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    Kingzak Presents: Royal Rumble + World's Collide Predictons

    In a Twitter poll of three people, 100% voted I should do this column, blame them

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Itís that time once again; the rumble is here to hopefully make wrestling exciting for a couple of weeks. After what can at best be described as an abysmal 2019 we have reached the best part of the wrestling year. However before we reach the rumble, we have something else.

    Instead of the traditional Takeover prior to the big PPVís this year we are instead getting Survivor Series part 2: Revenge of the UK. Worlds Collide is an interesting show, offering up matches between NXT and NXT UK. And having gotten into both shows the last month and been pro-NXT the entirety of their existence, Iím actually curious to see how this goes. While it doesnít promise look to be much in the way of long term for the shows, it does offer a lot of unique matches. So without further ado, letís dive in and take a look at what happens when World Collide.

    Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray

    This one initially seemed a bit out of left field for me, however when you think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense as a match, back in the build to WarGames, Yim faced Io Shirai in a ladder match to decide the advantage going into the match, and it ended when Kay Lee Ray came down and attacked Yim to cost her the match and join the heel team. This could theoretically be a chance for Yim to get redemption, especially since she was unable to get it in the War Games match.

    However I am sceptical about this match as a whole. Yim and Ray both havenít had any particularly standout matches so far on their respective brands, so Iím not sure on how the quality of the match is going to go. Itís not a big issue since at worst itíll be average, and that isnít bad. As far as winner goes, I am going to point out the obvious fact that one of these two has a championship belt, and that is the one that is going to win this one.

    Zak: Kay Lee Ray
    Brother: Mia Yim
    Dad: Mia Yim
    Dog: Kay Lee Ray
    Mum: Kay Lee Ray

    Finn BŠlor vs. Ilja Dragunov

    I genuinely wish that there was more of an actual plot to this one other than it just being announced, the promo packages from both have been pretty alright but ultimately this is a match with no real interaction or build, and I just canít get into matches like that. Iíve tried to get into this one, but just canít, Finn has been pretty great since he turned back in October, meanwhile what I have seen of Ilja on NXT UK has been pretty good. Saw him in a no DQ match with Alexander Wolfe a couple weeks back and it was plenty good, only slightly spoiled by the fact I had accidentally recorded the censored version of the show so missed all the chair shots and stuff.

    An honest part of me wants Ilja to get the win here, it would do a lot for him and Finn taking a loss wouldnít be the worst thing for him. Honestly they could get away with it just by having Gargano come out to cost him the match (followed by a likely retaliation from Balor later (or earlier depending on the card order)) I think Ilja should win this, but Iím expecting Balor is the more likely option because he is Finn Balor and he has something like 70% wins in WWE and has only got one Takeover loss. Iím going with the safe option.

    Zak: Finn Balor
    Brother: Finn Balor
    Dad: Ilja Dragunov
    Dog: Finn Balor
    Mum: tried to pronounce Iljaís name, but failed.

    Angel Garza vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks
    NXT Cruiserweight Championship

    Itís weird, the transition from the cruiserweight title on 205Live and WWE to NXT has seen literally 0 of the 205 Superstars follow their title. They are literally just hanging out on a show no one is watching, itís like if Main Event was a brand. Meanwhile NXTís cruiserweight division is being built mostly from scratch. As much as I admire the gumption it takes to build from scratch, I really think the best option would have been to bring the 205 guys to NXT to bolster the division. Especially since the only two people in it right now seem to be Angel and Isaiah.

    If history has taught me anything, this match is going to be a lot of fun to watch. The cruiserweight divisionís multi person matches are always entertaining, lots of unique or high risk spots, itís a very adrenaline fuelled environment. This is definitely one that will be worth a watch

    However one thing that I doubt that is going to happen here is a title change. The title isnít going to go to the NXT UK because that just feels wrong. And I doubt that we are going to get a change to Swerve soon since he could have been the one to win the title from Rush last month, Garzaís reign is only just beginning, unless we get a big challenger before Portland then he has the title till Takeover: WrestleMania.

    Zak: Angel Garza
    Brother: Jordan Devlin
    Dad: Travis Banks
    Dog: Angel Garza
    Mum: Jordan Devlin

    Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm
    NXT Women's Championship

    A bit of a turn around since these twoís last encounters. Rhea would win the inaugural UK Womenís championship tournament over Storm, and Storm would end her reign soon after. Since then Storm has been a staple of the UK Womenís division while Rhea would soon emerge on NXT US against Baszler and recently captured the NXT Womenís title. Both have changed a fair bit since their encounter last year, itíll be interesting to see how this one goes.

    I do mean more toward match style, the outcome is looking fairly obvious. As far as style goes, in their last encounters Rhea was the heel while Toni was the face, though now Rhea is a badass face while Toni is a cocky face (I still think she should turn, just to see how things go) so Iím wondering how that will go with their dynamics, Iím not too worried about this since both their previous matches were good, so chances are this will follow suit.

    As I mentioned above, the outcome is fairly obvious, Rhea literally won the title just over a month ago, if she lost it here that would be not only the shortest NXT womenís Championship reign, but also one of the shortest reign in the brands history. While it would be interesting to set Toni up as this person that Rhea just canít beat, I feel like Ripley is likely keeping the title until at least the WM Takeover.

