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    That episode of BTE was pretty good, although it's pretty lengthy at 47 minutes. It's a really good look at the lead-up to the show from their perspective. I'm also glad they decided to add that last skit at the end because it was vintage BTE and it had me laughing.

    I finally was able to watch most of the matches of All In scattered throughout the week. I also thought that Scurll vs. Okada was the match of the night for me. I thought it would consist of nothing more than Okada just toying and squashing him but Scurll really showed how good he is overall. He's been pretty much shoved into a seemingly comedic role lately, and this makes me want to see more of the more serious "Villain" side of him again. I'm glad they decided to give him this match instead of booking him in a singing segment, which apparently was going to be his role for the night.

    I also dug the Hangman vs. Janela match. I'd never seen any of Janela's matches before so I was really curious after hearing all the buzz surrounding him. His style of wrestling isn't my cup of tea but he does it really well so that counts for something. Penelope Ford was outstanding in her role too. They're a really nice pairing, so I'm curious to see where his career goes as he continues to get more talk about him.

    From top to bottom it was a really well-put show. Cody and the Young Bucks knew their target market and nailed it. Sure, there were mistakes but considering the scope of this show and that the people running it aren't full time producers / bookers / promoters, it all went smoother than I expected. My guess is that they'll run another similar scale show, and they'll have learned from their mistakes.

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    What I will say of MJF is that I liked that he just decided he would be THE MOST HEEL THAT EVER DID HEEL and ran with it. Like, everything about him was heeling it up. I don't know if that's just how he wrestles week in, week out, but I dug it.

    And as I said, I enjoyed the show. I might well have loved it if I really wanted to. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.

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    Still watching through the show, got a few matches left.

    I loved the battle royal on the pre-show, I thought it was beautifully put together and pretty much everything clicked just right. I'm not even a fan of Flip but the ending was still great because it was in line with the story they were telling.

    I liked Cross/MJF and honestly thought MJF brought more to the table as a character and driving the story of the match. Cross by himself always comes off a bit generic to me but he did his thing well enough.

    Skipped over Daniels/Amell for now but gonna go back for it, interested to see how they do.

    The women did an overall good job, though given the quality of women's wrestlers out there I don't think I would have picked those four. Britt didn't stand out as good or bad to me but I thought Madison Rayne was out of place, she hasn't impressed me much in recent years. Tessa was obviously the standout.

    The finish of Cody/Aldis was the moment of the night, absolutely. The match had a couple things I didn't love, but also had some great stuff and was overall very strong.

    Janela/Page was a blast, I don't follow BTE at all but they set up the stuff with the boots and the phone well in the video package, so props to them on that. The action itself was lots of fun and affirms my enjoyment of both guys, particularly Janela as the spiritual successor to guys like Sabu. I could have personally done without the post match stuff but I know some people love that stuff, so more power to them.

    Lethal/Flip was decent but probably my least favorite of the night so far. Lethal is very good at the Savage impression and some of the shtick was very funny, but I've been enjoying him breaking away from that in the past few years and had mixed feelings about bringing it back, especially as a sort of full on second personality. I also struggle with Flip, he's athletic but not more so than a number of other guys and I'm not sure what else he brings to the table. By no means bad and it was cool to see Lanny Poffo, whom I always liked. The post match stuff with Bully was the most fun part of the segment for me.

    Pentagon/Omega was great, despite what I thought was particularly annoying commentary at times. Omega had to wrestle a bit differently than his usual long-form style and Penta adapted himself as well. Definitely one of my favorites from the show so far, they lived up to my expectations. Especially liked that when Penta used the arm breaker, Omega sold it consistently and avoided using the arm too much, I was very afraid he was going to blow it off as he sometimes does but it was well executed. The Jericho appearance was certainly surprising, I couldn't help but roll my eyes a little when it was just an advertisement for Jericho's cruise but still, that's a cool moment you can replay again and again if needed.

    Looking forward to the rest of the show, it's been a blast so far and just the fact that the show exists is extremely cool in and of itself!

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