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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
    Woah there, ain't nobody picking on Baszler without backing that stuff up here Coach, she's my favourite! What don't you like about her?
    She's just not a great pro wrestler. She can grapple and do spots, but basic fundamental stuff isn't up to snuff. When she throws a strike that she knows she's going to miss (because someone is going to duck or move from it) she throws it about as weakly as possible, sometimes doesn't even bother following through with it and it seems like an afterthought so that she can move on to the next spot. Sometimes her spacing in the ring is a little weird and requires her to take stutter steps. She takes a buckle about as dainty as I've seen even the lowest level green indy people do it. There's other stuff I see blatantly in a lot of her matches. She also can't cut a promo to save her life -- unless they do the "candid" backstage ones where someone with a camera just walks up to her, she has so little conviction that she sounds like she's either in her high school play or saying what she thinks a pro wrestler is supposed to say.

    I'm not sure if they aren't teaching or critiquing that shit at the PC. Maybe they're just happy if you go out and hit all your spots, but it's the kind of stuff that makes a wrestler, especially one on TV, look really unpolished.

    Her match at Takeover was the best I've seen of her with the fewest of those little frustrating issues, likely because she spent the majority of it on offense, but they were still there. Sometimes I get the feeling that she's trying to be the female Brock, without the really solid foundation as a pro wrestler that Brock had before he became what he is today.

    I just don't get people calling her this incredible wrestler or saying that she should get called up. Unpopular opinion: Carmella is a better professional wrestler than Baszler. She makes all her shit count whether it's going to connect or not, takes buckles like a champ, generally knows her ring positioning (although admittedly sometimes still has hiccups), bumps really well and is fairly crisp in her movements, and has confidence on the mic. She might not be the grappler that Baszler is, but one looks like a polished professional wrestler, the other does not.

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    Not saying they're not trying to clean up issues at the PC and I don't look at the technical aspects that closely but to me, Baszler is doing what they want. If she wasn't, she wouldn't be champ for this long. They've shown with others too that they're not afraid to put green workers on tv if it serves a purpose.

    I think when they have a blank slate, they try to teach people that right way. With others, its like do your thing. Don't hurt anyone.

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