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    Kingzak presents: Takeover Blackpool Predictions

    Back in Blackpool

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Itís been a while hasnít it, havenít posted all year so far. I havenít abandoned anything yet, Iíve just turned my focus to the 2019 top Trumps Tournament. I have got all the stats and everyone is placed. Overall it is looking like a strong but calmer year. But that isnít what we are here for today, today we are here for predictions, and it is once again time we come home for the predictions Ö well not home but I could probably get a bus there.

    Takeover: Blackpool 2 is here, Iím a bit surprised they went Blackpool again, but I guess itís the biggest city in the north that arenít busy with football on weekends. I canít say Iíve been paying a lot of attention, however that is all set to turn around since NXT UK now actually airs on UK television (regular NXT does to) and that is fucking legit. If youíve got BT Sport, you should make an effort to watch NXT and NXT UK too, Raw and SmackDown are an easy skip but you canít just skip two actual good wrestling shows.

    But enough hyping up the weekly show, itís time to take a look at and predict who will be winning at Takeover, and with two episode of the show under my belt, I am more than equipped to know the right answers, I say this and based on the last two UK Takeovers, Iím not gonna score well for this one. But anyway, without further ado, letís begin.

    Dad: So what one is this
    Zak: This is Takeover Blackpool
    Dad: Can they take it back with them

    Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

    I canít say Iíve actually seen either of these two since Iíve been watching, I am interested to see how this one goes, but I canít say I have any idea or investment in what is going on for this one. My natural instinct is to go with Trent as the more familiar name, but that could backfire and has before in my UK predictions. Iím going with Dennis to win to counter this. Still could be wrong but I got no idea.

    Zak: Eddie Dennis
    Brother: Trent Seven
    Dad: The Trent Seven
    Dog: Eddie Dennis
    Mum: Eddie Dennis

    Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

    Onto some more familiar names, we have Tyler Bate against Jordan Devlin, who for anyone that doesnít know, looks like a cross between Finn Balor and that guy that does spot on Twitter. These two havenít been on the show yet either but I have more of an idea on this one. Devlin turned heel at some point last year, so I at least know the good/bad sides in this one.

    Jordan seems to be getting a push behind him lately, he got a match with Finn last year, and has since been fairly consistently on NXT UK from what Iíve heard/seen. I think he may be set to be the number two heel behind Walter. And for that reason, I reckon he gets the win over Tyler, Tyler has very much done all he needs in the NXT world, he had a singles title and a tag title, his Takeover record reads pretty good (if you ignore the win-loss column) and with a talent so young there is limitless potential here.

    Zak: Jordan Devlin
    Brother: Jordan Devlin
    Dad: Tyler Bate
    Dog: Tyler Bate
    Mum: Tyler Bate

    Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster
    Ladder match
    NXT UK Tag Team Championship

    This is gonna be a lot of fun, the NXT UK tag division has delivered well the past two shows and now we get ladder anarchy, this is gonna be mental. The main build to this one has been the warfare between Gallus and Imperium, but also featuring both sets of former champions in the form of GZV and Andrews and Webster, so this is basically a summary of the last year of the UK tag division.

    I am thinking that this is gonna go one of two ways, either Gallus win or Imperium do, the other two teams have had their time and the focus is on these two duos. I can see Gallus winning because Ladder match history usually sees the champs retain (at least in my experience). But I can see Imperium winning because of some simple booking disparity Iíve noticed. Gallus lost in the Dusty Rhodes tag tournament this week while Imperium didnít, Imperium are booked at World Collide to face The Undisputed Era, just from those two nuggets of information you can see where the focus is from WWE.

    You know what, Iíve convinced myself, on top of the more forward looking booking Imperium also have Alexander Wolfe in the back ready to interfere here. I think they are going to be getting the win here. But I doubt the feud is over yet, more on that later

    Zak: Imperium
    Brother: Grizzled Young Veterans
    Dad: Imperium
    Dog: Imperium
    Mum: The Flash Morgan Webster

    Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven
    NXT UK Women's Championship

    Iím curious, are automatic rematches still a thing in NXT UK or just NXT as a whole, I know WWE pretend they got rid of them but I canít see any other reason for Storm to be here, Piper worked her way to a title match, but it ended up being a triple threat because reasons I never saw and Wikipedia wonít tell me. Last week Toni actually asked Piper to drop out of the match, and obviously Piper disagreed and in this action it kinda destroyed the tenuous alliance between the two which I Ďm thinking is gonna play into the end of this one.