    Zak: Rhea Ripley
    Brother: Rhea Ripley
    Dad: Rhea Ripley
    Dog: Rhea Ripley
    Mum: Rhea Ripley

    DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

    Again, there has been no interaction between these two, this is literally a challenge thrown out on Twitter, while I am all for social media being used to progress feuds, it shouldnít be the only source of it. If it werenít for the fact that I actually quite like the superstars involved, this would likely have been puppied. Sure it is a good vs good feud so there isnít a lot that can be built to, but at least a face to face confrontation would really help to legitimise this beyond ďhey, fight meĒ

    This match is going to be phenomenal though, an easy choice for match of the night, Moustache Mountain has a history of great matches and I shouldnít need to remind you of the talents of Gargano and Ciampa. This is looking like it will be match of the night and probably match of the weekend.

    As far as the outcome goes, I think that in the long run it is better for Moustache Mountain to get the win here, DIY are a one night reunion and a loss here isnít going to hurt them going into their respective matches at Portland, and like I mentioned earlier I could see Finn costing them the match in retaliation (or pre-emptive strike). Plus a win for MM would definitely be a boost for both men as they are kinda just there at the moment.

    Zak: Moustache Mountain
    Brother: The Trent Seven + the Tyler Eight, 15 on 2, itís an easy win
    Dad: I was gonna make the same joke as brother
    Dog: Moustache Mountain
    Mum: Johnny Gargano and the other one.

    Imperium (Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, and Walter) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and Roderick Strong)

    My initial reaction: Heel vs Heel, ew. However The Undisputed Era has this weird charisma to them where they can play both the heel and face at the same time, I donít pretend to understand it, I just know they are over. As for Imperium, they are firmly heels, something about them just gives off an authoritative vibe Ö actually that may just be Walter and everyone else is just exuding it by proximity.

    I am curious to how this one goes, Iím not too familiar with Imperium outside of Walter, from what Iíve seen they are a fine unit. Meanwhile the list of great matches from the UE members just goes on and on. This should be a good match, but I am worried a bit about it. In all honesty how many really good 4 vs 4 matches have there been in WWE history. Iím sure there are a couple of them from Survivor Series or something, but nothing in particular springs to mind.

    As far as the outcome goes, itís either gonna be an Undisputed Era win or Walter wins, actually change that to either Adam Cole or Walter. One of those two is going to get the win for their team. That does sound a very obvious prediction, but it is true. As far as which side gets the win, well initially I fought that The Undisputed were the obvious choice but they seem to be on a bit of a downswing as they are likely heading to the main roster soon. So I am actually thinking that Imperium get the win here as they are sticking in NXT UK for a while longer.

    Zak: Imperium
    Brother: The Undisputed Error
    Dad: The Undisputed Era
    Dog: The Undisputed Era
    Mum: The Undisputed Era

    Dog Predictions

    Predictions as standard.

    ē Tried to climb my leg to get closer to the ham to start.
    ē He picked Kay Lee quickly.
    ē Took Finn and his paper
    ē A very quick pick for Rhea
    ē He picked The Undisputed Era, but split the paper in half, I think heís seeing a break up in their future
    ē He quickly grabbed Angel Garza and his paper, then took Jordan Devlin and dropped his paper down the back of the settee.

    Overall, the show looks alright, but it definitely isnít a show to go out of the way to watch. I donít think anything is particularly going to impact things going forward, this is very much a bonus show, like when WWE have a live supershow itís big, it might be interesting, but not a lot of consequence is going to be taking place. And on that note, it is time I bid you all a fond farewell, Iíll be back tomorrow for Rumble predictions but until then I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you then.

    Side note:
    Hi everyone, Iím gonna start gathering up people for the next edition of Booking by Committee, itís gonna be about WrestleMania obviously. If you are interested, either leave a note in the comments or message me.

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    You know I'm down for another Booking Committee column! Meanwhile, let's take a look at this card...

    Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray
    -I've never gotten into Kay Lee Ray. Something about her just doesn't really click for me. Mia Yim is a wrestler I've liked for a really long time though, so I'm rooting for her to get the win here!

    Finn BŠlor vs. Ilja Dragunov
    -Man, I remember being excited for Balor. Seems like a long time ago. The guy just seems bland to me now. Ilja has been blowing my mind in wXw in the past few years though and, though it seems unlikely he'd get the win here, I'll give him a vote of confidence anyway.

    Angel Garza vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks
    -Garza is one I don't know too well, in WWE or out. The former Shane Strickland is someone I loved in Lucha Underground, but I think he's another one who can be very bland without some good booking to back him up. Devlin has been making big waves in OTT Wrestling in Ireland, but he hasn't really clicked with me yet. I've seen Travis Banks take some wicked bumps and look impressive at times, but without somebody big to throw him around I'm a little less interested in him. I'm... actually not sure who to root for here, I guess I'll go for Strickland since I've seen what he can do when he's at his best.

    Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm
    -Toni Storm is someone with a good look who impresses me less and less the more I see her. Rhea Ripley is someone with a good look who impresses me more and more as I watch her. Definitely pulling for Ripley here big time.

    DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)
    -I feel like I missed something here. Last time I paid attention to NXT closely, Gargano and Ciampa were literally trying to murder each other. How the heck did these guys get back together? Seemed like they were set to be enemies for life. DIY was a great team, so that's the upside regardless of how it happened. Moustache Mountain is another very talented team, though I'm not sure I ever forgave them for never coming back to Chikara to defend the tag titles when they won them a couple years back. Just for that, I'll go with DIY.

    Imperium (Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, and Walter) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and Roderick Strong)
    -I've never been into the Undisputed Era. Their name makes no sense, I can't stand Adam Cole, and even though they've had some good matches I've never been interested in seeking them out. Everyone likely knows I'm a huge fan of WALTER, and even though the group is a blatant rip off of the far superior Ringkampf stable, I've still got to throw my support behind the very talented Imperium.

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    Royal Rumble 2020 Predictions

    Feedback time

    @Mizfan: Glad to hear your onboard for it. I'll message you when it starts.

    Had no idea that Strickland (I assume now Isaiah) had such a career to him, his popularity makes a bit more sense to me now.

    As far as the Gargano/Ciampa thing goes, the best reason I can give is for a brief while in early 2019 the two teamed together as Gargano was at a low point and needed Ciampa's help to beat Aleister Black/Ricochet, so he briefly turned heel. the duo split and were set for Takeover: New York but Ciampa got injured, he came out after Gargano won and the two embraced, my logic is that Ciampa felt like he was at the end of his career and was prepared to forgive and forget to see the NXT title in deserving hands, while for Johnny he was more looking to try and rescue his former friend from his dark heart. But Ciampa would recover and since he came back they have been very much on the same page against The Undisputed Era, so they've kinda got their friendship back on track, but it's still a bit rocky if you ask me.

    Thanks to everyone for reading so far, onto the rumble we go

    I can't think of a pun to go here

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action for Day 2 of the predictions. It is that time of year again, The Royal Rumble is finally here. The Rumble is the best way to start off the year and usually gives a great indication of how the coming year is going to go (see last year, The womenís one was exciting and menís was pretty meh in both build and execution, and look what happened). As usual the undercard looks pretty inoffensive but there are a couple matches with potential dotted about the card.

    Is it bad that I already know the matches that I want to watch from the card and likely am going to skip the others? Usually it takes a bit of thinking and seeing what happens for me to decide that, but I already know what is going to be good and worth a watch here. That worries me a bit. But honestly nothing looks too bad on the card, so maybe there will be some surprises. But enough pre-amble, letís take a look at the card, so without further ado, letís begin.

    Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo
    United States Championship

    Why couldnít we have the ladder match here instead. There is a tradition of midcard championship ladder matches happening at the Rumble, and the WWE are pissing all over it by having it on Raw instead. I say tradition; I remember it happening a couple times in the early 2000s. But either way, that would have been my preference. Instead we get this match which feels comparatively a bit flat.

    As far as winner goes, Andradeís got this one easily. He only just won the title and I think he has a long reign ahead of him. He is an incredibly talented wrestler and he hasnít had the sort of opportunity to shine that I feel he deserves, his NXT title run was overshadowed by Gargano/Ciampa, his 2018/19 use has been sporadic at best, 2020 is the year of Andrade, he should hold that title until Survivor Series or something and then we can look at him as a potential front runner for the 2021 Rumble.

    Zak: Andrade
    Brother: Humberto Carrillo
    Dad: The Hummer
    Dog: Humberto Carri
    Mum: Humberto Carrillo (because itís a silly name)

    Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin
    Falls Count Anywhere match

    Of all the match types Reign could have chosen, he chooses one that means that you can go anywhere. Surely after all the interference from Roode, Ziggler and all the local wrestlers that Corbin hires, surely the sensible answer would have been a steel cage to neutralise the numbers game. Instead heís got a stipulation where not only can they still interfere, but the match can go backstage and more people can join in.

    Zakís Fantasy Booking: a falls count anywhere match that goes to the backstage area, a random other superstar that has nothing to do with the match joins in the match because why the hell not. I doubt this happens here but this is the thing I most want to see from a FCA match now.

    Iíve really stopped caring about this feud Ö actually, Iím not sure I ever cared about this feud, I just found that match choice irksome, Roman wins this to end the feud, please.

    Zak: Roman Reigns
    Brother: Corbin Again
    Dad: Anyone but Roman Reigns
    Dog: Roman Reigns
    Mum: Roman Reigns

    Shorty G vs. Sheamus

    If you asked me a month ago what I thought was gonna be happening at the Rumble, this would not have been in my top 100 potential matches. Not because Iím not interested in this one, just because it really comes out of nowhere to happen. With that said, I am genuinely glad to see Sheamus back, his 2019 wasnít great being out most of the year with injury, so it is great to see him back and with his size matters character back again. He did this on return from injury back in 2015 until the League of Nation, and while it didnít set the world on fire, it was a serviceable gimmick.

    I think this is going to be a perfectly fine midcard match, may end up moved to the pre-show but this still does seem like itíll be an interesting match. Gableís incredibly talented and Sheamus is a top quality big man, this is a solid addition to the show.

