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    Seen a few more recently. Worked it out though that I'm only at 41 (that I can recall) for the year. So, that 100 films thing we were talking about way back when didn't even get close. Given it's December in a couple of days I'll do well to hit 50.

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    You know, I just realized that Chis Evans may be the one actor who has been in the most different comic book to film movies. RDJ is in more movies, but Evans has been in the most diverse.

    Obviously the MCU as Captain America but also:

    Both Fantastic Four Movies
    TMNT - from 2007
    The Losers
    Scott Pilgrim

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    Man, I watched Scott Pilgrim the other week and it is an excellent film on pretty much every level, from directing, to cinematography, to character, to acting.

    Err...wife and I have made an appointment to watch A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby tonight. I'm just hoping it's as wonderfully, gleefully silly as the previous two A Christmas Prince films.

    Speaking of Netflix Christmas films, I will say this - Let It Snow is quite excellent.

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