    I am hopeful for this match, the NXT UK Womenís championship matches havenít really lived up to the hype as Takeover matches, but with the talent in the ring I am optimistic, Storms great, Nivenís has a unique style and plenty of experience and Kay Lee definitely has some skill. This could be a pretty good match, but I have said that before so who really knows.

    As mentioned the dissent between Storm and Niven is definitely going to play into the finish here. Either it is going to see them unable to beat Ray and she capitalises off that to steal a win as heels do, or one of the two is going to get the win here and it be followed by a heel turn from the other in a post-match attack. I am actually thinking that Niven gets the win here but Storm turns on her after the match. The signs are all there, Stormís obsession with the title, the fact that she is facing Rhea Ripley at the pre-rumble show and that feels like a very heel thing. Couple in the fact that I get the feeling that Kay Lee Ray is being brought onto US NXT soon (hence her prominence there) and a change does seem likely

    Dad: Does Toni have an I?
    Zak: Yes Ö I mean technically she has two.
    Dad: aww she doesnít wear a patch.
    Zak: Only once a month.

    Zak: Piper Niven
    Brother: Piper Niven
    Dad: Toni Storm sounds most porny
    Dog: Kay Lee Ray
    Mum: Piper Niven

    Walter vs. Joe Coffey
    WWE United Kingdom Championship

    An Austrian and a Scotsman fighting for the title, disgusting, this is why we voted Brexit, we want British people for British championships.
    Just pre writing a review for the Daily Mailís recap on the show. If they want to use this as a review, I want £10,000.

    Once again I canít say to have seen much of this feud, but Coffey has been surprisingly prominent in NXT UK, getting last yearís title match and then at Cardiff he got a win over the absolute unit that is Dave Mastiff. Couple in him being the leader of Gallus and their prominence and the manís had a solid year. But ultimately that isnít continuing through Walter.

    Walter is the destroyer for NXT UK, he is looking to be an absolute monster for the coming years on the NXT brands, if I had to bet on anyone being the first to win the NXT and NXT UK championship it would be Walter, though that would mean he would have to lose the UK title first and I donít see that happening for a while. Youíre gonna need someone built up huge to beat him, and Coffey isnít it. Walter has got this one easy

    Zak: WALTER
    Brother: Walter
    Dad: Coffey
    Dog: Walter
    Mum: The Coffey guy

    Dog Predictions

    The dog walks over before I have even finished cutting up the name

    Zak (To the dog): One day, I am going to have scissors out for a reason that has nothing to do with you and you are going to be so disappointed

    Dog: *Stares intently*

    ē A quick look and then picked Imperium
    ē Turn head sideways to get Tyler Bate, he didnít need to but he did.
    ē A quick pick for Dennis
    ē Walter and his paper too
    ē picked Kay Lee and her paper, but he spat out the paper soon after.

    I am still doubtful that I am going to score well, but I feel like I had more of an idea of the goings on this time and that is a win for me. I am curious to see how the event turns out, I reckon itís gonna be a lot of fun, or at least a medium amount of fun (worst case scenario is that itís still better than Raw or SmackDown). I guess weíll have to wait and see because for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. As always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you Monday for the Royal Recap. Until then.

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    Fun column here as usual mate, but I think my favorite bit of all was your Dad's burn on Blackpool! Didn't actually know this event happened so I'll just wait and see in part 2 how you did!

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    Royal Recap: Takeover Blackpool II

    Feedback time

    @Mizfan: Glad you enjoyed the column. I did okay as far as score goes, but one of us did really well.

    Thanks to everyone for reading, onto the recap

    Witty comment

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Takeover Blackpool II is in the books and I donít know how to feel about this one. Was it a good night of wrestling? Yes. Was it impactful in any way? I donít think so. This doesnít feel like the outcome of the show has finished anything and that is a bad feeling to have coming out of a PPV. Like I am really struggling to think of things to say about this one. I guess itís one of those things were Iíll dive in and see what comes out, so without further ado, letís begin.

    Eddie Dennis beat Trent Seven

    Canít say Iím shocked at this, it is the sensible option as far as building new talent goes.

    Zak: 1-0 (Eddie Dennis)
    Brother: 0-1 (Trent Seven)
    Dad: 0-1 (The Trent Seven)
    Dog:1-0 (Eddie Dennis)
    Mum: 1-0 (Eddie Dennis)

    Kay Lee Ray beat Toni Storm and Piper Niven (Pinfall)

    There were definite hints of issues between Storm and Niven but ultimately Kay Lee was able to heel her way to the win here. I am not surprised, but I am somewhat concerned for the division as a whole. This was the three most prominent talents of the division, and if the past has taught me anything, there is an inevitable step down in competition while someone new is built up and that is concerning considering the very poor state of the division going in.

