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    The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Prime Time Power Struggle (Sep '89)

    Greetings, mizfan fans! And welcome once again to this overly-ambitious project known as the Life & Times of Bobby Heenan. When last we left our hero, he had quit Wrestling Challenge, was embattled on Prime Time with Roddy Piper for control of the show, and had lost the IC title back to the Ultimate Warrior. But with tag champions still in the Family and a tenacious personality, you just know Heenan is going to do everything he can to come roaring back on everyone who has wronged him! Letís get right to it!

    WWF, September Ď89
    Ongoing Heenan Storylines

    If You Steal a Weaselís PhoneÖ

    BH: Do you expect me to sit here and take abuse from Piper?

    GM: No, you can leave anytime.

    BH: Why donít you just blindfold me and walk me across the interstate?

    GM: Now thereís an idea!
    The main Heenan drama this month is all on Prime Time, which often seems to be the case. Guys, Prime Time is just the best, I donít care if it wasnít the ďflagshipĒ, this beats the hell out of Superstars most weeks. We find out the fallout of the Piper/Rude confrontation is that Heenan has been moved back to the main studio with Monsoon, and Iíve gotta say it only feels right to have them together once again.

    BH: Sometimes I communicate with my men non verbally. When a baseball coach gives a signal it means to steal second, when I do it, it means something else.

    GM: What, steal the guyís wallet right?
    However, Piper is still an official co-host! Now he is the one in studio B, on the old Heenan Show set. Heís instructed he needs to stay in that studio and not get into a fight with anyone, or his spot on the show will be terminated.

    BH: Can I leave this area?

    GM: No, you canít!

    BH: Can I got to the bathroom?

    GM: Ok, you can go to the bathroom.

    BH: Iím not going, Roddy Piperís probably lying in wait for me there.
    Monsoon clarifies that ANYONE who gets physical from now will deal with heavy fines and suspensions.

    BH: I heard from camera man three that you made some derogatory remarks while I was gone!

    GM: No, I would wait until you came back to make derogatory remarks about you.
    Heenan is glad that Piper will be kept in check, until he realizes now Piper is free to make fun of him with impunity. And believe me, HE DOES. Piper also reveals he discovered a lot of Heenanís stuff still in the studio, and now heís holding it hostage because Heenan is too scared to come and collect it.

    BH: I want this man Piper removed right now!

    RP: Iíll move myself right over to your studio!

    BH: Well, if your chair is comfortable, just stay right there.

    Thatís mine!!!

    He messes around with Heenanís best manager plaque before throwing it away!! Heenan getrs very steamed as this goes on, and says Piper better get rear view mirrors, because Andre could come up behind him just like he did to the Warrior the month before.

    BH: If I have sit out here and take it from him, Iíd like to have a buzzer that I can hit to shut him off when I want to.

    RP: Iíll hit your buzzer!
    Piper is not perturbed, and gleefully reveals that he is also in possession of the banana phone, and there is no phone in the main studio!! Heenan is horrified by this turn of events!

    The ultimate insult.

    RP: Would you like to come over here and get your phone?

    BH: Iíd ask you to take a message, but thatís probably too advanced for you!
    When Heenan continues to use his Family members as threats towards Piper, the Rowdy One starts to imply that heís training for a return to the ring. Heenan very much dislikes this idea, and looks more and more worried every time it comes up.

    Piper also starts to imply heís going to start crashing every house show Heenan is at, in order to mess with him and Rude. Heenan begs the people to boycott any events that advertise Piper!! I love that Heenan is one of those rare heels that can literally ask people not to come, and even more will show up just to spite him. Amazing.

    Honestly thatís just scraping the surface of the arguments and antics these guys get into together, but suffice to say the Heenan/Piper dynamic has grown really spectacular and Iím enjoying the hell out of this format

    What does everybody want?

    Mooning Leads To Trouble

    Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Roddy Piper 9/30/89 WWF MSG

    RP: Iíd say between you, Rick Rudd, and Andre, youíve cornered the world market on bad breath.

    BH: Better bad breath than no breath!

    RP: You hear me still breathing?

    BH: Better save those breaths, youíre gonna need them!
    This is part of the blowoff for Summerslam, of course, where Piper cost Rude the Intercontinental Title when he crated a distraction by mooning him. Rude has ridiculous heat at this point, in fact he can barely do his pre-match shtick because the crowd is booing so loud. Piper comes out to a HUGE pop, and Rude tells him to take off his miniskirt. Rude tries an ambush him, but Piper is ready and throws Rude out! Then he chases Heenan all the way backstage!!

    Slowly I turnÖ

    Hopefully the Brain comes back, but Iím just gonna watch either way because this seems hot as hell. Rude tries to ambush him again on the way back, but Piper throws the kilt into his face and beats him up. They have a fight over Piperís belt, which Piper wins, and he starts belting Rude! The ref doesnít give a shit, apparently, and the crowd is loving this. Rude takes control back and canít resist taking the chance to sit on Piperís back for a long stretch, but I guess it lets the match breathe. They brawl around the outside, and Piper throws a huge cup of liquid in Rudeís face at one point! Didnít see that coming. Rude tries to bail in the end and Piper chases after him, and the official call is a double count out. Piper drags Rude back and beats him up some more after the match though. No sign of Heenan but he did his job heating up this feud on TV, the crowd was seriously rocking for this one.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    Busted or Demolished?

