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    LOP Columns Forum 2019 End of Year Awards - Results

    Welcome to the annual Lords of Pain Columns Forum Awards for 2019. I am Sir Sam and I have been given the distinct pleasure of hosting the awards this year - well at least I stuck my hand up and no one else did so I guess here I am.

    More seriously this is a really great part of the year where we acknowledge the best of what goes down in our community and pay tribute to the hard work and passion of those who make this place what it is.

    Before I get to the first one though, thanks to everyone who is part of this amazing community, it is truly rare to find a place on the internet that is such a tight knit, well informed but still open group, particularly in the IWC. What we have here is special and I love that we get to celebrate it every year. Wheather you win an award or not, your contributions are appreciated.

    However without further ado, let me reacquaint myself with CF formatting and get into the awards, first up:

    Most Improved Columnist

    Winner: TheLAW
    Runner-Up: LWO4Life

    Both men are well deserving of this award. LAW has worked very hard to develop as a writer and the focus and drive has paid off with him earning a number of COTM votes in the later half of the year and ultimately getting this award. LWO is a well known name among these parts but really showed everyone what he can do in the Young Lions Cup and has now been promoted to the main page.

    Best Newcomer

    Winner: Scott Woodburn
    Runner-Up: Dray Zera

    An award close to my heart after I managed to take it out in 2017. This year we had a few very strong contenders but ultimately it was the winner of our Young Lion Competition Scott Woodburn taking the cake. Sadly as he said in his final column he hasn't followed up with any other columns but if you are out there Scott, we'd love to hear more from you.

    The Mizfan Memorial Feedbacker of the Year

    Winner: Mizfan
    Runner-Up (tie): Prime Time
    Dynamite Billington

    After missing out on his own award last year, the man this category is named after comes back and takes if for 2019. Truly all three men here are backbones of the CF in their own ways, hardly a column goes by without all three of them throwing their two cents in and all three men contribute either behind the scenes or with community projects that bring writers together. That consistency and community spirit has seen them take the win here.

    Best Social Media Presence

    Winner: ‘The Doc’ Chad Matthews
    Runner-Up: Samuel 'Plan

    Social media has become such a huge part of how the IWC operates and it has been impossible not to feel the tug away from these forums to the more populated places. However a great social media presence can also bring people here too and year after year one man has been able to harness it for great conversation and also to promote his own varied pieces of work, 2019's winner ‘The Doc’ Chad Matthews. Coming in second with his always entertaining blend of analysis, witt and grumpiness is 'Plan.

    Most Missed User

    Winner (tie): R-Proof

    Runner-Up (tie): Shane

    A bit of a sad one, that I’m tempted to scrap because honestly if you throw a rock in these parts you’ll hit an inactive account that we all miss. The winners here go to R-Proof who contributed some amazing work at the start of the year and a guy who needs no introduction around here, Steve. We miss you all.

    LOP Radio Personality of the Year

    Winner: Mystic
    Runner-Up (tie): Mizfan
    The Implications

    The one man hype man of LOP takes the win! While Mystic was only on the LOP airwaves for the first six months of the year his unique blend of passion, contrarian thought and preacheresq delivery earnt enough fans to take the win. In second are two of LOP Radio's hardest workers Mizfan and Imp who both contribute to multiple shows on the network.

    LOP Radio Show of the Year

    All About All Elite by Mizfan & Mystic
    Runner-Up: The Right Side of the Pond by Mazza, Maverick & ‘Plan

    For the second year in a row Mizfan & Mystic pickup the LOP Radio Show of the Year, this year with their preview series for All Elite Wrestling that went in depth on every aspect of the start-up promotion as it built to its first PPVs and wasn’t afraid to go against the IWC common consensus. In second an LOP Radio institution The Right Side of the Pond.

    Columns Forum Best Series

    Winner: Half Luck & Half Skull: The Greatest Royal Rumble and Raw Matches of All Time by Skullduggery & friends
    Runner-Up: The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan by Mizfan

    Skull's epic bracket tournament takes the cake! After coming in runner up in 2018 his best Royal Rumble and Raw matches tournaments have got him the win in 2019. Really Skull deserves the award purely for managing to wrangle together a whole bunch of writers and keep them somewhat on deadline. Beyond that thought these columns are always so much fun to read through and have even created a number of CF memes, not the least Shawn Michaels somehow getting short shrift in every tournament his matches are part of. Runner up is last year's winner, the institution that is The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan, congratulations to both Mizzie & Skull, well deserved wins here.