    As far as the winner goes, I feel like the obvious answer is that Sheamus wins. Heís just come back from a long break and that usually means a win, but he has been on top for most of the feud, and the old reverse momentum theory does hold credence. Iím gonna go with Sheamus to win, but Gable winning wouldnít shock me to much here, especially given the limited usage of Gable to this point.

    Zak: Sheamus
    Brother: Sheamus
    Dad: Chad Gable
    Dog: Shorty G
    Mum: Sheamus

    Bayley vs. Lacey Evans
    SmackDown Women's Championship

    Face Lacey Evans vs Heel Bayley Ö who saw that coming. I wish I cared but theyíve literally turned Lacey because they have no other faces on the SmackDown roster. So here are puppies

    Zak: Bayley
    Brother: Bayley
    Dad: Lacey
    Dog: Bayley
    Mum: Bayley

    The Fiend vs. Daniel Bryan
    Strap match
    Universal Championship

    The Miz has fallen victim to Brayís regression therapy, now heís back to his old A-Lister character and teaming with Morrison again. While it is a bit of an odd concept I do love this as an after effect of his character. The only problem is that all versions of Bryan have had the heart of a lion, so it doesnít affect him like it does everyone else. Iím curious to see what happens when The Fiend loses, does he revert Bray back to Husky Harris?

    I have no qualms with this as a match, Bryan vs Bray was Brayís best match since Ö probably 2015 when Bray faced Reigns. I do wish they would do away with the red lights, the match would look so much better. I honestly am hoping they get rid of that sometime soon; just the regular lighting would definitely make things better.

    As far as the outcome for this one goes, itís definitely going to be Wyatt. Bryan went into WrestleMania last year with the title and honestly doesnít have a built in feud to go to if he did have the title. The only thing would be him facing against Bray once more. But I doubt that we are getting the same match at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, that just feels odd to have a feud going 6 months and have matches across all possible PPVís. Thatís just odd in this day and age. I know that sounds kinda dumb but I know what I mean, like you donít just keep having the same match and call it a feud. Bray is winning this and holding the gold into WrestleMania

    Zak: The Fiend
    Brother: Daniel Bryan
    Dad: The one thatís not Bray Wyatt
    Dog: Daniel Bryan
    Mum: Bray ďDonkeyĒ Wyatt

    Becky Lynch vs. Asuka
    Raw Women's Championship

    This is probably my favourite storyline in the WWE at the moment. Sure there isnít much to pick from, but this one blows the others out of the water. Itís something so incredibly simple, one person being atop the world but having that one nagging loss they need to avenge. This is a simple thing but honestly it is so effective. Not every feud needs big promos or drawn out segments, something simple and understated can work fantastically.

    I am not gonna waste my breathe talking about how good this one is going to be, last year they had a great match and inevitably they are gonna have another one here. There is no reason why this isnít gonna be just as good. The only thing that I really see being different is the outcome.

    Becky holding the title into WrestleMania just makes sense, she is the most over person on the main roster, which is both a comment on how over she is and how poorly the men side of things is going. Becky retaining is the most likely scenario, however I did see someone on Twitter suggest that Asuka beats Becky here and they rematch at WrestleMania, which honestly sounds awesome to me, so realistically either way I am happy.

    Zak: Becky Lynch
    Brother: Asuka
    Dad: Asuka
    Dog: Asuka
    Mum: Asuka

    Womenís Royal Rumble match

    The WWE have really forgotten to build to this one. Itís Wednesday and so far there are five superstars announced for this match. I am sure this will change after SmackDown but this is pretty lacklustre.

    And in update, itís now Saturday and there are nine superstars in the match. what the actual fuck, this is the least effort I have seen in a rumble in possibly ever. There have been worse rumbles but the effort in building this one is really lacking. Iím sure the match will be good but the build is so lacking.

    The winner for this one is actually pretty obvious based on the likely directions for WrestleMania. Both Becky and Bayley have a match that seems destined for them. Becky is either going to be facing Asuka to try and get the title back, or she is going to face the one other person that has had her number since The Man came around, and that is Shayna Baszler. That feud just works for me, Shayna has conquered NXT while Becky has done the same to Raw and when they met at Survivor Series, Shayna got the win by taking out Bayley. That match just feels too big to not be the WrestleMania match, especially if the WWE let Baszler continue to be the destroyer she is up on the main roster. (Also it continues to tease the WWE vs UFC horsewomen feud that the fans have joined on to)

    Alternately Ronda Rousey wins the match, but then again she is doing family stuff nowadays so we have until a year after she announce that she is pregnant before that happens.

    As far as Bayleyís opponent, itís looking likely that we are finally getting Bayley vs Banks at WrestleMania, a rumble win by Banks really would be the best way to build that. Though the problem there is why go after your friend when there is another option. I feel like Banks vs Bayley is pretty much a guarantee for WrestleMania.

    These are the two (three) most likely scenarios I can see coming out of the rumble and going towards WrestleMania. It does feel a bit odd that Charlotte is out of the world title picture at WrestleMania, but sheís been in a prominent spot the last four maniaís I think she can slum it in the battle royal ( and probably win it) for this year.

