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    Limitless Keith Lee Thread

    So I'm a fan of Keith Lee. He's a big hoss type dude that can do almost anything in the ring he wants, even fly at times. He just had his last match in Evolve with Matt Riddle. it was awesome. He'll be coming to WWE in the summer, presumablly to work NXT.

    I think handled properly, he could be a star for them. He has a natural, physical charisma that alot of guys just don't have and he's quite good in the ring.

    Has this cool theme too i hope he gets to keep.

    posted thread here cause he's not in WWE yet.
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    I really enjoy what Keith Lee can do physically. He had one of my favorite matches last year, in PROGRESS with Travis Banks, where he threw the guy around like a literal ragdoll, and stopped a damn good tope cold by simply catching the guy like he was a brick wall.

    My only beef with Lee, one that I hope NXT will fix, is that I don't really get what he's going for as a character. He's vaguely cocky but that's about it, and he makes a face like he secretly farted and is smugly waiting for you to smell it a lot. I think he's got enormous upside and hopefully his non-traditional build won't be a detriment to him in WWE, but I do think if they can put him in some honest to god angles and help him develop who he is beyond amazingly athletic big man he'll be doing better than ever.

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