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    LOP Radio Aftershock

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...

    Okay, children of all ages probably shouldn't listen to this show. I mean, there's probably nothing in there they haven't heard before, but I personally think it unhealthy to expose a developing mind to the sheer fanaticism that is Plan's love for Seth Rollins. That can't be part of the recipe for growing a healthy kid, right?

    And I say "fuck" entirely too much for a kid to hear. I mean, sure, they're gonna hear it from their friends on in movies and stuff... but damn. Have some mercy on the kid.

    Regardless, this is a great place to get at either Steven or Plan, Steve and Sam, if you prefer, to discuss all things Aftershock. We look forward to hearing from you. One of us especially do, but only if you're talking about Seth Rollins.

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    Steve and I are currently hashing out the details on a new show in the Aftershock brand ready to hit the LOPRadio airwaves, we hope sooner rather than later!

    Retroshock; coming soon....

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