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Thread: The Witcher

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    The Witcher

    Has anyone watched the Witcher?

    I just finished this series and from someone who never read the books, nor played the game, I have to say that is was very good. I do not want to give much away yet if others have not seen it yet.

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    My experience was vastly different. I haven't played the game or read the books either. Following my usual rule, I watched the first three episodes before deciding whether I wanted to carry on with it and I came to the resounding conclusion that, no, I did not. I thought it was awful. A couple of bits of good action didn't make up for an incomprehensible amount of made up place names and character names being thrown around, some utterly dreadful acting and whatever the good hell Henry Cavill's voice was supposed to be.

    It does seem to have found an audience, though, so good on 'em all the same.

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    We didn't make it past twenty minutes before tapping out, so good on you for sticking out three episodes before deciding....

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    I played the shit out of Witcher 3 years ago when it first came out so I decided to check it out. I enjoyed it and almost got a feeling of the old Xena and Hercules shows watching it. They definitely throw a lot at you in the first few episodes but once the stories/timelines start coming together it really takes off.

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