    Zak: Shayna Baszler or Sasha Banks
    Brother: Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair
    Dad: Sasha Banks or Candice LeRae (good honest pornstar names)
    Mum: Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch

    Men's Royal Rumble match

    Important note, I can tolerate literally any wrestler winning the match; if a non-wrestler wins then I am quitting WWE. The Rumble is sacred and to let an outsider win the match just for publicity is actively sickening, sure they can be in the match but to win is a whole different matter. Quitting WWE would be easy, I have several projects to keep me going and NXT on TV now, and I like to think that most of you guys agree with me on this.

    For as talented a list of superstar as are actually in the match, the WWE have done a great job at making it look like none of them are going to win. The fact that I am even worried about a non-wrestler winning is a terrifying sign of the times. The big problem I am seeing right now is that there havenít been any teased potential matchup, usually that is what people go off of to look at the Rumble, but honestly the WM36 card could be anything right now.

    As far as potential winners goes, I have one name thatís been rumoured and one that I am just hopeful for, Roman has been rumoured as winner of the match as he is looking to be against The Fiend, and as terrible an idea I think that Roman winning could potentially be, it is the most likely option.

    My other choice is Braun Strowman getting the win, I know heís been looking at the IC title the last few weeks but that could be a red herring, plus I do think there is money in a Brock/Braun match come Mania, or based on fan interest, Braun/Fiend could also be good. Both of those matches have a lot of deeper story that can be dug into and while I doubt they happen, I can always hope.

    Zak: Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman
    Brother: Seth Rollins or Ricochet
    Dad: The gingerest and the oldest (to represent Prince Harry and Prince Phillip, the two deadliest members of the Royal family)
    Mum: Kofi Kingston or Shinsuke Nakamura

    Dog Predictions

    ē Offered Roman/Corbin, He sniffed Roman and choose him, Corbin fell completely out of my hand from neglect
    ē Shorty G and his paper, but I retrieved it from his gums
    ē he bit off the end of Humbertoís name
    ē A quick pick for Bayley
    ē He shot his tongue out and got Asuka and her paper.
    ē he missed my hand completely on first try, second try and Daniel Bryan was chosen

    Honestly if this wasnít the Rumble I wouldnít bother to watch this, but since it is the Rumble, Iíll watch the rumble matches in the week. The WWE is at minimal excitement but they have the chance to get that sorted here, I just pray they donít fuck it up. This really is a poor build for the most part. There are good builds that WWE have lucked their way into (I say lucked because so much crap happens that I canít believe there is enough talent to book coherently anymore)

    Prepare for the worst, that is honestly the best advice I can offer you all. the best case scenario for a lot of matches isnít particularly exciting in itself and a lot of the most WWE looking options are downright terrifying. And on that depressing note, it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. I donít know if Iíll be doing a separate World Collide review, it depends if anything of note takes place, either way I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

    Side note:
    Hi everyone, Iím gonna start gathering up people for the next edition of Booking by Committee, itís gonna be about WrestleMania obviously. If you are interested, either leave a note in the comments or message me.
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    Shocked it wasn't Roman and Corbin that got the puppies! Seems like a mixed bag of a card but I'll probably at least check out the Rumble matches at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    Shocked it wasn't Roman and Corbin that got the puppies! Seems like a mixed bag of a card but I'll probably at least check out the Rumble matches at some point.
    +1. All exactly the same for me - although thinking about puppies & a women's match could make me go all Jerry Lawler again.

    Hopefully I get to my hotel tonight early enough to watch at least the two Rumble matches. The rest of the event may or may not follow towards the end of the week, but that will depend on reviews saying it's actually worth watching.

    Now to avoid all wrestling sites for the rest of the day. Spoilers have so far been avoided which is always good.

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    Royal Recap: Royal Rumble + Worlds collide 2020

    Feedback time

    @Mizfan: If it weren't for my need for a rant about the match, it would have absolutely been puppied. Would have been fitting to considering the amount of dog food used in the feud.

    @Dynamite: Best of luck getting the rumbles spoiler free. it's a difficult task but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Thanks to everyone for reading the predictions, time for a Royal Recap for both shows.

    Powerman 5000 is underrated

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with the double Royal Recap for World’s Collide and the Royal Rumble.

    As far as World’s Collide goes, I was sceptical of the long term impact of the show, and overall it was actually pretty enjoyable. The show delivered in the way of quality as it was expected to and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s interesting to see if the World’s collide concept could find itself being used as another NXT PPV aside from Takeover’s. But that is very much a wait and see discussion, what we can do now though, is take a look back at the night, so without further ado, let’s begin.

    Kay Lee Ray beat Mia Yim (pinfall)

    The expected outcome, but the match itself was pretty enjoyable. This may have been both’s best traditional singles match to date, so that’s good I guess.

    Zak: 1-0 (Kay Lee Ray)
    Brother: 0-1 (Mia Yim)
    Dad: 0-1 (Mia Yim)
    Dog: 1-0 (Kay Lee Ray)
    Mum: 1-0 (Kay Lee Ray)

    Finn BŠlor beat Ilja Dragunov (Pinfall)

    Another fairly standard Finn Balor match, it’s good but not great. Usually I comment on what’s next but Finn’s already set to face Gargano at Portland in a couple weeks, meanwhile no idea what happens with Ilja next, hopefully he is given a bit of a push because I think there is real talent there.

