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Thread: LPW Rules

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    LPW Rules


    1. No plagiarism. Quotes from other works are okay.

    2. No flaming aside from IC, in the TT and V&P. That includes all forms of harassment.

    3. To participate, you need a character sheet. Those are located in the Sign-Up Thread.

    4. Do not use other people’s character without their okay. This is easy to obtain. Most people will have reasons why or why not. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in a visit to the Upside Down of “These E-Hands.”

    5. Follow the rules of the board. The forums we are housed in is not ran by LPW. As such, any rules they have supersede what we have. If you break one of theirs, we cannot save you.

    6. Promos: Show cards will be posted in the Voting and Promo thread. These threads will have a time limit in which posting promos are allowed. Going over that limit risks disqualification. Promo length is subjective. (there is no “right or wrong” way to do a promo. You are showing off your character. However you decide to do that, so be it)

    7. Voting will be completed in the registered times. Going over the deadline will disqualify your votes. Each vote will be a .1 on the APS (All Posts Scored) this coupled with the promo score handled by members of the community will decide all contests. If there are special rules, they will be said in the card’s posting.

    8. Trash Talk posts can be heard by all unless you state “OOC” or your character is in a place where no one else can see you. Trash Talk posts need not only be for Trash Talk. Mini “promos” are encouraged and have been used in the past to drive storyline outside shows and promos. All non-OOC posts are cannon.

    9. The decision of the Head writer(s) is final. Currently, he is RCA. Any issues should be taken to them. They will resolve them with fairness.

    10. Use common sense. Be respectful and you should have no issues. We are all here to tell stories, create characters, and have fun. The goal is to keep it that way.

    Thanks, and enjoy your time in LPW.
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