These are so much fun to read.

I agree with Bear that the CF has become "soft". I only started writing in 2016 but I was a lurker for at least 10 years before that and I remember how guys used to be destroyed for writing a shit column. I personally was only ever shat on once for a stream of conscience column by BK a couple years ago.

I also agree with Bear that the creative aspect has really declined in this place. I used to love writing random creative columns every second or third column. That's why I enjoy Zak's columns because he always brings a unique, fresh idea when he's not writing predictions/reviews/stats column.

I agree with what Priest said regarding losing interest because he was trying to hard instead of having fun. Once the fun is gone it really becomes a chore to write columns.

I'm with Randall on missing The Wrestling Menu. He was the columnist that got me interested in reading columns too. Interesting to read about Randy getting regular blocked/banned, quite the charmer as you so eloquently put it Maz.

Sam, I'm with you on being all in with AEW. I hardly ever watch WWE these days. AEW just has that overall fresh feel to it. To me Kenny Omega is the odd one out of the Elite and the wrestler i enjoy the least among them. I do live the Bucks their double team moves are really fun to watch and their matches are always fast-paced.

I remember you coming into the forums with quite a bang and your momentum never really slowed down since so good on you for that. Nice to see a newer columnist having a go.

I love the love for Randy Orton T.O. He is my favourite wrestler of all time and like you I believe he has a lot of detractors because its cool to hate on him when he's a better wrestler than most on the roster. I hope Randy Orton wins the World Title again just to piss people off. Although WWE does a lot of that anyway.

Great stuff Maz.