    Zak: 2-0 (Finn Balor)
    Brother: 1-1 (Finn Balor)
    Dad: 0-2 (Ilja Dragunov )
    Dog: 2-0 (Finn Balor)
    Mum: 1-1 (Ilja)

    Jordan Devlin beat Angel Garza, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Travis Banks
    New Cruiserweight Champion

    I can honestly say I did not see this coming. I was doubtful of a title change here anyway, but the title moving to the NXT UK brand is genuinely surprising. Especially consider they just filmed the next few weeks about a week or so ago, so that means Devlin may show up without the title. And that would be odd. I am curious to see how things go from here.

    Zak: 2-1 (Angel Garza)
    Brother: 2-1 (Jordan Devlin)
    Dad: 0-3 (Travis Banks)
    Dog: 2-1 (Angel Garza)
    Mum: 2-1 (Jordan Devlin)

    DIY beat Moustache Mountain (Pinfall)

    I feel like I just keep repeating myself for these matches, they are good but I doubt there is gonna be much of a follow on from it. I’m a little disappointed that MM didn’t get the win but it’s a passable loss. I don’t know what happens next for either team as a team, since Gargano and Ciampa have their own goals to go back to.

    Zak: 2-2 (Moustache Mountain)
    Brother: 2-2 (The Trent Seven + the Tyler Eight)
    Dad: 0-4 (Moustache Mountain)
    Dog: 2-2 (Moustache Mountain)
    Mum: 3-1 (Johnny Gargano and the other one.)

    Rhea Ripley beat Toni Storm

    Is there anyone that thought Toni was going to win this one. Rhea just started her reign and she’s been on fire. I don’t know what is going on for Toni, she’s pretty much out of stuff to do on NXT UK, and with how many women are crowding the top of the NXT roster, and she’d get lost in the shuffle there. Maybe it is best for her to stay a big fish in a smaller pond.

    Zak: 3-2 (Rhea Ripley)
    Brother: 3-2 (Rhea Ripley)
    Dad: 1-4 (Rhea Ripley)
    Dog: 3-2 (Rhea Ripley)
    Mum: 4-1 (Rhea Ripley)

    Imperium beat The Undisputed Era (Pinfall)

    This was a lot of fun, and the fact that Imperium won really makes me happy. As a team Imperium have seemed more like Walter’s lackeys, this definitely helps put them across as more of a threat, even if it was Walter picking up the win (Side note, I don’t think Walter has a finishing move as such, he just seems to beat on some till he can pin them, it’s a weird trait in wrestling but unique). Undisputed Era are likely heading to the main roster after WrestleMania, I can already imagine the cheer when they show up and lay out Roman or Braun or some other big name. As for Imperium, I suspect tag titles eventually, while Walter is just going to hold the title for a while longer, he’s approaching a year with no clear challenger in sight.

    Zak: 4-2 (Imperium)
    Brother: 3-3 (The Undisputed Error)
    Dad: 1-5 (The Undisputed Era)
    Dog: 3-3 (The Undisputed Era)
    Mum: 4-2 (The Undisputed Era)

    And onto the Royal Rumble, I was sceptical of the show’s potential thanks to a rather lacklustre build, and I was pleasantly surprised by the show. The card didn’t draw any particular surprises but the Rumble matches delivered in spades, maybe there is hope after all. The Rumbles both felt like a match of two halves, they had a story going the first half, then change it for the second part.

    Sheamus beat Shorty G

    There was no way Sheamus was losing this, this is his comeback match and people don’t lose those. I am curious to see where things lead, I honestly wouldn’t mind if he continues his assault on smaller superstars gimmick and it leads to him vs Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. That honestly doesn’t sound too bad at this moment.

    Zak: 5-2 (Sheamus)
    Brother: 4-3 (Sheamus)
    Dad: 1-6 (Chad Gable)
    Dog: 3-4 (Shorty G)
    Mum: 5-2 (Sheamus)

    Andrade beat Humberto Carrillo

    I’ve got nothing; everything I said about this match in the prediction still remains true.

    Zak: 6-2 (Andrade)
    Brother: 4-4 (Humberto Carrillo)
    Dad: 1-7 (The Hummer)
    Dog: 3-5 (Humberto Carri)
    Mum: 5-3 (Humberto Carrillo)

    Roman Reigns beat King Corbin

    The sad thing is that since Roman didn’t win the rumble, this feud could potentially continue. remember when TLC was meant to be the end of a feud not to build to a falls count anywhere match. This feud has been a mess. Baron Corbin is a good heel but can we see him do something other than “have lots of heels on my side”, this version of Corbin has been knocking around for over a year and a half now and while he keeps changing the name, the clothes and the allies, it is the same thing every feud. Can we have a version of Corbin that can fight his own battles, that’s all I want at this point.

