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    Irvine Welsh/Hunter S. Thompson

    I've never read Trainspotting but I've read Acid House and it was completely f**ked up. Some really bizarre (possibly) real life kind of scenarios happen in the book that just make me think what the F**k is this world coming to.

    I don't even think Trainspotting is that good of a film to be honest. It's ok, but if I want to watch a film adaption about drugs I'll go with Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, which I have read and it's a great book. The film briefly touches on Thompsons 60s experience but the book goes into more detail.

    I've got the Rum Diaries book, but I hardly read (or even can read) these days.

    What I don't like about Welsh's style is that it's all doom and gloom with drugs. Thompson is miles more lighthearted and there's a touch of comedy in his work.
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