he walks off and leaves his partners hanging. I canít vote against it, even if I really enjoyed that watch of the tag match. Sorry, Vitamin C.

    SirSam: The Shield v Wyatts series is one of the big reasons I stuck around after coming back to watch wrestling back in early 2014. While I came back for Daniel Bryan it was these guys that tore it down on the first PPV I watched when I got back (Elimination Chamber) and then again on the Raw after. Incredible chemistry, incredible action and all around a fantastic story.

    (2) The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (03/03/14) wins 5-2

    Few more close votes than in Bracket C, although the exception being a 2001 match wiping the floor with a Roman Reigns match (...which doesn't surprise me too terribly when boiled down to that level of simplicity!)

    That leaves us with the following matches in the second round:

    (1) Two Man Power Trip vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (05/21/01) vs. (9) Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (06/10/13)
    (4) 10-Man Tag (02/07/00) vs. (5) Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels (05/26/97)
    (3) John Cena vs. Cesaro (07/06/15) vs. (11) The Miz vs. John Morrison (01/03/11)
    (2) The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (03/03/14) vs. (7) Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy (07/01/02)

    Next decade, we'll tackle the second round and pare it down to a Sweet 16. Then, in the 2030s, we'll do the Sweet 16 and get it down to the Elite 8! We're getting there.

    Oh, and did JR's call in that Taker/Hardy ladder match resonate with maybe just a few of us? Damn, talk about memorable!

    More RAW Madness on the way!

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    So after all the wrong decisions made by you bloodthirsty fools, it was me, the hardcore hater being the only one to vote for the ladder match over Hart/Bulldog & Austin/HBK?

    Can't say I'm too disappointed at being outvoted on that one, but the irony of me getting so heavily outvoted on one of the few times I actually choose a hardcore match amused me.

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    I'm enjoying Dynamite having a really different perspective than I'm accustomed to, and I do find it funny that he's the one who pushed an RVD ladder match to the next round!

    Surprised someone voted with me against Shield/Wyatts... probably won't be the last time I vote against it, it's overrated dammit!

    And yup, Doc is definitely gonna hate us...

    Can't wait for round 2 to start dropping!

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    One thing that stood out was the panels thoughts on Cesaro. He is like the go to guy for a great match. I doubt he'll ever win a World Championship as WWE certainly do not see him in that light. However, in any given match, if given the time he can always produce magic. For all his efforts I'd like WWE to give him a great midcard title run with great matches galore.

    Just to echo Doc's thoughts, HHH in 2004 was met with apathy, akin to Lesnar now and Cena in 2007. I remember those Shelton Benjamin matches quite vividly. If I'm not mistaken, he beat HHH two weeks in a row, albeit coming across as lucky. But yet he still defeated The Game, something that was almost unheard of at that time.

    Looking forward to Round 2.

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    Hey guys, very much enjoyed this. Any news on when Round 2 may be coming?

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    Hey Cook,

    There have been some behind the scenes troubles for some of the lads involved.

    Round 2 is coming for sure just might be a little.

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