    Main Page Best Series

    Winner (tie): NJPW G1 Weekly Review by The Implications & Sir Sam
    The Stories That Defined a Decade by Sir Sam

    Runner-Up: Just Business: The Top 60 Non-Winning Royal Rumble Performances

    We did it Imp! The weekly top 5 matches and MVP tournament where Imp and I watched everything in the G1 so you didn’t have to takes top prize along with my now annual Stories That Defined series. I must say while both were a lot of work to put together, they were both immensely rewarding and fun to be part of. Coming in runner up is ‘Plan’s ode to those who gave everything in the Rumble without coming up trumps from the start of 2019.

    Now we move onto the final portion of the countdown. Ultimately this is a place where we meet to write so I feel it is fitting to end with the big four writing awards for 2019.

    Normal Column of the Year

    Winner: The Crown Prince by R-Proof
    Runner-Up: The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: The Brain’s Finest Hour by Mizfan

    There was no shortage of quality columns over the last 12 months, with two CF comps complementing the normal bunch of columns that came through over the year. The winner though goes to our 2018 Newcomer of the Year R-Proof for his scathing takedown of the Saudi Arabia deal contrasted with words of caution regarding the heir apparent the WWE Kingdom, Triple H. He beat out the runner up by just one vote as The Brain’s finest hour became one of the finest hours for The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan series.

    Creative Column of the Year

    Winner: DOA Choose Your Own Adventure by JacobWrestledWithGod
    Runner-Up (tie): Mercy by anonymous
    Wrestling With Fatherhood by Benjamin Button

    The incredibly ambitious choose your own adventure game by JWG rightly wins this category. Not only did it combine his usual creativity and spark for humorous and dark situations, he scripted a sprawling choose your own adventure match that pushed the limits of the DOA formula but still left something for the next writer to go on. In second is a tie between two perennial contenders for this category Benny & Nony.

    Columns Forum Columnist of the Year

    Winner: Mizfan
    Runner-Up: Benjamin Button

    There were a few very strong contenders for Columnist of the Year in 2019 but in the end I think it was always going to come down to these two. The winner Mizfan kicked off the year with his annual daily countdown of the best match of 2018 and throughout the year kept pushing out his mammoth Bobby Heenan series. For his part Benny tore things up with a series of creative columns and historic series earning four columnists of the month gongs, an LOP CF record for most COTM awards in a year.

    Main Page Columnist of the Year

    Winner: Sir Sam
    Runner-Up: ‘The Doc’ Chad Matthews

    And the award goes to…. me. It’s been an up and down year for both me and Chad as fans but along with criticism of the WWE we’ve both managed to explore our passion for other products and past matches we love. Thanks for the votes guys, its an honour to take this out again for a second year running.

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who voted!.
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    Congratulations to all the winners! Especially to SirSam for getting two in a row. You've earned it man, go lock that main page down.

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    Thanks for putting this together, Sam! I've not been around area as much as I'd like to be, but these awards looking back over the year are always a joy. Winning Newcomer the year before you it's also an award that means a lot to me, the moment it hit I could actually do something with this.

    And huzzar! We did it! That G1 series was knackering at times but so, so worth it. We got to watch so much great wrestling for that series. Call it my New Year's Revolution to make the pain of watching all these US shows and reviewing them worth it by this time next year lol.

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    Congrats to Sir Sam, His contributions to both the MP and the CF speak for themselves. If ever I want to sit down and read a column, it's his!

    Also, Mizfan deserves that more than anyone. He was my vote and I'm glad he won!

    I will say this. I tried the main page. My biggest problem is I I'm not a wrestling writer. I'm a creative columnist, who sometimes fits wrestling in and sometimes writes about wrestling. I don't have the content for the main page. Rest assure I'm a wrestling fan, though. I'm enjoying some NWA, mostly. Then, again I like Tony, Jim Ross, Cody, and Jericho. But between my hours of work, my exercise that's contributed to a 37 pound weight loss, my wife and child, my few days of time off, I draw a blank when trying to reach the wrestling audience. I really love both the CF and the MP but I don't think I'm deserving of either for the amount I have to give. I can't believe I was able to give enough last year to win so many cotm's. Thanks, for all who voted for me then.

    There's something special that writing gives me but it seems to contribute to my 55 pound fluctuation. It's very tough. But one thing I know is if I ever do it, I need the creative/wrestling mix that the CF allows!
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    Obvious congratulations to all the winners.

    I think it's a real shame though that both the winner and runner up in the Best Newcomer award both disappeared. I don't think either one of them did anything outside the Young Lions Cup tournament? They did some great columns in that, but given that neither one contributed much outside of that it only really goes to highlight what a quiet year this was for the forums as a whole.