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Ax & Smash, WWF Tag Team Championships 9/30/89 WWF MSG

    Also in MSG, we get a rematch with the former champions trying to regain their tag gold! These guys have been on fire in the past, so Iím excited for this one.

    The brawl starts in earnest before Demolition is even able to get their weird S&M gear off! I think what I love most about the Busters is they are equally great on offense and bumping around. It really feels like thereís nothing they canít do, at times. The Busters have a special tactic in this one, theyíve brought a hidden bit of rope to the ring and use it choke the Dems out behind the refís back. Demolition recovers and come back swinging, and they even get the pin on Arn but Tully yanks the ref out of the ring. This leads to a DQ finish but still, this is another seriously awesome match. These two teams work fantastically together and deserve all the credit in the world for being at the forefront of the best matches going right now.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ĺ

    A Giant Challenge

    Andre the Giant (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Ultimate Warrior, WWF Intercontinental Championship 9/30/89 WWF MSG

    Oh boyÖ no idea what this will be like. Warrior charges in crazily, as usual, but Andre catches him and starts choking him pretty much right away. Andre seems very motivated here, his physicality is limited at this point but he does a lot of great little things and itís clear heís taking it to the Warrior. Andre rips off a turnbuckle pad but ends up slamming himself into it when Warrior dodges him. This is actually kind of cool, Warriorís energy against Andreís brute size. Crowd is HOT HOT HOT. This is much more fun than I thought it would be, I have to admit. Andre pulls the ref into harmís way and he gets bumped. Warrior is distracted and Andre bowls him over and hits a giant elbow drop. Andre gets a visual 3 count on the champ! But the ref calls for a DQ instead because Andre dragged him into Warriorís path. Andre grabs the belt anyway and celebrates, so Warrior knocks Andre out of the ring and they fight on the floor! Warrior heads back with the title. Andre refuses to leave the ring, and gets on the mic to proclaim everyone knows he won the match and he should be the champion! Feels like things are not over between these two. I have heard rumors that they did not work together well, but at least in this match it went pretty well all thingís considered. The spectacle of Andre once again makes up for his physical limitations, and gives Warrior something to wildly throw himself against.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    And that pretty much wraps up the month! Without hours of Challenge footage to sort through, there are fewer great one liners from Heenan, but I feel like heís making up for it with even better than usual Prime Time performances and doing some top notch managing for his men, who are experiencing quite a bit of success right now. The Brain Busters will have to keep defending those belts, and Giant/Warrior and Rude/Piper feel far from finished. And maybe poor Haku will eventually get to make an appearance again!

    Thatís it for today, humanoids. Iíll be back soon with the next entry, until then donít let the ham-and-eggers get you down, and stay awesome!

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    Those Piper/Heenan gifs are so good also more Brain Buster epicness and against Ax and Smash too!

    Love your work Mizfan, I really like how succinctly you sum up those matches. As someone who has started dipping his toe in these kind of recaps I can say that it is no mean feat what you do and I appreciate how well you do it all the more for having tried it myself.

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    Glad to see you haven't been too demoralised with the forum crashing and are still committing to this a) awesome series and b) (first ever for me) trip down memory lane.

    Have to say, I'm pretty intrigued with the Andre/Warrior program. I know both men are limited in the ring, but as you say, energy vs size is quite the match. No doubt this will be covered more, and I'm actually pretty excited about it!
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    Summerslam & Takeover Brooklyn IV Review Show

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    I think what's really a testament to Heenan is that he can make that Piper segment gold. So many times bits like that happen on TV and are essentially trash comedy because one side doesn't play it right. But there both guys were perfect.

    Great stuff, dude!

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    Some F2F, for the followers!

    Samwell – Glad you like the gifs! They are a slight pain to make but I do think they add a lot. Match recap is no joke, it’s harder than people think! I’ve definitely found less is more. Thanks for the read and feed, great appreciated! Let me know about those Brain Buster matches!

    Clive Barker – On the contrary, the forums being down gave me a chance to get ahead on the writing for the first time in ages! Andre/Warrior is indeed an interesting pairing, and next month it’s going to get even more interesting. Thanks very much for the kind words!!

    Ollie – Clive was mentioning in the last feedback that they attempt these kinds of interactions all time now in WWE, but it never comes off that well, so I think you’re spot on here. I think it helps that both guys knew what the WWF was going for because they helped shape what that was, but they also had the benefit of working outside the WWF for years and having the onus to carry promos without the help of a script or director, so they were ready to bounce off at a moment’s notice and create something great from scratch, and they had management’s trust to do just that. And of course, they are two of the best promo guys ever! Love that you stopped by, come back anytime man!

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