    Zak: 7-2 (Roman Reigns)
    Brother: 4-5 (Corbin Again)
    Dad: 1-8 (Anyone but Roman Reigns)
    Dog: 4-5 (Roman Reigns)
    Mum: 6-3 (Roman Reigns)

    Charlotte Flair won the Women’s Royal Rumble

    Ok there’s a lot to talk about,

    There was a total of 15 spots used by NXT or Surprise entrants, 10 NXT + Toni Storm. And four surprises. And the sad thing is that was actually required, the only active women not in the match were the Iconics and Sasha Banks. they could have also had Lacey and Asuka, but they hadn’t had their title matches. If the NXT women’s division weren’t superior to the main roster in every way, shape and form I would have an issue with this.
    Bianca Belair dominated the first half of the match, which is good because I have no doubt that she is on her way up very soon, after she loses to Rhea at Portland I could see her showing up the very next Raw/SmackDown, I’d have her win the annual WM battle royal, if nothing else Bianca has proven she knows how to battle royal very well. Bianca clearing the ring mid match was a pretty unique moment.
    Apparently Sasha Banks was scheduled for the match but didn’t compete and her spot went to Kelly Kelly, I will never forgive her for making me lose the rumble game. Sasha has been advertised to wrestle on the last few episodes of SmackDown but hasn’t shown up then either. I’m beginning to wonder if it was worth WWE getting her back. Though I am sure it less to do with their interest and more making sure AEW don’t have her.
    Beth Phoenix kicked ass this match. it’s actually fascinating to see what goes on when she has wrestlers to face instead of divas. The big talking point for her was the head wound, that looks pretty damn brutal, last time I saw hair being dyed red by blood was back when Ric Flair was still wrestling. Hope she is okay.
    I’ve seen a lot of people slating the Santina comedy spot. I don’t see why if I’m honest. Santina came about because of Santino’s character wanting a WrestleMania match and thinking the women were an easy thing to beat. This time he was terrified of them so much so that he just left.
    Shayna eliminated eight superstars in under five minutes … that’s gotta be a rumble record for most eliminations in the shortest time. This felt like she was being built up big but then she was eliminated somewhat abruptly, no climactic final two fight, just an elimination. Just feels odd to me.
    Charlotte winning, kind of a bit of a disappointing outcome. Charlotte has just kinda been there the last year, and while thinking of her out the title picture at WrestleMania felt odd, this doesn’t really remedy that. Now her choices are to either go after Bayley or Becky, as much as I think Charlotte/Becky is a WrestleMania quality match, the problem is Becky got popular because people didn’t like Charlotte being overpushed, this isn’t gonna help. And if she faces Bayley, those two don’t have great chemistry, and it does leave Becky without an opponent unless one emerges in the next few weeks.

    Overall the match was good, but I don’t know how I feel about the outcome.

    Zak: 7-3 (Shayna Baszler or Sasha Banks)
    Brother: 5-5 (Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair)
    Dad: 1-9 (Sasha Banks or Candice LeRae)
    Mum: 6-4 (Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch)

    Bayley beat Lacey Evans

    And in a shock to no one, Bayley retains the title and continues Lacey’s streak of never winning on PPV. She is at about 0-9 or something like that at this point. There is definitely potential for her but the fact is she just spent the last year as a heel, and the only thing that turned her was the fact that Sasha Banks is a better heel than her. If those two didn’t cross paths then Lacey would still be a heel. A few months back I commented how weak the Raw Women’s division was, but at this point SmackDown’s division is trash, half the division are tag teams and the other half is injured.

    Zak: 8-3 (Bayley)
    Brother: 6-5 (Bayley)
    Dad: 1-10 (Lacey)
    Dog: 5-5 (Bayley)
    Mum: 7-4 (Bayley)

    The Fiend beat Daniel Bryan

    As soon as I heard the words “no red lights” I was excited for this one. Bryan really was able to get a lot of offense in and what we get is Bray Wyatt’s best match in years, more of this version of The Fiend going forward, still hard to beat, but not indestructible. This is my pick for singles match of the night.

    Zak: 9-3 (The Fiend)
    Brother: 6-6 (Daniel Bryan)
    Dad: 1-11 (The one that’s not Bray Wyatt)
    Dog: 5-6 (Daniel Bryan)
    Mum: 8-4 (Bray “Donkey” Wyatt)

    Becky Lynch beat Asuka

    Not as good as last years but still pretty damn good. I think that is the best way to summarise this one. The expected outcome took place, and now both likely head their own separate ways for WrestleMania, Asuka prepping for some tag title challengers while Becky’s opponent is still unclear.

    Zak: 10-3 (Becky Lynch)
    Brother: 6-7 (Asuka)
    Dad: 1-12 (Asuka)
    Dog: 5-7 (Asuka)
    Mum: 8-5 (Asuka)

    Drew McIntyre won the Men's Royal Rumble

    Bullet list again.