    I've also got to give a word of thanks to anyone who voted for me as the Feedbacker of the year. I think it's the first time I've nearly won anything here!(?). Not sure it's fully deserved though. Although I do try to give my thoughts on whatever I see posted, in comparison to Prime & Miz my comments are often well behind them; their comments often make for an entire column in themselves.

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    First of all, amazing job Sam putting this together! That's one task I don't envy anyone but you've done a superb job here, even if I'm late to the party to say so.

    Bravo to TheLAW, with a much deserved win on Most Improved! I'm hoping something can piss him off enough to lure him back into the game, I miss his columns. LWO's been good for so long I think people forgot, but I'm glad he's come back to show what he can do and shore up his game!

    I've got to agree with Dyna that it sucks that both Woodburn and Dray vanished so soon after they started. But it's a new year, so I'm hoping to see a new crop of writers pop up soon!

    Really appreciate the votes towards winning my own memorial award! I try to keep the conversation alive. Thanks to Pete, Dyna, and everyone else who keeps the conversation rolling, it's the best thing about this place.

    Congrats to Doc and Plan, I do particularly enjoy Doc's knack for engaging me with wrestling questions even about stuff I'm not watching anymore.

    You're not wrong, Sam, that this place is filled with missed users. But sometimes they come back, so here's hoping!

    Really pleased that my man Mystic took home the LOPR award. I think he absolutely deserved it, I always love being on the air but there's something about his word that's just plain magnetic. Imp is definitely an MVP as well, can't believe the work that man puts in!

    Likewise really touched that AAAE got recognition here as well. It's a show we put a lot of work and love into, and I wish it could have lasted longer but I don't think we could have kept up the same tone and quality. Consider it a preamble to NWA: The Legacy Series, perhaps?

    Thankful for the votes towards Heenan but I'm quite happy for Skul taking this one home, whenever he pops up with another crazy tournament I can't wait to get on board. Round 2 of Raw coming soon, I hope!

    Much love to Sam and Imp, who did a bang up job on the MP! And I'll also say here that Sam was my vote for best of the MP, with all love to the other talented people up here. Just consistently great stuff.

    MAN do I really miss R-Proof. His work on the Saudi situation was nothing short of brilliant. Another great writer who left us too soon. If you're out there, congratulations! And thanks for the love again towards Heenan, I had a blast putting that one together!

    Creative could only really be one winner here, the mind bendingly great DOA entry from JWG. That was truly an all timer, and I wonder how we will possibly top it this year... Nony and Ben also killed it with their entries and I'm really glad they got some recognition.

    Last of all, thanks so much to those who voted me for columnist of the year. I really thought Benny had it sewn up but I appreciate that people are enjoying the Heenan columns that much. I hope someone, or several someones, beat me in a landslide in 2020!

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    ^...and there's another comment as long as one of my columns!

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    Congratulations to all the winners, and particularly thanks to Sam for the work you've put in.

    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    MAN do I really miss R-Proof.
    lol, your typo is catching on Sam, and this is just going to be his name from now on, isn't it!? For the record it was R-Prof....

    Anyway, hope some of these guys who haven't been missing all that long actually check in and see the awards/nominations!

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    Ahh, I totally knew that was his name too! But it is a very catchy typo, after all...

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    Thanks for the love on most improved y'all!

    I watched the Rumble last night and gotta admit. When they do it right, like they did last night, they do it better than anybody.

    Not gonna pull a Tito and return after 4 weeks, so don't worry. Y'all can catch me over on my blog if you'd like though. I'll be working on some new stuff this week! Thanks again dudes!

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    Congrats to all the winners, and to Sir Sam for hosting this year's awards. Great tradition to keep going.
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    I spoke on this on Twitter, but I'm blown away by the nods for podcast and personality of the year, especially after being away so long. Thank you kindly to anyone who voted for me. If you don't know, mizfan and I are doing NWA: TLS now. We are two episodes in, and I go Moonshine Mystic at the start of both, ranting away about the return of the wrestling of my youth.

    Props to everyone who won. Mizfan runs the board. Sam so deservingly wins. Imp. Everyone. Runner ups. All folks. It's a tradition worth preserving, like the NWA. That was the last plug.

    Hope you all are enjoying 2020. Stay away from the overly dramatic Twitter trends and enjoy your lives.

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    Thank you all for the votes , congrats to all the winners.

    As for topping DOA this year, I doubt it’s possible for me, but perhaps more subtle and simple creative pieces can come through again.

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    For me, it was mine to lose, but my own online unpopularity did it. Still, the demons are only muses, and they feed me more, like that disgusting Ryback. The creativity never ends.
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    Just wanted to pop in for a quick thank you for the award and considerations.
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