    Zak: 1-1 (Piper Niven)
    Brother: 0-2 (Piper Niven)
    Dad: 0-2 (Toni Storm)
    Dog: 2-0 (Kay Lee Ray)
    Mum: 1-1 (Piper Niven)

    Tyler Bate beat Jordan Devlin

    I am surprised that Tyler won this. By all reports he is incredibly over (havenít seen him yet outside the Takeovers), but heís got nowhere really to go at this point, heís fought Walter already, he is a former UK Champion, only real goal would be for him and Trent to win the tag titles, I doubt he is getting at the title with Walter at the top and he unless he turns he isnít getting the title off the next guy either.

    Zak: 1-2 (Jordan Devlin)
    Brother: 0-3 (Jordan Devlin)
    Dad: 1-2 (Tyler Bate)
    Dog: 3-0 (Tyler Bate)
    Mum: 2-1 (Tyler Bate)

    Gallus beat Imperium, Grizzled Young Veterans and Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

    This one does surprise me but I did think there was a possibility for a Gallus win. I get the feeling that once Imperium are done with their Undisputed Era feud, we are going to get Gallus (with Joe Coffey and one other, likely Ilja Draganov) against Imperium with both the tag and UK Championship on the line. Thatís what Iíd do anyway. I donít expect it to happen, but itís a fun idea.

    Zak: 1-3 (Imperium)
    Brother: 0-4 (Grizzled Young Veterans)
    Dad: 1-3 (Imperium)
    Dog: 3-1 (Imperium)
    Mum: 2-2 (The Flash Morgan Webster)

    Walter beat Joe Coffey (Submission)

    If there was a dead certain for the night, this was it. Joe Coffey may be talented but I donít think he is that top tier that is going to find itself with the title. Should a midcard title emerge I can see him winning that but the UK title just doesnít seem likely. He is the upper midcarder for champs to beat, no shame in that, but I doubt we see him move past this role, at least not in the near future.

    Zak: 2-3 (WALTER)
    Brother: 1-4 (Walter)
    Dad: 1-4 (Coffey)
    Dog: 4-1 (Walter)
    Mum: 2-3 (The Coffey guy)

    Ok some quick stats

    Takeover Blackpool: Dog scored 3-1
    Takeover Cardiff: Dog Scored 4-1
    Blackpool II: Dog Scored 4-1

    I think we have found his niche, the dog knows British wrestling and he knows it well. 11 out of 14 is a great score. Mine is substantially less than that but I am cool with that, Iíve been going in moderately blind to most shows.

    I am honestly a bit disappointed in what I had to say, the show was good as was expected but really didnít stand out as anything special. This is a good show to just watch and a great show if you were watching going into it, but limited viewing just leaves the show a bit hollow. I donít really know how to feel about the show.

    And I guess that is the best summary I can offer. Some shows are like that I guess, good but with nothing really to talk about coming out of it. So onto the next we go, the Rumble is in a few week and I am excited for it. I did notice that instead of a traditional NXT Takeover, the WWE instead have World Collide as a crossover between NXT and NXT UK. It is gonna be a shorter show, and I am wondering whether to do predictions for it, Iíll leave it up to you guys since it doesnít bother me either way. Should I do a predictions column for Worlds Collide as part of the Rumble bundle? Let me know your thoughts on that and the show as it is now time I bid you all a fond farewell. As always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Go dog go!! Who knew he was such an aficionado of the British wrestling scene?

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    Been trying to watch the whole event before reading your review, but have finally admitted I'm not getting round to it any time soon. I've seen all but the main event, and intended to watch as I haven't seen much of what Walter has to offer even though like yourself, I fully expected him to retain his title here. Given how they're pushing him as an unstoppable big man, I'm curious to see how he actually looks when he's up against some of the big men from the main roster. I get the impression he only seems big comparatively because everyone around him on NXT UK is small (or at least average size when you look at general population rather than WWE Roster).

    That said, the Dog is obviously far superior to the rest of us when it comes to predictions - maybe we need some UK based fact or fiction topics for him to get his teeth into!

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    Haven't watched a single episode of NXT UK ever. By all accounts it's quite good, but lack of time on my part prevents me from watching NXT. Hell, I haven't watched WWE in general since October. However, what I do know is  that Toni Storm is fantastic in the ring as I've seen her wrestle at Evolution.

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