    While as a concept, Brock dominating the ring for several entrants is a good idea and really makes it seem a big deal for his elimination, it really did make the first half of the match bery hard to watch. I would probably have cut that down by a few entrants (personally I’d move MVP and John Morrison to after Brock’s elimination, just because I feel like there is stuff they could have done if they didn’t run into a brock wall) you’d still have gotten the super heat on him and the big cheer for whoever eliminated him, but it would have taken less of the match and probably have added a bit to the second half.
    Why did I pick Braun Strowman? Also while I’m lamenting, I’m sure Kane was supposed to be in the match, what happened to him?
    Edge was very not expected from me. I honestly thought he was done. I’m glad to see he’s not but at the same time, a little worried. This was an amazing moment.
    I loved the Rated RKO reunion mid match, they were the premier heel team when I started watching, and it is a shame the duo was so short lived back then. But then again both became multi time world champions so it’s not a big issue.
    Did I just watch WWE actually learning from their mistakes? Roman had been rumoured to win for months and seemed like the direction they were heading, but no he once again claims the runner up spot. While it is still very possible that Roman finds his way to one of the world titles, I’m glad to see WWE being sensible with the rumble.

    So onto the biggest surprise of the night. Drew McIntyre not only eliminated Brock Lesnar from the match but would go on to win the whole thing, and thanks to the Lesnar elimination, he was cheered throughout. He has been a heel the entirety of his WWE run and just turned here. And the likely outcome now is he goes after Lesnar at WrestleMania. I’m genuinely surprised, I did not have Drew on my radar but the signs were there, he hasn’t lost since November. This is baffling. I’m genuinely curious to see where this goes the next few weeks.

    Zak: 10-4 (Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman)
    Brother: 6-8 (Seth Rollins or Ricochet)
    Dad: 1-13 (The gingerest and the oldest) (This turns out to be Erick Rowan and MVP (MVP beats Edge by being two days older))
    Mum: 8-6 (Kofi Kingston or Shinsuke Nakamura)

    Ok, time for a quick watch list for the weekend

    1. Men’s Royal Rumble
    2. Women’s Royal Rumble (Of course the rumbles are topping the list)
    3. Fiend vs Bryan
    4. Imperium vs The Undisputed Era
    5. DIY vs Moustache Mountain (you can have these two either way round)
    6. Lynch vs Asuka
    7. Cruiserweight four way
    8. Balor vs Dragunov
    9. Sheamus vs Gable
    10. Andrade vs Carrillo
    11. Ripley vs Storm
    12. Roman vs Corbin (If you have enjoyed this feud (WHY?), move it up to spot 7)
    13. Kay Lee vs Yim
    14. Bayley vs Evans

    The Rumbles are of the utmost importance for a watch, the 3-7 spots are all worth a watch but less urgent (if you find yourself with an hour with nothing to do, stick one of these one). 8-11 are solid midcard matches nothing special but nothing terrible. 12 down aren’t really worth it, but if you want to watch everything then you won’t find anything really bad there.

    It has been a weird weekend for wrestling. A lot of quality stuff, a lot of stuff that isn’t gonna matter in the long run and some real big twists. At the start of my Rumble predictions I joked about how a year goes as well as it’s rumble did, and if 2020 is going like the rumbles, then bring it right on, those were good rumbles.

    WWE, you have my curiosity, now get my attention. I’m genuinely looking forward to Raw and the build to Elimination Chamber

    Oh, there a Saudi show in February now. Well there goes that. I’m kidding, I’m still curious to see where this goes. But for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. Usually I tease what’s next but I’m not sure, if I had to guess it’s probably another part of the PPV-Star of the Decade series, but who knows. For now though I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I hope you enjoyed the shows, and I will see you next time.

    Side note:
    Hi everyone, I’m gonna start gathering up people for the next edition of Booking by Committee, it’s gonna be about WrestleMania obviously. If you are interested, either leave a note in the comments or message me.
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    Well done on beating your family in predictions again, mate! For the record, I believe people who criticized the Santina appearance mainly did so because either they felt it took a spot away from an actual woman who could have been featured or because they're uncomfortable with the idea of a cross-dressing/transgender joke character in 2020, so your mileage may vary depending on how you feel about those things.

    Oh, and WALTER's finish outside the WWE has been a version of the Kojira Clutch, similar to Samoa Joe's submission finisher, but since he's the kind of wrestler who looks like he can kill you with any move he does tend to beat opponents with a wide variety of moves, which I actually really like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    I believe people who criticized the Santina appearance mainly did so because either they felt it took a spot away from an actual woman who could have been featured or because they're uncomfortable with the idea of a cross-dressing/transgender joke character in 2020, so your mileage may vary depending on how you feel about those things.
    Anyone criticising it is a bit of an idiot IMO. Lets face it, it was going to happen sooner or later. They did it right, and they managed to hold off on it for a couple of years, so I think it was a good moment.

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    I don't agree at all that people who criticized it are idiots or that it was an inevitable moment, but either way I doubt anyone will even be talking about it a week from now so the point is likely moot!

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    Feedback time

    @Mizfan: Joke Characters ae fine in moderation, and a one off appearance isn't much an issue. Honestly I think they just ran out of superstars to have in the match, like I said they only missed three active women, and one of them was replaced for unknown reasons anyway.

    Thanks for the answer, I've been kinda curious since so far he's used a splash (Dunne), a clothesline/Lariat (Bate) and then the clutch for Coffey a couple weeks ago.

    @Dynamite: I agree, I think this was kinda inevitable but they did it right.

    Thanks to everyone for reading, hope you've enjoyed.

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    Once Drew eliminated Lesnar we all should have seen him winning. However, you couldn't bank it because Roman was involved. Drew and Brock should be an interesting feud.

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