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    Lords of Pain Radio General Feedback and Discussion

    If it's not covered by all the individual show threads, well, feel free to comment about LOP Radio here. Got suggestions for All-Star shows? Maybe just in general feedback about the network as a whole? This is the place to fire at will.

    Also, just as a helper type thing, here's a handy dandy weekly schedule of all the things you can find on your friendly neighborhood LOP Radio.

    Lords of Pain Radio Weekly Schedule

    Monday - Kingdom of Honor
    Tuesday (morning) - The Global Revolution
    Tuesday (evening) - One Nation Radio
    Wednesday -
    Thursday - Perfect 10 Wrestling Show
    Friday - The Right Side of the Pond
    Saturday - WWF: The Legacy Series / NXT Takeover Aftershock Recaps
    Sunday - LOP Radio Aftershock PPV Recaps / NJPW on LOPR / LOPR Special Editions (All-Star, Etc)

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    Hey, for the last few weeks I've had some issues with listening to LoP Radio on my Pocket Cast app. It basically downloads or buffers but won't play. All my other podcasts work and I've uninstalled and reinstalled.

    Not sure who you should send that feedback to, maybe Blog Talk but I thought you may like to know.

    28/6 EDIT - I just changed my podcast app and it is working fine. Must be some sort of weird thing going on between Pocket Cast and Blog Talk's servers.
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    Morning chaps. I've not been able to download or stream any LOP podcasts the last few days. Thought it was an app issue (I use Podcast Addict), but I contacted the app support and they seem to think there is an issue with Blog Talk Radio. Not sure if it's just this app that has the issue, but has anyone else informed of issues?

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    I use Podcast Republic and have had zero issues.

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    Posted this on twitter as well. Sad to report due to unforeseen circumstances (AKA me screwing up the recording window), Shane and I will not be able to air the All In special tomorrow. He'll be sending me thoughts to share on this Tuesday's Global Revolution, but still bummed out to miss the spot.

    Also, I know it's very late notice but if anyone wants to put something together in that time slot, there's an opening!

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    anyway i can get an ONR thread added? its been months lol
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    I know folks are busy so this is not a rush, but, when time permits, can we get an All About All Elite thread? Would love to be able to chat about the show in time.

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