That would be a great plan for Bayley. I'm really hoping they don't shuffle her to Raw just to put her together with Sasha again, but both heel. I've enjoyed Bayley more - as a fan and mark, as well as critic - in the past 3/4 months than I have done since she was in NXT.

Meanwhile, WWE has announced Valasquez Vs Brock (not sure if it's for the title or just the honour of Essie Guerrero's son) and Fury Vs Strowman for Crown Jewel. On the one hand, I'm happy for them to stick these matches, that I have little or no interest in, on a card I won't even watch. On the other, is drawing media attention to the fact that WWE is still active in Saudi Arabia even after the backlash they've had for it really a good idea - especially when they could have stretched them both to Mania via the Rumble? Perhaps even more so when Hogan's on the bill in a reasonably high profile position.

This Crown Jewel feels like the biggest middle finger to the critics WWE could give, to be honest.